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I misunderstand things. Maybe I am hard of hearing. Too many rock concerts. But I am get along with everyone because I am an Optometrist…Oops. An Optimist!

I see the grass as half full.

I constantly misunderstand my beautiful co-worker Lucia, who is Italian. She pronounces the “c” in her name like a “ch.” She has a cute giggle and is very kind, so I don’t mind.

I once misunderstood a nice Japanese co-worker Keiko who asked about origami. I thought she was asking me about orgasms. This resulted big laughs at my expense, but nobody really gets angry in my office. My boss Joe encourages a good altitude and cooperative personality to improve customer service.

I’m just 25 and I’ve never been to Europe, but I want to travel the world, but I am truly embarrassed to be a dumb American.

I always get very nervous around Lucia, because she is so sexy and well-dressed. She is always so kind to me and compliments me on clothing or doing a good job. Lucia is only 2 years older, but she is so much more confident. She is a real woman.

“Lucia, you are back from your 2 week vocation. We missed you!” I gushed, thinking how glamorous she was looking like a movie star.

“Ginny, good morning. I just come back from Nipples,” she said with her exotic accent.

“Nipples?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, Napoli, we say in our language. You know-my country. Nipples is where I grew up!”

“Do you mean like …breasts?” trying to clarify.

“Breasts? Well they have topless beaches at the Costa d’ Amalfi,” she explained.

“Topless bitches?” I inquired, even more confused by her accent. “Oh they don’t sound very nice.”

“Oh I always pronounce it funny, Ginny. I am very sorry.” “Beaches,” she strained to say.

“OH, I am sorry too. I grew up on near Tampax, Florida.” I explained. “We had great beaches too.”

“Tampax!!?” She asked “You must be making a joke.”

“Yeah, we clown around. You know it is Tampa/ St. Pete on the coast of the Golf of New Mexico.”

“Golf…like Tiger Woods?” she asked puzzled.

“No, there aren’t many woods on the beaches there,” I answered thinking that we were not communicating very well. But she is my good friend and it was fun to talk to her, like we were flirting. “Now, go on about your vacation. I interrupted you.”

“Oh, you mean the Gulf of Mexico.” Lucia said emphatically. We were both struggling to overcome the language gap.

“Yeah, exactly …Golf of New Mexico.” I answered. I hope she doesn’t think I am stupid.

“Well, these are excellent bitches, with the Mediterranean Sea, and soft sand, and especially all the girls in their sexy bikinis. All the men are so horny. Everyone loves Italian women. They are so pretty and the best lovers in the world. We all watch the beautiful people on the bitch. And the lucky ones find a lover.”

“Do they have lesbians, Lucia?”

“Lisbon is in Portugal!” she answered.

“Are you saying that you have women lovers, Lucia? What does your husband think?”

“Ginny, you make me laugh. I think my husband would be very curious. He is a nasty man, but that is his charm.”

“So all Italian women go topless? No bikinis? I would be very shy to go topless,” I confessed.

“You were born naked, and they only reason that you wear clothes is to stay warm or prevent men from attacking. You can come to my pool and we can go topless,” she purred. “My backyard is very secluded and the neighbors can’t see anything.”

“Well, I could come over this Saturday,” thinking I was being seduced by this exotic lady. I’d never thought about lesbian sex with my friends, but she was so…utterly sexy!

“Ok, Ginny, come over for lunch and bring a bikini,” she confirmed happily.

Wow, could I really allow my self to try this? Was her husband going to be there? Maybe she thought I was vulnerable since I broke up with my boyfriend.

I do fantasize about taking a wonderful vacation. I wish I had the money to go. Italian people are very sensual. Lucia is always talking about “making love.”

She said “Eating well is like making love. It is nutrition for the soul!”

“I wish I could find somebody to relax all day, eating and making love. How romantic!” I replied.

“You should go to Europe, Ginny. You know that word “romantic” comes from the city Roma.”

“Do you mean Aroma, like perfume?” I asked thickly, thinking about her feminine smells. I smelled her perfume and maybe something else. I was really convinced that she was sexually attracted to me.

“It is the capital of Italy. And yes it has perfume and lovely men and women. It is the city of love.”

I was captured by casino oyna the image of that city filled with the aroma of people who had just made love. It sounds like my kind of orgy.

Lucia always touches me on the arm, and plays with her hair, twirling it in her fingers. She also laughs at every thing I say. I always chuckle with her.

I wonder what kind of underwear she has on. And then I imagine what kind of bikini she has. I bet she shaves her pussy hair. Am I over-obsessing on this? I wish I could turn my brain off sometimes. I have so many random thoughts that just trickle out of one suggestive idea. I didn’t get much work today thinking about having sex with a woman.

I’ve always fallen in love with people just for small things they do for me, or things they say. And I fall out of love too. I worry too much, and over analyze. I read things into every action, every look, or every word.

I asked Keiko if she ever went to Lucia’s house. As usual, Keiko only laughed. Maybe she had sex with her. I must admit that I’ve never seen Keiko with a man, and she doesn’t wear a wedding ring. Gay people are such a mystery. Bisexuality is twice as interesting.

I didn’t get much work today thinking about Keiko and Lucia having sex with each other. I was really becoming fascinated with the idea of having sex with another woman.

All week long Lucia raised my lever of expectations. “Oh, Ginny, we are gonna have so much fun tomorrow. You wanna get drunk?”

“Yes, but not so much that I drive drunk,” I warned. “I don’t want to get a bad repudiation.”

“You mean reputation?”

“Oh, you’re right. I keep doing that,” I muttered awkwardly, embarrassed that the Italian woman was correcting my English.

I confirmed her address and cell phone number, and agreed to see her at noon.

I shaved everything and put a daring thong and bra. I matched them with very high heels and a cute summer dress. I found my expensive-looking Italian sunglasses made in China.

I parked in her large circular driveway. Her front yard and house was beautiful. All the windows were open, allowing loud classical music to be heard as I rang the doorbell.

As an American, I showed up exactly on time which meant that she was not ready. She opened the front door, looking nervous. “Dios mio! You came so early, Ginny. You see I am not dressed.”

All she had on was a short bath robe. Her fat rump was so sexy and full. Her cleavage spilled out invitingly. Although she had no make-up, she was still pretty. She looked younger with her face natural.

“I need a minute, please come into the kitchen and open the vino. You can have cheeps and carciofo,” she said nervously. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I strutted my stuff to the kitchen, hoping that she was watching.

She came out a moment later wearing a ridiculously revealing bathing suit. “Darling, it is so wonderful to have you here! Let’s drink some wine!” She came over to me for a movie star hug with kisses on both cheeks. I got dizzy leaning over from my high heels and fell into her. We laughed at my clumsiness.

“Do you like the house, baby?” she asked, suggestive already, calling me baby.

“Yes it is very nice. And your kitchen is lovely,” I replied while I poured two big glasses of red wine.

“Thank you. I have Parma ham and meloni after you finish the cheeps with artichoke dip. Let’s take these plates out to the pool,” Lucia said while putting on her sunglasses.

As we walked out I saw towels and lounge chairs arranged. I could still here the music wafting behind us. She lay down on her lounge chair and said, “I think the water is cold, so let’s take a little sun to warm up first.”

I offered to put tanning lotion on her back, and slid beside her. I undid the string bikini and poured the liquid into my hands to warm it. Starting on her shoulders I spread the lotion slowly and sensuously.

I let myself daydream, but I didn’t have the nerve to try anything risky. I started imaging rubbing her nipples, which made my own also harden.

She made some soft cooing noise. Then I got more lotion and ran my fingers down the side of her ribs. I leaned my hip into hers, trying to increase the intimate contact. I took a large glug of wine.

“I am very frustrated,” she confided. “since Sebastian is travelling. And even if he didn’t leave me alone, he suffers from Erectile Dysfunctiona.”

“Reptile what?” I asked. I momentarily looked up at the nearby fences. Feeling secure I reached up and loosened my own bikini top. “Now I am topless too, Lucia! I feel so naughty.”

She turned over to look at me and my body. She reached over to get slot oyna some honeydew melon to feed me with her fingers. “Your hands are oily, so it is better that I feed you some meloni,” she said as I slurped the juicy fruit from her fingers.

I was feeling lusty and pulled at one nipple. Then I put one hand on her leg.

“You are right Lucia; this is going to be a wonderful day,” I told her. “And I think I need an Italian lover, too.”

“Ok, Ginny, we are going to find you a man,” she responded.

What?!! Was she not seducing me? Was this rejection? Did I misunderstand?

“Lucia, I can’t wait for ever. I am horny now,” I confessed smiling, implying so much.

“Ginny, that sounds painful,” she said sweetly. “I don’t think I can help you.”

“Maybe you are horny too,” I said.

She raised her eyebrow confused. “Uggh, Ginny…are you gay?” Lucia asked me, looking angry. “I think you don’t understood why I invited you.”

“Well I thought…” I mumbled feeling crushed.

“Oh, no… you got the wrong impression!” said Lucia angrily. “I am catholic.”

“But you were seducing me.” I complained. I was thinking about how many gay Catholics there must be. “You talk about your home Nipples. You ask me to go topless and eat your melons… and take an Italian lover. What was I supposed to think?”

With an irritated expression, she stood up very rapidly and her chair tipped over. This Italian beauty fell into me in an accidental embrace. Splash!

We stumbled clinging together for a few steps and splashed violently into the deep end of the pool. It must have been 8 feet deep.

I was struggling to tread water and feeling a little panic. “I can’t swim!” I said before taking a mouthful of water.

Suddenly, she realized that my life was in danger, and she needed to save me.

Lucia floated behind me and cradled her arm around my tits. She pulled my body, swimming strongly towards the shallow end. I was coughing violently, but was feeling relief that I wasn’t going to drown.

It must have been difficult to drag me coughing and flailing. I could tell that it was hard work for Lucia to swim for two people, and she was slowing down and becoming breathless.

She swam very well, and I suddenly felt safe in her hands. Finally we could reach the bottom of the pool and stood closely facing each other. Soon, I felt my lung power recovering.

I looked into her eyes as she caught her breath. I moved in at the opportunity and pressed my lips against her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. I kissed her on the mouth passionately.

At first, she did not respond. But she didn’t pull away either. She wrestled with the moment in terms of leading me on, and saving my life and enjoying the kiss.

Soon I could feel her face muscles move and lips open. I softly slid my tongue near her lips. She kissed back, and I loved it. Her anger melted as she accepted my kiss. We stayed there making out like teenagers for 10 minutes, while we caressed each other’s back and ribs.

She broke the kiss and finally spoke, “This is hard for me Ginny. You must realize that along time ago when I was in school I had a crush on a girl from school. We kissed and made love, promising to always stay together. We even played with each others fica. One day I saw her getting on a motor scooter with a young man, and I knew that I was betrayed. I said that I would never betray a lover like that, and now I am worried for my husband. I am not even sure if he is loyal to me, but I wanted to try.”

“So you like girls… and so do I. I like you, and don’t want to force you, but I know this will be beautiful. Maybe you should call your husband on the phone to see where he is right now. If you want to stop kissing me and making love to me, then I will understand.” I said pretending that I could stop at any time. I was hoping that she was pretending, too.

“Yes, ok, I will feel better.” She exited the pool and got her cell phone and dialed. She sputtered Italian while pacing back and forth waving her hands around. While she talked to her husband, Lucia rubbed her nipples several times and played with her hair. I hoped they were not arguing.

“I told Sebastiano we were topless and drunk by the pool, and he told me to have a nice chiavata with you.”

“Oh, what does that mean?” I asked curiously.

“He said I should have a nice fuck with you! But I didn’t explain to him that I was really going to do it,” said Lucia smiling.

“So…does that mean that you are really going to fuck me now?” I asked, holding my breath.

She delayed several seconds rubbing her stomach. “Yes, darling,” she said shyly. “Sebastiano canlı casino siteleri gave me permission. Maybe we should shower and then go to the bedroom. I have not had sexo lesbico in many years. You may get me addicted again.” She kissed me sweetly on the lips.

She took my hand and led me to the outdoor shower. We stripped out of our bikini panties and Lucia washed my ass with soap. She turned me around backwards and pressed her crotch into my butt cheeks. She grabbed my boobs from behind and mashed them slowly, softly turning the nipples. I pressed my ass against her pussy, knowing that she would enjoy the pressure. She pushed back, and I sensed that the pressure on her vagina was giving her immense pleasure.

She bent down behind me and planted kisses on my butt cheeks. Soon her finger tickled my butt hole several times before it wandered to my neck and arms. In spite of my surprise, I was squirming with pleasure with the ass play. I’d never considered anal sex, and was learning that it is all about the touch. Her sensuousness passion got me even hotter. She lathered up on both side and inserted fingers into both my holes, which got me very horny. She pumped me slowly in the ass with her soapy finger.

I felt very warm inside as I became more aroused. My knees were getting week, and I decided to stop her there, rushing to soap her up and progress to her bed. I shut off the water and took her hand to go to her bedroom.

As we walked, I whispered, “You seem very experienced Lucia. I’ve never been with a woman before, but I’ve know for a long time that I wanted to try. I think that you are so pretty.”

“I also think you are pretty, molto bella!” Lucia said.

“I am molten lava! This is so hot!” I answered. “Lucia…Sit on your bed and spread your legs. I want to experiment with eating pussy.”

“You get me excited when you talk vulgar, Ginny.”

She opened her legs and I explored her hairy fajita. I softly flicked at the rubbery lips. I was worried about getting a public hair in my mouth.

The taste of her pussy was fresh and clean. The deeper I licked the more she responded with slick goo. It was time to finger her.

I probed two middle fingers into her, like I was holding a bowling ball. I pumped her steadily trying to match what I enjoyed in sexual encounters. “Oaah!” she moaned. “Faster Amore!” I think she wanted more.

She made interesting faces, when I sucked her naples and played with her pussy. She was obviously incredibly turned on. She was trashing on the bed, grinding her ass and stomach everywhere I wanted to give her multiple origami.

I took my free hand and stimulated her Clint. Soon she started screaming in her language, “Dios Mio! AAiiy, Che delicia! Orggh! Puta!” Lucia was cumming on my hand. Wow what a passionate woman!

I snuck a taste of her womanly cream. It was a very interesting taste, not as thick as sperm.

“You have awakened the animal within me. Now be prepared for beautiful oral sex,” she boasted. She planted her beautiful face in my pussy.

“Wow, Lucia. This is incredible! OOoohh!” I moaned. “Oh, just like that.”

She licked in big wet circles. She inserted one finger in my pussy and sucked my Clint. I began to buck like a Bronco, knowing that I would cum soon.

Every time I got close, she would back off keeping me on the edge. Five times she brought me so close only to slow down. The last time she slapped my ass several times, before diving back into my pussy and sucking so hard.

“Eeuunnnh! Aiy!! OOOooohhhh!” My head almost went Pop! Oh that was so strong! “Lucia, you are such a good lover! That was fantastic.”

We lay there cuddling for a few minutes, our faces and legs smeared in female juices.

Soon I was surprised to hear her phone ring. She answered in Italian. “Si Mi Amore! Claro.” And then she turned to me and handed me the phone. “He wants to talk to you.”

“He wants to talk to me?” I asked skeptically.

“Yes, it is my husband,” she explained.

Sebastiano had a loud brash voice. “So this is Ginny, right? You are in bed with my wife making love to her?”

“Yes, I am sorry. I thought you had said that it is ok?” I answered frightened.

“Don’t worry. I want you to come over anytime my wife is left alone on a business trip,” Sebastiano told me. “She always told me that she missed sex since she was in boarding school. I never wanted to hold her back. I would rather she have you than take a man to be her lover.”

“Well, I am happy you feel that way. Your wife is very lovely,” feeling less nervous now.

“Well, Ginny thanks for entertaining her. She was becoming obsessed with finding a lesbian friend. I am returning in two days, but I have another trip very soon,” replied Sebastiano. “Ok, let me speak with my wife now.”

So they chattered in Italian, while she played with my breast, and kissed my check.

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