My Hero

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Raven sat in the back corner of the seedy bar, wanting nothing more than to leave, but she couldn’t bring herself to move. The little blonde who had walked in shortly after her was having problems with men keeping their hands off her and Raven felt a strange need to help.

A yelp brought her out of her revery. The blonde had bent over to hit a pool ball when her ass had been grabbed a little too forcefully. Why the blonde hadn’t already left was beyond Raven. She was a small little thing. She had to be in her early twenties. Raven guessed she must just be stubborn.

The man who had done the grabbing had obviously not heard the “no” that the young blonde kept saying because he advance menacingly at her. Raven rolled her eyes and got out of her chair. “Hear I come to save the day.” She chuckled at the theme song she had always hated. She walked up behind the man and grabbed him by the neck pulling him back away from the girl. “Do we have a problem here?”

“Who are you? Let me go bitch.”

Raven smirked at him, “As you wish asshole.” Raven hauled him over to the door and threw him out. She turned back to go find the blonde to make sure she was alright and found the blonde right behind her.

“Oh thank you so much. He would not leave me alone. My name is Dianne. Yours is…?”

“Raven” She couldn’t say more than that. She was stunned at Dianne’s beauty. Long strawberry blonde hair. Red full lips and emerald eyes. She looked like she would fit right under Raven’s chin and She found out when Dianne threw her self into Raven’s arms to hug her. Raven’s body thrummed with excitement at her first touch. Her libido was doing a happy dance and all her blood and any other liquids she had in her casino siteleri body started heading south for the summer. “Um you wanna get out of here and go some place else?”

“I would love to. I was afraid leave alone with him hanging around. I figured he would jump me the moment I got out of here.” She blushed. “Lets go back to my place.” She smiled sweetly at Raven but Raven could see the lust in her eyes. Raven wasn’t the only one totally turned on here. She felt a bit better that her hormones weren’t running rampant alone.

Raven drove her to her house and walked her to the door. She decided not to make a move on her figuring she was a lady of virtue and all that crap. Boy was she wrong.

Dianne grabbed her by the front of her shirt and dragged her into the house. She slammed the door and slammed Raven against it. Dianne looked up into blue eyes that had gone dark with lust. She ran her hands through long black hair before grabbing a hand full and pulling Raven down into a passionate kiss.

Raven felt a hand on her breast pulling insistently on the nipple through her shirt. Raven moaned a deep throaty moan sending chills through Dianne. Dianne ripped off Raven’s shirt only to see a bare chest and no bra. She moaned and latched herself onto Raven’s neck as her hands descended on Raven’s breasts drawing deep moans from the tall woman. Raven’s hands were busy trying to pull Dianne’s shirt up but Dianne wouldn’t move away from her long enough.

Raven felt deep bites against her neck and moaned out as she tried to stay vertical on her shaky knees. Dianne nipped her way back up to Raven’s ear taking her earlobe into her mouth. “Lets take this to the bedroom.”

As Dianne led the slot oyna way she felt insistent hands on her shirt and she helped Raven pull it off, they threw it down in the hall way and the bra came off next and was hung on the door handle of her room. Raven spun Dianne around to face her and she attacked her mouth kissing her deeply and exploring every part of her mouth with her tongue.

Dianne and Raven tried stripping each other at the same time and found it easier if they stripped themselves. Dianne grabbed Raven and threw her on the bed as soon as she was naked. Raven positioned herself as she watched Dianne walk away. Raven was just about to say something when Dianne came back to the foot of the bed with a strap on in her hand. She smiled sweetly at Raven and climbed up the bed planting kisses along Raven’s body until she reached her panting lips.

Raven ran her hands along Dianne’s body trying to memorize the feel of every curve. Dianne set the strap on aside and nibbled her way back down Raven’s body. There would be no talking this night. There was no need for small talk and words that meant nothing. They wanted nothing more than to quench the passion inside each of them.

As Dianne neared her breasts she spent extra time with each of them. Then started her journey down again. Raven was wiggling beneath her moaning constantly. The moans coming from deep in her chest and climbing out of her lips sounded more like a deep growl and it was music to Dianne’s ears.

She spread Raven’s legs and licked her lips before dipping her head down to feast on the woman she had wanted since she had seen her in the bar. She swirled her tongue around Raven’s clit as Raven’s hips moved to meet her tongue canlı casino siteleri and bring it closer.

Dianne held Raven’s hips down with one hand and used the other to enter Raven roughly with three fingers. Raven cried out loudly screaming Dianne’s name. Raven rode Dianne hard until her climax built to an earth shattering height. She went completely rigid and came hard on Dianne’s fingers screaming out her pleasure.

Dianne slowed her ministration leaving her fingers buried in the statuesque beauty as Raven pulled her up and kissed her deeply. Dianne pulled her fingers out slowly hoping she hadn’t hurt Raven. Raven winced slightly but kissed her to make sure she knew it was just fine.

Raven jumped a foot off the bed when she was entered suddenly. She looked down in between her and Dianne’s body seeing the strap on buried deep inside her and she moaned. She grabbed Dianne and flipped her over onto her back. Raven sat up after kissing the shocked woman deeply.

Raven began riding Dianne slowly grinding into her. They both moaned deeply at the contact between the two. Raven’s hands were busy exploring the body underneath her. The silky smooth white skin was almost like porcelain in its complexion. It looked even whiter against her own tanned hands.

Dianne arched up into the hands that had started massaging aching breasts bringing Raven out of her musings. Raven could feel the climax build inside her body and Raven could feel Dianne squirming urgently. She ground harder into Dianne on every thrust down. Dianne cried out just as Raven felt herself climax. Raven slowed her riding until both of them calmed. She took the strap on off Dianne and crawled up her body laying sweet kisses all the way up her body.

Dianne kissed Raven’s temple softly before whispering. “Honey I know you like to role play but next time could you make sure no mean drunk men come after me. You know I only like it when you grab my ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20