My Nanand’s Driver Fuck Me

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My Nanand’s Driver Fuck Me

I am 22 years old, figure 36-24-36, very fair, And my marriage is a arrange marriage. The balding 30 years old Jitu. We were married the next day and I was the April Bride. Jitu had a beautiful wife to show the world, and he displayed my physical assets proudly. He tasted the fruit of his marriage on the third day of our honeymoon.

He continued the foreplay for 20 minutes without getting a hard on and then spilled his seed on my big black nipples and then hung his head in shame as ever.”What am I supposed to do now, my hubby, Mr Jitu? I nagged him day and night and began to avoid me. Then one day came his sister Preeti and her driver Rafik in Mumbai for some property drilling. Preeti told us that Rafik is very honest and her in-law is know him as trusted person since his c***dhood. Ohhhhh my god, what a hunk, Rafik must have been 6 feet 2 inches, big hefty guy and the bulge in his pants was promising and he eyed me with sex starved eyes.

There was an instant tingling in my cunt and it leaked juices and wet my white panties.”I must fuck Rafik, whatever may be the result. Let Mr Jitu be cuckolded by his sister’s driver. If my guess was ever right, his cock must be at least 8 inches. The only trouble with Rafik was that he was vulgar, abused a lot especially in Hindi when ladies were around. But I didn’t mind and my pussy even loved vulgarity, especially from a man with an 8 inch prick. A look of frustration must have come on my face as Preeti said”

Bhabi, don’t worry I and Rafik will take care of you in all ways,” Rafik and Preeti exchanged glances and he walked over to me and took my arm and pulled me up out of my seat. My big breasts wobbled as he pulled me up and he couldn’t help himself but stare at them. I turned, my tight skirt stretching over my huge ass. I was getting wet at the thought of him pushing his monster cock into me and my nanad sitting beside and watching. I felt awkward but if my nanad liked it, who was

I to say no Rafik had my arm tightly in his big grip. I could feel his big rough hands under my blouse. God, I couldn’t wait to get into the bed with him. Rafik grabbed my big tits and squeezed them in his hands. He pulled my nipples so hard it was painful Preeti came up behind me and fondled my ass cheeks and kissed my neck,” Bhabi we were looking for a sexy bitch like you for a threesome and knew that my brother was a wimp. Rafik, you lucky bastard, look at my bhabi, wouldn’t you love shoving your cock into my bitch sister in law?”

Rafik smiled shamelessly and say’s why not randi. But you know while fucking I wont to spank to much, this chinal bear that? and pushed me roughly down onto the seat and started unbuttoning my blouse with one hand. His other hand was grappling with my large thighs, pushing my already tight skirt as he pushed up to see my pussy. I was so wet. He pulled down my panties and smelled my crotch, saying ‘you smell of sex already, you dirty bitch’.

My nanad was trying to unzip his pants and pull them down. I reckoned bahis siteleri he was going to be even bigger than my estimated 8 inches. Rafik and my nanad ordered me to strip completely and parade before them. Preeti told me to kneel and suck rafik’s cock which must have been 8 inches and it was not erect yet. He looked at me and said,” Sali dekhti kia hai, maderchod kabhi lund nahin dekha, preeti, issko batayo kaise lund chusa jata hai,”

I gasped as I looked at the sight of his huge tool coming toward me. It wasn’t even fully erect yet and already a massive prick. It looked towards my face, as I opened my generous mouth as wide as it could go. My tongue was fighting to find a way to lick his beautiful, huge, wide cock. It went down to my throat, causing me to gag on its hugeness.

I got wetter and wetter and could feel my pussy begging to be filled. Preeti pushed her fingers roughly into me, saying “you dirty bitch, that hole is wet for my driver, .” God, I couldn’t wait. My tongue licked his balls as I pulled away from his cock. I suckled his rod, enjoying the taste of his precum in my mouth. I looked up at him but he just pushed my head down and told me to get on with it.I licked his length up and down and marveled at the size of it. I was moaning from the pleasure of it. My husband long forgotten by me

Preeti also made sure she took her part in the fuck session and licked my arsehole. Preeti loved showing her man to her bhabi and telling her what a slut she was. My both hands were wrapped around rafiks massive cock towards the base whilst I sucked the head, occasional coming up for air to lick the Supada delicately.

Rafik had the stamina to wait what I can only guess was a good 20 minutes before finally pumping his sperm. As he began to come he shouted, “Off, rupa, sali randi, khub chusti hai lund ko ek randi ki tarah, main jhada, sali tere muh mein mera ras gir raha hai, sali kuttia!” His malkin pulled her head to look at her man shooting his load in my mouth and he grabbed my long, hair pulling my mouth closer to his shooting Lund. When he finally finished my nanad licked his juices from all over my face and pushing strands of cum into her mouth to eat.

She did this for a minute before stopping and looking at me. I sat in the back in my seat, with my legs spread open as Rafik roughly began to finger me. He was using his whole hand and his hands were big! God, it felt great. I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see my husband staring at the door, but my nanad said” Don’t worry about bhaiya, he like to see his wives fucked by a real man like my driver Rafik, he is just a watcher, are you not bhaiya?” My wimp hubby just stared at my naked body being used and devoured by his slut sister and his horny but well endowed driver.

Rafik continued to finger me not paying attention to his milkin’s brother. Soon, Rafik pushed me on to the bed. With one hand he held my arms above my head and with the other pushed my legs right open, He knelt over my face and pushed his big knob back tipobet in to my willing mouth. I licked and tried to get it as far down my throat as possible. I was living heaven.

Jitu nervously stood watching our naked dance of lust. Preeti ordered her brother “kneel, watch and learn, mere namard bhai or if you don’t like the scene, get into the next bedroom and listen to bhabi fucking my man!” The poor bastard knelt and watched his wife fuck his sister’s driver Preeti ordered me to go and lie on the bed with a pillow under my ass. I quickly went to lie as ordered.

Preeti pulled me to the end of the bed. He lifted my legs high in the air and ran his tongue around my arse and said’ you dirty bitch, your hole is so dirty, Main teri gaand baad mein chodun ga kuttia,” I felt humiliated by his words but was enjoying so much that didn’t care for his abuses’. My cunt tensed and clenched as I waited for that huge cock to fill me up. Preeti patted her driver’s ass as he pushed his Lund into my Choot straight and banged me with the full length of his cock quickly and firmly.

It was painful as he really banged into me. I couldn’t control myself and was soon moaning so loudly that neighbors must have woken up. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed them down. I soon lost control and screamed loudly as I came. I could hear my husband moan as I came. I loved it. Rafik slapped me across the face and told me to shut up and finish the job off properly. He continued to bang into me with such force I was pushed up to the other end of the bed. My head was hanging off, sending me dizzy with pain and ecstasy.

He pumped into me and released all of his thick, creamy spunk into me. Time for my wimp pati to get to work. Rafik ordered him to suck my cunt and his cock clean and then added,”Preeti, you may also help your impotent brother in cleaning up.” I chuckled and finally got up and placed each fleshy, perfect thigh either side of my husband’s face and then lowered my pussy and ass meat onto my husband’s face. He began to suck my pussy and my nanad licked my thighs where cum had fallen from her driver’s monster cock. My husband lapped and licked at my cunt hole, slurping Rafik’s thick cum from my cunt.

Rafik was hard again and lay down on his back and ordered his malkin,” Sali, preeti, band kar sab kuchh aur mere lund ki sawari kar, dekh kaise intzar kar raha hai mera 10 inch ka loda, jaldi kar maa ki lodi, nhi to mar mar kar tera thobda suza dunga. yad he us din tere pati ne bulaya aur mera chusna adha chhod ke gayi thi fir mene tuje mar mar ke suza diya tha. char din tak tu uth nhi payi thi.” She sighed, carefully raised her butt cheeks and lowered her very wet pussy over her driver’s cock which her hungry cunt swallowed in a second with a swishing sound.He held her wide ass in his hands and ploughed his massive cock into his wife as my poor husband stared at his sister being fucked in front of his own eyes.

Rafik, dheere karo, mujhe dard ho rahi hai, abhi to meri bhabi ko chod ke hate ho, behanchod tipobet giriş ab aur kia chahte ho, aram se chodo mujhe, tera lund hai ya koi rod,” Rafik said sarcastically,” lund to essa hi hota hai, na ki tere bhai jaisa Preeti was jumping on his cock now and he was lifting hi ass to get full access to her depth. Like a man gone mad, my husband stared at the big cock tear apart his sister’s Choot just as he had enjoyed his wife fucking his Jijju.

Rafik slipped out his cock from Preeti’s Choot and inserted it into her ass and she cried again but he pounded into my nanad’s gaand without caring. I and my husband had stopped and watched the fucking couple sweating in their fucking motion,” Rafik was still hard and he signaled me to suck his cock which I did. He told me to get my ass on his cock so he could fuck my ass.

I thought that he was about to use my oral lubrication to fuck my ass I licked at his massive cock for a long time. Then I straddled his cock. This gave me fuck which I had either seen in blue films or seen my nanad just now. But it hurt in spite of the lubrication as his cock entered my tender ass. I had a feeling that an iron rod was wedged in my asshole. His 10 incher was splitting my ass apart.

“Where is this Lund going now, rupa ?”

“Into my Gaand,” I replied

“Well, yes, but only if you beg me I will let you fuck my cock in front of your husband and my wife only. Rafik moved his huge cock into my bum hole, I had a flash of memories from my other fuck experiences but none could be compared to this one. This relaxed my ass muscles even more to welcome Rafik’s massive tool.I gasped as I felt it move up my arse slowly and tightly and my arse stretched to accommodate this big prick. I adjusted my position to try and fit my new lover’s cock in more easily.

“God, you have the biggest Lund I’ve ever had . Fuck me arse until it’s raw please,” I cried out. Rafik responded with a vigorous pounding, and somehow managed to stuff even more of his length into my asshole. I could feel myself being stretched to the limit. I looked back and saw my pathetic wimp husband staring at the sight of his wife getting a big cock in her ass. Rafik slid into my anus more easily now and I humped on his cock like a real bitch in heat as my nanad began to spank my ass.

But, just as I was about to cum, Preeti speeded up her spanking. I began to pull hairs from his ball sac. Rafik pumped and pumped for what seemed like forever before finally withdrawing his massive, wet salami from my arse. He flicked a few final spots of cum on my face before aiming his shooting cock at the face on my husband and shot a big thick creamy jism on his mouth and jitu swallowed it all. I then waited as my nanad licked my rectum This is perhaps possibly the most degrading thing that my husband has done but

I don’t care as I need a healthy cock whoever it may belong to. When we were finished my hubby thanked his Jijju for taking care of his young wife sexually. I then took Rafik upstairs and continued to be fucked by his huge cock for the next two days. min while I ask my nanand how he start this with Rafik and she tell me everything that how his husband also suck Rafik’s lund and her cunt after Rafik finish. But i tell that you in another episode.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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