My stepfather is depraved

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My stepfather is depraved
My father passed away for about 3 years, leaving my mother and c***dren, me and my little brother Charles. Now Charles has been in the 8th grade while I have finished high school, starting studying at the Academy of Tourism and Hospitality. Even though they get pension funds, but they are very small.

Understandably, my father is only a small employee in the KMS Regional Government. To live and finance my school and Charles, my mother was forced to open a herbal shop next to the house. Not bad, because besides selling herbal medicine, mothers also sell cigarettes, sweets, stationery, c***dren’s clothing and so on. Of course, I help my mother with all my might. Who else can help him besides me?

Charles was still too small to be able to help and understand life’s difficulties. Although the mother’s age was four-headed but still beautiful and her body shape was still voluptuous and attractive. Understandably the mother really likes to keep her body with Javanese herbal medicine. Besides that, since young mother is beautiful. My mother is mulatto, her father is Dutch and she is Sundanese. My own father is from the Ambon tribe but was born in Banyumas. He is more Javanese than Ambon, even though his name is Ambon. During his life to death father had never even seen Ambon.

Father died of a bus accident while serving in Jakarta. The bus he was riding in was speeding and crashing into a tanker truck containing gasoline. The truck and bus were both on fire and there was not a single passenger who survived, including my father.

Since then, my mother a widow up to three years. Only a year ago my mother secretly went out with a widower without c***dren, a friend of my father’s office first. His name is Sutoyo, he is the same age as my mother, 42 years old. Actually I had been suspicious, because Mr. Toyo (I called him “Sir” because of my father’s friend) whose house far away often came to drink herbs and chat with my mother. After a long time they became familiar and talked more than drinking herbs. My suspicions were proven when one day. mother called me and invited to talk specifically.
“Here’s Cyn,” said the mother at the time.
“Your father has left us for three years, so you have been widowed for a long time.”

I can immediately guess what the next mother will say. I was old enough to know how lonely my mother had left me. Mother is still young and beautiful, of course she needs someone to be with her, continue her life. I realized because I was a woman even though I had never been married.

“Mother cannot continue to live alone. You need someone to accompany your mother and take care of you two, you and your sister still need protection, still need love and of course you need the cost to continue your studies, you want to remarry Mr. Toyo for the sake of your future.
Do you understand? “Mother said.
“I want to marry Pak Toyo?” I just cut it off.
“It’s okay, Mom, Mr. Toyo is a good person, widower again. Moreover, he is a former friend of my father first! ”
“Apparently you are old enough to be able to read everything that happens around you, Cyn”, mother smiled. “You really look like your father.”

Shortly after, mother married Pak Toyo very simply and was only attended by close relatives. After that my mother was brought to Pak Toyo’s house, and our house, kiosk and everything in it was my responsibility. Mother came in the morning after my kiosk opened and came home late in the afternoon, Mr. Toyo was picked up after returning from the office.

Our lives are happy and mediocre until one day, about four months after my mother’s marriage, a tragedy in the household happened without my mother’s knowledge. I was deliberately silent and did not discuss the incident to my mother, I did not want to hurt her feelings. I love my mother too much and let me bear it myself.

The incident began when I was at my mother’s house (Mr. Toyo’s house) took some merchandise at the behest of my mother. I usually do this when I’m not in college. Even I often sleep at my mother’s house with my sister. Not infrequently a full day I was at my mother’s house when my mother was at our house looking after the herbal kiosk.

Sometimes I really need the peace of learning when facing a semester exam. Sepi’s mother’s house in the afternoon because Mr. Toyo worked and the mother bahis siteleri looked after the kiosk, while there was no servant in the house. That afternoon my mother told me to take some items at Mr. Toyo’s house because the supplies were stalled. Mother gave me a key so that I could enter the house freely. But when I arrived it turned out that the house was not locked because Mr. Toyo was at home. I was a little surprised, why did Mr. Toyo come home from work so early, is it sick?
“Why, why did you come home?” I asked, a little surprised. “Sick, sir?”
“Ah no,” replied Mr. Toyo. “There are a number of letters left behind. why are you here? Asked by your mother huh? ”
“Yes sir, take some merchandise”, I replied, mediocre. As usual, I kept coming into the room to get the items I needed.

I never thought, Mr. Toyo followed me from behind. When I had taken the item and was about to turn around, Mr. Toyo stood so close to me that we almost collided. I was shocked and even more surprised when suddenly Pak Toyo hugged my waist. I had not had time to protest, Mr. Toyo had kissed my lips closely.

The merchandise fell from my hand when I tried to push Pak Toyo’s body to let go of my body which he held very tightly. But it turned out that Pak Toyo had been possessed by a demon that was blasted. He totally ignored my push and even tightened his arms. I never managed to escape. Mr. Toyo pressed my body with his big and heavy body. I want to scream but suddenly Mr. Toyo’s right hand closes my mouth.
“If you shout, all the neighbors will arrive and your mother will be very embarrassed,” he said in a hoarse voice.
His breath panted for breath. “Shout so that we are all embarrassed!”

I got scared and didn’t dare to shout. Fear and pity for my mother made me melt. I thought, what if someone else knew what was happening and what my mother’s husband did to me.

Not to mention I was clear thinking that Mr. Toyo dragged me into the bedroom and pushed me to fall on my back on the bed. Fiercely, Mr. Toyo pressed my body and kissed my face. While his right hand still held my mouth, his left hand took something from his pants pocket. A slippery little thing was immediately forced into my mouth. A small object that turns out the soft capsule breaks in the mouth and is forced to swallow. After swallowing the capsule my eyes turned dizzy, my head became very heavy and strangely, my sexual arousal arose suddenly. My heart was pounding so hard and my blood flow was very fast. Somehow, I just gave up and even craved a man’s touch. The passion was so peaked and excited that it suddenly attacked my entire body.

I vaguely saw Mr. Toyo’s face grinning above me. Slowly he rose and took off all my clothes. Then he took off his clothes himself. I can’t refuse. Myself like flying in the air and even knowing what is happening, but there is absolutely no intention to fight.

Likewise, when the unclothed Pak Toyo crushed my body and groped my whole body, I just gave up. Even when I feel a foreign object entering my body, I can’t do anything. Unable to refuse, because I felt the extraordinary pleasure of a foreign object that began to penetrate and move around in my female burrow. My consciousness is somewhere. It’s just that I know, what’s happening to me, I’ve been ****d by Mr. Toyo!

When I regained consciousness, I found myself lying on Mr. Toyo’s bed (which is also my mother’s bed) without clothes. My clothes are s**ttered under the bed. The bed sheets were messy and I saw blood spots on the sprel. I cry … I’m no longer a virgin! I have lost what is most valuable in a woman’s life. I feel disgusted and dirty. I got up and the bottom of my body ached …, pain! But I kept trying to get up and limping to the bathroom. I see the wall clock, Wow … I’ve been in that house for three hours. I have to go home soon so mom doesn’t wait. I immediately showered and cleaned myself and dressed up quickly.

I took the merchandise s**ttered on the floor and immediately went home. Mr. Toyo is no longer visible, maybe he has returned to the office. I left the bed messy and the bloody bed sheet remained there. I do not care. My heart is really broken. My hatred of Mr. Toyo was so deep. One day, I will revenge.
“How long is it?” Asked the mother when I arrived.
“The tires are flat, ma’am, nambal first!” I replied, perabet güvenilir mi trying to cover up the change in my face which of course was pale and shy. I put the merchandise on the table and it felt like I wanted to hug my mother and apologize and tell her what her husband had done to me.

But my little heart forbids. I do not want to make mom sad and disappointed. I don’t want my mother to lose the happiness she just got. I can’t imagine how broken my mother’s heart would be if she knew what her husband had done to me. Let me temporarily save myself this heartache.

By reason of going to a friend’s house, I take a shower and clean myself (again). In the bathroom I cried myself, rubbing my whole body with soap many times. I feel disgusted with my own body. Once out and the bathroom I immediately groomed and said goodbye to a friend’s house. Even though I didn’t go to anyone’s house. I run my bike out of town and park it in a quiet pond. I sat alone there while draining my tears.
“O Lord, forgive all my sins” I lamented myself.

Only the afternoon before sunset I came home. Mother Toyo had already been picked up home to her house so I did not need to meet the depraved man. Stalls still open and sister were keeping. When I returned home, I replaced the kiosk and the younger brother entered to study.

For several days I deliberately did not want to meet Mr. Toyo. Shame, hate and fear mix in my heart. I deliberately busied myself behind when in the morning Pak Toyo came to take my mother to the kiosk. In the afternoon I accidentally left for various reasons when Mr. Toyo picked up my mother home.

But even though I tried to keep avoiding it, the incident repeated again. The second event was deliberately created by Pak Toyo with his cunning sense. When he picked up the afternoon, Mr. Toyo said that he had just bought a small bicycle for my sister, Charles. The bicycle is in Mr. Toyo’s house and his sister must be taken by himself.

Of course my sister was very happy and when Mr. Toyo suggested that the sister sleep in her house, the sister agreed and even the mother would be happy to encourage her. The three of them rode in Pak Toyo’s official car to their home. Because there was no one else at home, before I closed the kiosk at nine o’clock.

Apparently, after arriving home and handing a small bicycle to the younger brother, Mr. Toyo reasoned that he had to go back to the office because there was work to be done that night. Mother was not suspicious and did not think that her husband’s departure was actually not going to the office, but returned to the kiosk to **** me.

It was ten o’clock at night and I had closed the kiosk for a long time. Suddenly Pak Toyo was already inside the house. Apparently he had a key that belonged to my mother so that he could be free to enter our house freely. I was very shocked and wanted to scold him, but returned calmly and grinned, Mr. Toyo threatened me “Come on, shout so that all the neighbors come and know what I have done to you!” “Let’s shout so your mother will be embarrassed and your whole family will be smeared!” He added in a hoarse voice.

Once again I was stunned. My mouth was about to scream, but Mr. Toyo’s words once disturbed my heart. Fear of neighbors, fear that my mother’s name would become tarnished, anxiety that the neighbors would know about my ****, I just stood there staring at the lustful face ready to pounce on me. I can not think clearly anymore. Only feelings of fear and fear continue to urge my instincts.

Before I was able to make a decision on what I would do, Pak Toyo had advanced and held my body. Once again I wanted to scream but my voice faltered in my throat. Somehow it was originally but what I knew was that the man had crushed my body naked. What is clear, that night I was forced to serve the passion of my mother’s passionate husband.

Ferociously my stepfather treated me like a prostitute. He ****d me many times without mercy. Grasping his heavy breath and his body which overtook my body especially when there was something hard objects began to enter bursting into the sensitive and most respectable part of my femininity made me moan in pain. I really made him a satisfying lust who was truly helpless.

Mr. Toyo is very strong. He forced me to turn around and change positions tipobet many times and I was forced to obey. Nearly two hours Mr. Toyo made my body as a month of sexual lust. Unbelieveable! As soon as I will finish, I see Pak Toyo pulling his rod from my groin in a quick motion. He shuffles the hard rod with one hand and in a matter of seconds I see thick white liquid spraying a lot and pouring out of his virility rod, the thick white liquid warmly sprayed wet my face and body, there was a sense of disgust in my heart besides I felt the fishy and salty I felt as the liquid melted towards my lips, after that he was weak and sprawled beside my body, my own body was shattered and powerless.

My whole body was very painful, and tears ran down my cheeks. But frankly, I also reached orgasm. Something that has never been experienced before. I don’t know what made a little happy feeling in my heart. Satisfaction and pleasure that I cannot understand at all. I myself don’t know how it happened, but sometimes I actually miss Mr. Toyo’s treatment of me. I have tried many times to dismiss that feeling, but it always appeared in my mind. Sometimes I even desire it more and more! Crazy right?

And indeed, when one afternoon my mother was out of town and Mr. Toyo was leaving me again, I did not refuse her. When he was on top of my naked body, I actually enjoyed and balanced it with enthusiasm. Apparently what Pak Toyo did to me had become a kind of opium which made me addicted and addicted. I am now beginning to enjoy the whole game and the incredible passion that I cannot tell today with words.

Mr. Toyo was so excited and enjoyed all the curves of my body with the wild, I also began to dare to try to feel the body parts of a man, I will now begin to dare to back up, caress all parts of his body and start daring to touch the stepfather’s machismo, so hard, long and warm. I enjoy it earnestly, Extraordinary!

At the end of the game Mr. Toyo looked very satisfied and so did I. But out of shame, I said nothing when Mr. Toyo left my room. I deliberately kept quiet, so as not to show that I was also satisfied with the game. I am, after all, a woman who still has shame. However, when Mr. Toyo had left there was a feeling of regret in his heart. There is a sense of shame and fear. However Mr. Toyo is my mother’s husband. Mr. Toyo had married my mother legally so he became my stepfather, a successor to my real father.

It is a great sin to commit indecent relationships between c***dren and stepfathers. Should I continue this meeting and lustful and immoral relationship?

In quiet moments I was pensive and decided to stay away and Mr. Toyo, and not make that relationship again. But in the moment of opportunity and Mr. Toyo came to me and invited me to “play” I never had the power to reject it. Sometimes even if two or three days Pak Toyo doesn’t come to see me, I feel nostalgic and eager to feel warm touches from him.

That feeling then made me even more lost and increasingly infatuated with Pak Toyo’s extraordinary “game”. With full awareness, I finally became Pak Toyo’s mistress, beyond my mother’s knowledge.

Until now our secrets are still tightly closed and our meetings have not taken place at home anymore, but more in inns, small hotels and in resting places. Well, there I and Pak Toyo can play love with a high sense of sensation and not worry about being caught by my mother, now my stepfather and I are like being husband and wife.

To prevent things that are very likely to occur, in having sex, Mr. Toyo always uses a condom and I diligently drink herbs late in the month. All of that is of course outside the knowledge of the mother. I am indeed satisfied and happy in the matter of fulfilling biological needs, but actually deep down — I am truly shocked. How come? I have captured my mother’s own husband and “ate it” alternately.

Sometimes I also feel sorry for the mother who loves me so much. If only until she knew of my relationship with Pak Toyo, Mother would be very sad. His heart will be shattered and his soul will be torn apart. How can a c***d who is loved by her sleep with her husband? How long will I live an indecent and immoral life?

I do not know, I’m currently in college. Maybe if I graduate and become a graduate I can go out and go home and work in another city. Right now I might not have the strength to go, but someday I will definitely go far and find a man who is truly suitable and can be relied upon as a good husband, and of course I expect more strength than I get and feel now.

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