Return to Puerto Banus

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Return to Puerto Banus
Only when we are lucky enough to be away from home do we really get the opportunity to indulge in my wife’s exhibitionistic behaviour. Once we discovered our mutual enjoyment of her desire to be admired by strangers, with my encouragement, she has become quite daring over the years. For us there is nothing we both enjoy more than some interaction with some receptive voyeur. Recalling the memories is very much a turn-on for us.

This was our second visit to the vibrant town of Puerto Banus in recent years, a paradise for voyeurs and exhibitionists, and partly the reason we had come here again. There were so many great looking women parading the busy quay-side walks and side streets in flimsy or revealing attire day and night. Some may have been high class hookers, but mostly good looking women just out to impress and be admired.

Anyway we checked into our hotel and were shown to our room which was on the second floor above some shops and accessed by a very slow moving lift. I remember thinking at the time we will make more use of the stairs, otherwise half our holiday will be spent in this bloody lift. Anyway the room was fabulous with a large emperor bed and a couple of comfy chairs. Looking through the large patio windows we were pleased to see it had the benefit of a fair sized balcony with a table, two chairs and a couple of comfy looking loungers and fitted with wrought iron railings. Looking out of the window across the wide pedestrianised shopping area were three-story apartment blocks that fortunately did not block out the sun.

After a late lunch and a refreshing siesta, we sunbathed on the balcony until the sun went down and showered ready for our evening meal. My wife picked her silky white, cross-over dress that she kept for special date nights. Always a good sign. The dress was cut to mid-thigh, with spaghetti straps supporting a deep vee at the front and simply held together with a sash giving her the opportunity to flaunt her eye-catching cleavage. A transparent lacy thong and a pair of really high silver shag-me-shoes completed the outfit. The material was so clingy, you could see the outlines of her curves in the slightest breeze but knew it would certainly be acceptable in this upmarket but somewhat racy resort.

We arrived at a restaurant we had visited on our previous trip, and were shown to a table on the balcony overlooking the marina by the head waiter. Obviously a man of experience who knew how to flatter and whose eyes soon fell to the valley of my wife’s soft cleavage

During the meal we chatted about our past sexual experiences arousing and were so engrossed in each other at this time, we hadn’t noticed our waiter poised at our table. A she pulled back slightly to enable him to top up our wine, he again ogled at her slightly over exposed breast and his knowing expression confirmed he was more than happy for us to continue our activities. Feeling very aroused by his attention Mandy soon excused herself to the ladies room. On her return I was delighted to see that she had loosened the straps on her dress. As she casually leaned forward with her arms on the table, her dress simply fell away exposing her tits and hard nipples. She was a real expert at accidentally exposing herself.

I waved for the waiter to come over and asked for the desert menu. His eyes had wandered to Mandy’s cleavage most of the evening, even going out of his way to pass our table at every opportunity. On his arrival this time, his eyes immediately took in Mandy’s blatant exposure. We mischievously spent some time browsing the menu, giving the lecherous waiter ample time to view and enjoy her exposed nipple. The excitement of another man sexually admiring her breasts is always very arousing for both of us.

We decide instead, to move to the lounge area and sample some cocktails. The waiter suggested we try their latest Gin cocktail which he said was quite strong but also sweet to the taste. When he returned a few minutes later with our chosen cocktails, and guessing he would respond to my request, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking a photo of us later when he had time.

After two of these cocktails Mandy’s exhibitionistic behaviour was certainly accelerating and I took advantage of this by slipping the strap off her left shoulder knowing the dress would soon slip and fully expose her engorged nipple. Although the place was almost empty at this time there were a few lingering over their drinks and discreetly look at us, which kept us aroused. Anyway, by the time the waiter returned moments later, most of her tit was showing and he couldn’t take hold of my phone fast enough and clicked away like a professional from different angles, portrait, landscape, zoom and anything else he could think of, clearly relishing in his inclusion in our activities.

Then deciding to move on, we asked for the bill. The waiter bid us goodnight, but unable to maintain his integrity any longer, blatantly sank his eyes pendik escort to my wife’s beautifully exposed soft breast, Mandy looked down to see how much was showing and to my delight, smiled at him, giving him the go-ahead to salaciously enjoy her exposure for his personal gratification as we left. That was so hot!

Not wanting these stimulating activities to end, we decided to stop on the way for another drink. We had passed a strip club earlier, just around the corner from our hotel and as Mandy had never been to one before, she said she was intrigued as to what it was like and thought might be fun.

After our eyes became accustomed to the low level lighting, we sat at a low table that had just been vacated and recalled our earlier episode with the waiter and Mandy was thrilled when I suggested he would probably be pleasuring himself now. The top of her dress just about overlapped where the sash held it together, revealing most of the soft mounds of flesh that had been the focus of so much attention that evening. Fuck she looked so seductive, just sitting close to me looking like one of the hostesses and wallowing in her shameless exposure.

It was then that a gorgeous looking Asian hostess approached and we ordered a couple of beers as most other drinks were quite expensive. On her return she became quite chatty and very friendly then finally got around to asking if we wanted her to dance for us. Explaining that club is topless only and no touching of the girls is allowed, unless we wanted to pay for a private dance in one of the secluded areas.

As we looked at each other before deciding, I enquired if she would dance just for Mandy. She said she was glad that was what I wanted, as she found herself attracted to Mandy and enquired if would we prefer to go to the secluded area. I was a little disappointed when Mandy said she preferred to stay where we were.

At the start of the next track this gorgeous Asian hostess performed a beautiful strip down to a minute G-string which barely concealed her smooth lips. Then bending forward in front of Mandy, her hands moved to tussle her Mandy’s hair, before tracing their way down her neck line, and dared to completely uncover her breasts, then moved to the side, delicately kissing her exposed nipples, first one and then the other.

By this time a small crowd had gathered to watch as she moved up until she brushed her breasts past my wife’s face. Then continued to seductively slide her hands down the side of Mandy’s body and along her thighs until she reached her knees

She then knelt in front of her, slowly widening her legs until her silky dress just slid apart uncovering her tanned thighs and the lacy thong that did little to hide her smoothly shaven crotch, much to the delight of the lecherous group watching. Such was the eroticism of the moment, my loving wife did not move to cover her exposure, and just sat there with her eyes fixed on the hostess as she massaged her groin then culminated her performance by burying her head between Mandy’s legs until the end of the track when she made a show of pulling her thong aside and gave her slit a delectable lick. I’d been on cloud nine all night and now I was heaven watching this erotic performance.

On finishing, the hostess obviously pleased with herself, further enquired if we would like a private experience which we gracefully declined, but stayed a while longer which allowed Mandy time to compose herself, as she was clearly exhilarated by the stripper’s performance and the attention she had received. She told me it was the first time anything like that had happened to her, and confessed that it really excited her.

The walk back to the hotel was similarly stimulating. We stopped on several occasions for long deep passionate kisses.

Back at the hotel we could hear the vibrant disco music coming from the hotel roof bar, so thought we’d give it a go.

My wife asked me to wait a moment as she needed to go to the loo to refresh her make up.

She looked like every man’s dream as she emerged from the powder room and I joined her to head for the lift. As the door closed, she looked at herself in the mirror adjusting her dress, teasing me as to how much she was going to show. My cock jerked instantly when I realized she had also removed her thong.

God I’d never known her turned on.

The mega slow lift eventually came to a gentle halt on the seventh floor, the bell chiming softly as the doors opened with my wife standing in the doorway, her cross over dress gaping, exposing most of her cleavage to anyone who may have been waiting.

Taking her hand we wandered around the vibrant bar area, stood by the bar discussing how much of a turn-on the evening had been so far. Mandy happily allowing more of her bra-less cleavage to be deliberately exposed.

After ordering a couple of cocktails, we moved to overlook the marina and street below. We continued with more deep french kisses, our hands discreetly exploring each other’s orhanlı escort bodies. God she was wet! She told me she loved me so much and that it will be forever, then asked how much I enjoyed seeing her with the stripper. If ever there was no need for a question then this was it. I told her it was one of the horniest scenes that I had ever seen.

Continuing to rub my hardness through my trousers, she hesitantly asked and “How would you feel if I were to want to have fun with another woman or man.”

Hearing this sent another massive surge to my already hard cock. Having witnessed her earlier antics, I told her she knew how much I loved her and how much she knew it excited me seeing her exposing herself to random strangers. If she wanted to take it a step further I’d have no objection as long as I was there to share the experience.

“You would enjoy that too, wouldn’t you? Not necessarily going all the way though, just like what we have done before except with perhaps some touching. Does the thought of a stranger touching me arouse you Dave?”

The heady mix of alcohol combined with this evening’s eroticism, I’d have agreed to anything my loving wife would want to do and told her that the thought of another man fucking her was something I often fantasised about.

So many ideas were now flooding through my brain, I took her to the dance floor now buzzing with night party goers and started dancing with her. The floor was crowded and we found ourselves being jostled close together. We ground into each other with unrelenting lust. As I hitched her dress to feel her perfect cheeks, I could feel a wetness where copious amounts of precum was oozing from my cock. The track finished all too soon and we returned to the edge of the terrace. Both so turned on that anything was possible.

“See that guy standing with his friends by the bar, he’s been watching us all night. Would you like to watch me dance with him?”

How could I refuse such a simple request?

The next time he looked over to us Mandy held his gaze suggestively for a few moments then approached him saying nothing but taking his hand and leading him to the dance area.

Watching them dance to the heavy beat was such a turn on. It didn’t take him long to press up against her. His hands on her butt pulling him tight against him as they ground to the pulsating track and Mandy was clearly enjoying his attention. She returned as the track ended looking very flushed and feeling quite proud of herself, boasting she had given him an erection which he had unashamedly pressed into her belly.

“Umm, that was horny. Did you enjoy watching us Dave?”

Now almost two in the morning, we decided to head back to our room. With sexy thoughts in mind we stopped back to allow another couple to use the first lift. Then whilst waiting ages for another, I stood slightly back from her. She leaned back provocatively with hands on hips and said “Well, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, what about this” I replied then pulled the sash through the loops around her waist, then eased the flimsy fabric to uncover a full frontal until the lift arrived. The excitement was blood rushing waiting for the lift doors to open, not knowing if anyone would be in it. The lift arrived and journey to the second floor was thankfully as slow as expected, giving Mandy the opportunity to kneel down and my release my aching cock, I could feel her tongue glide over my cock and then the warmth as her lips parted and sucked me in to her mouth.

Stepping out of the lift, I wanted to video her removing her dress completely pouring some ice from the machine in the corridor. Without any hesitation and knowing I would delighted to see her get caught, she made a play of dancing like a stripper and threw me her dress while I videoed her performance.

While we were messing about the lift chimed and the doors opened leaving Mandy in full view of the emerging couple. Fuck! This was what I had hoped for. The actual surprise of her being caught unexpectedly unnerved me a bit but also excited me. Butterflies in my belly were doing somersaults.

Fortunately, they were in high spirits, and laughed when they saw me videoing her. The guy told us not to mind them and said they didn’t want to spoil our fun. Although embarrassed, I knew my wife was loving this encounter and coyly tried to hide her nakedness. His girlfriend said wished she had the balls to do something like that. To which her boyfriend replied “It’s something we gota do babe.”

When we eventually reach or bed room I needed the bathroom, and so left Mandy naked and flushed with desire to her own devises for a few moments. On returning to the bedroom I could she moved to the balcony, and gently pleasuring herself on the lounger. She looked so hot smiling at me with that come and get me look.

Moving to join her I took both the vinyl mattress off of place them side by side to we could share this erotic moment. Such was our urgency to enjoy each other’s aydınlı escort bodies we were fucking in seconds. Kneeling astride me she impaled herself on my rock hard cock and started rocking to a slow rhythm. She looked amazing, her naked form bathed in the soft mood lighting from above the balcony and asked if I thought anyone could see us as she looked around the windows across the street and at the balconies above us.

I replied that I certainly hoped so, then went on to recall her earlier comments about how she would like to have fun with a stranger and how much I had thought about her be fucked by someone else.
She continued “Well, what did you think my fantasy?”
“Would you really be willing for me to have some fun with a stranger?”
“You’d love to watch me wouldn’t you?”
“Not just watching someone look at me, but actually watch someone touching me like this!”
“Would you like to see me take hold of his cock and wank him?”
“Wank him close to my tits!”
“Take him in my mouth!”
“Suck him until he’s ready to cum!”
“Then release him to spurt over my face and tits!”
“You’d like that Dave wouldn’t you?”
“Watch him sink his hard cock inside me and fuck me hard!”
“Or would you rather see me with that stripper?”
“She was hot wasn’t she?”
“Especially when she ran her hands over by body and kissed my nipples which were so hard for her.
Yes Dave, I loved it when she did that. I loved it when I could see all the attention I was getting from the men watching her play with me. Exposing my pussy to them was so hot!”
“Would you like to see me with another woman?”

Elaborating on these scenarios sent her over the edge to one of the longest and most convulsive orgasms ever, culminating in a seemingly never-ending release of fluid. This was the first time this had ever happened to us and I could feel the warm fluid across my belly and the sensation of it running over my balls meant I could hold on no longer my hot cum shooting spurt after spurt deep inside her.

We stayed there for some time just entwined in each other’s body with the occasional loving thrust then started giggling uncontrollably when we realised how much mess we had made.

I awoke the following morning to see she was up before me and had showered and was sitting in her bath robe on the terrace fiddling with my phone flicking through pics I had taken the night before.

It was a bit late to go down for breakfast so I rang room service and ordered some coffee and croissants.

She looked so captivating just sitting there in the sunshine in her bath robe and obviously still in sexy mood as we discussed the pics and videos I had taken the night before.

“I hadn’t realised you videoed me dancing with that guy last night. He was so hot” she said, sort of reliving the experience.

It wasn’t long before we heard the knock on the door announcing room service. As I squeezed past her to get the door, I couldn’t resist mischievously releasing the tie on her robe loose open allowing much of the curve of her breast to be seen which amused her somewhat.

I opened the door and directed the older guy to the table on the terrace. Taking in her slight exposure, the room service guy soon began making mundane conversation as he hung about. When she was happy that he was admiring her slight exposure she became more animated as she talked to him giving him the opportunity to see more of what she enjoyed accidentally showing. I moved the conversation to where the best places to visit were and asked Mandy to fetch the map we had brought with us. Taking full advantage of my suggestion, she rose to fetch it and casually let her robe open momentarily as if she didn’t care how much he saw. But we both knew it was fully intentional.

Moments later she returned, holding her robe loosely closed and unfolded the map onto the table. He proceeded to point out some places of interest, taking furtive glances towards her breasts when he thought she wouldn’t notice. Winking at me, she upped the game by releasing her grip on the robe to point to some local beaches, sending a twitch to my hardening cock. Her dangling breasts now exposed to his view for his titillation as she bent over the map discussing his recommendations. When she was satisfied that her exposure had turned me on, she ended the conversation. As I was showing him to the door she asked if he knew if they were clothing optional beaches.

I returned to the terrace to see she was gently caressing her smooth pussy “Was that good for you Dave? Did you see he couldn’t take his eyes of me”? She teased. “Would you have liked him to see me doing this?”

I immediately picked up my phone to video her, asking her to keep talking as she masturbated for me.

Fuck, it didn’t take her long to bring herself to an amazing orgasm for me. Watching her performance for the video was so erotic. I couldn’t help but move close to her and video myself spurting my hot cum over her face and tits.

After we had composed ourselves, we sat on the terrace enjoying this amazing start to our holiday and looked around wondering if anyone had seen any of our antics on the terrace. Then moved on to discuss the fantasies that had developed and wondered if we dare indulge in some of them.

To be continued.

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