My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 13

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Lucy felt good as I caressed her neck and shoulders with my hands. I kept on removing the Jewellery she wore and kissed that part after removing her jewelry. When I got to her breasts, She began to tingle as I ticked her hard nipples. “See you are excited too,” I said as I rolled her nipples between my fingers, making her excited. I continued down and caressed her stomach. She was anticipating having her vagina caressed next, but I turned her around and began caressing and massaging her shoulders and neck. It sure felt good and did a lot to relax her.

I also pressed my hard penis bump against her ass, as I did her neck. Then I squatted behind her and began pressing her ass cheeks, my hand would occasionally slide between them, making her shiver. Then I teased her butt hole, it felt strange but good.

Once done with the back, I turned her around and slid my fingers between her legs and my fingers slid up her slit making her moan with pleasure, especially when I got to the top of her clit.

She wanted desperately to hold my penis in her hands. When she got there, her fingertips would not touch as she wrapped her fingers around my hard shaft. I seemed to get even harder as she gently caressed my testicles and the head of my cock. I loved the feel of her hands on my cock.

Then I began to play with her breasts, when I took my nipple into my mouth and began sucking, She was in heaven. Her vagina seemed to be twitching inside as I sucked her breasts. Then I put my finger into her already wet slit and slowly began to masturbate her. It wasn’t long and she shuddered in the first orgasm she had ever had.

I kept on kissing her while she had her first orgasm and after that kept on playing with her breasts and kissing her. My kissing and caressing had its desired effect on her and soon she was ready again.

‘Come dear!’ said Jane to Lucy as soon as she saw we were ready; casino siteleri then she and Daina led the still reluctant and nervous girl to the bed, and having made her lie down they drew her legs apart and generally arranged her to receive me. Then each kissed her tenderly, whispering something that I did not catch but which brought the blushes again to Lucy’s cheeks. ‘Now, Aamir!’ said Jane invitingly, ‘she’s ready for you!’ and she pointed to Lucy’s maiden cunt, lying so deliciously and temptingly open to attack.

I hurried to the bed, stooped over Lucy, and whispered, ‘Give me your last maiden kiss, darling!’ and fairly sucked the life out of her mouth; then quickly I slipped on to the bed, got between Lucy’s legs, and lowering myself gently on to her I brought the head of my prick to bear on her little cunt-then shoving firmly but gently I succeeded in getting it into her a little way before my progress was blocked; tightening my clasp of her I shoved harder and harder, but without breaking through her maiden defenses, and evidently hurting her, for she cried, ‘Oh, Aamir!’ as if in pain, at the same time wriggling uncomfortably and apprehensively. Collecting myself, I lunged strongly downwards, something seemed to give way, and my prick seemed to glide into a sheath of delicious warmth and exquisite softness-while a smothered shriek from Lucy proclaimed to Jane and Daina that she had lost her maidenhead.

Taking every care not to hurt her needlessly I drove my prick deeper and deeper up her virgin sheath till I was fully buried in her, our hairs intermingling, then my mouth sought hers, and passionately I kissed her quivering lips, receiving from her first kiss now, as a woman. Oh! my sensations of triumph. I was possessing Lucy, I had captured her maidenhead, and she was now lying quivering and trembling, closely locked in my arms with my prick buried in her-and now I was about to give slot oyna her the sweetest of lessons.

As shock clenched my lean, darkly handsome features and I began to withdraw from her, Lucy grabbed my shoulders. ‘No, don’t you dare stop now!’ she told me. ‘I’ve been waiting for such a long time to experience this.’

The deed was already done, I rationalized because I didn’t want to risk hurting her anymore…even if she had chosen to have sex with me as though It was an adventurous new experience for both of us.

‘Aamir & Lucy, please…don’t make a fuss,’ Jane urged, she with her huge eyes that pleaded.

Delightedly I set to work to fuck her in earnest, going slowly and gently at first for I was afraid of hurting her-but when I noted that her nervousness and pain were turning deliciously to wondering rapture and heavenly ecstasy as I agitated myself on her, holding her tightly clasped against me, I began to move more and more freely. Soon Lucy herself began to respond-I could feel her bosom commencing to heave and palpitate, her breathing became broken and agitated, and then she commenced to move under me in the most deliciously provocative manner, which fairly set me going.

And then I did what every nerve ending in his body urged him to do and surged deeper into the welcome of her, a low growl of sensual pleasure wrenched from him. And from that point on, no further encouragement was required. A wondrous warmth began to rise low in her pelvis, building on the visceral ache for the fulfillment, making her fingernails dig into my long smooth back as excitement seized her and held her fast. The feel of me over her, inside her, all around her sent rippling tremors of joy spiraling through her and when she hit the heights again, it was explosive.

Quicker and quicker I rammed into her-wilder and more tumultuous became our movements. Then came the climax, and deliriously I spent canlı casino siteleri into Lucy, deluging her virgin interior with my boiling tribute which she received with wondering rapture and indescribable bliss, while she simultaneously surrendered herself to the dictates of her newly born lust and spent in the most exquisite transports of delight.

We lay locked tightly in each other’s arms, motionless save for the involuntary quivers occasioned by lingering spasms of pleasure. Gladly would I have continued to remain so, but Jane begged me to get off Lucy so as to set her free to be carried off to the bathroom and looked after. And after imprinting a passionate kiss on her unconscious lips I reluctantly rose and hurried off along with Lucy to the toilet of my room. Jane and Daina joined us and we were washed by them with warm water.

When we returned I found Daina waiting for me. In reply to my eager inquiry, she told me with an assuring smile that Lucy was ‘quite all right and very happy now that the ordeal had been passed’-that I had hurt her very little indeed, but not unnaturally her cunt was sore and Jane proposed should be left for the present untouched till tomorrow, when I would find Lucy only too ready to be fucked again.

While we were talking, Jane and Lucy returned. Jane & Daina now congratulated me and Lucy. I took Lucy in my arms and after some tender kisses, I told Jane and Daina of our arrangements for the future and (at Lucy’s request) of her wish that we all should continue to live as we then were doing and enjoy each other all around. Their surprise and delight I will not attempt to describe.

After mutual congratulations and compliments, I requested them to leave Lucy with me for the night. Jane insisted for rest so that we all might get the benefit of a long night’s rest so as to enjoy the following evening thoroughly-for, as she said with an arch smile, ‘We girls will all be equal and ready for anything and everything whenever wanted!’ And then after good-nights, all-round kisses both Jane and Daina left Lucy with me and went to their bedrooms.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20