My older neighbor. My first time.

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My older neighbor. My first time.
It wasn’t difficult for him to seduce me. Even though I was very young, I was curious and found a man’s cock to be both alluring and exciting. I began to think he was interested in me quickly and I loved it. I loved the idea of him pleasuring me and me being able to pleasure him. How exciting it would be to have him want me.

I began hanging out out his house after school. He was much older, but I was drawn to him. It all started with hm asking questions about if I had kissed a girl or knew anything about sex. Soon the questions turned to masturbating and orgasms. If I had and if I wanted to. When he pulled down his pants, and I was surprised at my overwhelming urge to touch him. His beautiful, hairy, manly cock hanging between his legs. A thick hood of veiny foreskin covering it. I could not stop staring at it. My brain tingled and I felt light headed. I could feel my own cock swell with excitement. I wanted this so much. It seemed so natural, and my desires were so much stronger than my young, innocent nervousness.

I touched his dick, never taking my eyes off it. He felt warm and soft, but still firm. He could tell that he loved me touching canlı bahis siteleri him, his breathing, his moans, and it was an incredible turn on. I enjoyed being able to please and have such an effect on a man. He reached out and gently pulled my face towards his cock. I has taken by his manly scent. So big, so hairy, so different from my young smooth body.

I felt his big, soft, but swelling cock on my face as he pressed me into him. So manly and warm, I only wanted more. I didn’t know what to do but instinct and desire took over and I began to kiss his hanging dick. It felt wonderful against my lips and I knew I wanted to taste it, I knew I wanted to feel it in my mouth.

I continued to kiss his growing shaft and felt and saw it harden, getting even bigger and thicker. I was shocked by his cocks size and found myself almost helpless to its power.

He held my head in his hands amd guided his now rock hard dick towards my mouth. I kissed his big, engored cock’s head and he moaned in anticipation. As much as he wanted this, I was sure I wanted it more and let my young lips slide over and suck on his tip. So big, so firm, so warm and manly and exciting. I found his tipobet güvenilir mi taste oddly delicious and incredibly addictive. I eagerly tried to take more of his beautiful dick into my mouth and strained my out stretched lips against his head and tasted more of his delicious leaking, sweet pre cum.

He held my head and softly and slowly moved his hips back and forth, as if fucking my mouth, as if making love to it. His breathing quicken and his body trembled. I loved having this effect on him.

“Awww” he said softly as he began to stroke his shaft. I continued to suck on the head of his cock, not wanting to stop, when he held his cock in his fist and pointed it straight up. With a soft touch on the back of my head guiding me, I pressed my face into his balls and between his hairy legs. I kissed and sucked his sensitive, huge testicles, almost overwhelmed by his manly scent and my burning desire. His moaning increasing, he pulled away from me and pointed his rock hard, throbbing cock at my face.

“Awwwww” was all I heard before the first, thick, warm stream of cum splashed hard against my face. I closed my eyes, but didn’t move away. Somehow I knew tipobet giriş he wanted this and let him cum all over me. Landing on my face and lips, then dripping down my neck and chest, warm and thick. The scent, odd and manly, I tasted his sperm.

Soon, his mouth and hands were exploring all over my young, naked body. His manly, hairy body pressed against mine. His hairy face pressing between my ass cheeks, I felt his thick, warm, wet tongue probe my asshole. His big, warm, wonderful mouth engulfing and devouring my cock, quickly milking my cum from me and swallowing every drop.

As we layed there naked together, it seemed so natural and wonderful. My small, smooth frame, his big, hairy masculine body, pressed and interwhined. He held me and moved his mouth towards mine. I wrapped my arms around him as he kissed me. Softly and lovingly.

I side my hand down his body, wanting to touch is amazing, huge cock again. I held it. So big and heavy. I stroked him as he kissed me harder, his cock growing again in response. I slowly moved down his body until my face as next to his gorgeous dick and kissed it gently as I continued to stroke him.

I kissed and sucked and stroke his huge, veiny cock until he began to moan again. He reached down and stroked himself now, clearly near another orgasm. This time I held my mouth open and welcomed his seed. He stroked himself and came as I sucked his cock’s head and let his warm jizz flood into my eager mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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