Neighbourly Ladies Ch. 01

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This story is set in England, so the words used are English not American. It tells of two ladies finding themselves, so please don’t read it if you don’t like this idea.


When my husband was promoted and we had to move house I knew I would lose most of my close friends. It was a new life and as I was in my late forties it worried me very much. It was made even more difficult as my husband had to travel overseas quite a lot which meant I would be on my own for long periods.

My husband Tom couldn’t see any problems and just shrugged his shoulders and said: “Well Margaret, this is where we live and you just have to make the best of it.”

I felt so alone.

Then I chatted a few times over the garden wall with my next door neighbour who was about my age and seemed to have a lot of time on her hands. It was a godsend. I was so grateful, as she seemed so lovely and homely. She was a bit shorter than me at about 5 foot 4 or so, with a petite but stocky build and greying hair cut short, and that welcoming smile. I thought she looked quite a bit older than me, as my hair remained fair thanks to a little bottle, and I kept it shoulder-length, usually just combed free. Oh, and I’m called Margaret, by the way.

My friendship with Elizabeth seemed to blossom so quickly. When I went into her house, she was always welcoming me with a warm kiss and a hug. Her warmth took me by surprise at first, but soon I was hugging her back, and looking forward to her kissing my lips.

When we visited each other like this we didn’t dress up specially – we would usually be wearing just an old dress or a skirt and jumper. I did notice that Elizabeth’s favourite clothes when she was at home on her own were usually a nice light skirt and a woolly jumper or cardigan. She did seem to like them tight across her chest, and was quite well endowed in that area, though not fat anywhere else. She explained once that ever since she was a child she had always liked the feeling that wool gave her, so nice and soft against her skin. I liked jumpers too as they were easy to wear yet looked nice enough around the house. Often I’d just have an old cardie on over my bra, then just knickers and a skirt, to make it easy for dressing!

Gradually I got more used to her open friendly nature and actually started to look forward to our hugging and kissing when she met me in the hallway. After a couple of weeks she did go a little over the top when she started to let her hand slip down to feel my breasts but here again it was pleasant and I quickly started to enjoy the fondling. It started by accident – or was it – when she tripped and nearly fell, reaching out to hold me and stroking against my breast. Then she somehow just made it feel so natural that when we kissed to say hello she would cup one of my breasts in her open hand. She was very gentle but certainly new how to arouse me, especially when she brushed against my nipples – it just felt so good.

I am not sure quite how it happened but on one afternoon when I went round, just wearing my normal pale blue cardigan and a simple dark blue knitted skirt, I could see that her pink cardigan was unbuttoned rather more than normal. As we drew closer for our hello kiss, I could see the bottom three buttons of the pretty pink v-neck were fastened but the top four buttons were completely undone, leaving her cardie top hanging open. Not only were her breasts clearly visible, mostly out of her bra, but I could see the edge of both her nipples too.

She was a naturally more dominant woman, whereas I have always tended to be sort of timid and submissive. Her forward attitude had shocked me but I think I wanted it deep down. I certainly couldn’t take my eyes of her breasts as she showed off for me.

Then she pulled me closer into a cuddle and ran her hand up the back of my cardie, feeling my bra strap on the way. It felt so nice to be held and wanted, that I just let her hands move where they wanted, and soon she’d slipped a hand behind me under my skirt and was playing with my pantied bum.

It felt so naughty, but I just let her do it, feeling somehow safe in her hands, and very cosy cuddling her soft woolly back as we nuzzled each other’s necks.

I felt amazed and embarrassed, but loved it all the same, when she whispered: “Feel my tits Margaret”. I couldn’t believe my ears.

I felt very daring as I slipped my hand inside her cardie and not only felt casino oyna her breasts but physically lifted them outside her cardigan. Her breasts felt so warm and soft, but her nipples hardened quickly as I stroked over them. She let me carry on playing and stroking for maybe two or three minutes, then she gave me a big kiss on my lips.

“Oh yes!” she smiled at me, “That feels so good to have my breasts played with nicely by a gentle loving girl. Chris just doesn’t know how to get it right – it’s either too rough or too quick! Is your Tom any better?”

“Well,” I replied, “When we’ve got the time he can be quite loving, but too often he just seems to want to get his end away, if you know what I mean, then he goes to sleep leaving me wanting rather more.”

“Well, that’s men for you isn’t it?” she said, stroking her hands right down the back of my cardie and making me quiver. “Would you like me to play with you a little more now, as a special thank you?”

I couldn’t think what to say to start with, but smiled as it seemed a nice idea.

“Well if you’d like to, Elizabeth,” I said, with my hands still cupping her breasts.

“In that case, let’s do it properly, shall we? Why don’t we both take off our bras, then slip our cardies back on again? That way we still look decent and keep warm, but we can play nicely at the same time. Come on into the lounge, and let’s do it!”

So we walked further up their hall to the lounge at the back, where Elizabeth stood in the middle of the room, and facing away from me, slipped off her pink cardie then undid her bra, dropping it to the big armchair before slipping her cardie back on. She’d turned round before I’d even started, leaving her cardigan now hanging open and her full breasts just hanging forward exposed for me, waiting to be stroked.

“Maybe I’d better help you a little!” she smiled. “Just turn around and slip off your cardie for me, and then I’ll undo your bra.”

So I just did as she said, fumbling a little with the buttons in my excitement, but slipping it off and holding the soft wool in my right hand. I felt her fingers at my bra strap, then the sudden release as she opened it. She slipped the straps off my shoulders, and I pulled the bra forwards and let it slip to the chair. It felt so naughty to be topless in her house, even if I was facing away from her, so I quickly pulled by cardie back on again, feeling more secure as I began doing up the buttons.

“Oh don’t button up too fast, Margaret, let me have a good look at you first – come on, turn round and let’s look at each other’s titties!”

I felt I shouldn’t, but it was all so nice at the same time, so why shouldn’t I? I had certainly liked looking at her breasts, which were bigger than mine, with darker nipples. So with only the bottom two buttons of my cardie done up, and my breasts only half hidden by the soft blue wool, I turned around.

“There,” I said, “is that what you wanted to see?” I was surprised by my own forwardness as I put my hands on my hips and let her gaze at my breasts.

“Mmmm, yes it is!” smiled Elizabeth, “and what nice titties you have, Margaret. So much perter than mine, and with those delightful little nipples. Can I stroke you please? Just put your hands behind your head for me.”

So I did as she asked, feeling suddenly more vulnerable as the wool pulled back, completely showing off my breasts to my neighbour. She moved towards me, smiling and holding out her hands. Suddenly there was a magical feeling as she scooped my breasts in her palms, letting her fingers just tingle gently around the sides before squeezing me gently and exploring their shape..

Then I let out as gasp as she brushed over my nipples, both at once.

“Oh, did I catch you, dear?” she asked, looking straight into my eyes but carrying on with her stroking motion.

“No, it was just a surprise, that’s all – my nipples are very sensitive.”

Then I wished I’d not said that, as she moved her finger and thumb around each one. I knew I’d just give in if she kept going like that, as it went straight to my pussy and made me melt. I think she knew too, as that’s just what she did. After a few minutes I was breathing more heavily and feeling so aroused.

“Shall we sit down on the sofa now?” she smiled. “It seems silly to be standing when we could lie back a little. And I don’t think we need to crease our skirts, do we? Let’s leave them on the chair slot oyna with our bras.”

So she let go of my breasts, and just unzipped her skirt, revealing her white ‘old lady’ style knickers, which clung tightly to her ample body. She watched as I unclipped my skirt, then unzipped it too, letting it fall to the floor and carefully putting it on the chair.

I don’t know why I’d put on a thong that day instead of my usual bikini panties, but that’s all I had on – a flesh coloured thong that stretched tightly over my pussy, and from the back revealed my bottom cheeks naked to the world.

“Oh what pretty panties!” smiled Elizabeth, sitting on the sofa, arms outstretched with her cardigan now framing her breasts. “Do give me a twirl, dear!”

So with my cardie still only done up with two buttons, I turned around in front of my neighbour, showing off the tightness of my panties at the front – and my naked bottom cheeks behind.

“Oh my!” she said, “What a nice firm bottom you have dear – but that thong looks so tight over your pussy. Does it cut in at all? I’ve often thought that thongs must be so uncomfortable, pulling up tightly over your pussy between your legs, and straight up your botty crack.”

“No, it feels fine!” I smiled, “and it gives you a nice free feeling too.”

“Well come and sit down next to me, Margaret, and let’s get back to your gorgeous titties!”

So I sat down on her right hand side, and she inched nearer so our hips were touching, her skin warm against mine.

“Now where were we?” she asked, before leaning her left hand across and scooping up my right breast.

It felt wonderful to have her warm fingers explore over my titty, slipping under my cardie to feel it fully, then coming back to my nipple. She rested her right elbow on my shoulder, and draped her other hand down over my left breast, giving me wonderful feelings of pleasure as she fondled and teased me. I guess I could have felt her too, but somehow I felt overwhelmed by it all, so my hands stayed on the sofa.

Gradually she seemed to lean on me as I moved over into a half-lying position, resting my head on the arm of the sofa, while she carried on her stroking and fondling. My breathing was getting harder now, as all that nipple play was making me get quite damp and squidgey between my legs.

“You seem to be enjoying this, Margaret!” smiled Elizabeth. “You can stroke my titties too if you’d like. Here, let me move round a little.”

She moved off the couch so she was kneeling on the floor in front of me. Then she just grabbed my left leg and put it on the couch, leaving my right leg on the floor with her sitting between my now wide open legs. I knew she could see my panties so clearly, and probably a damp patch too, but somehow it didn’t seem to matter as she put her hands around my breasts again, motioning down for me to do the same to her.

Her hands on my nipples felt so gorgeous that I smiled broadly as she came back to stroke me some more. As I stroked her soft warm fleshy breasts I wondered if I was doing to her what she was doing to me. My breathing was now coming in short pants as she continued her arousal, and she kept on smiling at me as her fingers encircled my nipples and squeezed them tightly.

Then it just seemed so natural when she moved her head forward to suck at my left nipple – which felt both outrageous and wonderful at the same time. Even more outrageous was the feel of her fingers on the inside of my thigh, hidden from my view, as they gently moved up towards my panties.

It was so wrong, but felt so right as she reached right up to the dampness of my thong and her fingers flicked softly over my clitty.

I sighed loudly, and she read my body so well, now moving purposefully to seek out my clitty and rub against it with her fingers and thumb over my thong.

I was getting more and more worked up, still stroking her breasts but knowing she was going to take me, lying here on her sofa.

As I lay back I felt my hips pushing up to her fingers as my body developed a rhythm of desire and arousal. I knew she would be able to take me now, so I just let her fingers slip under my panties, and moaned even more as she found my naked clitty, then slipped her fingers back to my vagina and gently slipped inside me. She’d managed to get her thumb to push against my clitty too, so I was in heaven as she finger-fucked me, kneaded my clitty and sucked canlı casino siteleri my nipples all at the same time.

I knew I wouldn’t take long, and as the pleasure built up I just put my hands behind my head and let her take me all the way. I didn’t feel I could stop her even if I wanted to.

“Oh yes, Elizabeth, please!” I was begging. “I’m nearly there now, just keep that thumb on my clitty!”

And as she kept up her fingering of my cunt so my panting began to reach a crescendo and she got me to cum for her.

I cried out as I came, moving my hips frantically over her hand to get all the pleasure I could while she fingered me, and wanting the moment to last forever. She just carried on her pleasuring, knowing she’d brought her neighbour that intense personal pleasure she so needed.

After a while I began to slow down, as my first orgasm died away. Then I realised the beauty of a woman fucking me, as she was quite able to carry on for more. I felt another orgasm come and moaned again as she carried on her pleasuring. Then there was a third little flutter too before my body began to calm down.

She stopped her sucking of my nipples, but kept her finger inside me, as she looked up and smiled.

“Well that seemed to work quite well, didn’t it. Ready for another orgasm yet, dear?”

I was both embarrassed and exhausted, yet knew my body wanted more. So I just lay back and shut my eyes.

“Mmmm, I think so, please.” was all I could manage for conversation.

“Well you won’t be needing these, then, will you?” she said.

And I felt her pulling at my thong, and involuntarily I lifted my hips so she could peel the damp panties off. Now she could see me in complete nakedness, as my cardie had somehow come unbuttoned and was wide open, just keeping my arms warm.

I felt her fingers exploring between my legs, and felt her move her body a little, then suddenly there was a wonderful new sensation at my clitty – she was licking me!

I looked down to see the side of her head as she pushed her tongue harder at my clitty, making me melt again with wonderful pleasure. Soon she had her hands at work too, holding my legs right open then fingering up deep inside me as she licked and sucked at my clitty, nibbling it between her lips.

It was just so naughty but I was beyond caring as her expert lips and tongue took my clitty to peak after peak of pleasure. My hips were now moving in time with her fingers again as she continued her finger fucking with at least two fingers right inside me. I just wanted more as her experienced movements brought me closer to the next inevitable orgasm.

I forced myself to watch her as I neared the peak of pleasure, with her head now resting on my thigh while her mouth engulfed my clitty. She’d pulled the sleeves of her pink cardie up slightly and I could seem her arm moving in and out as I felt her fingers pushing up and down my vagina. Just an hour earlier we were ordinary neighbours, and now here she was sucking my naked cunt and finger fucking me.

But my pleasure could not hold back, and as I shut my eyes I felt another amazing orgasm power over me, and I cried out in pleasure with my hips again thrashing wildly as she fingered me so well to my climax. I felt so squishy now, with juices pouring from me, and Elizabeth licking them all up.

She kept on her pleasuring as I calmed down, ending up just resting her head on my thigh with her fingers slipping from my wetness.

She smiled: “Well I think I’ve got to know my neighbour now, haven’t I?”

“Oh God yes,” I panted, still breathing heavily. “But you won’t tell anyone, will you? Tom would be distraught if he knew someone else had fucked me.”

“Don’t worry, dear, we’re just neighbours, after all. I won’t tell Tom, and you won’t tell Chris. Mind you he’s such a wimp that he’d probably get aroused at the thought. Do you know I’ve often caught him wearing my…” and she trailed off.

“What, Elizabeth?” I asked, nosily.

“Well now’s not the time, after such a pleasure, so I think we should get ourselves dressed again, and I’ll go and put the kettle on.”

And with that she got up, bending down to give me a big kiss on the lips, before doing up her cardigan and slipping her skirt back on. Then she was gone out to the kitchen.

I gingerly stood up, looking for my damp thong then realising it would be more comfortable without it on. I buttoned up my cardie and slipped on my skirt, sitting back in the sofa while the kettle boiled, my mind racing over the last hour of neighbourly love.

© 2010 Maudecardy, with thanks to a little help from my friends

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