My First Asian Massage Experience

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I enter the Asian massage parlor feeling a bit apprehensive. My boss Kevin (who is the same age as myself) had surprised me with a gift to this place, and I should feel happy. However, Kevin loves practical jokes. So I don’t really know what to expect. “My secretary scheduled the massage for you and has paid for it in advance, including the tip”, he tells me, “so relax and enjoy yourself. Best of all, the girls at this place wear nothing underneath their kimonos, so you are sure to get a happy ending.”

*Hopefully the masseuse will really be a woman,* I think to myself as I enter.

“Can I help you?” asks the cheerful, 20-something year old Asian girl sitting behind the front counter.

“Yeah, I’m Jake?” I say nervously. “I’ve got an appointment for eleven o’clock.”

“Yes, Mr. Jake. Your session is with Cindy,” she tells me. “Please to follow me.”

I enter a door leading into the building and we step down a hallway with industrial carpet. Doors line each side and she motions me inside one. It’s a darkened room that has one dim light. Soft Asian music plays in the background, and a low massage table stands in the middle of the room. “Get completely undressed, including your underwear,” she instructs. She points to a chair in a corner. “You can put your clothes on the chair over there,” she advises. After closing the door, she leaves.

I undress hurriedly and see my reflection in a clock hanging on the wall. Even though I need to lose twenty pounds, many people tell me that I still look like a surfer because of my blonde hair, blue eyes and once muscular frame. However, I am now 48, divorced and have just recently joined a gym. I am hoping to get back out into the dating market. To be honest, most people don’t believe that I have never surfed because I live a few blocks away from the Pacific Ocean, but the currents from the Gulf of Alaska make the California ocean water close to freezing. So yeah, it’s true, I’ve never surfed.

Before I get on the massage table, I grab a towel from a nearby sink area and cover my rear end. I don’t want to scare away the poor girl by completely exposing my bright white ass. In addition, the massage table that I lie on has got to be the lowest massage table in the world. The table stands maybe three feet off the floor. Besides being extra low to the ground, it’s extra-wide too. It has a built-in face-cradle, so I poke my face through the tissue that surrounds it, close my eyes and wait. My heart thumps to the rhythm of the Chinese music as I wonder who and what awaits me.

The door opens with a sudden hushed sound then shuts tight. I hear the shuffling sound of someone stepping towards me but I resist looking up.

I smell a hint of jasmine mixed with pineapple and feel a pair of soft female hands. Someone completely removes the terry-cloth towel covering my waist to completely expose my bare buttocks. However, she rearranges the towel and puts it back on me so it now covers my entire back as well as my rear end.

She bends forward on the table and I can actually feel her knees touching my ribs as she presses down firmly on my toweled spine with her forearms. She starts near my shoulder blades and works her way slowly down the towel to my ass. I take several deep breaths as she puts her entire weight down on my body. My back cracks loudly a few times due to her pressure and when one side is done, she moves off the table, slowly goes to my other side and kneels down again with her knees beside me on that side. She presses down with measured pressure and I hear more crackling coming from my back, but it does feel relaxing.

Done with that, she returns to the other side, giving me time to inhale deeply. She tugs the towel down to expose my back and shoulders and kneels back down in the same position. Now she expertly smooths my skin with oil on her hands. I feel her bare forearms on my shoulder blades and back. Next come her elbows. She does each side with the same methodical strokes and I can feel the sleeves of her silk kimono touch my skin. What the heck. I close my eyes and let out a contented sigh. She moves off the table, steps to the other side, kneels beside me and using her elbows and forearms, she grinds out the knots on the other side of my body too.

Now I understand why the table is so low and wide. It makes it easier for to put her body weight on my back.

The soft Chinese background music changes to a new song and I feel the towel being tugged off my ass. She elbows my glutes and squirts extra oil on the backs of my legs. I feel her soft hands exploring my hamstrings. I’m nearly half asleep from being so relaxed, but now as her fingers push, pull and make circles on the back of my legs, I can feel my member becoming rigid beneath me. She pulls my legs apart and her fingers rub the muscles under my groin and millimeters from my ball sack. Does she realize what she is doing, I wonder? My heart races as she stops, changes position and now uses her forearms on my ass as if she’s trying to smooth my butt, but her nose seems awfully to my asshole. Her silk casino siteleri kimono feels somewhat erotic as it brushes against my hamstrings too and my precum leaks onto the sheet beneath me.

“Your first time here?” I hear her ask me. Her voice sounds definitely feminine.

“Yes,” I answer. “What’s your name?”


“I’m Jake.”

“Ahh, Jake,” she repeats. Then after a few seconds, I add, “My boss, Kevin comes here all the time.”

“Ah Kevin, you know Kevin?”

“Yes. I, um, I work for him.”


She wriggles her hands under my hip bones again and just as she touches my hairy pubic area, she stops. She does this over and over and over, making me squirm. Her fingers are so close to my rigid cock I can almost scream.

Done with that part, she taps my legs encouraging me to spread them out wider on the table, so I oblige. She then pats my butt and helps me lift my ass up in the air. I take my face out of the cradle and lift myself up to my elbows. My balls dangle freely but she doesn’t mind. I can feel her fingers exploring my inner thighs. She expertly presses two pressure points next to my testicles and holds the tension for a good 20 seconds before she finally releases. I blush as her silk kimono accidentally brushes against my balls. The smooth, silk kimono feels like heaven.

She pats my butt, signaling me to lower my ass.

I obey her command and reinsert my face back into the face-cradle. A soft swishing sound as she moves towards my head. I hear a bottle gurgle and feel her warm oily hands on my neck. She massages my neck gently, over and over with her two hands and then she leans forward. Her mouth is thisclose to my right ear.

“Are you hard?” she whispers.

My eyes bulge. At first I can’t utter a word. Am I hard? Yes, I am hard. But is that really what she meant? “Yes,” I admit as my heart continues to beat one hundred miles a second.

She moves away from the table and I lift my face sideways to look over. Is she going to strip? Instead I see a young 30 year-old Asian woman wearing a kimono stepping to the wall and flipping on a light switch. The sound of a ceiling fan above me begins to hum and I feel like a fool.

I return my face to the cradle. Oh my God. What an idiot I am, I decide. I shamefully blush. She wanted to know if I was hot – not hard. How embarrassing.

Still, I did manage to get a good look at her pretty face as she looked back at me. She is pleasantly plump, with long, dark hair and a pleasant smile. I wonder what she looks like under that kimono? Is she really naked?

She massages my neck and shoulders very professionally, over and over.

Jeez. Kevin has pulled another fast one by setting me up with Cindy. I’m glad she’s not a dude, but as far as happy endings go, she seems too professional. She’s probably the only girl here who will NOT give a happy ending, I decide.

Cindy steps away again and I hear as she moves in the direction near my feet.

I hear her shake her massage oil bottle and then I hear another sound. Is that material softly falling? My eyes widen. Was that her kimono? Did she take it off? Nah, it couldn’t be. Cindy was near my feet where the shelf with the towels is located. She probably dropped a towel. That’s it. I feel a sensation of terry-cloth being placed on my ass to cover it. Yep, that’s exactly what it is I decide.

She bends one leg and using her knuckles, Cindy tortures the shit out of the bottom of my foot. Her knuckles dig into my arch so hard that it honestly feels painful. She does my other foot the same way and I’m about to call out a safe word when I feel the towel on my ass get yanked off. Whew, at least the foot torture has stopped. My naked ass is now exposed to the world.

I hear the towel fall to the floor. A creaking noise as Cindy climbs back onto the massage table from behind me. She pushes my legs together and then straddles me. I feel her warm bare skin touching the outsides of my legs, skin on skin. Hmm, that feels nice. She works on my ass and lower back using her elbows then goes under to work my hips and finally her hands move up my spine from my tailbone all the way up to my neck. Over and over. Mmm it feels amazing.

Next, Cindy leans forward and puts her hands on either side of my neck, and using her knees, she walks on my butt cheeks. She holds that position on my lower back and I can feel her long hair tickling my neck and smell her sweet jasmine-pineapple perfume. She rests her face next to mine and I feel like I’m in heaven.

She continues to use her two knees to put pressure on my lower back and even kicks with her feet. I feel her bare feet lightly slap the backs of my bare legs. Then, unexpectedly she lowers herself down completely and lies down atop me.

She holds this position for over a minute and I can feel the heat of her entire body on mine. Her bare skin on top of my bare skin feels hot, so does the kiss on the back of my neck. My erection strains beneath me and I feel a shiver that goes from my ear down to my slot oyna toes. Wait, is that a brillo pad of her pubics on my bare ass? It IS her pubic hair. Her vagina is rubbing my ass, I decide. I gulp.

She slides her oily body against mine and I can feel her thick nipples tickling my back as she slides up and down. She slowly repeats the skin-on-skin movement over ten times, her pussy rubbing my ass. Oh God, I feel like I’m about to cum. Even more erotic: I can feel her toes pushing on my inner thighs as her pussy rubs me. Her big toe almost makes contact with my cock. When I think I can take no more of this stimulation, she re- positions the towel and for some reason, Cindy folds the towel over the back of my head. It’s kind of a buzz kill and I think WTH?

Nevertheless, I go with the flow. The towel makes everything nice and dark, I decide.

She sits in a reverse cowgirl position on my bare ass and I feel Cindy wriggle her bare bottom against mine, then she bends over to knead my right leg. She massages my hamstrings with her knuckles then goes lower to the back of my knee down to my calf and then back up again. When her hands return to my rear end, she playfully taps on my balls, gently touching each one. She then massages the back of my left leg like this too and the sensation while highly erotic feels almost painful to the erection I have beneath. I can’t take much more of this and I lightly touch her legs with my fingers but her hands stop me.

“Turn over,” she instructs and she steps off the massage table.

I try to turn over as quickly as possible, hoping to get a view of Cindy’s pussy but the folded towel trick slows me down just enough. By the time I get the towel off my face, Cindy has her back to me and I can see she has on a g-string. Damn. My heart sinks but she turns around and smiles. I love her topless look. As mentioned, she is slightly overweight but she has a very attractive face. I guess her age to be 32 with perfectly shaped C-cup breasts and dark nipples. Yes! There may be hope yet for a happy ending, I’m thinking. She directs me to move back further down the table and she gently puts a pillow beneath my head. Cindy professionally covers my raging hard-on with the same large towel, leaving my hairy chest exposed. Finally, she steps behind my head and starts massaging my face with her fingers. She works my nose and sinus area, touching various trigger points on my face methodically. She has probably done this hundreds of times, I think. Her head is so close to mine I can feel her breath on my face.

Her massage feels wonderful but her topless body has captured my imagination and I can’t see her boobs from this position.

Finished with my face, Cindy kneels beside me and I open my eyes to look up at her. Her fingers lightly touch my chest and so I reach up and touch her breast. She doesn’t object.

“What about him?” I protest, pointing to the pup tent that is the towel on my groin area.

“Him?” she asks coyly.

“Yes, my little friend. He needs massaging too.”

“You would like me to do that?”

“Yes, please.”

“$60 dollar extra.”


Cindy gently removes the towel revealing my massive boner and squirts lotion on it. Her soft hand strokes my shaft up and down, then expertly touches my mushroom head and her touch feels wonderful. I touch her bare back with my fingertips as she gently strokes me up and down. “You like?” she asks, smiling and looking back down at me.

“Yes,” I answer eagerly. “Can you blow on it?”

“Blow?” she asks.

She straddles my chest and bends down to blow on my dick, and I’m tempted to push her head down and have her swallow me deeply, but I don’t. Instead, because her ass is practically touching my face, I reach up and tug at her g-string pulling it down to her knees. To my surprise, she doesn’t resist. In fact, she actually lifts up her leg and helps me remove her g-string completely. I fling it to the floor and reach underneath to touch her tight pussy. She scoots a little closer to me and her ass looks so inviting, I pull her hips down with both hands and stick my tongue out. I had intended to taste her pussy but instead get her ass. I push my tongue as deeply as it can go and she lurches up and forward as if I’ve surprised her. She moves her legs back so quickly I have to pause. Her knees are now beside my ears and she practically forces her pussy onto my mouth. I stick my tongue into her, softly at first and then my lips and tongue dive deeper and deeper. “Oh, oh, oh” she utters and forces her pussy even harder on me. She stops stroking and sits up and I’m surprised at how soaked I’m getting. I’m not sure, but I think she might be having an orgasm because her legs quiver, and she moans. Her juices flow so much that I have to pause to wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

When I do this, she immediately bends down and I instantly feel the heat of her mouth engulfing my cock. Her tongue swirls about sucking me, while her hand jerks up and down on my thick shaft. It takes me by complete surprise and unexpectedly, canlı casino siteleri I ejaculate. To be honest, I pride myself of being able to hold out. Not this time. I squirt hard and fast. It’s like I have no control. One shot sprays her face faster than a speeding bullet. She turns around to show me. She wears a white mustache of cum and doesn’t seem thrilled that my baby-batter covers her lips, mouth and hand. “I’m sorry,” I want to say, but I don’t utter a word. I just sigh contentedly.

She jumps off the massage table and I watch her step to the sink and hear the water running. I see her bend down and hear the sound of her gargling and spitting out. Then she comes back with a bowl of warm water and a washcloth. She carefully dries my limp dick and continues wiping down my feet and legs too.

Here’s the thing. I should be happy, or feel exhausted or even exhilarated but I actually feel a little disappointed. With myself, that is. I can see her raven black rectangle of pubic hair and nice boobies. Yes, she is slightly overweight. Yes she has a slight belly. Yes she’s not a model and no she doesn’t have a perfect face or figure but still, I like it when my partner feels sexually satisfied. I mean, she seems happy enough. But I know with a little more time I COULD get her off. What I mean to say is this: I think she feels satisfied that she made some easy money without really breaking a sweat. But I DO want her to work for it. I want her to feel my long, fat dick inside of her.

“Finish?” she asks and smiling, looks down at me. Her pretty face reminds me of the Asian Olympic skater, Michelle Kwan. God, back in the day I used to beat off to Michelle Kwan in the bathroom. I shake my head and pretend to be in pain.

“One hour more? Please? My, my leg here,” I stutter as I try to explain. “Could you work on it?” She looks over and can see there is no danger. My cock is still limp.

“Eighty-five dollar more,” she bargains. “Eighty-five for half hour more. Okay?”

“Okay, eighty-five for a half hour, but you have to make me feel good.”

She nods her head. “I make you feel real good,” she promises.

“Okay, then shake on it,” I insist. She laughs and shakes my hand.

I roll onto my side with the pillow under my head. Cindy kneels down behind me and uses her elbows and forearms to smooth out my quadriceps. Then to my surprise, she lays down beside me and nuzzles the back of my neck with her lips. She kisses my earlobe and gently touches my nipples with her fingertips. It feels like a giant spider touching my hairy chest. She does this same fingertip massage to my back, over and over, kissing my neck and touching my body like a spider. It sends shivers of pleasure down my spine.

I roll over onto my back and I point down to my cock.

“Can you massage him again?” I ask politely.

She looks at my fat cock impressed, as if *how did that happen?* but most likely she has seen this happen before because she reaches down under the table and unwraps a condom. She straddles my thighs and with one hand, she deftly puts a rubber on my hard cock before she guides it into her pussy. I can see the black rectangle of Cindy’s pubes and her pink lips engorged on my dick. She eyes me and as I look back at her, I can see her pussy lips pump my base and squeeze my thick cock as hard as possible. I bite my lip to stop from cumming. She throws her head back and glides up and down, back arched, over and over. Her pussy feels like a fiery hot, tight, velvet fist and she rides me like a champ. Pretty soon she starts grunting softly and when I don’t cum, she cries out like she’s a young schoolgirl unhappy about being fucked, making a sound like “Naah, naah, naah.”

Holy shit, I’m feeling so turned on I pinch her nipples which causes her to buck harder. I almost cum right there.

But instead, I touch her shoulders and stop her. Mouth open like gasping for air, she gives me a puzzled look. She pulls some stray hairs from her face.

“Turn around,” I say. “Look that way.” She turns with my dick still in her hot pussy and we do a reverse cowgirl position. This position NEVER fails to get a girl off. It takes a minute for us to start up again but now I can see her cute ass slap against my balls as she fucks me and so I insert a finger into her asshole. She puts her hand back to stop me, but she can’t quite reach, and so she bucks harder and harder against my finger as well as my cock; moaning louder and louder. I finally take my finger out and using both hands pull her titties firmly from behind. I have her pinned with my hands on her breasts and my cock deep inside her so I breathe heavily into her ear as she arches back. “Fuck, you’re as hot as a bitch in heat,” I tell her and Cindy’s long hair falls in my face as we fuck and I can feel my cock strain. It’s stretching her tight pussy to its’ limit. “Nahahha, Naahaa,” she cries louder “Naahaa!” she groans loud enough for the neighbors down the street to hear and then she explodes! A boiling jet of pussy juice sprays out and scalds my knees and drips down my leg. Deep inside her pussy, my thick cock fucks her powerfully, faster and faster, and then I ejaculate too. Stream after stream of hot cum squirts out and I keep thrusting until every fucking drop has been drained from my balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20