My Summer with Kelly Ch. 03

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As you read this, please keep in mind that a lot of the story is told here as it was repeated to me in times and places when I wasn’t around, mostly from Kelly.


Since that afternoon in my living room, when Danny coaxed Kelly into giving him a blowjob, Danny had been true to his word. He hadn’t told anyone about what he thought was Kelly’s big secret. To Danny, Kelly was a closet homosexual, a fact that he though was sure to embarrass her if it ever got out, but what Danny thought he knew was further from the truth than he would have imagined. Kelly wasn’t a closet homosexual. Kelly wasn’t even a boy. Kelly was a straight girl who was pretending to be a boy, but not for any sexual reason. She only did it because the enrolments in the college workshop she wanted to attend had already been closed to girls. The only way she could get in was to pretend to be a boy.

Kelly kept up her end of the bargain in exchange for Danny keeping the secret. She didn’t even have to be reminded. She’d agreed to give Danny a blowjob when he wanted one in return for keeping her sexual preference, or what he thought was her sexual preference, a secret. Kelly was more than happy to suck his cock at any time the opportunity presented itself, which turned out to be two or three times a week, which was about as often as the two were alone together.

Fortunately, little else had changed in her relationship with Danny. The other guy she had befriended, Steve, seemed to be unaware of anything going on, which was fine with Kelly. Aside from her sexual attraction to Danny, she also had a crush on Steve and that big cock of his.

One afternoon, Kelly told me she was going over to Tammy’s house to drop off some papers for school. Kelly had told me all about Tammy. She was one of the more popular girls who flaunted her sexual prowess and worked the boys in the group into a frenzy. Tammy was also the one who had stolen Steve away from her at a recent party when Kelly had gone dressed as a girl, but in a costume that hid her identity.

Staying in character, Kelly dressed as a boy and headed over to Tammy’s house. When Kelly showed up at Tammy’s house, she was surprised to see what looked like a small party starting. Both Danny and Steve were there as well as a few girls she recognized from the classes.

Kelly and Tammy had hardly spoken. Kelly chose to keep her distance from the girls as much as possible. She figured the girls would be able to figure out she wasn’t actually a boy easier than the boys would.

“Come on in,” Tammy greeted Kelly at the door with a hug.

“I was just bringing these papers over,” Kelly said.

“Thanks,” Tammy took the papers from Kelly, “Let’s go put these away and we’ll get back with the party.”

“Okay,” Kelly said, following Tammy to her room without speaking to anyone else. When they got there, Tammy dropped the papers on a dresser, then shut the door behind Kelly.

“Can I ask you something?” Tammy asked.

“Sure,” Kelly suddenly felt uncomfortable. What was it she was going to ask her?

“Why haven’t you ever hit on me?”

“What?” Kelly was incredulous. “When have I ever had the chance?”

“Come on,” Tammy argued. “Every boy in class has hit on me at least a dozen times by now, but not you. Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Are you kidding?” Kelly tried to answer the way a boy would answer. “What guy wouldn’t want to get his hands on that body of yours?”

“Really?” Tammy asked. “Some of the girls and I were talking and we were thinking you were gay.”

“Gay?” Kelly shook her head. “I’m not gay.”

“I don’t believe you,” Tammy said, stepping closer to Kelly. “Prove it.”

“How can I do that?” Kelly asked.

“Use your imagination,” Tammy smirked.

Kelly was feeling trapped. Deep down, she knew she shouldn’t care what Tammy or any of the other girls thought about her sexual preference, but it still bothered her. She was tempted to tell Tammy to go fuck herself, but she’d worked so hard at passing herself off as a boy and there were still a few weeks of classes left. She didn’t want to spend the rest of the summer with everyone thinking she was gay, not because she had casino siteleri anything against people being gay, but she thought it would change how she was treated by the people she’d worked so hard to become friends with, and it would almost definitely put an end to her ability to sit and watch Danny and Steve shower after basketball games.

Kelly knew she needed to act quickly or Tammy would continue to interrogate her, so she did the only thing that came to mind. She took both of her hands and placed them on the sides of Tammy’s face, then pulled Tammy close to her, pressing her lips to Tammy’s. Parting her lips slightly, she stuck out her tongue, which was quickly met by Tammy’s own tongue.

Kelly had never kissed another girl before and she’d never had feelings for a girl before, but she found the experience to be sensual, especially since Tammy still thought Kelly was a boy. Kissing Tammy was far different from any boy she’d ever kissed. Tammy’s lips were soft and delicate and her taste was sweet and delicious.

The two girls pressed their lips together as their tongues swirled around one another for several minutes before Tammy finally broke the kiss. When she pulled her mouth away from Kelly’s, her hands found Kelly’s hips.

“You’re a good kisser,” Tammy’s hands snaked around Kelly’s back, making her a bit nervous. Kissing Tammy was one thing, but if Tammy’s hands roamed Kelly’s body very much, her secret would be discovered.

“Thanks,” Kelly smiled, moving her hands from Tammy’s face down her sides and onto her waist. “Now what?”

“I’m still not sure you’re not a fag,” Tammy grinned.

“No?” Kelly smiled, pressing on Tammy’s waist, twisting her body and pushing her down onto Tammy’s bed. Kelly fell on top of her, pressing one of her legs between Tammy’s legs, making Tammy’s skirt rise up.

When the two girls fell into place atop Tammy’s bed, Kelly pressed her lips against Tammy’s lips again, kissing her a second time. Instinctively, one of Kelly’s hands roamed up and down Tammy’s side, then slid down Tammy’s leg, then up again to go underneath Tammy’s skirt.

Kelly slid her hand under Tammy’s skirt and up Tammy’s thigh until she found the waistband of Tammy’s panties, then slid her hand around to grip her thong-covered ass. Kelly told herself she was doing all this to keep her secret safe from the rest of the students, but she knew she was lying to herself. The truth was, she was finding that taking control of another girl was strangely arousing.

Tammy was a willing recipient to Kelly’s advances. When she’d been pushed onto the bed, she let her hands fall above her head and let Kelly’s hands roam freely over her body.

In addition to the arousal she was feeling, Kelly had a curiosity that went beyond her sexual urges. She’d never put her hands on another girl, and aside from the girls in her gym class back in high-school, she’d never really seen a girl naked, especially not in this context.

Kelly continued to kiss Tammy all over her face. Emboldened by Tammy’s deep breathing and occasional moans, Kelly slipped both hands under Tammy’s top and lifted it up and over her head, exposing the sheer bra that covered Tammy’s ample breasts.

Kelly hurried to take Tammy’s bra off and nearly ripped the material slipping it off of Tammy’s torso.

When Tammy’s large, naked breasts came into view, Kelly pulled her head back to take a look at them, gripping one of the large orbs in her hand as she tweaked one of the hardening nipples with her index finger. Kelly was secretly envious of Tammy’s large breasts. Although she had gotten compliments from anyone who had ever seen her smaller breasts (including me), Kelly wondered what it would be like to have big tits like Tammy’s.

“Suck them,” Tammy said.

Kelly obeyed. She felt her own nipples hardening under the tight wrap that smashed her own small tits flat against her chest, hiding them from view. She knew for her to be able to continue to keep her secret from Tammy and the others, she would have to keep Tammy from trying to fondle her body as she made out with the unsuspecting girl. She had a plan, though. Whatever happened, Kelly was intent on maintaining control slot oyna of the situation by dominating the actions that took place. She would play the role of a dominant boy who was having his way with Tammy.

Kelly placed her lips over Tammy’s nipple, still gripping the large breast in one hand. She sucked at the nipple, flicking it with her tongue as she looked into Tammy’s eyes. She imagined having her own nipples sucked the same way, if not by Tammy, then by Steve or even Danny. Either of the boys would do.

“That feels good,” Tammy moaned, laying her head back on the bed and allowing Kelly to take advantage of her.

With Tammy being an eager participant, Kelly was ready to examine her captive prey a little more. She nibbled at Tammy’s tits, kissing her way from one large breast, down the valley in the middle and over to the other one, leaving a thin trail of saliva everywhere her mouth came into contact with Tammy’s flesh. When her mouth found the other nipple, she sucked it into her mouth, flicking the nipple with her tongue and biting down on the stiffened flesh firmly, yet gently enough not to cause any discomfort.

While she ravished Tammy’s breasts, she moved both hands down to Tammy’s waist, then ran them up and over the short skirt down to Tammy’s knees, then back up again, but this time, when her hands found the material of the skirt, they went under the material instead of over. Tammy shivered slightly as Kelly’s thumbs hooked into the waist of her panties. Kelly gently tugged downward on the panties. Without being prompted, Tammy raised her ass in the air a bit to allow Kelly to slide the panties down over her round ass.

Kelly sat up on the bed as she pulled the panties down and off her unsuspecting friend. The only material obstructing Tammy’s pussy from Kelly’s sight and touch was the short skirt, which was now the only material that she was still wearing.

Kelly pushed Tammy’s legs apart, then positioned herself between Tammy’s knees. Standing on her own knees, Kelly placed a hand on both of Tammy’s shins, then started sliding her hands up Tammy’s legs. As Kelly’s hands moved past Tammy’s knees, Kelly moved her hands from the outsides of Tammy’s thighs to the insides of her thighs and continued their way up. When Kelly’s hands came into contact with the material of the skirt, Tammy instinctively tried to close her legs and placed her hands down to her crotch to block Kelly’s advances.

“Wait,” Tammy urged. “Are you sure we should…”

“Shh,” Kelly interrupted. With her own body planted between Tammy’s legs, Tammy couldn’t close them all the way. Kelly reached for Tammy’s wrists, then moved her hands up and over Tammy’s head once more. “Just let it happen,” Kelly whispered, using the same words a boy had once used on her.

Tammy didn’t move her hands from above her head again when Kelly returned her hands to Tammy’s body. This time, instead of running her hands up Tammy’s legs, Kelly simply gripped the material of the skirt and flipped it up and onto Tammy’s flat tummy, exposing Tammy’s pussy. When the cool air hit her naked sex, Tammy took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds before exhaling loudly.

Kelly put her hands in the middle of Tammy’s thighs, then ran them up Tammy’s legs to the very edges of Tammy’s waiting pussy. Kelly had never seen another woman’s pussy up close before and Tammy’s, being completely bald, was a good one to be seeing for the first time. The outer lips of her pussy were swollen and puffy, filling the lips to a bright red.

Kelly was aroused, but also curious. Without touching Tammy’s pussy, Kelly placed her thumbs on each side of Tammy’s pussy, then spread the pink folds so she could look inside.

Tammy let out a deep moan and bucked her hips forward.

“Do you like me looking at your pussy?” Kelly didn’t wait for an answer. “I think you do.” She examined Tammy’s pussy, using her thumbs to open it and spread it to give her a better view of Tammy’s beautiful pussy.

Tammy smiled. Being objectified was arousing her more than normal. From Tammy’s perspective, this was unlike her normal encounters with other boys. Kelly wasn’t ripping off his pants to shove his cock inside canlı casino siteleri her. Instead, he was taking his time to explore Tammy’s body.

Kelly got down on her elbows and knees, positioning herself between Tammy’s legs. She placed her mouth on Tammy’s inner thigh and nibbled her way up Tammy’s smooth leg until she got to the crease where Tammy’s thigh met the outside of her pussy, but Kelly didn’t place her mouth on Tammy’s pussy, at least not yet. Instead, she kissed and nibbled her way up and around Tammy’s hairless pubic mound, allowing her smooth chin to barely graze Tammy’s clitoral hood as she moved her mouth to the other inner thigh.

Kelly was hesitant. Until now, she was playing the part of a horny boy. She’d kissed another girl and she’d sucked on her breasts, but she wasn’t sure about placing her mouth on another girl’s pussy, even if she was turned on by it.

Even though she was uncertain of her own desires, she was sure that eating Tammy’s pussy was the right thing to do. Perhaps she could satisfy Tammy’s sexual cravings by eating her pussy. Then, she’d be able to stop and her secret would still be safe.

Kelly made her decision. She put a hand on each of Tammy’s thighs and pulled her legs apart as far as they would go, then used her thumbs to open Tammy’s pussy again. Looking down, Kelly could see Tammy’s engorged clit peeking out of her inner folds.

Kelly kissed her way up to Tammy’s navel, then back down again to Tammy’s awaiting pussy. Opening her mouth, Kelly stuck out her tongue and gently flicked at Tammy’s swollen clit. Tammy responded by rolling her hips, smearing her clit onto Kelly’s face.

Kelly closed her mouth over Tammy’s clit and sucked on it like she had with Tammy’s nipple, flicking the little clit with her tongue as she sucked on it, imaging she was sucking on a tiny cock.

Her efforts were noticeable on Tammy who had turned her head to the side and was sucking on her own fingers as Kelly lapped at Tammy’s pussy, sucking her juices into her mouth. Kelly couldn’t help but open her eyes and look up at Tammy who was obviously enjoying every bit of it.

One of Kelly’s hands snaked up Tammy’s body. First, she squeezed at Tammy’s tits. Gripping them harder than she had before, Kelly pinched down on the nipples as hard as she could, then she reached her hand up to Tammy’s neck, then to her chin. Kelly pressed her middle finger against Tammy’s mouth, which Tammy immediately opened, sucking Kelly’s finger in.

Tammy sucked on Kelly’s finger like it was a cock in her mouth while Kelly took her other hand to Tammy’s pussy, slipping a finger inside the warm, wet hole. The intrusion caused Tammy to bite down gently onto Kelly’s finger before resuming her sucking on it.

Kelly finger-fucked Tammy until she knew Tammy was about to cum. When Tammy was on the brink of orgasm, Kelly pulled her finger from Tammy’s mouth and roughly gripped one of Tammy’s big tits, digging her fingernails into the delicate flesh. At the same time, Kelly lapped at Tammy’s clit even faster and harder than she had before. Pushing a second finger into Tammy’s pussy, Kelly finger-fucked her as fast and as hard as she could.

Tammy stopped moving for a few seconds. Her whole body tensed up and she even stopped breathing. Then, her body went limp as she exhaled loudly, then groaned, “Fuck! I’m fucking cumming so hard!”

Kelly didn’t let up. She licked Tammy’s pussy harder now, then used her thumb on Tammy’s hardened clit while Tammy shivered in ecstasy.

Finally, with Tammy’s orgasm ending, she pushed Kelly’s face away from her pussy.

Satisfied that she’d done a good job, Kelly crawled up Tammy’s body to meet her face-to-face again.

“That was incredible,” Tammy said, looking into Kelly’s eyes.

“You seemed to enjoy it,” Kelly agreed. “I have the evidence all over my face,” Her mouth and chin were wet with Tammy’s juices.

Tammy reached to wipe her juices from Kelly’s face, but Kelly stopped her by grabbing her hand and pushing it away. Tammy responded with a confused look.

“Lick your pussy from my face,” Kelly commanded, happy with herself for thinking of such a controlling statement.

Tammy paused at first, not sure how to react, then pulled Kelly’s head down to her face, licking her pussy juice from every part of Kelly’s face, cleaning the clear liquid from her face.

To be continued…

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