My First time with Ali

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My First time with Ali
First time with Pakistani Ali

Hello, I am Tasoula, a 60-year-old retired and I live in Athens, in Kato Patisia. The story I’m about to tell you is that lately I have some problems with my middle age and my doctor has written to make some muscle relaxation injections to get through. The first thing I thought was to go to my neighborhood pharmacy to buy them and then find someone to do it to me. There, on some of my past visits, I had met Ali, the pharmacist’s assistant from Pakistan, who from the first moment he saw me looked very persistent, as if he was watching me with his eyes and immediately told him what I wanted him, he was willing to do them to me. Having brought them from his drawer, he told me that he can now if I wanted to do the first. I, after having thought about it for a while, accepted and told me to go in, take a bath and lie down in the divan they have for such cases.

We were alone in the pharmacy and had to close it anyway, he locked the door and no one came in and followed me to the paravan. Mrs. Tasoula these injections should make you to the pop, I hope you will not be ashamed of me. Please if you like, take a bath and lie down in the divan. He offered to bring a chair to rest on my clothes and then I noticed that Ali already had a knot on his pants as he spoke to me. His penis had gotten up and was almost full of erections when I asked him to clarify what he meant to get rid of, he wanted to get rid of it all, or it was enough to take a little pantie to give me the injection in the pop.

Ali was a tall black, almost black, young man from Pakistan, about 25 years old, who spoke fluent Greek and did a similar job when he was in his homeland. You have to take it all, Mrs. Tasoula, he told me with a persistent tone as he did not take his eyes off my neckline. Then I thought, does he want me to be k**napped so the little man can seduce me for this and he immediately accepted to give me the injections. Nevertheless, I thought that it would not be bad for Pakistani to do me, at this age. kaçak iddaa Since I like him and I like myself, I obeyed and started to undress.

– I do not think you want to make me a bastard …

I told him as I unbuttoned my bra and freed the object of his desire. The big, milk-dyed and pear-shaped my chest. He had been disturbed by what he saw before him, but he had to prepare the syringe, the medicine, the alcohol, and he was waiting for me with his obvious erection, which he had started and caressed when I did not see him. After I had completely sunk, I slowly went to lie down at the pharmacy’s divan while he did not miss the chance on the pretext to help me, to pluck my breasts and my pop again and then until I got settled. The apparently irritated Pakistani approached me with cotton and alcohol to rub me and supposedly mistakenly touched my raised penis on my bare pop while complimenting me on the condition of my body.

– You are a very beautiful woman, Mrs. Tasoula, you are well, you have a great foot and very big breasts!

– Thank you my boy but what do you like about me

– My breasts can be big, but they are too fallen, when I am upright coming to my belly and my pop, too.

Meanwhile, she had begun rubbing my pop at the point where she would have injected quite vigorously, which had already irritated me. I felt he did it as slowly and meticulously as he could, because he liked to look naked and did not miss the chance to accidentally open me the buttocks to catch my irritated vagina and anus. After a few more minutes he got up and took his syringe in his hand and resumed me to give me the injection. I asked him if he would hurt me because I had an unpleasant experience of injections in the past. Then he grabbed my foot with his left hand, stretched out the skin and began a brief conversation that I would understand nothing but a little bit of bite and that everyone was saying that he was very light-weight while at the same time he was saying all this I was suddenly piercing me inside the whole needle without warning. kaçak bahis “Ah …” I sighed as he began to pour the medicine on my pop. The process lasted a lot as it pressed the plunger too late to not hurt more, but in the end I complained that it hurts me a lot and then he said wherever it is over and that the medicine is what hurts me rather than the big needle.

Finally, when I pulled it out of me, I was relieved, while he had begun to rub me again with the cotton for disinfection from the jab. I was very irritated and I was willing to take it if I were given the opportunity. Then I spilled something that I did not even think I was able to say, especially to a young man.

– Hello, I would like to tell you that you like me very much, you have irritated me and I want you to fuck me.

At the same time I stood up and stood at the four for a while, then lowered in front and with my two hands I opened wide lips from my hungry vagina and I told him as loudly as I could:

– Come in my boy, I want you to feel me inside.

He did not say a word, he quickly broke out and threw his big swollen black instrument out in front of my face, which he even kissed two or three times and pulled back the skin to get out of his giant mushroom head, glossy and ready to jump.

– From the first moment I saw you, I do not see the time to fuck you Mrs. Tasoula …

told me. He came from behind me, put a little saliva on his dick and with that he threw me two or three bucks in my wet and open vagina and immediately drew it deeply with a sharp move, to the end. I froze, I felt like it touched at the end of my bay and I cried out with pain but also with pleasure. Luckily I was very irritated and wet, because otherwise this big penis so abrupt and so deep inside me could do me harm. I complained to him that he was too big for me and that I was not studying such a penis size, but he did not hear anything, and he continued to bang at a steady pace in my dilapidated bay, grumbling like an a****l. In – out, in – out.

– Mrs. Tasoula, you make a güvenilir bahis very nice bed I like a lot …

he said as his hands did not stop kneading and stinging my big, hanging breasts and my nipples moving forward and right-left to Pakistan’s rhythm. With the rhythm and intensity that jumped I realized he would not hold for long.

– Ah … shed, I’m pouring Mrs. Tasoula, I can not stand another …

he shouted ecstaticly. Meanwhile, I had already decided to let him finish in me. I wanted to feel his hot sperm fill my stomachs so I would not lose the tension that would be his own and fill me with his sours.

– Do not pull my boy I told him I want you to finish inside me, do not care about this age I’m sterile.

I felt it ended in me with four spasms and after the initial size of his erection had dropped slightly, it was pulled out slowly while I suggested to cleanse it from my sperm and my own vaginal fluid. He approached me and tucked his big black penis into his mouth and started r****g me like he was my vagina. I felt that with my caresses he started to grow up and harden in my mouth making my breathing more difficult. Ali muttered:

– So, Mrs. Tasoula, lick me up and I will come in to give you the injections and whatever you want, as long as you let me fuck you sometimes.

After a while I realized he was ready to ejaculate again, this time in my mouth. It did not take long to happen and with spasms and abrupt movements back and forth filled me with his hot sperm. With no choice, I started swallowing them until I completely drew it. After being satisfied for the second time, Ali helped me get up, always continuing to whack me where he could. He showed great preference to my big breasts and nipples, which I offered him with my hand in his mouth and licked, sucked, sucked and bite with enormous appetite. It showed me how much she had enjoyed with me, which made me feel that even now I am a very desirable mature woman and would seek to re-mate with me. Before I left the pharmacy, because the time had passed, he told me when I wanted to make the second injection. I answered him tomorrow, but we should see if he needs to come home to do it to avoid moving. After I thanked him, I left for the house with his semen in my bay and his taste still in my mouth.

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