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I had sex with my next door neighbor. I’m not sure if this was a bad move or not as, since then, both she and her husband have been fucking my wife.

Our neighbors, Cy and Herb, are our age. They had moved in a couple of years ago, after their children had left home. She was a big woman and had put on some weight in recent years. My wife got on well with her, but I found her not too easy to talk to, as though she wasn’t really interested in being friendly with me, only with my wife. She clearly was the dominant person in her marriage and tended to dominate any meeting or talk. Her husband, I thought, was a bit of a dick, not realizing that he would soon be getting his dick into my wife.

They had some work done on their house as soon as they had moved in, including a new deck complete with spa pool. A window in one of the spare bedrooms of our house overlooked their deck, something that they didn’t like. Their spa was screened for privacy, except that if you stood on our bed you could see over the screen, which is what I had done, once, late one evening. My wife was occupied watching her favorite TV show and I had wandered into the bedroom by chance for something. The neighbors’ deck was in darkness, but I could see that there were lights from candles around the pool and, being curious, stood on the bed to see. Cy was in the pool, leaning naked over the side being fucked doggy style, her large tits bouncing in time to the cock thrusting into her. It wasn’t her husband fucking her; I could see him sitting in the pool watching as his wife was being serviced by some other man. I could tell the moment when the guy came, pumping his load into Cy who was obviously enjoying every second. Once he had finished, the two of them sank back into the water of their spa.

Some months later I had a day off work. My wife had gone out for the day and I knew Herb was out at work. It was late morning and I had stood in the spare bedroom idly looking out of the window at nothing in particular. I noticed that Cy was out on her deck wearing a bathrobe, standing with a glass of something in one hand while holding her phone with the other while she talked. She finished the conversation and didn’t look all that pleased. She looked up and saw me at the window. She gave a flick with her hand at me in irritation. Her robe can’t have been done up properly because it flew open revealing that she was naked underneath. I had a good look at her tits and the thatch of hair at her crotch. She hurriedly pulled her robe together. I laughed and blew her a kiss. She gave me the middle finger. I formed a circle with two fingers of one hand and mimicked the universal sign for fucking with my extended middle finder of the other hand. She stormed off inside and a few minutes later my phone rang.

She was quite angry. She knew my wife was out and she told me what she thought of me, calling me some names. I could have responded in kind, but I just said that I’d liked what I’d seen. She called me a peeping Tom. I said that a cat could look at a queen and dream.

“Dream on,” she had responded.

She told me that I wasn’t a big enough man for her. I said that I was big enough where it counted. Her attitude began to change. I found out later that she had been fucked that morning by Herb who had been in a hurry, had cum too quickly and she was unsatisfied and still horny. The glass had contained a strong drink which was removing her inhibitions. Even so she was still angry with me, and bluntly told me that she didn’t think that I would have what she would call a big cock. I replied that there was only one way to find out. I think that she was calling my bluff when she told me to come down and show her; if it wasn’t big enough she would throw me out. I’m sure at the point she expected to tell me to get lost in order to get her own back at me for seeing her robe fly open. I’m slim and less than average height so she was heavier and bigger than me and probably assumed my cock was small relative to her needs.

I went round to her house, going round the back to her deck. She was inside the house sitting on her sofa overlooking her deck, sipping another drink which by now was going to her head. She told me to show her what I’d got, so I undid my belt and pulled my cock out. It quickly went erect and stood up, straight and hard. I do have a good sized cock when it is erect – not too large but I’ve been told its bigger than average.

“Mmmm. That’s not bad,” she had said. Before she could say anything more I went over to her and slid my hand inside her robe to feel her tit and hold her nipple. I rolled it between my fingers, making it enlarge and go hard. She reached out and took hold of my cock, squeezing it and playing with it. I bent over her and kissed casino oyna her, pushing my tongue into her open mouth. I dropped my pants and stood out of them, then opened her robe. She leaned back and opened her legs wide.

“Go down on me,” she said, “you will have to lick my clit first if you want to fuck me.” I knelt between her legs and put my head down so my tongue could find her clit. She gasped with pleasure and held my head firmly against herself, her crotch thrusting upwards into my face. I licked her until I was sure that she would let me fuck her. I stood up and pulled her legs towards me so that she was lying flat on the sofa. I stood over her and slid my cock into her wet, warm pussy.

“Oh your cock feels so good in my cunt. Fuck me slow and hard,” she said. Maybe it was the way I was standing over her and fucking her, but I was able to take it slowly and make it last. The shaft of my cock with its long slow strokes would have been rubbing against her clit. I brought her to a climax and she had an orgasm, crying out in ecstasy. Her body moved and bucked beneath me, making me thrust in and out faster until her pussy muscles made me cum. I shot my cum deep into her pussy, crying out with each spurt into her. When I was drained I pulled my limp cock out and sat on the sofa next to her. She looked at my cock.

“It doesn’t look all that big now,” she said.

“You enjoyed it when it was big,” I replied “if you wait an hour I will be able to get it hard again, stiff enough to go back into you.”

“Haven’t I had all your cum already?” she asked.

“Once I get my cock into your pussy, I will fuck you for a couple of hours, and only after then will I cum again,” I told her.

“Mmmm, I can’t wait,” she replied.

She took me into her bedroom and brought a coffee, saying that hard liquor resulted in a soft cock. As we sipped the coffee we talked about sex and what we both liked. It turned out that we both liked the same things, not too difficult as I like all forms of sex. She liked sex with women, and I gathered that she liked being on top doing the other woman hard. She had been playing with my limp cock as we chatted and my cock responded much sooner than the hour I’d said. Now she started stroking it hard to get it erect. Once it was, even if still a little rubbery, I mounted her and slid it into her wet pussy. Then I began fucking her, thrusting my cock in and out fast so that very soon it was as hard as ever. For the next two hours we fucked our brains out, changing positions from missionary to doggy to her riding and back again until finally I could hold out no longer and came, spurting into her for a second time.

The next day I took a long lunch break from work and went to see her, as both her husband and my wife were out again. We went straight to her bedroom, stripped, got into bed and were soon kissing and feeling each other. She liked me stroking her pussy, and I slid my finger into it and rubbed her clit. She held my cock which was big, hard and throbbing, wanting to fuck. Even though she had emptied my balls the day before, they still felt full now and I needed relief. Before I could mount her she turned to me and said,

“Herb wants to fuck your wife. He thinks it’s only right as you are fucking me.” I looked at her, startled.

“Did you tell him what we did yesterday?” I asked.

“Yes, of course. He doesn’t mind so long as he gets some whenever he wants. And he really would like to fuck your wife. I’d like to do her as well. You could watch us. Why don’t you ask her and arrange a foursome?”

“I don’t think she would agree if I asked her,” I said.

“You wouldn’t mind if we fucked her, would you? Wouldn’t you like to watch her getting it?” She was squeezing and stroking my cock while she asked. All I could think about was getting it into her pussy.

“No, I wouldn’t mind at all and yes, I would like to watch you with her,” I replied. What else could I say? I was wanting her so badly.

“But I don’t think she has had sex with anyone else but me since we were married,” I continued. “She had had sex before she met me, of course and she still likes it. I don’t know if she would be in to having it with another woman.”

“Well, we will have to seduce her. I’m sure deep down she would like another cock again besides yours and she would love to have sex with me. She likes a glass of wine, doesn’t she? We will get her to have more than one, and then persuade her to let us pull her panties off and for her to open her legs for us. When do you expect to fuck her next?”

“This weekend, I hope”, I replied.

She continued to stroke my cock, driving me wild, while she told me what to do and say to my wife. She told me that before fucking her I slot oyna should suck my wife’s nipples – I do that anyway – then tell her what gorgeous tits she has and how there would be plenty of men wanting to suck them. She would probably reply that she only wanted me, and I should say that I didn’t mind provided I could always make love with her. Then I shouldn’t say another word on the subject, not mention having a foursome, but get on with fucking her. The thought of another man’s cock would still be with her. Only when I agreed that I would say and do that, did Cy finally let me slide my cock into her pussy and fuck her.

At the weekend when my wife and I were in bed together, I started foreplay with her, stroking her nipples and rubbing her pussy. When she was ready for my cock, I said what Cy had told me to say. Sure enough the conversation went the way she said it would. I didn’t say anything more and my wife rolled onto her back and opened her legs wide for me. I mounted her and as my cock fucked her pussy, I wondered if she was thinking about my cock or that of another man.

Cy rang me during the week to ask if I’d done and said what she had told me to. I said yes, but I wasn’t invited to fuck Cy all that week or the next. Then my wife told me that we had been invited round for afternoon drinks on the Sunday. We went round mid-afternoon. It was a fine, hot day. I’m sure that if it had been poor, rainy weather, Cy would have made an excuse to postpone. The two women had a glass of wine while the men had a beer. The two women had finished their first glass, and they were large glasses, and were onto a second with nothing but general chatter, no hint of sex talk. When the second glass of wine was nearly finished, Cy said that she was hot, that it was a great day for using her spa pool and would we like to try it. If I was to get our swim suits we could change in their spare bedroom. My wife was by then in a very amenable mood from the wine so she said “we would love to.” I was sent to get the suits and towels and by the time I got back their second glass was empty and had been refilled. We all changed and went into the pool. It was pleasant in the warm water and the sun. The pool comfortably held six on three wide seats, with the two women seated side by side on one of them and us two guys opposite them on a seat each.

The women were well onto their third glass and I could tell the alcohol was having its effect on them, especially my wife. Cy’s bikini top looked small on her and she was bulging out of it. Herb had turned on the artificial bubbles which tickled and made everyone laugh and giggle.

“I’ve put on too much weight,” Cy said, “my bikini top is tight. I don’t want tan marks from the straps. You won’t mind if I take it off, will you.” Without waiting for an answer she unhooked her top, letting her ample tits free. She sank back into the water, where the effect of the bubbles concealed her tits from view so that it looked as though she was still being modest.

“Oh, that’s better. I like going topless and the bubbles feel great. Why don’t you try it,” she said turning to my wife, “unless you are too shy that is.”

I think that my wife was shy at that moment but didn’t want to admit it. She took a deep drink of wine then unhooked her bikini top anyway, sinking her shoulders below the water to let the bubbles conceal her nipples. The two women joked about us two men not being able to see anything. Cy stood up to refill the wine glasses even though they were still nearly half filled. Her large tits dangled free and she said that her husband’s eyes would be popping out and probably something else was as well. My wife laughed at this and said something about me popping out of my shorts too.

Then Herb turned the bubble-maker off. Both women’s breasts were clearly visible below the water. Cy turned toward my wife.

“I wish I still had a figure like yours” she said “you have great breasts”.

Then she put her hand on my wife’s tit, cradling it in her hand. My wife gave a gasp of surprise and tried to remove Cy’s hand, although I could see her nipples enlarging and going hard. Cy let go, but took hold of my wife’s face, pulling it towards her. She bent over her to kiss her, pushing her tongue into her mouth. My wife tried to say something but it only came out as “mmm” as Cy’s tongue explored her mouth. Cy’s hand went back to her breast, this time squeezing and rolling the nipple between her fingers in a way that I knew my wife liked having done to her. Cy used her weight to pin my wife against the side of the pool, holding her tight. The warm water, the wine and sexual desire took hold and my wife soon stopped trying to resist. After a minute Cy broke the kiss for a breath, pushed a strand canlı casino siteleri of hair away from my wife’s face, then began kissing again. This time my wife opened her mouth willingly for Cy’s tongue and didn’t protest as her nipple was stroked. Cy’s hand slid down my wife’s body, pushing between her legs to rub her crotch, leaning over and dominating her. Again my wife tried at first to hold Cy’s hand away, but soon gave up and opened her legs wider, surrendering to the sexual pleasure as her pussy was rubbed. Cy slid her hand inside the bikini bottom, her probing finger searching for the clit. She found it and my wife gave a moan of pleasure as Cy rubbed it. Cy then slid her finger inside my wife’s pussy, finger fucking it and preparing her body for sex.

My wife had been seduced. After three or four minutes, Cy stopped kissing her and turned to Herb.

“She’s ready for a good fucking. Pull her bikini bottoms off, get your cock into her and give it to her.”

Herb stood up and pulled his shorts down. His cock was already hard and it sprang up erect. He pulled my wife’s bikini down and off, then spread her legs wide, moving between them. Cy still held her tight holding her in case she should change her mind about being fucked. She pulled her finger out of her pussy, letting Herb slide his stiff cock there. By now my wife was really wanting it and she gave another moan of pleasure as she felt his hot, hard cock enter her. He began fucking her slowly. I watched him as he thrust his cock in and out of her pussy, faster and faster, bringing her to a climax before cumming himself. He gave a grunt with each spurt of his cum as he pumped his load into her. When he pulled his limp cock out of her pussy, Cy slid her finger back in and began kissing again. She finger fucked my wife hard and fast until she had a second orgasm, crying “oh, oh,” in time to each of Cy’s inward thrusts of her finger.

“There, I know you liked that,” Cy said to her tenderly when she had finished. She helped her get out of the pool and dry herself before taking her to the bedroom to get dressed. I was so horny, hoping that it was my turn for sex. Cy came back leaving my wife to finish dressing. She took hold of my cock squeezing it hard.

“Not today,” she said, “fuck her again tonight. She will let you. We will do it some other time.” That night back in our own bedroom, I did indeed fuck her and bring her to another climax. Even though she had had two orgasms that day already, she was more than willing to be fucked again. I started slowly, but she told me to fuck her harder, so I gave it to her as fast and as hard as I could, ramming my cock deep into her when I came. After she had calmed down and I had pulled my limp cock out, she rolled over on to her side and promptly went to sleep.

Cy and my wife became lovers. That following week when both of us men were at work, the two of them got together for sex at least three times that I know about. Over the following months, that became a regular thing. I found out that the two of them often invited Herb to join them, at least every week, as Cy liked to watch him fuck my wife. The two women would strip naked and Cy would kiss and stroke my wife bringing her to the point where all she could think about was something in her pussy. Cy would command my wife to lie on her back and open her legs. She willingly obeyed and Cy would kiss her again while Herb slid his cock into her pussy and begin fucking her. Cy would watch Herb’s cock go in and out of my wife, then hold her tight when Herb came, shooting his load into her. Then Cy would slip two, sometimes three, fingers into her, mixing Herb’s cum and finger fucking her hard, bringing her to a climax and giving her multiple orgasms.

On several weekends we went round to their place for a foursome. We went straight into the bedroom where we all stripped naked and got into the bed together. The two women lay side by side while I fucked Cy and Herb fucked my wife. Cy told me to take it slowly, but Herb fucked my wife hard and fast. He came and we watched as my wife let him shoot his cum into her, the two of them moaning with pleasure. Cy rolled me on to my back, slid my cock back into her pussy and rode me, cowgirl style. Herb pulled his cock out of my wife who sat on my chest kissing Cy. I came, spurting up into Cy’s pussy, with my cum mixed with her love-juice oozing back down the shaft of my cock. Now that we had shot our loads, the two women told us to leave the bedroom while they continued to have hot, passionate sex.

So far it is working out even though Herb is fucking my wife almost as often as I do. At least my wife still wants to have sex with me and likes the feel of my cock in her. They have suggested using the internet to find another woman to join them so that they could do her together. I’m not sure if I will be invited to join them, but they have also suggested inviting another couple so that there could be six of us. I will see what happens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20