Not What She Expected (spanking/schoolgirl fetish)

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Not What She Expected (spanking/schoolgirl fetish)
Like on every Friday late afternoon of the last year, I was stuck in front of a class of bored teenagers. The front row, as usual, was inhabited by upper-class girls that still cared about their grades but otherwise didn’t care just like the rest of them, only waiting for something to happen and if not, for the school day just to end pacefully. Delivering a passionate speech introducing my girls to the basics of cell’s metabolism, my gaze was sweeping the rows of single desks back and forth.

Lauren was going through her notes; Isabella was starring out the window; Chole was staring at Olivia; Olivia was tapping her pen against her notebook; Sophie crossed and uncrossed her legs. When I was talking about passive and active transport, I looked at Hannah and she smiled. She opened her legs underneath her working table. I noticed and she knew that.

Being their form tutor, I knew my class well. Some of the girls were nice, some didn’t talk much, few had some minor issues I usually managed to solve. Something about this Hannah girl, however, unnerved my very core.

Midsentence, I looked at her again – her shirt unbuttoned as far as barely above where the collar of her cardigan began. Her breasts were not big so she probably thought she could get away with it – her chest in plain sight, be it summer or winter. An inch lower into her decolletage and everyone could see her bra, if she even wears any. To match her shenanigans her skirt was shortened above the school rules as well, of course. I wonder if she does that for the stares, for the attention or for low self-esteem. I wander what coulour her underwear today is.

As usual, I walk as I talk and I can see Hanah’s eyes following me. Was it like that before? Have I never noticed? Now I notice that her hands are not on her desk. As I come forward and stand before the front row again I can see where her hands had reached. One is placed on her naked tigh, drawing skirt aside, the other goes underneath, moving very, very slowly. The little attention-whore began touching herself in the middle of my class. Well, that is something and it is a little too much.

I give Hannah the strenest look I could give and I try not to yell at them all to focus for the last damn fifteen minutes. And when the fifteen minutes pass, I dismiss them, approach Hannah’s desk and command her to stay. She looks up at me, saying nothing, and stands up, as we both wait for everyone to leave.


I leaned back, half sitting on her desk and looked her up from her toes to her head. Just a plain, brown-haired girl with c***dish face that doesn’t even wear makeup, suffering from overexposing her skin and shitty behaviour. She looked curious but unsuspecting.
– What’s your deal, Hannah? Are stares not enough for you anymore?
It looks like she cannot decide if to be her bold, bitchy self or play repentant for a change. She licks her lips and looks down.
– Your skirt is so damn short, yet no one ever reports you. Your breasts are almost out there in the open and it seems everyone lets it slide because they can have a look. Cool. You always space out, your grades are worse and worse, you think you can slut it up or something?
– I’m sorry – she says, half-heartedly, not convincing me or herself at all.
– Sorry my ass, do you even hear yourself? You’ve already gotten plenty of remarks on your poor behaviour. And yet you go so far to touch yourself in class? Are you serious?
Hannah’s face slowly flushes with peachy shade of blush. She opens her mouth and closes it, looking briefly at you and almost shrugging her shoulders.
– What? You really thought I wouldn’t notice?
She exhales and her face becomes more serious.
– I honestly… don’t know – she says, slowly yet somehow arrogantly. – I surely didn’t want to be caught and interrogated, you know. But… yeah. It played better in my head, I guess.
– Like what? – I ask, baffled, irritated and slightly turned on.
Hannah sighs again, rolling her eyes.
– You think it is a joke? Answer me – I command, my gaze on the exposed skin above her tits.
– Well… I don’t know how to say it. All you do is stare. All of you. I get bored. I- I have to admit, I think of some… action. Sometimes. Sorry for getting carried away – her dull tone unnerved me.
– So… you think a school is for getting canlı bahis siteleri away with your bullshit just because someone enjoys staring at your young, attractve body?
– Um… yeah. Isn’t it true though?
I sigh. It’s bullshit, but it’s also true. I looked her in her pretty face. There wasn’t much despite her slowly growing blush and maybe some tension.
– Have you gone beyond showing your skin and panties off, Hannah? – her eyes widen at my question. – Have you? You’ve just basically said that yourself. You think it’s a way to go for a higschooler?
Hannah looks down again yet cannot hide a cheeky smile crawling up her lips.
– I can’t share the details.
I sigh again and get up, towering above her. Whatever. I don’t care about the details. There was already another way the things could go that I liked to show Hannah.
– Are you even wearing a bra? – no answer. – I’m going to look myself, if you don’t tell me.
And as she says nothing, I slowly reach to the rim of her shirt, tilting it down. I lean in slightly to confirm with my own eyes – there is no bra covering her perky breasts. I can’t believe she just let me do that.
– Okay. Your provoking behaviour is confirmed. Now, come with me.

We didn’t need to come far – at the back of biology class there is a half-office, half-storage, stuffed with everything no longer needed in the open. I use it sometimes to stay late and do some work I’ll be too lazy to do at home. The janotors got used to not bothering me. Of course, I have a spare key.

I let Hannah to go inside first. There is a shift in her when I lock the door behind her but really, what was she expecting? She probably expects me to make her suck my cock or plainly fuck her on that little desk. Well, a girl can dream.

– Scared? – I asked, in tone unaffected by the circumstances.
– Not really… maybe just a little.
– You know what I want from you?
– W-well… not yet, but I can imagine…
– Good – I say, taking a seat in the only chair in the room. – It’s good to have imagination, Hannah.
I pause to look at her. Now, she’s scared. Now, she’s fumming and blushing, confused.
– I think your act got a little ahead of you. Your Friday date with a teacher might not go as you planned it. You’re ready to suck a dick, huh?
– I haven’t really planned anything… – her voice comes out suddenly all too meek.
– Oh, really? Well, that’s good. – I pause here. My pan is not to get too carried away. – Take off your clothes.
I couldn’t help it. I watch her undress. She goes slowly, smiles at me when unbuttoning her cardigan. Then she focuses on unbuttoning her shirt all the way down and looks straight at me only when taking it off, straightening her back, exposing her chest. I smile at her, she smiles at my approval. She unzips the side of her shortened skirt and turns around to drop it down. Excellent. I can say that this little striptease, although somewhat awkward, excites her with new level of confidence, graces her with somewhat frightening yet wanted attention. I gesture her to come closer when she is about to drop her lacey briefs to the floor. When she does, I touch her side and run my hand down her tight.
– A little turned on, aren’t you? Now, over my knee, missy – I say,calmly.
I watch Hannah’s expression changing into something embittered.
– Oh no… You’re going to spank me? Is it neccessary? – she pleads after a while coyly.
– You thought you were here to enjoy yourself? You can pleasure yourself afterwards for all I care. I won’t fuck a schoolgirl with a techer fantasy for her entertainment. You’ve played around enough. Now it’s my turn to give you other kind of lesson: lesson that your little pleasures can end up with some sore consequences.
Hannah sighs, knowing she there is not much left for her to do. She hesitates to comply. The shift in her attitude is splendid. It is not enough, though
– I’m sorry… I promise not–
– Cut that. I know your ways. I will hear that in your voice when you mean it. Now, I said, over my knee.
I barely raised my voice. Hannah leaned forward, awkwardly, positioning herself, her bossom against my right tight.
– Hands forward – I commanded, positioning her small body just right. She turned to look at me, saying nothing but with reproach on her pouty face. – There is no use fighting back. And you better not scream too much. I’ll stop perabet giriş when I think I should stop or when you convince me. Cosidering how long have you been rubbing yourself in class, though… We will start from there. I’ll keep my eye on the time.
– It’s not fair… – Hannah whimpered.
– I think you are in no position to decide any longer.

I felt she tensed up once she was faicing the old shelves properly and when I put my palm agains her buttcheeks. It would take a while to get out a genuine wailing and wriggling out of a snobbish chick like Hannah, I thought. I delighted in her anticipation, the little sways of her body, her barely audible breaths in the ominous silence. I hoped what she felt in that moment overlaped nicely with the previous excitement to show her naked body to a teacher and the tingling in her pussy she discretly rubbed for over fifteen minutes.

I start slowly but firmly, leaving a little pause after every swing of my arm. It causes only a small jolt of her hips each time and maybe a louder exhale after few hits. I increased the tempo as soon as I can feel her cheeks warming up. A smakck after smack after smack, no pause, her legs tensing up as she began to rise them up. No pause until she gasped for air and I pushed her legs back down. I applied another round right away, slapping up repeatedly the middle of her ass as fast as possible, not losing impact. It must sting quite well now, I thought, listening to Hannah’s hissing and holding bak all the possible sounds of discomfort and exasperation. Then there is a prolonged grunt and I pause when it ends, leaving Hannah panting heavily for the first time this afternoon.
– I can tell you’re beginning to feel it quite well, but it’s barely seven minutes so far – I inform her just to start again.
Her body jerks harder taking each hard smack I lay, soon a small yelp following every next few. She’s not holding back anymore, not able to maintain her spurious composure. When her “unff”s become more like “aah”s, I notice she keeps her legs closed tightly.
– Open your legs, Hannah – I ordered, but the girl is busy panting. – Already hot down there?
– N-no…
– Open up – I make sure she will spread them good, lifting up her ass on my lap and as the opportunity arises I take a look at her reddened cheeks and her pussy lips inbetween. I make sure the next, special slap falls right in the middle, then slap her cheeks fast, interchangeably.
– Stay in place! – I scold her, enjoying her wriggling and the sounds more and more profound. When tvelwe minutes pass, she is leaning away but into my thight she’s lying on, moaning louldy in occasional “ah!”s and arching back, hissing when I give her no pause. For the three last minutes I relish in delivering hard, unexpected, full-swing slaps on her already sore, red bottom that make her jump and hold her breath back; but when she exhales, it always ends in a long “aaah!”.

– Time’s up. You took it good, no unneccessary whining. – I say, casually, listening to her heavy panting, resting my hand on her upper tights, looking at the effect of my work. – It had to hurt, surely, but it seems like my job got more hot and bothered moans out of you than your fifteen minutes of masturbating in class.
I leave space for Hannah’s possible reply but she gives me none.
– Did it make you wet? Back in class?
– I guess. Maybe – she replies after a pause. I give her ass a hard slap. – Oww!
– Answer properly.
– It got me lowkey turned on.
– Was your excitement still present when I locked you up here with me?
– …
– Answer, you naughty girl.
– …
I give her five extra slaps, not holding back.
– Uggh.. – she whimpers. – Yes. It turned me on even more. When I- when you asked me to undress… you know.
– I know pretty well, Hannah. And look what you got yourself into, huh?
– Uhh…
– You think your ass is sore enough to remind you of your provokative ways whenever you sit down?
– Yes, it is! – the response is delightfully eager this time.
– Enough to erase this cocky tone in your voice?
– Yes…
– Enough to admit you’ve fallen into your own trap and beg me to let you go?
There is no answer after a short while, so instead we both hear a sharp clasp against Hannah’s flesh. And another. And another.
– Ughhh- ah- ah- … Please – she gasps for air while I keep spanking her – please stop…
– perabet güvenilir mi Yeah?
– Please, please… PLEASE, it- it- ow! a-ahhh… it hurts…
– Serves you damn right! You like it?
– Please no more… I get it, I get it, I do!
When I finally stopped, Hannah steadied her breathing then asked me if she could get up, which I allowed her to do. She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked at me, a little confused. I wonder if she wanted to get dressed and leave already…

– Is your pussy still tingling?
Hannah just laughed nervously, which could resolutely mean the answer is yes. She moved her hands so they will cover her bossom.
– Interesting… fifteen minutes of masturbation for fifteen minutes of ass spanking, it seems like a fine punishment, huh?
– I guess so – Hannah gives a meek answer but smiles for whatever reason.
– What if asked you to masturbate for another fifteen minutes?
– Now?
– Yes. Now. – the girl flinches under the tone of my answer, maybe a little too demanding. It must be a curious flinch though as next she looked me in the eye and smiles knowingly.
– It might… uhm… fit as well.
– Sit on the desk – I said and moved away in my good old chair.

Hannah held her body up and sat her sore butt down on the cool surface, trying to supress her hiss and the grimace on her face.
– You’re not allowed to cum – I informed her.
– That’s cruel – she replied. – What if I do?
– Then you’re just a horny slut, getting off on being punished by a teacher she has a thirst for.
– Well… I probably am… – she said when she pulled one leg up and started to rub her clit up and down. I checked the time. Hannah closed her eyes, starting oh so slowly, jest the way she probably touched herself in class through her panties. Supporting herself with one hand behind her back, she arched a little bit. I observed her chest moving slightly with her gentle, deep breathing. Even though in the beginning she looked tense and almost faking it for a show, Hannah was getting back in the mood. She rubbed her clit in circles, pausing or slowing down, only to go harder and faster each time she started anew. I enjoyed the show greatly: the muscles of her stomach tightening and relaxing, her sharp breaths and the sound she made when holding a moan in, the sight of her fully hardened niplles, the way she bit her lower lip before exhaling.
She was a fucking tease. She deserved every second of her sweet time hunched over your lap.
Half the time in, it looks like she tries not to give in, not go too hard, not to make herself regret it, each way possible. It looks like she almost edges herself on accident, not wanting to slow down but also not to get too close.
– Getting your ass spanked made you moan a way better than this, Hannah. What’s wrong? – I teased her; she giggled, annoyed, in response.
The two fingers on her clit pushed harder and with the movement more chaotic the girl’s breathing quickened, composed mostly of sharp sighs. She looked at me, pleading, bitting her lip. No, girl. No climax for you. And if you push yourself further, it is only your perverse fault. Then there is her “aaah!” that surprises her and make her go slower and slower. Painfully slowly.
– Time’s up – I inform her, spread in my chair, my dick throbbing.
– Thank god… – Hannah exhales and slides down my desk, hissing. Yeah, she’ll remember our time for quite some time. And when she stands here, panting, wretched, sore ass and swollen pussy, I can’t help but take those few steps forward to tower before her naked, tormented body, her arrogant face.
I grabed her ass with one hand and squeezed; I grasped her crotch with full palm of the other hand; in that moment Hannah yelps the sweetest yelp, her whole body jumping up, then quickly easing into my grip. I give her wet clit a rough, fast paced rub, pushing her whole body up as she pushes down into my hand. Her voice builds up in her small chest.
– Oooooohh— please please please-! – she repeated over and over, her voice higher and higher. I love each and every drop of her desperation, her lust, her doomed position, her confusion.
– No way – I stopped as suddenly as I moved in.

I let the girl go and took few steps back. Now, she is trully confused, ashamed and hopelessly turned on, just like she should be. I ordered her to get dressed and even then she turned around to put her clothes on. When she turned to face me, her shirt was properly buttoned up. She straightened her skirt and gave me an apologetic smile.
– Goodbye.
Goodbye, Hannah. See you around.

Let me know if you want me to write more like this !

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