Over Fifties – Fun Time

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Over Fifties – Fun Time
Vera Staple, fifty three years old married with two grown up c***dren, both of them working abroad. 5ff 7in and carrying a bit more weight than she would have liked, not that she was drastically overweight, she had been a size 14 since turning twenty, Frank, her husband had said that he preferred a woman with a bit of shape. Shape she definitely had, with heavy 38D breasts, curving in at the waist then flaring out to what her mother called c***dbearing hips. Her legs were still good, maybe because she had always worn high heels, her bum and thighs were showing signs of cellulite but nothing serious.

She had always been a pretty girl and now firmly in middle age she was still attractive, she knew that she could still turn a few heads in the high street, a pity that her husband showed so little interest these days. Sex had rapidly declined in the last ten years, now, if it did happen it consisted of a quick grope of her boobs, then him lying on top as he humped and groan to a quick orgasm, then rolling off and falling asleep.

Vera could remember her last orgasm, the only problem she had with it was that Frank hadn’t been there at the time. They had been at the social club on a Saturday night, Vera had gone to the toilet and was returning down the corridor when Paul Jeffries was walking or should l say staggering towards the toilet. As he reached her, he lurched into her, his beer smelling breath overpowering her as he mumbled something about being in love with her. Vera had been pinned against the wall, Paul being considerably heavier than her.

She had felt his hand fumbling at the front of her skirt, she had tried to push him away but he was far too strong. She felt his hand under her skirt, felt it on her naked thighs, then his fingers insinuating themselves inside her panties. Again she had tried to push him away, telling him to stop, but he was beyond reason. Even now she could remember those fat fingers finding their way to her labia, flicking and fumbling but then suddenly they were inside her.

She went to cry out but her cry was stifled as his mouth covered hers, his tongue forcing it’s way into her mouth. She could still taste the sourness of his breath. She still tried to fight him but as his fingers began working rapidly in her vagina she was unable to stop the wetness they were creating.

“You like that darling don’t you,” he said in a drunken drawl.

“Look Paul,” she said, trying to reason with him, “Stop this silliness now and l won’t say anything, just let me go.”

“I can feel your cunt all sloppy wet,” he leered as his fingers carried on pummelling her.

“Please Paul,” she said, “please stop it.”

“You’re going to cum,” he said, “l can feel it in your cunt, l want to fuck you.”

“No Paul,” she said, again trying to get away. This situation was a nightmare but despite that she could feel her body responding to his fingers. She was embarrassed at her own response, Paul Jeffries had always been a drunken slob as far as she was concerned, yet how could he be stirring such emotions in her gut when her husband never could.

She tried not thinking of what was happening, in the vain hope that those stomach churning emotions would go away, but that didn’t work. She felt her thighs clamping on his wrist as his fingers continued to pump inside her.

“Randy bitch,” he said, trying to kiss her again but this time she managed to avoid his stinking mouth.

Then her legs almost gave way as her flood of heat flowed through her body, she gave out a muted cry as her orgasm burst.

“Horny bitch,” he said, as her juices flowed over his hand. He withdrew his fingers, coated in her sticky cunt juice. “Taste it,” he said, pushing his fingers against her lips.

She tried to move her face away but he was too strong, forcing his fingers between her lips he used his other hand to squeeze her breast hard. She cried out in pain and he seized his chance, forcing his fingers deep into her mouth.

“Don’t you dare bite me bitch,” he sneered, “or you’ll get my cock in there.” He burst out laughing, but then a sudden change came over him. “Shit!” He said as he suddenly released her, turning away and vomiting onto the floor.

Vera grabbed her chance, escaping back to the safety of the bar, hoping that she was not showing any outward sign of what had taken place.

“Are you okay V,” Frank said when she retuned to the table, “you look very flushed.”

“I..l don’t feel very,” she replied, “l think l’ll go home, l think l ate something that disagreed with me.”

“Oh, Okay then,” Frank replied, “you go on then love, l might stop for another pint.”

Vera grabbed her coat and left, tears streaming down her face. “What a pig l married,” she said to herself.

Later that evening, Frank had returned just in time to fall into bed and was now lying beside her snoring. Vera could not get the horrific scene out of her head, try as she might. Then she realised that as she was thinking about that vile man abusing her, her own hand had found it’s way to her vagina, her fingers stimulating her clitoris. Before long she felt her orgasm flood through her, biting her lip to ensure she didn’t cry out.

That was how it had been ever since, every time she thought about it she ended up on her bed, legs wide open as she rubbed her clitoris to orgasm.

Luckily she had not crossed paths with Paul Jeffries since that night, that is until she was coming out of the hospital having visited her mother who was recovering following a fall. Usually Frank had taken her, waiting in the car until she had finished but this evening he had decided that a darts match was more important.

Vera was just coming out of the main door when she saw Paul waiting at the bus stop, immediately her legs went weak, stopping, she decided to return inside and go to the café until he had gone, she would catch a later bus.

By the time she was on the bus, it was getting dark. The bus trundled through town, emerging at the other side, by this time Vera was the only passenger left. The bus stopped to pick up passengers, three black lads boarded, they were in high spirits, laughing and jostling. The lads sat near the front, one bald, one had a crew cut and the other had his hair braided. The bald one kept looking back at her then talking to his mates, they then burst out laughing.

Vera was glad when her stop approached, she moved down the bus, as she passed the lads the braided one reached behind her, flicking her skirt. All three burst out laughing, Vera felt herself blushing.

She was relieved to find the lads stayed on the bus when she got off. She proceeded to walk along the street. She saw the bus stop at the next stop, all three lads getting off, but again she was relieved when they walked away from her, laughing and jostling.

Vera approached the gates to the park, she contemplated walking round the park but cutting through would save her ten minutes. Satisfied that there was no-one around she decided to walk through the park.

She did wonder if she had made the right decision once she had gone beyond the reach of the street lights. There was a full moon which helped illuminate the path. The click of her heels on the asphalt path sounded hollow.

Suddenly there was another sound, she stopped, was it a footstep?…..silence….a rustle in a nearby bush.

“Get a grip of yourself,” she told herself as she continued walking. She was approaching the centre of the park, she could see the light at the gates where she was heading, the path was clear.

There was the sound again, she had reached a park bench, there were high bushes behind it, she looked around….nothing. The hairs on the back of her neck were on edge, her nipples hardened, she felt a wetness between her legs. Instinctively her hand pressed between her legs.

“This is ridiculous,” she told herself, “this is no time to get randy.”

Another sound…..she turned…..nothing. Turning back, about to carry on, a shape appeared in front of her, a dark shape, moonlight glinting off the top of his bald head.

She gave a sharp intake of breath, more wetness between her legs, her legs felt as if they were made of jelly. The figure approached, she could make out his features, it was the bald one from the bus.

“What do you want,” she managed to say, “if you come any close l will scream.”

The figure raised both hands as if surrendering. “Don’t scream lady,” he said, “l won’t hurt you.”

“What do you want?” She said.

He took another step towards her.

“Don’t come any closer,” she yelled, “where are the others?” She looked around frantically, expecting to see the other two creeping up on her. Every inch of her skin was tingling, she could feel her nipples were rock hard, she suddenly realised her hand was still pressed against the top of her legs, she took it away.

“They’re not here lady,” the figure said, “they went home, l saw you turn into the park, this is a dangerous place for a lady when it’s dark.”

“What are you going to do to me?” She knew her voice was betraying her as she tried to remain calm.

“Nothing lady,” he replied, “l just wanted to make sure you were safe.”

“Well I am safe,” she replied, “now move aside and let me pass.”

“Okay lady,” he said, stepping off the path, “l just wanted to make sure you were safe,” he said, “l didn’t mean for you to see me, but when you stopped you looked so scared l had to show myself.”

“So why worry about me?” She said.

“My sister was attacked in this park six months ago,” he replied.

“What, so you thought if l got attacked it could be the same man?”

“I don’t know,” he replied, “l can see it was a stupid decision now, it was just when l saw you turn into the park, l just decided to follow you. I didn’t mean to frighten you, l’m sorry.”

Vera felt herself relax. “What’s your name?” She asked.

“Barry,” he replied, “my friends call me Baz.”

“Barry is a strange name for a…..”

“Black man,” he finished her sentence for her.

“Sorry,” she said, “it’s just that they all seem to have such strange names these days…oh god l’m making it worse aren’t l.”

“That’s okay lady,” he replied, “l’m used to it, my mother was a fan of Barry White the singer.”

“Mothers eh,” she laughed.

“Look, l’m sorry if l frightened you, it’s getting very late, you must be wanting to get home, do you have far to walk.”

“I live on Stephenson street,” she said, then wondering why she was telling this complete stranger where she lived.

“I only live round the corner from there,” he replied, “can l walk you home, now l’ve frightened you l would like to make sure you are safe.”

She started to walk, Barry walking by her side but making sure he did not get too close. By the time they were half way to the gate, they had started to chat normally.

Barry canlı bahis siteleri was twenty years of age, he worked at the local food factory, “l only pack boxes,” he said, “but the manager says he will make me a supervisor soon. I wanted to go to University but l messed up on my exams and my mother is on her own, she is not very well, so l had to get a job.”

Vera found herself liking the lad, she told him her name and why she was walking home so late.
“Your husband should not let you walk home in the dark like this,” he said, “he should take care of you.”

As they walked the conversation became more relaxed, Vera felt quite guilty that she had made a judgement based purely on prejudice, something she would never have thought was possible with her, she had a number of black friends.

“How is your sister?” She asked.

“Not good,” he replied, “she refuses to leave the house after dark.”

“What did the Police do?”

“Very little,” he said, “she managed to get away before anything serious happened and as far as they were concerned she was a teenaged black girl, not worth bothering about.”

“I’m afraid l have a confession to make,” she said, “when l saw you three on the bus l thought you were going to cause trouble, then one of you flicked my skirt when l walked past.”

“Oh that was Lee,” he replied, “he’s an idiot, l keep telling him it’s no wonder people make judgements about us when idiots like him keep playing the fool.”

“Yes, but then when you suddenly appeared in the park,” she said.

“I know,” he replied, “l’m sorry about that, it wasn’t my best decision.”

“Well it’s all worked out,” she smiled, “both of us learned a lesson. Oh, this is my house,” she said, seeing there were no lights on, “looks like my husband is still at the pub, l’ll have to use the back door.”

“I’ll come with you,” he said, “it looks dark down there.”

He followed her to the back door, she turned to put her key in the lock. Her foot caught on the step and she fell sideways.

Barry caught her as she fell, she felt strong arms holding her, felt firm, hard muscle in his chest as she collided with him. He steadied her. As she looked at him, she realised his face was only inches from hers. For the first time she notice how incredibly attractive he was.

They both stayed, frozen in that position for a few seconds. Then he drew her close, his lips touching hers.

It was like an electric charge flowing through her, her arms went around his neck, pulling him hard against her mouth, immediately his tongue entered her mouth, searching, finding hers as she returned the kiss. They kissed passionately, his hands going to her breasts as she clung to him.

She felt the surge of heat through her body as his hands massaged her breasts, his fingers locating her hard nipples. Her hands went to the front of his trousers, feeling a hard lump pressing against her. She located the zip, undoing it.

He broke away from the kiss. “Are you sure?” He said, looking into her eyes.

“Yes, just do it,” she responded.

He managed to pull up her skirt, finding her panties, moving the gusset aside, his fingers found the wet channel of her vagina.

“Oh god yes!” She sighed as his fingers entered her, his thumb rolling over her clitoris.

She managed to get inside his underpants, struggling to free his cock, finally she had it free, feeling the size of it with both hands.

“God it’s big,” she said.

“Are you sure?” He replied.

“Oh yes, come here,” she said, opening the back door, they both almost tumbled into the kitchen. They both travelled across to the table, Vera managed to get his jacket off, then pull off his t-shirt, the moonlight shone on his chest, highlighting the contours of muscles. Her fingers found his belt, loosening it then undoing the top of his trousers.

All the time their mouths were locked together, he picked her up effortlessly, lying her on the table, his hands going under her skirt, quickly removing her panties. He grabbed her blouse, trying unsuccessfully to undo the buttons, giving up as he pulled it apart, buttons flying across the kitchen. He pushed up her bra, her breasts tumbling free, his hands wet to them, massaging, rolling her nipples. He broke off the kiss, transferring his lips to her nipples, sucking each one in turn.

‘Just fuck me,” she cried, “l have to have you now, fuck me.”

Her legs were spread wide, he positioned the head of his cock against her vagina. Placing his hands under her bum, he pulled her onto him, driving his cock all the way into her in one thrust.

“Jesus,” she cried as his member filled her, stretching her more than anything she had ever had apart from giving birth.

His pelvis slammed against her as her mouth sought his. Her legs trapped him, raising her hips to meet each of his thrusts.

“Oh god l’m cumming,” she cried, unable to control the flood of juices pouring out of her cunt.

Barry continued thrusting into her, the squelch of liquid in her cunt as it was forced out by the size of him.

His speed and ferocity increased.

“Oh my god….again!” She cried as a second orgasm ripped through her, followed by the heat of his own cum as it jetted deep inside her.

She held him tight as he stayed deep in her cunt, his cock spasming as it pumped the contents of his balls into her. She squeezed him, trying to milk him, trying to draw every last ounce of sperm from him.

A third, gentler orgasm rippled through her, her brain in a complete fuzz.
Slowly they both relaxed.

“Oh my god,” she said finally, “god l needed that…l want to see him…let me see him.”

He pulled out of her, standing with his cock still hard. Vera sat up, then slid off the table, dropping to her knees, taking hold of his cock with both hands, the shaft and head glistening with cum and cunt juice in the moonlight.

“My god he’s beautiful,” she said, kissing the bulbous head, tasting the mixture, “you’re beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful too,” he replied.

“Oh you don’t have to give me false compliments,” she laughed, “l’m just a fat old woman in her fifties who has never been fucked like that in her life.” She kissed his cock again.

“I think l’d better go before your husband gets home,” he said, pulling up his trousers and retrieving his shirt and jacket. “What about your clothes, l think l might have torn your blouse.”

“Oh don’t worry about that,” she said, standing up and tucking her blouse into her skirt, pulling her bra back down over her tits.

Just as he was about to leave he saw a notepad and pen on the worktop, he wrote on the pad then tore off a page giving it to her.

“No pressure,” he said, “ but if you want to see me again, that is my telephone number, l won’t bother you unless you get in touch.”

She took the note, kissing him. “It was wonderful,” she said, “ but l think it’s best we leave it there don’t you.”

“Whatever you decide it’s okay with me,” he replied, “but you are a very sexy lady.”

He kissed her once more then turned and walked out of the door.

Vera put the light on and searched for the buttons of her blouse, deciding the garment wasn’t worth saving she slipped it off and put the whole lot in the rubbish bin. She was about to put the piece of paper with his phone number in the bin but stopped, hesitated a moment then reached for her handbag, opened her purse and tucked the paper at the back.

She then decided to have a shower before Frank got home. As the warm water cascaded over her, she closed her eyes, reliving what had happened, leaning against the shower wall, her hands went to her vagina, gently stroking her labia and clitoris, she had the vision of Barry’s magnificent cock in her mind as she brought herself to another orgasm.

The next morning, Frank had gone to work, Vera was still sitting at the breakfast table in her dressing gown. Her purse lay on the table, she stared at it, the memory of the night before churning her stomach. She had hardly slept, it seemed every time she closed her eyes that beautiful cock appeared in front of her. Her hand pressed against her groin, as it had done many times in the night, she picked up her purse, took out the slip of paper, she knew she should throw it away, she knew that if she didn’t there was disaster waiting. She felt a wetness in her vagina, her nipples hardened.

“Why shouldn’t l have fun,” she said to herself, “just one more time wouldn’t hurt.”

Her phone rang, bringing her back to reality. She put the paper back in her purse and picked up her phone. It was Jane, her best friend since school days.

“Aye you up for coffee?” Jane said as soon as Vera had accepted the call.

“Yes,” Vera replied, “usual place at ten thirty?”

“Great,” Jane said, “see you then, love you, bye.”

Jane hung up, Vera smiled, typical Jane she thought, always to the point, no messing about with Jane.

Later, sat in their usual booth at the rear of the coffee shop in the high street. The usual conversational exchanges over.

“What’s up?” Jane said.

“What do you mean?” Vera replied.

“Something has happened,” Jane said, “there’s something on your mind, l can tell. There’s a glow about you, if l didn’t know you better l would say you had a…”

“I’m fine,” Vera interrupted her, trying to avoid Janes gaze but feeling her cheeks flushing.

“My god!” Jane said, “you have haven’t you?”

“What?” Vera tried to act normal, “l don’t know what you mean.”

“Come on Vera,” Jane said, “l can read you like a book, you have that look of a middle aged woman who has just discovered sex, good sex.”

“Can we change the subject,” Vera tried to fend her off, knowing that Jane was like a dog with a bone.

“No we can’t,” Jane said, motioning to the waitress for a second coffee. “Come on, spill the beans, who is he.”

Jane made no secret that she had had several affairs during her marriage, Vera often wondered why she was still married to the same man. All Jane Jane would say was that variety kept their marriage stronger, she had been telling Vera for years to get a lover, Vera had always laughed it off. Now, she had her best friend staring at her, she knew Jane would not give up until she had the full story.

The fresh coffees arrived. Vera began, hesitantly to tell her story, Jane listened intently, not making a sound for fear that Vera would stop. Finally, Vera had told the whole story.

“Wow!” Jane sat back, “You really are a dark horse. After all these years and you finally do it with a black man, l’ve only ever had two black cocks, was he big, l know what they say about black cocks but it can’t always be true, mind you the two l had were pretty spectacular.”

“Really Jane, what if your Jack ever found out,”

“Oh it serves him right, he’s like your Frank, thinks a quick poke once a week is all l need, Well now you know what canlı casino a real fuck feels like.”

“Jane!” Vera shushed her, looking round to see if anyone else was close enough to overhear. “Language.”

“Oh don’t be such a prude V, everyone uses that word these days, you can’t turn on the tv without someone saying fuck this or fuck that, anyway, how big was he? When are you going to fuck him again?”

“He was very big if you must know.”

“A two hander?” Jane asked.

Vera burst out laughing. “You have a great way of saying things,” she said, “but yes, he was a two hander, and a bit more.”

“When are you seeing him again?”

“I haven’t decided whether l will,” Vera replied.

“Don’t weaken V,” Jane said, “at our age you don’t get many chances, ring him now.”

Vera tried to delay but Jane was having none of it, Vera couldn’t bring herself to admit it but she could feel excitement building inside her. Finally her courage faltered. “Let me think about it overnight,” she said.

Jane decided not to push it, they finished their coffees and spent the next couple of hours shopping together.

Later that evening, after Frank had had his tea, he announced the he was going to London on the following Saturday to see a football match with a group of mates from work and that he would be staying overnight.

Vera was furious that he should make such arrangements without consulting her but knew better than to start an argument.

The following morning, Jane arrived at coffee time.

“Have you heard about the football trip?” Jane asked as they sat at the kitchen table.

Vera told her that she was not happy about it.

“Why not?” Jane said, “it’s perfect for you, you can have your lover round, he can shag you all night, have you called him?”

“I hadn’t thought of it,” Vera lied, she had been thinking of it all night.

Jane persisted, in the end Vera dialled the number.

Barry answered almost immediately.

“Yes,” he said brusquely.

V: “Er, it’s me, er Vera, er do you remember, from the other night.”

B: “l remember. What do you want.”

Vera was taken aback by his tone but carried on.

V: “Um, my husband is away for the night Saturday, l wondered if you would like to come round for a meal.”

B: “Forget the meal, if you’re offering sex l might be interested.”

V: “Um, er, well yes, l er….well yes.”

B: “Seven thirty Saturday, wear something sexy, don’t call me again, text me.”

Barry rang off.

Vera turned to Jane who had been listening. “He sounds confident,” she said.

“All men with big cocks are confident,” Jane laughed, “not many of them are decent lovers though.”

“What am l going to wear that’s sexy?” Vera said, “l don’t know where to start.”

“Come on,” Jane said, “l’ll run you over to my place, l have a few things that might do, you’re a size bigger than me but that won’t matter, in fact the sight of your tits squeezed into something a size smaller might do the trick.”

In Jane’s bedroom she pulled out a large white box from under the bed. She took out a small suitcase, inside was a black basque, trimmed with red lace.

“Take everything off and try this on,” she said.

Vera felt very strange undressing in front of her friend but couldn’t deny that she found it exciting. Once Jane had helped her with the basque and laced it up at the back, Vera looked at herself in the long mirror. It cut away under her breasts, leaving them exposed but supported, the waist pinched in giving her an exaggerated hour glass figure, leaving the bush of her pubic hair exposed.

“I have a few pairs of fishnet stockings,” Jane said, “those and a good high pair of heels and you’ll look like a million dollars.”

“More like an old tart,” Vera said, “l don’t think l could stand in front of him like this.”

“What about if l was with you?.” Jane said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you said there were three of them, how about you text Barry and ask him if he and his mates fancy taking on both of us.”

“You can’t be serious,” Vera said.

“Why not,” Jane replied, “our husbands are probably going to be spending Saturday night in some Soho strip club, paying a fortune to grope some young tart’s plastic tits. Why shouldn’t we have some fun.”

They talked about it for a while until Jane convinced her to put the idea to Barry.

Finally Vera agreed and sent him a text message asking if his mates would like to join the party with her friend.

“Photo,” was the response that came back.

Vera took a portrait photo of Jane and sent it to Barry.

“Tits out,” came the response.

Jane quickly went to the suitcase, pulling out an identical basque only trimmed in green. Once she had stripped and Vera had helped her into it, she told Vera to stand together with her so she could take a photo of them both reflected in the mirror.

Once they were satisfied that they had captured themselves correctly, Vera sent the photo to Barry.

“Deal,” came the response, then another message, “Vera get your cunt hair trimmed or shaved.”

“Right,” Jane said, “let’s get these things off and get you sorted then.”

“What do you mean?” Vera replied, still shocked from the message.

“Well let’s face it V, all that hair is a bit off putting, no-one has hair like that these days, it either has to be trimmed like mine or shaved.”

“I can’t do that,” Vera protested, “what will l say to Frank.”

“Will he notice,” Jane laughed, “when’s the last time he went down on you?”

Vera flushed with embarrassment.

“Don’t tell me he doesn’t,” Jane laughed, “Oh, come on Vera, surely he must have done that, even Jack has been known to give me a couple of licks before l get the three shoves and a cum.”

“Frank did do it to me once just after we were married but not for long and he never did it again.”

“Oh you don’t know what you’ve been missing,” Jane said, “getting brought off like that is just heaven.”

Jane laid some towels on the bed, then told Vera to lie down.

“Open your legs and bend your knees, just like when you want to be fucked,” she said with a smile.

“This is surreal,” Vera said, doing as her friend asked.

Jane fetched a vanity case from the wardrobe, opening it, Vera could see a collection of lotions and creams, plus scissors and a depilator.

“Just lie back and enjoy it,” Jane said, “l only use this to keep mine trimmed, l go to the beauty parlour once a month for a proper job, it always makes me as randy as hell so l usually arrange a meet for straight after.”

“What do you mean a meet?” Vera asked.

“Oh l have gentlemen friends, we meet up to fuck now and then,” Jane replied.

“Jane!” Vera said, shocked, “l’ve known you all my life, how have l never known about this.”

“I’ve wanted to tell you loads of times,” Jane replied as she began trimming back Vera’s pubic hair. “But let’s face it Vera, you’ve always been a bit of a prude, l didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“Where did you meet these men?”

“On line,” Jane replied, “l was playing about on my computer, watching porn, when l cam across this chat room, l started reading messages people were putting on there, mostly men, some of them with pictures of their cocks, l started chatting with some.”

“What did you talk about?” Vera asked, feeling her nipples hardening as Jane manipulated her labia.

“Sex of course,” Jane laughed, “it was good fun, they would tell me what they wanted to do with me while l frigged off. After a while l found one who was quite local, we got very friendly and swapped proper photos, naked of course.”

“Wasn’t that risky,” Vera said, “if he was local, what if he showed your photo to someone who knew you?”

“Oh l didn’t show my face in the nude ones,” Jane replied. “Anyway, after a while we arranged a meet, we met in that pub by the river where we went last summer.”

“What was it like? Were you nervous?”

“Of course,” Jane replied, using the depilator to trim the hair right down. “But he was charming, l think he was as nervous as me, we got on very well but we both knew why we were there. We had a drink, then we both drove to that picnic spot in the forest. He had a much bigger car than mine, so we got in the back of his and he fucked me.”

“Christ Jane!” Vera said, “what about precautions, l mean, doing it with a complete stranger, weren’t you afraid of catching something?”

“Oh he offered to use a condom,” Jane replied, “but l’ve always hated those things, and he looked like a decent chap.”


“Oh yes,” Jane laughed, “the usual story, wife had gone off sex.”

“What was it like?”

“Not bad actually,” Jane replied, “l didn’t cum or anything, l think l was too nervous, but he was quite gentle, he had a decent cock and to be fair he tried to last long enough for me to cum but l had to tell him to finish in the end.”

“Did you do it again?”

“Oh yes,” Jane replied, “we’ve done it twice since, it’s much better now, he books a room at the pub and we spend the afternoon there, he really is a considerate lover.”

“Crikey Jane,” Vera said, the conversation and the attention she was getting around her vagina causing all sorts of sensations, her hands automatically went to her breasts, teasing her own nipples.

Jane noticed what her friend was doing, smiling to herself.

“Is that the only one you’ve met?” Vera asked.

“No,” Jane replied, applying a lotion to Vera’s pubic area then using a razor to finish the job. “I met one other single man but it turned out he had put a false photo of his cock on the site, he actually only had a tiny thing and he only wanted a blow job.”

“What did you do?”

“I told him to fuck off and got back in my car.”

They both laughed.

“I’ve met a couple as well,” Jane continued, “they live over by Nottingham so it’s a bit far, but l managed to get over there one afternoon.”

“What, to see the husband?” Vera asked.

“No, both of them,” Jane replied, “they are a lovely couple, mid forties, big, posh house, she is a solicitor and he is a police inspector.”

“Bloody hell Jane.”

“Oh you meet all sorts once you get into this.”

“What did you do?”

“Well we had a drink and a chat first,” Jane replied, “then he fucked me, then l did a bit with his wife until he was ready to fuck me again, it was a good afternoon.”

“What do you mean about doing a bit with her, you mean lesbian stuff?”

“Well yes l suppose,” Jane smiled, “but it’s not just lesbians that do it, have you never done it with a girl, not even when you were younger?”

“No, of course not,” Vera replied, “l wouldn’t know where to start.”

“You start at the cunt V,” Jane laughed, “there,” she said, sprinkling some talcum powder over Vera’s shaved pubes, “that’s lovely, l bet it feels sensitive.” She stroked her fingers gently over her friends pubis, tracing down and stroking her labia.”

“It does feel sensitive,” Vera replied, feeling Jane’s fingers playing with her labia, kaçak casino “what are you doing?”

“Just enjoy it V,” Jane responded, bending forward and placing her mouth over her friends vagina.

“But Jane,” Vera protested, “l don’t….” She suddenly gasped as Jane sucked on her clitoris, feeling her own body responding.

“You liked that,” Jane said, looking up at her, “just let go V, enjoy it.”

Jane went back to work, teasing her friend’s clit, delving her tongue into her vagina, pleased to be able to taste her juices as her body responded.

Vera placed her hands on Jane’s head, initially intending to push her away, but as Jane located her clitoris again she automatically ended up curling her fingers in her hair, pushing her harder against her cunt. She let out a moan as Jane inserted two fingers into her cunt, curling them up behind her clitoris, finding that spot that Vera sometimes managed to find with her tiny vibrator.

Vera’s back arched as Jane sent shivers through her body, no-one had ever done this to her, she had heard of women doing it with each other but thought that was just women who didn’t like men, this was against everything she had ever thought.

As Jane continued to stimulate her, she could feel a build up inside her, not the deep, powerful build up she had felt with Barry, this was more gentle and slower, but she knew it was only two paths to the same conclusion.

As the pressure built, she opened herself fully, craving more of what Jane was doing to her until suddenly she cried out as her orgasm swept through her body she felt the rush of hot juices flowing inside her. She gripped Jane hard holding her tight against her cunt.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” She cried as her friend stayed with her to conclusion.

Finally she was spent, relaxing her hold as her body relaxed.

Jane rolled away, crawling up alongside her, kissing her.

The kiss felt so natural to Vera, she found herself responding, returning the kiss.

“Good?” Jane said, looking deep into her eyes.

“I….l never thought…” Vera responded.

“I know,” Jane smiled, kissing her again, “my turn now.”

“But…..But….l don’t know how,” Vera replied.

“It’s easy,” Jane replied, “you know where all the sensitive spots are, l’ll guide you.”

“Do l have to?”

“Look V,” Jane said, “we’re neither of us beauty queens, if we want these three young studs to be interested in fucking us we have to show them that we can entertain them.”

“Yes but we’re going to let them fuck us,” Vera replied.

“Yes but they’re not machines V,” Jane continued, “we don’t just want one fuck then wave them goodbye do we, they need to be entertained so that they want to fuck us some more. Fellas love the idea of watching girls together, it turns them on. You have to decide V, do you want to have fun or not, if the answer is yes then you have to be prepared to experiment. Come on, give it a try, l guarantee, once you start you’ll enjoy it.”

Jane laid back, opening her legs, Vera nervously got between them, she had never seen a vagina apart from her own using a hand mirror, she began by stroking the labia then using both thumbs to part them. Cautiously she bent forward, she was excited and nervous, this situation was so completely new to her.

“Kiss it,” Jane said, sensing her friends hesitation. “Kiss it, then suck on my clit.”

Vera bent closer, fascinated to see the folds of flesh opening as her fingers parted them, she saw the opening into her cunt, glistening, saw the nub of her clitoris nestled at the top of her vagina. She placed her lips over her friends clitoris, immediately feeling it responding. She sucked on it gently.

“Yes,” Jane sighed, “not too gentle, l don’t think l will be long before l cum. Finger me.”

Vera could sense her own arousal, the feel and smell of Janes cunt stirring her own juices. She placed two fingers against the opening sliding them easily into the slippery channel until they were fully immersed.

“Now frig me like l did to you,” Jane said, “suck my clit and frig me, do it hard.”

Vera began moving her fingers, Jane giving a gasp as she located that special spot. She felt the clitoris in her mouth swelling. She could hear her friend moaning in pleasure, the thought that she was doing it right and that she was giving so much pleasure encouraged her. She worked her fingers harder.

“Oh yes!” Jane cried, squeezing her own breasts together as she teased her own nipples. “Oh my god that’s good.”

Vera worked faster, sucking hard on that clit, feeling Jane’s cunt begin to spasm.

“Oh yes, l’m cumming,” Jane cried.

Vera didn’t let up, she wanted to make her friend feel what she had felt. Suddenly, Jane’s body gave a heave, Vera felt the flood of juices flowing over her fingers, she moved her mouth away, wanting to watch her friends vagina as it convulsed, still working her fingers inside.

“Oh god!” Jane cried.

Suddenly a spurt of liquid shot from her cunt, hitting Vera in the face.

“Oh, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Jane called out.

Vera knew she should be disgusted, but instead she was taken over by the eroticism of the act. Time and again, as she worked her fingers in her friends cunt, spurts of liquid shot out. Vera made no attempt to get out of the way as each spurt hit her in the face. She reached between her own legs with her other hand, locating her own clit, rubbing it furiously. It only took seconds before she felt her own orgasm.

Eventually, both women collapsed, Vera lying between her friends legs, her head resting on her pubis. She could feel Jane trembling. Slowly she got to her knees, crawling up to look down at her friend.

Jane looked up at her, reaching up, she pulled her friend down, their lips met, the kiss was passionate but gentle. Jane could taste her own juices on Vera’s lips.

Vera pulled away. “I think l did it right,” she chuckled.

“Oh yes,” Jane responded, “sorry about the fountain, it doesn’t always happen, only when it’s special.”

“It was a bit of a shock,” Vera laughed, “but by then l was so far gone myself.”

“You weren’t put off then?”

“I know l should have been,” Vera replied, “but l have discovered so many things about myself lately, in just a few days l have made love to a black man and a woman and now l’m getting ready to be used by three black men. For a woman in her fifties, who has only ever had sex with her husband, and pretty bad sex at that, it has been quite a turn around.”

“We’re not going to get many chances like this V,” Jane said, “this is our big chance to have some fun, we just have to decide to drop all barriers at go with it, wherever it takes us.”

They both showered together, another new experience, as they soaped each other, caressing each other, kissing tentatively at first but then with more passion.

Jane drove Vera home, their quick parting kiss suddenly having much more significance.

That night, as her husband lay snoring beside her, Vera lay awake, going over everything that had happened, she asked herself if this was what she really wanted, feeling a response in her body as her fingers wandered down to her vagina, over the smooth flesh where earlier that day had been a thick mat of hair. She gave a low groan of satisfaction, deciding that she was going to enjoy it while it lasted, whatever the consequences.

The rest of the week passed very slowly for Vera, her body seemed to be in a constant state of anticipation. She had one dream where three gigantic black cocks were chasing her through a forest, into a cave that looked exactly like Jane’s cunt. She woke up in a cold sweat, wondering if she had called out and disturbed Frank but he lay there snoring, totally oblivious.

Saturday morning came, Frank seemed to take ages getting his stuff together ready to leave, she kept checking her watch but resisted the temptation to say anything in case he suspected something. She tried to show interest when he told her of the match he was going to see, pretending to believe him when he said that they would probably go for a Chinese meal in the evening then back to the hotel.

What she really wanted to say was, “l hope you enjoy spending a week’s wages to grope some tart’s plastic tits, l’m going to get shagged silly by three big black cocks.” She had difficulty keeping a straight face when she thought that.

Eventually he left, leaving her pacing the house, checking her watch every five minutes. Thankfully Jane arrived just after lunch, she was a calming influence.

“Just remember V,” she said, “this is not going to be some romantic interlude, this is just three young lads using two old sluts for sex.”

“You make it sound very sordid,” Vera replied.

“That’s because it is sordid,” Jane continued, “that’s what makes it so exciting. You have to be completely relaxed about it V, they are going to want to have fun with us, that means using us for things they can’t do with decent girls.”

She saw the doubt in Vera’s eyes.

“That’s the way it is V,” she said, “you and l don’t have the choice once we open that door and let them in, they tell us what they want and we do it, then, with a bit of luck, they will want us again, if not, well we’ll just have to make the most of this once.”

Vera was still nervous but saw Jane’s point, she was an overweight woman in her fifties, she had very little to offer apart from the opportunity for three young lads to use them to explore their sexual fantasies.

“Are you up for it V?” Jane asked, “if not, text Barry now and call it all off.”

“I am up for it,” Vera replied, “l’m just a bit nervous, that’s all.”

“Don’t worry,” Jane reassured her, “once you get that first big black cock up your pussy, you’ll relax and enjoy it.”

The clock ticked round to five o’clock, then Jane said it was time for them to shower and get ready. Jane suggested they shower together, that helped to relax Vera, especially when her friend kissed her then fingered her cunt.

Afterwards they spent time doing each other’s make up, then helping each other into their basques. Making sure each one was tightly laced to exaggerate the figures. Jane rouged Vera’s nipples and labia then Vera returned the favour. Eventually the clock showed fifteen minutes past seven and both women were ready.

Jane sat calmly in the armchair in the lounge while Vera paced back and fore. Stopping every few minutes to push open the slats of the blinds to see if the lads were coming.

“Oh my god, they’re here,” she gasped, “do l look alright?”

“You look fabulous,” Jane replied, standing up. “Text Barry and tell him to use the back door and to come straight in.”

Vera grabbed her phone, but her fingers stumbled over the screen. Jane took the phone from her and sent the message.

“He’s looking at his phone,” Vera said, peering through the blinds. “They’re going down the side of the house.”

A few seconds later they heard the back door opening. Jane took hold of Vera’s hand, standing beside her, facing the door from the hall.

They saw the door handle turn….the door swung open………….

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