My Second

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I nearly fell from the chair when the door bell rang. “Coming,” I answered the ringing. I opened the doorm inviting my friend, Ash, in.

“Hey,” she smiled dropping her bag to hug me.

“Hey,” I hugged back. I let go of her to put her stuff on the stair case. “lets go into the living room,” I suggested.

She laughed when I put everything down grabbing for the As we walked into the living room, Ash asked, “Do you think about sex Rei?”

Laughing, “Of Course, what teen doesn’t? Do you?” She nodded blushing some. I chuckled more.

“Do you have porn?”

I nodded and told her to hold on. I ran up stairs to my room, gathering my “toys”, bondage, videos, stories, playgirls, and my boyfriend’s play boy.

Even though she wasn’t lesbian, or bisexual, like me, she still wanted to see it. As we looked at the nude women, I was getting horny. She could tell I was and we looked at each other laughing and falling off the chair, her landing on my lap.

“Hey Rei,” she looked some what down at me.


“Be honest. Your not pulling my leg on being bi are you?” her glance turned away some from either embarresment or worried. It was funny being asked that I bursted out laughing. “What?” She looked at me.

“I’m not” I stopped and looked at her “Why?” She went silent. I pulled her to look at me. “What Ashley?”

“Rei you know we have been friends for like forever,” she said I nodded. “Well would you……” she stopped and looked back away her legs coming closer together. I laughed knowing what she wanted.

With out her permition I lend over and kissed her fully on the lips. “get into my room, and I’ll do it,” I whispered into her ear purring. With no words from me she nodded and got up, moving her hips as she went up to my room.

As I stayed down stairs, I started to wonder if this was the right thing. I knew she wanted me and I knew I wanted her not for love but for lust.

This would be my second time with a girl, casino siteleri since Kittie moved and said to have as much fun with girls, I wasn’t going to break the promise.

Laughing I rushed up to my room, opening the door, to see Ash, standing with her right hand by her side, and the other covering her nude stomach. She was only in a silk white thong and bra. Oh her lovely C covered breast, how I remember them even to this day.

She came to me, her hands sliding down to the bottum of my black “grave digger” shirt. Her hands gripped the shirt and lifted it up and over, reveiling my black satin bra, that covered me D breasts.

I had to touch her, but she won’t allow it. Her hands ran down my stomach to my black long fasion cargo pants. She looked at me asking to go on, I nodded.

Slowly her fingers worked at my pants butten, them coming undone, and the zipper zipping down to let my pants become lose and to slide down my silken legs.

As I stood there in my bra and black satin boxers she leand over gently blowing into me her, she licked her way down from the back of my ear to my sensitive neck. Oh god the arousement. I couldn’t take it from male or female.

When she started to lick her way down to my upper chest and then to the uncovered part of my breasts, I was taken all by the strong feeling that I had to have her! With that final lusting moment i pushed her down onto my water bed, playfuly.

She trusted me enough not to go as far untill she was ready. She relaxed and pread her legs wide before me, leaving my the beautiful sit of her opened body. I moved closer.

As I ran my hands gently over her body, I traced the out line of her thong. Her body was sensitive that she gave a low moan to my cold soft touch. I stopped and looked at her.

Closing my eyes, I moved even closer leaning over and kissed her stomach. Her body, the teast the smell all intoxacating. My hands ran to her bra and unsnapping is with one hand letting it move slot oyna and fall next to us.

I moved to kiss her body with my passion lips, landing each kiss lower to her exsposed breasts and nipples. I looked at her nipples with aw, they were beautiful and i wanted to taste them. I sucked on the left one as if i was her child and she was my mother, but the wild side of my forced me into bitting it gently forcing her to moan with pain and pleasure.

While my mouth was busy with her delcious nipple, my fingertips were playing with her thong that covered her wanting lower mouth. I could smell her sex already and my own as well.

My mouth watered as I pulled down her thong and reveiled the of the most beautiful womenhood I have seen. I dropped the thong to the ground while I licked my lips hungry for this mouth in front me.

My licking when to her right leg and then to the upper inside thigh. I was so close so close to that sex. I could smell and could already taste the wetness in my mind, then i felt a hand on my shoulders. I looked up, and saw Ashley grinning from ear to ear.

She pushed me up off her and I thought I had done something wrong. She grabbed my shoulders, turned me around and then pushed me onto the bed. I then saw that she wasn’t upset, just, interested in having me moan.

She waisted no time to remove the rest of my clothing. She slowly ran her hands down my body, her mind was dangerious for she didn’t take it slow but she forced her head into my steaming sex.

I gasped my eyes opening wide, what an amazement this was. Her tongue stabbing at my juiced cunt, and then my hardening clit forcing me to relax and I opened my mouth, releasing a moan.

She was teasing my sex hole with her breath and tongue, whispering, blowing, licking. She made me gasp when she licked down and forced her tongue into my hersey hole. I let out a moan already being done up the anus, before.

She was eating away at my sex my body twitching with canlı casino siteleri each torment she gave to me. I couldn’t stop her, she was going to make me cum. I flinched and then tenced my body going into a violent twitching mannner.

I was right I was going to cum right on her face, and I don’t think she was ready for when I released my juices in her mouth and onto her face her eyes widen. After collecting my thoughts after my massive orgasm I sat up to look at her.

“Rei please,” was all she said and rolled next to me. I chuckled as I moved down to kiss her tasting some of myself on her lips and tongue. She moaned into my mouth as soon as I stabbed her mouth with my tongue.

I moved down kissing her breasts, nipples, belly butten, then I kissed above her southern lips. I couldn’t beleive I could smell her sex, she was wetter then I was! I had to have her the lust taking over me.

Something was different about me though, I had fangs then. My lips kissed her southern lips, my tongue dripping between them and licking the inside of her inner mouth. I had to taste her little knob inside the mouth taking it between my teeth and bitting some. She moaned out. She was so ready to cum, but I didn’t want it just yet.

I pulled away and she whimpered wanting me to make her cum. I couldn’t deny her, I licked my lips and fell between her legs bitting, licking, nibbling using my beautiful fangs for a more intenced reaction.

Her butt came off the bed and her sex hole came closer to my face. I feasted upon her drinking her wettness, driving her up the wall with madness. She started to moan louder and then she screamed, first time I have ever heard someone scream my name. Amazing, the rush, the hungry, she came right into my mouth. I tried hard to keep all of it in my mouth but so much for my young mouth that some of her juices slipped between my lips.

She was still whimpering when I cleaned her and I moved once I finished. I couldn’t help and see how beuatiful she was laying there, breathless, tired. I lend over and kissed her once more holding her as she recovered. But as she laid there, she fell asleep in my arms, and I did too dreaming of her, and will our friendship last…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20