Promise he wouldn’t Cum in Me Blacken

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Promise he wouldn’t Cum in Me Blacken
My pretty wife Barb and I were in a popular sports bar and she was wearing a nearly sheer unbuttoned blouse; a front buttoned mini skirt and thigh high stockings and heels. She was here like that, not to pick up some guy, but to pay off a bet. She was overly confident that her favorite team would win the bowl game and arrogantly made the wager with the certainty of winning; I was delighted to see them lose. I had made her a strong Black Russian before we left home to help her courage and dull her inhibitions a bit.

The terms were that if she lost, she would have to wear whatever I chose for her without underwear and we would go out to a bar and she was to flirt and chat with other men, dancing when asked. She was not to try to cover up and as the evening progressed she was to undo more buttons. I would choose to be beside her or not. I love for her to show off and hope someday to watch another man fuck her to exhaustion. Barb had tried to get out of the bet in several ways. Nothing moved me, even her apologizing, being super nice above and beyond what she normally is, even that she was in ovulation and should not be even close to being sexy with other men. Birth control reacts wrong with Barb so she is unable to take any pills; therefore I had the big “V”.

I left her by herself at the bar and went to the men’s room, taking my time there. When I came out my wife had several men around her talking to her and she seemed to like the attention. Not wanting to drive them away, I took a seat nearby to listen and watch. Barb’s blouse was undone three buttons now which allowed some good views of her tits and her unbuttoned skirt allowed a lot of her nice slender legs to be displayed. The one time I caught her crossing her legs, I got a glimpse of a hairy pussy. She does not shave like a lot of women today who would rather to look like a c***d than a woman, thank goodness.

She had a fresh Black Russian in her hand and one was waiting on the bar. After a while most of the guys moved away, and left her with one youngish white guy and a good looking black man. I could tell she was well on the way to intoxication so decided to join them when the white guy left. The black did not appreciate my arrival until Barb said, Hi honey to me. Then he was a bit uncomfortable but soon relaxed when I showed I was cool with things. Barb was quite drunk and I could tell the Black Russians had their usual effect, making her horny also. Jamie told her that she looked good enough to eat, causing her to giggle. Then he leaned close and asked if we were looking for some erotic threesome or moresome fun. Barb was a little stunned and said, “Oh no, I can’t do that. I am ovulating and don’t want to get pregnant.” A second later she realized what she said and said that she did not mean that, she meant no she wasn’t going to fuck. The more she babbled, the deeper she got until Jamie laid a hand on her leg canlı bahis siteleri and told her that he would promise to not come in her if that is what she wanted. Yes that is right, she agreed, then again found her foot in her mouth again and thinking to settle it said no not going to do nothing.

I leaned in close to them and said that I would love to watch her have several orgasms under a black man especially if his cock was large. Barb was a bit shocked that I had said that, but Jamie jumped in again and said he and a buddy had an apartment just a couple blocks away and we should continue the party there. I instantly agreed and before Barb realized it she had her 5th or 6th Black Russian in her hand in his apartment and he was putting mood music on. Then he asked her to dance and she hesitantly agreed. As they danced, Jamie undid the remaining buttons on her blouse, letting it hang open. Barb objected but he explained that he had been teased by glimpses of her lovely tits and wanted an unobstructed view, no matter how brief. Before she could button up, I danced with her and she started telling me how this was a bad idea and why. (a) She was very drunk and not in complete control, (b) she was fertile and if he fucked her (“like you want him to”), she would get pregnant and (c) she certainly had not intention of fucking anybody, especially a black man. How could she explain a mixed baby? She was so busy telling me this that she did not notice my unbuttoning her skirt until it fell off. Barb was standing dressed only in an unbuttoned blouse and as she tried to get her skirt back away from me, she turned to see if Jamie had noticed.

Barb froze and stared because Jamie had removed his clothes and his huge hard black cock jutted out in front of him at least 10 inches. I slowly maneuvered her closer to him as she looked, then she reached out and touched his throbbing cock. “My God,” she said, “I never knew they were this big or long.” She tried to wrap her hand around it and gave it a couple of strokes. Jamie put his hands on her shoulders and pressed down until she went to her knees and opened her mouth to suck that big cock, but could not get past the head. Rubbing it on her cheeks, she looked up at Jamie and said “if I let you put that in my pussy will you promise not to come in me but come in my mouth. I don’t want to get pregnant.” Jamie told her only if she will swallow his cum, and she said she would try. She took off her last bit of clothing and lay on the couch. Jamie immediately began eating her pussy and bringing her off almost immediately. After she had come several times, Jamie moved up to mount my wife and she grabbed his black cock and slipped it up and down her slippery slit, then nestled the head between her pussy lips and spread her legs wide. He worked in and out and soon his pubic hair was intermixed with my wife’s. When she grabbed his cock, I could see there was a lot of pre-come tipobet giriş on the head and thought she could already be inseminated.

She sighed and whimpered as her pussy stretched and gripped his black shaft, then she began to thrust up at him. He began moving in and out faster and faster and soon Barb had another orgasm, followed by another and another. It seemed that she was coming all the time now, and then Jamie took a break. He let her rest while still buried inside her. She asked if he came yet, he told her not yet then began moving again.

He caught my eye and winked then mouthed “two or three squirts” and I realized Jamie had shot some fertile sperm inside my wife and she did not know it.

“Please remember that you are going to come in my mouth and not in my cunt,:” she reminded him as his pace picked up again. Several minutes later he took another rest and I raised a questioning eyebrow, to which he shook his head no. Suddenly his even blacker roommate came home. He looked at me, looked at my naked wife lying under his roommate with a cock buried to the balls in her pussy and exclaimed, “Awesome, another beautiful white wife.” Then began to remove his clothes, displaying an even bigger blacker cock than Jamie’s. Barb looked terrified, then resigned to the fact that two blacks were going to fuck her tonight. He pushed his cock to my wife, who began to try to get it in her mouth.

Jamie then got up and Trace began to eat my wife. She came like skyrockets and spread wide open, and then Trace mounted her. She told him he could not come in her as she was fertile and did not want a baby. Trace really fucked Barb hard, like she really loves and I last only a few minutes doing. After about 10 minutes of hard fucking, he stopped and rested. Barb’s arms and legs flopped down to rest also. He started to move again and she had a few more orgasms. Barb then looked at both black men and said, “It does not matter what I say to you, does it? Neither of you have any intention of pulling out of me when you come, do you? I have heard at work that black men love to knock up white married women. The only other black I fucked came in me even when I begged him not to.” I suspect she was too drunk to realize what she just said but I had found a photo of a woman who could be her identical twin on the Internet. The woman had a black cock buried in her pussy and her head angle was just like my wife’s when she comes. Barb always refused to admit it was her being fucked.

Then Jamie mounted Barb again and as he was fucking her, I told her to spread wide, let that huge cock deep inside her and beg him to come inside you. She moaned no he had to pull out and I kept urging her to let him shoot into her fertile pussy. She still wanted him to pull out and he started to talk softly on how he want to breed her, want to slam his big cock in her and her stomach could feel him coming. “I am getting close to tipobet güvenilir mi blasting in you. Tell me to come inside and take my load” “Come in her,” I urged him as he was fucking her harder and harder.

Suddenly she yelled out, ” Oh Fuck Yes, knock me up, give me all your fertile sperm. Dump it deep” and spread her legs wide, lifting them out of the way of his hips and he slammed every tiny bit of huge black cock in Barb and groaned as his nuts emptied in her. They lay locked together quivering and Jamie said he could feel her cunt walls milking his cock of all his sperm.

Several minutes of resting with his big cock blocking any escaping sperm, then they began to relax and Jamie got off my (now knocked up?) wife. Monstrous globs of sperm poured out of Barb’s stretched open hole and ran down her ass crack as she sighed and stretched. Trace moved between her legs, which she spread in welcome and guided his cock inside her. “You are going to come inside me also, aren’t you?” she asked as his foot long meat slid into her. Soon she was gasping for breath between orgasms and the pounding Trace was giving her cunt. He was really slamming into her and she loved it. Her legs were up by her head, just offering her cunt to his breeding. Five minutes of fucking, then seven then ten, and he told her to get ready to receive. Barb tipped up as much as she could then began to urge him on. “Come on, fuck me, knock me up, Give me your c***d. Oh God I want your sperm. Yes breed me, make me a mother again.” And as he got closer, she started again saying, Oh yeah, fill me up. I can feel your cock swelling in me. OH FUCK! I can feel you coming in me. Don’t stop coming. I hope you are as fertile as I am.” And she had a huge orgasm and passed out. Trace continued to come in her and a few seconds later she came around again. Trace lay on her for a while then when he got off her, we all watched sperm drooling out of her.

Are you going to fuck me again, she asked them and after a few minutes of her sucking them, both bred her one more time.

When we left, she had taken 4 black loads in her cunt and one huge white load down her throat. I knew they exchanged phone numbers. When she got in the car, she fell asleep immediately. When we got home, she bitched at me for letting them knock her up, then said she loved it and was glad to take their loads. The next morning she was still dripping cum but was sure she was pregnant.

A few weeks later, she told me that her friends had called that Friday morning to see how she was (meaning was she pregnant?) and wanted her to come to another party tonight. Jamie hinted there would be at least four black men there for her breeding pleasure. She shyly said that seeing as it did not take the first time, they wanted to try again, except this time, she was going to spend the weekend with them. When I asked if she was ovulating and my wife said that she had finished her period 13 days ago and her temperature was just starting to rise this morning, so would likely be very receptive tomorrow (Saturday) She said with a coy little smile that more than likely, there would be a lot more than four blacks to breed her. She would let me know on Sunday night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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