Pippa’s Visit Part 2

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Pippa’s Visit Part 2
I poked my head around the door to check on Pip as I went up to bed, bless her she was fast asleep and had kicked most of the covers off. I looked at her laying there on her stomach with her shirt ridden up and she had one leg up showing off her panties which were snuggled up her crack and a nice view of her puffy pussy between her legs, I was tempted but decided to let her get her rest and headed off to my room.
I removed the robe as I always sleep naked and sat on my bed checking my phone when a facetime call came through from Alice.

I accepted it and saw Alice’s smiling face looking at me, I smiled back at her:
“Hi Frank, how is Pippa doing, did she enjoy her first evening with you?” she asked
“Oh Yes Alice, I tired her out by getting her to do all her homework, now she is out like a light”
“That’s Awesome Frank” she said, “She is a heavy sleeper so I doubt even a hurricane would wake her” I laughed at that comment.
“Can I see her?” she asked so I got up out of bed and walked into the other room and pointed my phone at Pippa sleeping in her bed.
“Aww, she looks so peaceful, and you remembered to give her a shirt, bless you Frank” she said making no mention of the fact that her arse was in full view.
“If she struggles to sleep then by all means have her in with you” she said, “She often sleeps with me” she continued. “Great to know” I said smiling.
I walked back to my room and must have had the phone at the wrong angle as then next thing I heard was
“Are you naked Frank” and a giggle from Alice, I had to be honest
“Yes” I said, “I always sleep naked Alice” and I was pretty sure from the angle of the phone that she didn’t see below the waist, she smiled at me again and lowering her phone said,
“I am too” as she showed me a wonderful pair of bare ‘B’ cups
“WOW!” I said smiling, “Very nice” and she thanked me for the compliment
“What’s the plan for tomorrow” she asked
“I am taking her into town and do a bit of shopping, buy her a few clothes” I said cheerfully
“Really” she replied, “You are such a star”
“No problem at all” I told her, “Give me a call later tomorrow and I will update you” I said and we ended the call. This was quickly followed by a text, ‘Goodnight Frank xx” which I thought was quite nice and she still didn’t know what was going on.

I went back to Pips room and she hadn’t moved a muscle and being told how much of a heavy sleeper she was and add in a couple of joints I wasn’t surprised she was out cold. I looked at her sweet rounded arse again and temptation got the better of me as I gently ran my finger up and down her crack even going under and between her legs feeling her pussy through the fabric of her panties, she still didn’t stir.
I leant forward and repeated the process but this time I ran my tongue ever so gently up and down her crack and gently pulled her cheeks apart and easing her panties to one side exposing her little shaded area of her bum hole, ‘Mmm’ I thought as I got my first taste of Pip’s arse, it did taste good and the heat it generated was like pressing my face against a radiator.
I pulled her cheeks as wide as I could to allow myself to get my tongue right into her and apart from a slight and very faint murmur she still didn’t stir and I spent a good 5-10 minutes with my tongue buried in her little hole, savouring the flavour of her back door.
Eventually I got up and walked to the side of the bed bent down and kissed her on the forehead and returned to my room where I enjoyed a very good night’s sleep.

Morning came and I was pleasantly woken by Pippa who had made a nice cup of coffee, she walked into my room chirpy and excited for the day ahead, I lay there half covered by the thin cover as she sat on the edge of the bed wishing me a good morning,
“How did you sleep?” I asked as my eyes focused on her still illegal bahis dressed in the tee shirt she had slept in,
She looked into my eyes smiling, “Oh I slept very well, I was out when my head hit the pillow” she said and made no mention of my sneaking in to lick her arse, a heavy sleeper indeed.
“Can I take a shower?” she asked while I sipped my coffee, I nodded as I looked at my watch and it was 10.30 so I told her to get dressed afterwards and we will head off to town to do some shopping and grab a McDonalds for lunch, she was excited as she left the room

After I heard her finish in the bathroom I took a shower myself and was back in my room drying myself when in she walks, “How do I look?” she asked standing there in a tee shirt that only just covered her belly and her tight white yoga shorts which if I am honest had seen better days and she was fast growing out of them, on closer inspection and after a 360 degree turn I suggested that she might want to put her little denim skirt on over the top as these yoga shorts were so tight they were like a second skin, riding up between the cheeks of her arse and so tight around her pussy that her slit was clearly visible, so much so that my cock was coming to life and I didn’t want to walk into town with a hard on.

I told her I had a facetime call from her mum and showed her you sleeping and she was a little upset that she missed it but I told her that when we get back from shopping she could model her new clothes and I would send pics to her mum so she can see what you bought, that made Pippa happy.
I slipped on my shorts and a tee shirt and took the short walk through the park into town, I knew a back-street shop that sold the sort of things that Pip needed so we headed straight for it.

We got to the shop which was surprisingly empty as they had a closing down sale on and was met by a middle-aged gentleman, “Good afternoon sir” he said in a very polite and cheerful way, “How can we help you?” he continued looking across at Pip,
“I need a few outfits for my daughter” I said with a grin and Pip looked across at me surprised that I used the ‘daughter’ word but happy that I did.
The shop assistant looked her up and down before asking what kind of outfits we had in mind, I looked across at Pip seeking some assistance and she blurted out her list,
“Dresses daddy please, oh and tops and I need underwear too, oh and can I have one of those thong thingy’s too please” and the assistant looked at me smiling and told me that what was in the shop was all they had left and handed Pip a basket and told her to go browse.

I stood chatting to the guy while Pip spent the next hour looking at clothes putting stuff, probably too much stuff into her basket, damn she nearly cleared out the shop but she needed it I guess.
“There is a fitting room out back” the assistant said as Pip approached the counter and off she went while I continued to chat to the guy.
Another half hour passed and the assistant suggested I go see if she was ok so I wandered out the back to the fitting room where the curtain was pulled
“Are you ok in there babygirl” I asked and this little head poked through the curtain with the biggest smile you have ever seen, “Yes Dad” she said, “All of this is so awesome I cant wait to get home and show you” she said and she was beaming.

Finally she emerged carrying her basket and handing me a few items that didn’t fit so we went back to the checkout where the assistant totted everything up, there were summer dresses, shorts, jeans, ops, bras and panties, even a couple of packets of thongs in there, I paid the man and just as I was about to leave he said, “Hang on” and disappeared out the back returning with another packet of thongs, “Maybe these will fit your wife” he said handing me the packet, Pip looked at me trying tipobet hard not to laugh and I thanked the guy and we left.

Off to get a late lunch and while we ate I sent a quick text to Alice telling her of all the nice things we bought and the plan to do a fashion show and I promised to send her pics later and also that I bought a surprise for her too, Alice text back, “OMG!, are you joking!, I cant wait to see the pics”
During lunch Pip told me of the struggles they have which made me even more glad that I had taken her shopping and the fact that she was now calling me the ‘D’ word touched me, she was so sweet and neither of us could wait to get home, I promised Pip a nice smoke too.

We got home and I made a few smokes while Pip sorted out her new outfits in the hallway and my jaw dropped as she walked into the lounge in her first outfit, “What do you think Dad?” she said as she stood in front of me in a stunning white summer dress which buttoned up the front
“Wow!” I said as I took a snap for her mum, she spun round and then asked if I wanted to see what was underneath, “Oh yes” I replied in anticipation and she turned her back on me and slowly and teasingly undid the buttons and let the dress fall to the floor,
“WOW!” I said in amazement as she had a white thong and bra set which showed off her little bubble butt perfectly, she turned back to face me and I could feel the blood rushing to my cock.

The bra was a tad big as she didn’t have much to put in it but I am sure as she grows it will fit, her panties albeit tight were a perfect fit and I could just see a bit of fair pubic hair escaping from the top but she looked divine and I took a few more snaps for her mum.
She kept the underwear on as she showed me a couple of pairs of sports shorts and tops and a night shirt and I have to say that her taste in clothes was perfect.
Next was a pair of tight denim shorts which fitted her like a glove followed by another summer dress.
My cock was now solid under my shorts and while modelling it was something that Pip certainly noticed,
“How much more” I asked as I lit the first joint and Pip replied with “Just a couple more underwear sets”.

The underwear sets were all pretty conservative that would be good for school but she had to leave the best for last, she walked in again in a red thong that barely covered her pubic triangle and a bra that on closer inspection showed her little stiff nipples, she stood in front of me as I handed her the smoke so I could have a closer look and ‘OMG’ she did look sexy.
I told her to bend slightly and I could see right down her bra at her little bee stings and stiffening nipples, I pulled her closer and parted her legs slightly so that I could evaluate the fit, I could feel the warmth of her pussy and took in the sweet aroma as I gently ran my fingers along her lady slit causing her to moan and cough on the joint. I spun her around asking her to bend again and the string of the thong was tight up the crack of her arse and as I ran my hand up and down the crack I heard a faint murmur.

She spun back around handing me the joint as I took a few shots of this final outfit, “What do you think?”
she said looking for confirmation that she had spent my money wisely, I looked up at her telling her that every item was worth its weight in gold.
Pip gathered up all her things and took them upstairs while I sorted out the pictures to send to Alice, I wasn’t sure whether to send the underwear shots but thought ‘what the hell’ and sent them anyway and when Pip returned wearing her night shirt I had to lift it up to see what was under it, “Lovely” I said as she had kept on the red thong, we lit up another joint and Pip got me a beer as we waited on a response from Alice.

It was a warm evening and I had changed into a pair of boxers tipobet giriş without a shirt which was my usual home attire while Pip sat laid on the sofa watching TV as we shared the smoke, ‘Ding’ went my phone as we got the long awaited message from Alice, I opened the text fully expecting her to rip into me
“OMG!, WOW! Frank, Thank you so much, she looks adorable, I can’t thank you enough, see you tomorrow xx” was the response I got which and no mention, good or otherwise about the pics of Pip in her undies, I turned to Pip and said, “Mums happy” and I could see that she was struggling as it was getting late.

“Come on girl, lets get you upstairs” I said as with all the excitement of shopping, the heat and the smoke the poor girl was beat.
I helped her up the stairs and opened up the windows to let the warm breeze filter through and pulling the cover back laid her on the bed pulling off her night shirt and putting the thin cover over her,
“Good night babygirl” I said softly, “Goodnight dad” she replied and I gave her a quick kiss on her soft lips and she was gone.

I returned downstairs to finish off my beer, my cock still throbbing from the earlier fashion show and I spent the next half hour flicking through the pictures which didn’t help as my cock was now solid and sticking out of the opening of my boxers, and it was as much as I could do to stop myself jerking one off, instead I decided to go to bed.
On the way up I checked in on Pip, she now had the cover off her and was laying on her back with just the little red thong hiding her modesty, ‘Wow!’ I thought as I looked at her sleeping and Alice was right; she was a heavy sleeper especially having smoked a couple in quick succession.
I wandered over and stroked her hair, no reaction at all as I stood by the bed looking at her. I kissed her on the lips trying to force my tongue into her mouth and as her mouth relaxed a bit I was able to and I felt our tongues touch, her mouth opened a bit and I was able to suck on her tongue a little as she slept.
I broke free and moved down and kissed her neck and sucked a little on her earlobes before moving down to her chest and gently licked around her nipples and feeling them stiffen as I gently sucked on them.

I felt her body stir a little as I kissed down her belly to her naval and ran my tongue through the little fair pubes protruding out of the waistband of her tiny panties, you could hardly call it a waistband as it was well below her waist.
My cock was bulging so I slipped off my boxers and moved around the bed and got between her legs widening them and looked down at her sweet pussy hidden beneath her new red thong and bending down I slowly started to lick her sex through the thing fabric having flashbacks at our first meeting under her desk.

She tasted good albeit a little sweaty and I pulled her panties aside and let my tongue explore her labia lips searching out her little lady button, as my tongue touched on it her body jolted and I could feel it grow as my lips encased her little nubbin, damn she tasted good and I could feel the wetness appear as her juices leaked, my tongue opening her up as I probed pushing inside her.
My hands reached under her and grabbed her arse cheeks as my tongue drilled deeper, pulling her cheeks apart searching for her arsehole with her juices dripping down giving lubrication as my finger found its target pulling her closer to my face tongue fucking her for all I was worth.

She murmured loudly as I felt her body jerk and her warm juices cover my chin, I licked and sucked swallowing most of what she was dispensing before her body went limp again, I looked up at her fully expecting her to be wide awake but she was still in the land of nod, I pulled away and rearranged her panties back into place before returning to her side and kissing her sweet lips again.
I returned to my bed and saw I had a miss call and a text from Alice, “You must be asleep, see you tomorrow” is all it said so I decided not to respond, got into bed and had the most wonderful sleep.

To Be Continued…..

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