My Virgins: Helen Ch. 1

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It was the end of a long night. My friend Mark and I had been hitting the clubs on a boy’s night out. Going through university together we had developed a kind of formula for a Friday night. In the old days the object was getting laid, but now Mark was in a serious relationship and he had to be home at a reasonable hour if he didn’t want big trouble with Sally.

We had been talking and drinking and partying with whatever girls we could find in each club we hit, but now it was 3am and he had to hit the road. It had been a great night, but for me nothing had changed. I wanted to get laid. There are a lot of good things about being in a steady relationship, and Mark knew he would have someone to wake up with. I didn’t.

I had picked up in nightclubs before, but years of trying had taught me the sad truth that it was not as simple as it was meant to be. This was just a few years since the word AIDS had entered the language, and the old days of rampant casual fucking were receding into history. As a young lawyer with a good body and nice smile, I did okay, but it wasn’t like it had been.

As Mark wandered off into the night I decided I would see out the night doing my best. It is always easier to score when you are with a mate, because finding hot girls out at night all on their lonesome was just not that easy. Since Mark had Sally at home in bed waiting for him, I was just gonna have to go on the prowl and see what kinda luck I might find waiting.

It was so late they weren’t even charging a cover, so I walked in and headed for the bar. This was a kinda young club for me, so the odds were against me finding anyone looking for a suit. There are plenty of hot young babes who liked guys like me, but I am a realist. Statistically, it was only maybe one in ten 18 year olds who had the sense to see the attraction of experience.

I wasn’t drunk, but I was happy. With a beer in my hand I did the rounds of the club. There weren’t too many obvious targets for my attention. I wandered around, trying to see into the dark corners, watching the sweeties do their stuff on the dance floor. Since I had come straight from work, suit and tie, I guess I had the look of a player. Not the right look here.

I was gonna give it up and go get some sleep when I saw a girl standing by herself up on the balcony. She was moving to the music, but she was looking around, obviously alone, at least for the moment. I knew from experience the truth of that old maxim, “He who hesitates…” I had been rejected many, many times. But then again, once in a while I got lucky.

I went straight up the stairs. I was expecting some guy to be by her side by the time I got there, but no. As I got up to the balcony I saw the object of my desire was still alone, moving to the music, a longneck in her hand. I have always found that girls who drink beer are easier to get along with, not sure why. She looked self-contained, disinterested, daunting.

“Hi! I’m Bobbie.”

“Oh hi. I’m Helen.”

She was gorgeous. 5’6” or so, I guessed. She wasn’t dressed up, just in jeans and a shirt, sensible shoes. Helen had a runner’s body, slim and toned, and she was moving with an easy rhythm to the music. With long brown hair in a loose ponytail she looked relaxed. Her face was classic, even features and not a skerrick of makeup. Helen was positively wholesome.

“Not dancing?”

“No one to dance with. My girlfriend went home. I was just going myself.”

The music was loud and we had to get close to make ourselves heard. Helen was friendly, relaxed, confident. She was smiling. Not drunk, just happy like me. The track was finishing and I realised that I was gonna have to be quick if I wanted this to go anywhere. Helen took another swig of beer and I could see she had almost finished the bottle.

“Well I’m here now.” I yelled in her ear then leaned back with a big grin on my face.

Helen smiled back, and gave me a bit of a look. Then I got lucky and the DJ did me a favour. “Cool for Cats” by UK Squeeze started up, one of my alltime favourites, and the boppie opening bars got me moving. Almost as a joke Helen started to bop a little herself where she was standing and we were looking at each other now, bopping.

“Hey this is my favourite track!” I yelled, “Come and have a dance!”

She was dancing already, we both were, so I guess it was a “fait accompli”. Helen nodded and I took her hand and led her down the stairs, almost skipping down so she had to rush to keep up. We put our beers on a random table and walked out into the little crowd on the floor and into it. I am really into dancing, like anyone who loves sex, at it works.

Helen could really move. There was a lot more light on the dance floor and I could see now that although she was slim, her ass was round and tight and she had nice firm tits, a perfect 34C I estimated. We hit it. She looked a little older than the other students who seemed to populate the place. Since I was out there in a suit and tie, I certainly did.

She moved. casino oyna When she turned away from me I could see her pert little ass moving, her jeans tight enough to show me the perfect curves, and when she was looking at me, I could tell she was enjoying what she was seeing too. I am not the best looking guy on earth, but I have always been happy with what I think of as my rugged masculine good looks.

By this time in my life I had figured out the kind of girl who would go for me. She was intelligent, thoughtful and most important, the kind of girl who was attracted to me had a strong relationship with her father. I knew by now that I had a real sweet tooth for younger women, 18 or 19, and the kind of girls who liked me were always “Daddy’s little girl”.

I was in luck with Helen and I could feel it. The next track came on and it was danceable, so we kept on bopping. She obviously loved to dance as much as I did, and she had a real sense of rhythm, and soon we were getting closer, and we both started to let our bodies do the talking. My cock was getting hard and I knew once in a while she could feel it on her ass.

A typical DJ, this guy was incapable of playing three good tracks in a row, so when the next track came on we shrugged to each other and went back to our warm beers. Helen had a healthy glow about her, she had obviously really enjoyed the chance to have a bop, and it was pretty clear that we were attracted to each other. Now how to handle this situation?

“Want another beer?”

“Nah, no thanks. I’m driving. I really better get going soon.” Sensible girl….

“You’re leaving already?”

“Yeah, sorry, but I was about to go when you showed up. I need sleep.”

“Well, what way are you headed?” I had to keep it going if I could.

She told me where she lived and, (thank God!) that would take her past my place. I gave her my most reassuring smile and told her I didn’t have my car and with proper hesitation asked her for a lift. She looked at me, Helen has some great looks, and I could tell she was doing the computations on whether or not I was a likely rapist… I passed the test.

“Sure, okay. Well let’s get going.”

Helen was no girlie, she didn’t have a handbag, just a wallet in her back pocket and her keys. I really like sensible women, so this impressed me greatly. I let her lead the way out of the club and enjoyed myself walking behind her, watching that great ass, mentally translating what I could see into a full picture of what was now hidden from view.

As we walked back the carpark we chatted, finally able to hear each other. She was a vet – which explained a lot. She had grown up and trained in another city and she had been living in this town for just over a year. She was almost like a country girl in her straightforward attitude, but she was obviously very smart and very sure of herself.

Helen had a sensible little car and I enjoyed being able to watch her more intently while she was driving. She could obviously tell I was looking at her, it made her smile. Despite the obvious sexual heat that was building we talked about universities and different towns. Being a vet in those days seemed to be a very good lurk, but it kept her busy, lots of hours.

I gave her directions. I was living in the city then so it wasn’t a long trip. We had managed to make each other laugh by the time we got to my little house but in the back of my mind I was trying to decide if I should make a move or not. Helen was obviously worth a bit of effort, and I knew that first impressions were always the most important with women.

Along the way I was amazed to find out she was 26. I scored points big points.

“Twenty Six! I would have said 21.”

“How could I have done five years at university and be in my second year of practice and still be 21?” She was almost mocking in her tone. “But thanks for the compliment.”

“Your very welcome.”

This changed a few of my ideas about the girl. I had been thinking of her as a sweet young thing that might want to play. At 26 she would know how to handle herself, and she was probably as attracted to my suit and my job as much as she was to my rugged good looks and great moves on the dance floor. I started to think maybe she would be too sensible.

Then the moment arrived as I directed her into the quiet little side street where I lived. It was after 4am now, the sun would be up soon, and I was thinking my night was going to end all alone with an inspired wank to get me off to sleep. But fortune favours the brave, so as we pulled into the curb I decided I would give it a shot. She could only say “No”.

“Wow, thanks for the lift.”

“My pleasure. Don’t want you wandering the streets.”

“Well you saved me cab fare. Would you like a coffee before you make that trip home.”

“Well, I shouldn’t. And I feel okay.”

“But you have had a few drinks, and it’s a bit of a drive. Coffee would be sensible idea.”

That was a masterstroke. I guess the word “sensible” was slot oyna just in my head, and it seemed to strike a chord. I really have to admit that I have no idea why any girl would be attracted to me. I have a good idea of where I fall on the scale of sexy, and I know from experience that I am attractive, but deep down I always surprised when a girl responds to my charms.

And of course, I wasn’t to know what was happening in Helen’s mind. One of the great things about life is when you just get lucky, and Helen was at a point in her life that I had no way of predicting. She was thinking in the few moments before she answered, and in that few moments she had made a lot of decisions that were going to make me very happy.

“Well okay,” she said, “that sounds good actually.”

I guess the huge smile that spread across my face made my thoughts too, too obvious, but it was a winning smile and she smiled back. I jumped out of the car and ran around to open her door. Sensible Helen met me halfway. I took her hand and led her up to my front door, opened it up and took her inside, again letting her take the lead so I got the best view.

I hit the lights and Helen walked down the hallway, peeking into the two bedrooms as she passed them, and then walking into the living room, the whole time looking around at the artworks on my wall, the mounted posters from the plays I had been in or produced, and all the personal stuff I put out to make this place my home. She seemed to like it.

“How do you have your coffee?”

“Just black.”

“Great – a real coffee drinker. Just give me a second. Put some music on if you like.”

I took off my coat and went into the kitchen. I am a serious coffee drinker and if she liked black coffee that told me something about her I liked. I put the kettle on and got the plunger and coffee and mugs out on the bench. Then I heard record player coming on and one of my favourite classical pieces, Beethoven’s Pastorale, started low and soft. Good choice!

The water boiled and I made the coffee, taking the plunger and mugs back into the living room. Helen was looking at the poster for a play I had produced in the Fringe Festival the year before. I have to say that ever since I had started doing theatre in high school, there had been no better activity I had found for getting sweet young girls to come play with me.

“Were you in this? I saw this last year.”

“Well I produced it. I didn’t have time to actually act in it.”

“It was great.”

I sat down on the long low couch – a couch is not a couch unless you can comfortably lie down full length with room to spare, and a nice low couch makes getting up a little struggle and falling onto the rug on the floor that much easier. When you live a life more or less devoted to fucking as many pretty girls as you can, you learn these little things.

Helen came over and sat beside me. There was nowhere else to sit. When she sat down I turned towards her and she was looking at me. Slowly I leaned over to her. She watched me, not moving, and as my face moved closer I could see in her face that she was waiting for me. I parted my lips and she closed her eyes just before they touched hers.

I love kissing. To me it is such a close physical metaphor for fucking that sometimes I think a kiss can be much more intimate than a fuck. By now my appreciation for the wild side had taken me to parties where I had fucked girls in every hole before I knew their name, but there had been times when I knew that a kiss was more than the girl had ever done before.

As my lips touched hers I felt Helen part her lips, a small act of submission, but it sent a wave of lust through my body and the kiss become passionate. I put my hand behind Helen’s head to take some control and pushed my tongue deep into her mouth. She responded and started to roll her tongue around mine as I thrust it again and again into her throat.

It is probably not the most likely method of success, but I have always like to really go for it with a girl once she had started to open up. I had learned that girls love to fuck as much as guys a long time before, and now I understood that sometimes girls seriously wanted to fuck and all they needed was a start. I loved the passion of a mad hot fuck.

Helen felt totally horny, so as I pushed her back on the couch my free hand went straight between her legs. She was wearing jeans so there wasn’t much I could do, but that can be a good thing, girls feel more relaxed in jeans. The only important thing when you put your hand between a girls thighs is if she closes them together or obligingly spreads them apart.

Helen was horny, and as she moved her legs a little apart my fingers started to work on that thick seam of her jeans, with just the thickness of two layers of cotton between my probing fingers and her sweet clit. She was horny alright, her crotch was hot and moist and now I pushed my hand between her legs and cupped the whole of her cunt in my hand, squeezing.

I could feel her gently canlı casino siteleri thrusting against my hand. I broke off the kiss and kissed down her chin to her neck, then buried my face in her hair and started to kiss and tongue my way down her neck, still squeezing her crotch and feeling her pushing back. Her thin summer shirt had buttons down the front I had to deal with. The first time it is all about keeping momentum.

I took my mouth back up to hers and kissed her again, even more passionately. My hand came up from between her legs and as I explored her mouth with my tongue my fingers deftly flicked each button of her shirt undone down to the waist and then my hand slid inside and her breast. Sporty Helen was wearing a sports bra and the stretch material was no barrier.

I pushed the bra down and took her breast in my hand and started to squeeze her hard brown nipple between my thumb and finger. Helen was breathing hard and now she moaned, even with my tongue deep in her throat. I let my hand move up to her shoulder to push shirt and bra off and when they were gone I took my mouth from hers and planted it around her nipple.

My hand was back between her legs, but now with two fingers pushing hard on where I could feel she was most hot and wet. If her jeans weren’t there those two fingers would have been tickling her cervix by now. I sucked hard on her tit and flicked her nipple with my tongue. Now she was leaning back and one of her hands was stroking my head as I mauled her.

Again I brought my mouth up to hers. Her lips were parted, wanting to feel the penetration of my tongue into her body. As I kissed her deep and hard I put my arm around her shoulder and leaned backward onto the couch, bringing her with me, on top of me, my mouth locked on hers and my fingers still rubbing into her wet muff through her jeans.

My hand wandered to the zipper of her and thrusting my tongue deep into her throat as a little distraction I pulled the zip right down. With a flick of my wrist the metal button in the waistband was popped and my hand went down under her panties, my fingertips pushing through her soft bush to find her clit. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm there, there it was.

In one movement I pulled out from underneath her so she was laying on her side and at the same time I pushed my fingers down between her legs and the two middle fingers slid down her hot wet cunt lips and slipped straight into her cunt. How can I describe the amazing sensation that rushed through me and I felt her tight wet cunt give a little squeeze.

Without breaking the kiss sensible Helen’s hand was on mine, taking hold, pulling it away from the hot honeypot of her desire. Instead of backing off I took hold of her hand and guided it over to where my thick cock was a hot bulge in my trousers. A summerweight suit, I knew she could feel the shape of my cock and I pushed against her hand held in mine.

Helen was horny! Without any hesitation she gripped my cock and started to pump it. I let go of her hand and roughly shoved my hand back down her panties. Giving up to it now Helen spread her knees wide apart and my hand slide down over her deliciously hot cunt. I love fingering hot wet cunt. Every penetration is an imitation of every other penetration.

Helen was so slick and lubed, so hot and open I pushed three fingers deep up into her amazing cunt right up to the knuckle. My God Helen’s cunt was absolutely amazing. It is always such a major thrill for me getting into a girl’s cunt for the first time, and I guess it is a weak cliche but I had come to think of myself as a connoisseur of cunt and Helen was something special.

Taut and athletic, Helen’s cunt was like an open mouth, the rim was tight but inside I could run my fingertips along each rib of soft flesh. As I explored and stretched the tight rim Helen’s took hold of my hand, pulling my fingers into her cunt while she pushed down hard with all her body. She was moaning, and deep panting moan, fucking onto my fingers.

I broke our kiss so she could breath and took her hard nipple in my mouth and suckled like a hungry baby, sucking deep while I felt the rhythm of her thrusts onto my probing fingers. Her moan increased and the urgency of her hips ended with her pushing down hard while I felt the deep hard spasms ripple through her tantalising quim. Her orgasm peaked.

I felt her body relaxing and then she was pulling my fingers out of the golden honeypot of her cunt. I lifted my head and her eyes were open, her eyes a picture of arousal. Her hand came away from mine and I just let one fingertip linger on her clit, rolling it around. Helen closed her eyes and moaned a little. Her chest was heaving, her clothes in disarray.

“Was that good?”

“Mmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmm. Yes. But we have to stop.” Her voice quavered.

“Don’t you want more?”

“I can’t do this. I shouldn’t be doing this. I have to stop.”

Horny Helen was back to sensible Helen. My cock was still bulging out of my pants but she was displaying no interest, rearranging her bra and top and sitting up at the end of the couch. It looked like I wasn’t getting any tonight. The hormones coursing through my body had me still breathing hard, wondering what I had done wrong, my cock aching for some release.

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