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The experience of being mated by Harley turned out to be amazing, but the early part seemed more awkward, difficult, and frustrating than it should have been. Surely, there is a better approach to mating with your dog. They had to be.

I remembered the videos we watched from that b**st site, which drew me back to it. I went into the office and logged into the site, found the videos and watched several we had seen before and a couple knew ones. Some women seemed to have less trouble with the dog probing and losing penetration, but it seemed that the penetration, loss of penetration, and trying again and again was a part of it. Was it really?

I roamed the site in search of an area to ask some basic questions. The site seemed populated with expert b**st lovers, but I quickly determined that not to be the case. It also became obvious that many of the people responding were looking for a conversation, at least, with someone willing to talk about sexual encounters. Some of the contact information about people didn’t even list a gender. I figured I was just looking for information and not a meeting, so I would give it a try. It took a couple days for me to realize that generally, my questions about ‘how’ and ‘technique’ would be met with reply comments like ‘practice makes perfect and tell us about your trying’ or ‘I have led many women into successful sex with dogs and would be available to meet you’. No, I was looking for real help, not to turn someone on.

I eventually decided on a part of the site that was for each state. I posted a comment in there, “I am a newbie and looking for help. I only want serious assistance and responses to my questions and concerns. Please PM me back, if you can patiently help.”

I got some typical responses quickly and throughout the day that were just more of the same. Then, later in the afternoon, I received a PM from ‘AZ-SENIOR’. This finally seemed hopeful. Anyone honest enough to identify as a senior might be genuine. She identified herself as a widower who had been active with dogs, but that ended about eight years, ago. She admitted to not being sure why she continued on the site except for nostalgic reasons and the occasional story that hit on a good memory of when she was active. I sounded so sincere, she said, that she would love to provide any assistance she could. I PM’d her right back with a list of questions that had shot through my mind that time with Harley. Primarily, though, was the issues that there must be a better way of getting him into me without all that painful and frustrating poking; and, that if he was more erect sooner, that he might not have a tendency to pull out in the early stage of mating.

We PM’d back and forth for about an hour and I could almost see her laughing on the other end by my comments and statements. She asked for details of what I was talking about, my experience so far. I immediately got nervous that this might be another ruse, just a better disguised one. I hesitated and then walked away from the computer. It was time to get dinner going and I needed time to think. After about half an hour, when the major preparation was done and the meatloaf was in the oven, I returned to the computer. I still hadn’t come to a decision, however, on who this person might really be. I was surprised and then delighted to see another PM from the person. She apologized, saying that she hoped her excitement to be of some assistance didn’t scare me away, that perhaps we should slow it down, and she would be available if I wanted to PM her, again.

I decided to hold off and discuss it with Nick. During dinner, we did just that. I told him about my effort to learn more and to discover how mating with Harley could be easier and more enjoyable for all of us. Nick admitted that watching it was difficult for him and was the reason he stepped in to assist. He agreed that it should be easy enough that assistance wouldn’t be required and there might be something to ‘practice makes perfect’, but he applauded my efforts to find out what others have experienced.

Later that night, I PM’d AZ-SENIOR once more. This time I apologized, but admitted some fear and nervousness of who was on the other end of these discussions. It was about 45 minutes before there was a reply, but I was doing some other work on the computer and saw the arrival of a new message. We started going back and forth and soon I had detailed my one and only mating experience with Harley. There was a pause of about 10 minutes and I could image her thinking, considering her next approach. Then, it came.

AZ-SENIOR: ‘Dear, I am feeling like I am getting to know you. You are one of the true real people I have encountered. A few more questions, though. Has your Harley licked you besides the time you mated? You felt that if he was more aroused, he would stay inside you easier? Besides the poking at you, that’s the gist of your concern or need?’

Me: ‘I feel like I am getting to know you, too. I must be (smile/blush), I can’t imagine relating these details to a stranger. Yes, you have it right. And, oh my god, YES! He brought me to orgasm with his tongue days before. My partner then let Harley lick the two of us as we fucked, me on top of him with my front to Harley. It was obscenely delicious. I can’t believe I am telling you all these things, but my partner is in agreement if it help me.’

AZ-SENIOR: ‘Oh Dear Lady, I love your openness and reservation being expressed at the same time. It is very charming and honest, and I feel honored if I am able to assist you. I have two suggestions and I hope you aren’t offended by them. They are techniques that I employed and the other two women in my group, also used. First, you are correct about the dog needing to be more aroused, more exposed from the sheath, before mating starts. Certainly, it can be done otherwise, but as you found, it can be frustrating when he pulls out while fucking (oh dear, is it okay that I use graphic language?). The easiest way to assure that is to … well, to return the favor to him like he did to you. Use your mouth. Suck him, lick him, drink his pre-cum. Do you enjoy sucking your partner’s cock? I suppose I should have asked that first. Oh well (smiles). Get him good and hard and well of his sheath, then when he is in you, he will stay there without your partner holding him. Second, getting him into you … use your hand. Sounds so simple now that I say it, right? Slip your hand between your legs when he mounts you, form a hollow with your fingers and palm, and let his cock slide onto your hand and into your vagina (or is pussy better? More smiles.) The hand move might take a little practice, but give it a try. I would love to hear how it cums for you …’

I called Nick over to read the response, his hands on my shoulders as he read over my head. As he read, his hands slid down my front. I wasn’t wearing a bra, of course, so his hands and fingers on my breasts soon had my nipples poking through the thin t-shirt material. I leaned my head back into his stomach and sighed. He finished reading and continued fondling me. When I opened my eyes, his were on my face, his face holding a big smile.

“You’re really turned-on.” He tweaked my nipples and I moaned.

“Yes … I am.”

He leaned over and kissed my mouth upside down like that classic upside down kiss in Spiderman. He had a habit of doing things that brought memories into play and small things like that kiss felt like so much more.

“And, it is not what my hands and fingers are doing. It’s what this woman was telling you, the potential of what her suggestions might mean for you, for Harley, for us.” I just moaned out my agreement. He took a half step back, turned the chair around to face him, pulled me out of it, pulled the bottom of my t-shirt up over my breasts and over my head. He touched my bare breasts, then his hands slid down my sides to my shorts, unsnapped the front, unzipped them, and kissed me as he pushed them over my hips. I stood in his arms, naked, my shorts in a puddle at my feet. “Go to Harley.” It wasn’t a command, it was encouragement, support. I kissed him in thanks and padded out of the room. As I turned at the hallway, I saw him sitting down at my computer.

When I opened the patio sliding door and stepped out, it got the attention of Harley who rose and padded over to me. Did my nudity have anything to do with that? Was he that fast of a learner to make the connection of my nudity and having me? Did it matter to him if it his tongue or cock? I suspected that one was okay, but the other was much better. I was intent on finding out just how much better I could make it for him.

Then, a thought came to me. It was dark and the patio, by design, had very subdued lighting. I wanted to see what I was going to be doing. This was going to be my first REALLY close examination of his cock and I wanted to see it all. I went back to the door and called Harley into the family room. In the laundry room closet were some old blankets we thought could be used for picnics and beach use. They can work for Harley and me, too. I spread one out on the family room floor as Nick walked in and smiled. He diverted to the kitchen, poured himself a double bourbon straight up, and settled into the couch in front of the blanket where I was getting Harley to lay down on his side.

I had Harley done quietly and I sat back onto my heels, looking up at my young lover, my son. “You’re getting comfortable to watch?”

“If it’s okay with you. I loved see you being taken by Harley the other night. I am thinking that it will be even better if you figure this out.” I smiled and turned my attention to Harley. I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I like the idea of him enjoying this, it meant he truly was good with Harley and me joining.

Harley seemed calm and I stroked his side and belly, wanting to keep him that way. Although he had licked me a couple times and mated me once, it would be the first time that I would suck him. I was concerned that the intimate contact to his penis might disconcerting at first. I was stroking his belly almost exclusively now and moving my hand closer and closer to his penis, covered by his sheath. But kurtköy escort bayan as my hand stroked close, the tip of his penis emerged. Just the tip, but it was there and I was glad I made the decision to move this activity into the house. I had seen images of dog cock on the internet, but this was Harley and it was more interesting to explore in detail than images on the computer. I stroked along the sides of his sheath and onto his sheath, still avoiding actual direct contact with the slowly emerging penis. I had read that the protected skin of a dog’s penis can be sensitive to touch unless a lubrication was used.

I leaned over to Harley’s head and kissed him on the face, the snout, and nuzzled his ears with my face, softly whispering to him as I did. The words weren’t significant or important, it was reassurance and gentleness that I was after. As my face was buried in his neck, my hand surrounded his sheath and aggressively stroked it back and forth. He flinched at the more aggressive touch, but my reassurance seemed to appease him. He was trusting me as much as he had Nick and expected that our changing relationship would increase that trust even more.

I raised my head and looked down his body. His penis was several inches extended from the sheath and decided it was time for the next move. This was as big a move for me as it would be for him. Although I have enjoyed sucking Nick’s cock, an understatement, it was already obvious that dog cock was very different. I moved my head to Harley’s belly, kissing it and moving toward my goal, which was pointing right at me, six inches from my face. The couple of inches of penis showing is reddish in color, the tip is somewhat pointed, and the it enlarges from the tip. This is unlike a man’s penis that has a head and then generally holds it shape to the base. I put my tongue to the tip and taste the pre-cum already forming on the tip. As I take my head slightly away, I see that more pre-cum is already forming at the tip. I put my lips to the tip and gently suck, taking more of the pre-cum into my mouth. It is not unpleasant at all and I suck harder, taking more of his fluid, but also bringing more of his penis into my mouth.

Harley twitches and I feel the tip hit my tongue inside my mouth. Something hard. The tip looks soft, but then I remember the clinic description I found on the internet. Normally for dogs, at the time of penetration, the dog’s penis is not erect, and can only penetrate the female because it includes a narrow bone, a feature of most placental mammals, humans being an exception. Unlike human sexual intercourse, where the male penis commonly becomes erect before entering the female, canine mating involves the male first penetrating the female, after which swelling of the penis to erection occurs. I was intent on changing that natural and instinctive process for Harley. At least with me, if he was ever lucky enough to get ahold of a real bitch, he may be confused.

His penis was now even further out of the sheath and the shape was getting more interesting. I lowered my head and mouth to the penis to take it back into and sucked. I pushed my mouth down over the cock until I came into contact the fur of the sheath. I felt his hind legs twitch and jerk in reflexive action to stimulation that was entirely unfamiliar, but he was not moving away from me. I had to smile, even with a cock in my mouth. I was doing good.

When I pulled my head back to see exactly how good I was doing, I saw another thing different about a dog’s penis. After the narrow tip, it expands dramatically before again reducing somewhat in circumference. It felt different in my mouth, not at all like a man’s, but not so different as to be a problem with my enjoyment of it, especially given that Haley seemed to also be enjoying it. That wasn’t only evidenced by his actions, the twitching of his hind legs, the slight humps of his rear, but also the increasing amount of pre-cum leaking from it and the increase in size. The canine penis might not normally become erect until it has penetrated a female, but the mouth of a woman seemed to be just as effective to create the same response.

I now had 3.5 to 4 inches of his cock exposed from the sheath. I looked up at Nick and saw he was still watching intently. He nodded and my attention returned immediately to Harley. I kissed the tip of his cock one last time, then his snout before I went to my hands and knees with my ass pointed at him, and slapped my ass cheek. The slap got his attention and the sight of my ass, my knees spread wide enough to display my pussy well to him, and he scrambled to his feet. His wet nose made contact with my pussy and ass as he sniffed at my scent. I pushed back at him and his tongue shot out, licking in one swipe the entire length of my pussy from my clit over my moist lips and up to my asshole. I shivered at the touch and gasped at the sensations that touch provided me.

I slapped my ass cheek, again, signaling him that more was wanted. He responded. His front landed on my back, feeling his weight landing on me and the fur of his chest on my back. He moved his rear to mine and I quickly put my hand between my legs, opened it to form a channel, and immediately felt his cock slide across my finger and palm, bumping right into my pussy. A slight shift to the side and he was inside me. It seemed to surprise him as much as it surprised me. It really worked. And he was deep inside me on the very next thrust. In fact, he was deep enough that I felt him loosen his grip around my waist and move slightly forward before tightly holding me, again. And, I still felt it. Despite having sucked his cock to about 4 inches out of the sheath, his cock was continuing to grow now that it was inside my pussy. And, it grew steadily. My mouth was good; my pussy apparently was better. I gasped and moaned at the penetration and feeling emanating from my pussy, from the cock inside my pussy.

Harley was pumping at me hard, again. Like last time, he was thrust like a crazed b**st but I would come to accept that this was the way of dogs. The difference this time, though, was that he never came close to pulling himself out of my wet hole. The pre-cum that continued to leak from his cock tip added to the secretions that I was naturally giving off, making this fucking a wild ride. My mouth had fallen open, trying to take in the sheer a****listic feel of our mating. My head rose, barely aware of the action, but I notice a movement in front of me and my eyes focused, seeking out what had changed. Nick … his legs were bare … then I saw it … he was still on the couch, but had stripped out of his clothes and was sitting, stroking his rigid cock, his drink sitting on the end table, abandoned with his rapt focus on us.

Once again, Harley had me right on the edge of cumming so fast. When I felt the knot pushing against my lips on the outside, I groaned and pushed back onto the cock in me. Harley pushed and I pushed. I felt my lips spreading and stretching. This time I knew, I knew the knot would go in and it would be okay. There was no fear or tensing this time, wondering if the knot might be too big. I knew it wouldn’t be and I pushed back at him ever harder. When it passed, pushed through my lips and into my pussy to join his cock, I exploded at the same moment I cried out in joy, release, and satisfaction. But Harley was done. I felt like I was holding on by a thread to a mind that didn’t want to cooperate. My body shook and shuddered as my orgasm crashed over me, my arms started shaking and release them, allowing my chest and face to press into the blanket on the floor. With my upper body on the floor and my ass sticking up in the air, Harley continued to pummel my pussy. Then he tensed, he pushed in one final time, and held me tightly with his front legs as he pressed his hind legs into me. I felt him … I felt his cock twitch and jerk, then the cum spurting out of his cock, coating insides with his seed. Once again, I felt like a bitch being seeded, being bred by this male. But, this time I really felt like his bitch. We had done it, without assistance or struggle or frustration. We had mated and he seed me. I honestly felt like I was his.

Harley and I stayed like that for minutes. I didn’t know how many, Nick didn’t think to check. It would be interesting to know. While we were tied, Harley did turn so we were ass-to-ass. Nick would tell me how obscene it looked when Harley would test the tie, my pussy being pulled away. When the knot had shrunk enough, Harley pulled and the knot and cock came out with a long stream of cum flowing behind it. I collapse the ground. Nick pulled some of the blanket over me and left me to recover while he returned to the kitchen to refresh his drink and to pour one for me.

The next thing I knew I was being encouraged to get up. I must have dozed in those few moments. As I stood to move the few feet to the couch, I saw that he had also placed a large bath towel over the couch seat. I knew from last time that I would likely be dripping dog cum for a while. The thought put a renewed glow in me as I settled onto the couch next to my Nick, almost on top of him he pulled me in so tight. With one arm around my shoulder, he handed me my drink, then took up his and held it out as if for a toast. And, it was.

“You are a quick study, my Dear. Your on-line friend will be pleased.”

I touched my glass to his. “To the making of a real dog-bitch, huh?”

“Are you having second thoughts or regrets?”

I turned my face to him and reached up. He leaned in and kissed me. “Not on your life! It is amazing, Nick. Do you have any regrets about starting this?”

He chuckled, “No … I think Harley and I can share you just fine. Does the idea of being his bitch excite you? Is that what you would like, to also be Harley’s when he wants you?”

“Yes, it excites me. The feeling is addictive. And, I think yes to the rest, too. But, exactly what do you mean?”

He blushed at having to express it. He stroked my shoulder and down my arm, grazing my breast in the process. “We make love a lot. I love it, I love you, and you seem to enjoy it, too. You are always ready and eager. Do you want to be kartal escort bayan that way with Harley, too? I sure wouldn’t object.”

“You mean when we are here, without you around, we could still … You wouldn’t see that as behind your back?”

“It’s sexy as hell! Then, you’re his bitch. That too will evolve into what that actually means between you two.” He kissed me and we finished our drinks. He took our glasses to the kitchen and helped me up. I knelt down and kissed Harley square on the lips, then Nick put him outside and locked the sliding door. He took me to bed. “You’ve had enough for one night.”

That wasn’t close to being true, though. But, our sex was slow and loving and gentle. I sucked him to a raging hardness, then rode him to a nice mutual climax.

In the morning, I slept through his alarm, getting ready, and leaving. But, I felt wonderful. My body tingled and felt alive. I had pleased both of the males in the house last night and both were wonderful in their unique ways: one, a****listic and powerful; the other, loving and reassuring of my place in his heart.

I was anxious to communicate with AZ-SENIOR and did that right after the basics of morning, including a shower. I stayed naked, though, as I fired up the laptop, logged into the site, and started a message to the woman I had quickly considered to be my doggy mentor. My message was brief, giving her the gist of my latest encounter with Harley, but stressing the point that it was a complete success. I then put on some running shorts, the shortest and tightest ones I had, and a sports bra. I grabbed the leash from the laundry room closet. Harley was instantly excited when he saw the leash. My selection of clothes was an obvious reaction to the way my body and mind were feeling after last night. I felt sensual and wanted and there can’t be anything more stimulating for a woman than to feel she is sensual and to know that she is wanted that way.

We returned from what became a long, energetic walk. I picked a skimpy outfit because I wanted to feel the air on my body in public and my bra selection did not provide the best support. That was also a feeling I wanted, to know and feel my breasts moving in my aggressive steps. I was feeling like I had good exercise, even if it was a walk, and I was feeling aroused from the feelings, mental imagery, and the looks I received with an occasional honk from a passing car.

I checked the computer and found a reply. I sat down and opened it.

“Dear, I am so excited for you! I am so pleased that my suggestion helped. You sound very excited about your future relationships, both with Harley and your partner. Can we meet? Some place neutral and public. Coffee, ice tea … I would love to hear your voice describing what happened.”

Should I be worried about this request? She’s been so helpful and open to me. I called Nick at the office and relayed the request from her without my thoughts. He thought for a moment, weighing the same issues, and came back with that same response. Meet her, publicly. She has already been so helpful it would be a nice way to thank her. Then, he hesitated, “I feel so positive about this myself, I wish I could also thank her, but … I think you should do it.”

I messaged her back agreeing to a meet and received a reply in minutes. She gave her name as Abby Jorgenson, 67 years old, widowed for five years, and living in Green Valley, which was a retirement community 25 to 30 miles south of Tucson. Given that we were on the far north side of Tucson; she was probably a good 45 minutes away. I said I would meet her in Green Valley. She wanted to meet soon, today if it could work out. It was Friday and I knew Nick was planning on leaving the office a little early to get a start on the weekend. Nothing like starting a sexual relationship with the dog to make two free days seem full of exciting, new potential.

I met Abby at a little coffee shop in a strip mall that backed up to a golf course. The golf course wasn’t important to us except that it provided a grassy area for us to be and away from overhearing ears. As we walked from the shop to the back where a couple picnic tables were available, I got a physical impression of her. Her hair was short and a shiny auburn color. She was only 67, but a lot of people in their 50’s and 60’s are beginning to lose their bodies. That didn’t appear to the case with her. Her body was trim and her legs were strong, showing firmness and muscle. My guess was either a lot of walking or biking or both. It could be that after caring for her husband those years, she became obsessive with being healthy. How is it that some people seem to become almost instant friends? In this case, it might have had something to do with the shared intimacies of our lives, but there was something more to Abby that allowed me to open even more to her. We finished our chilled coffees as I was finishing with the description of the previous evening. I left her on the bench and got refills for us.

She seemed lost in thought when I returned. I handed her the new drink and asked if she were okay. For a moment it was as if she didn’t even hear me. Then, she sighed deeply, “My life has changed so much. I’m not really such an old woman, am I?”

I looked at her confused. In five minutes of absence, her attitude had changed so much. She was looking inward, examining where her life was after discussing so openly and energetically what my life was becoming with her help. Then, she started relating her past. I asked a few questions along the way and it poured out. She was 67 years old. She was widowed five year ago after her husband of forever finally succumbed to years of fighting illness that ended up consuming his body and mind. They had moved to Green Valley, not entirely for the retirement aspect, but because they could get into a community that had graduated care available. Despite her good health, her husband was going to need increased care, if the doctors were correct in their diagnosis. The community they joined offered the full range, even hospice care. At the end, she was able to be living independent, but near enough to him to be with him as often as she could.

I asked when this had started. She smiled and patted my hand. She was sitting straight on the bench while I was sitting at an angle to better face her. Everything had changed about 8 years ago. She chuckled, almost like it was an internal discussion and I wasn’t there.

“Eight years. My goodness, I was 59. Can you imagine people that age carrying on the way we were?”

She was quiet, again. I thought maybe it might be best to just let the conversation die, that it might just bring back memories she would just as soon leave behind. But, her face changed into an odd mix of emotions. Her entire face turned into a smile, her eyes bright and shiny, but tears also formed in them, occasionally spilling over, dropping to her high, prominent cheekbones and trickling down her face. With her gaze still on the far distance, she continued.

“It all stopped when our dog died about 8 years ago. It was about the same time that John became seriously ill. It came on so suddenly, but of course, it didn’t really. We were just so busy with living and experiencing that we ignored some signs. The doctors all said it wouldn’t have mattered. I never wanted to question that, fearing that maybe they were just trying to make us feel better.”

She wiped the tears away, patted my hand, and apologized, saying that I didn’t need to hear all that. I insisted. Perhaps she has been holding this in for so long and it needed to come out. She admitted that she had never talked about it before, but took a deep breath, then spilled it in a long, uninterrupted monologue. They had happened upon two couples were who also sexually active. It started out as playful flirting and teasing while out dancing and dinners together, but it soon spread to much more. The three couples found themselves discussing their most intimate and tender moments as couples and realized they shared a previously guarded secret desire for more. They were all nervous of potential dangers and complications that could arise from including others in their sexual lives. That led to an understanding and commitment among them that if they took that step, they would remain committed to staying within the little group and any deviation would be reported. Disease was a real concern for them.

At that point my eyes opened wide and my attention was lost. Suddenly, my past life past in front of me with terror. She noticed and I confided to her that my past sexual life wasn’t nearly so thought out and safe. The strange men my partners had brought into parties with me as the center could have … She hugged me and gave me the affirmation I was already thinking, thank goodness for Nick taking me away from all that.

The group was strictly sharing. Some of the time it was swapping after dinner and dancing, wives going off with a different husband for the night. Only one of the couples had a c***d, so it was always arranged around their ability to protect her. Other times, it would be all of them together, having sex among each other, switching as the mood came, focusing on a few individuals sometimes. It was wonderful and intense.

I asked about dogs. She laughed. She suggested we walk, so we meandered along the edge of the golf course. The dog was later. She and John were the only ones who ever had a dog. And, luck had it that he was intact, which wasn’t a popular way to get a dog, but he was always under control in the yard or on a leash. One day, much like what happened to me, one thing led to another and … John saw no harm in it. Frankly, he was turned on by it, much like Nick was. But, they kept that part a secret from the others. A secret, that is, until one day when the ladies were at Abby’s as they sometimes did during the day for some girl-on-girl fun, and the dog put his snout right up the skirt of one of the other ladies. She had to confide in them about the dog and, eventually, that led to a demonstration, which also led to each of them trying it. Of course, they all agreed they had to tell their husbands and agreed to do it that very night so all would kaynarca escort bayan find out at the same time. The husbands called each other like some kind of cold war hot-line and agreed it was just another kink to their fun. After that, the dog was an occasional participant, but not a regular part of their fun. The dog was old and fragile by age and arthritis about the time John was diagnosed. She hasn’t been active since … in any way. She still has contact with the couples and they are no longer active outside their partners, either.

She sighed, “Maybe we did get too old.”

I laughed and she looked at me, maybe a little offended. I hugged her from the side and kissed her cheek. “Abby, you’re wonderful! You are definitely not old! Life just got in the way and I would bet that the others had the same thing happen. When one of you dropped out of the group, it would naturally loose some momentum. It’s only natural.”

We were quiet for a while. Then she said, “Thank you, Dear, for listening to me. I should let you go back, though.”

I turned to her with an inspiration. “Come up with me. Meet Harley and Nick.” She fought it but I could tell it was to not inconvenience us. I called Nick and he agreed. It was settled, she just had to come to the same conclusion. We dropped her car at her cottage and we went back to Tucson.

On the drive back, she suddenly blurts out, “There’s something else I meant to warn you about and I got wrapped up in my own stuff. Remember what my dog did to the other women? You need to train your dog not to approach other women. Can you imagine your next door neighbor coming over and your dog pushes his snout under her skirt or between her legs?”

“Train him, how?”

“I didn’t discover this until later. There is a kennel somewhere south of Phoenix that specializes in dogs for women. One of the techniques they stress is training the dog to leave any woman, include you, alone if she is dressed. If you have a ‘clothing optional’ pool party, that might be a problem, otherwise, it works. You should think about training him not to approach you unless you are naked and I mean completely naked. A friend in a thong may not want a dog’s tongue on her butt.”

I laughed. She thought I was agreeing with her and I was, but I was also thinking about which of the neighbor women might be at our house in a thong. Hmmm, Jane, across the cul-de-sac might with the right encouragement. But, that was different matter.

“Thank you, Abby. You’re a lifesaver!”

Fridays are often a little more casual for Nick, so when he arrived home on his motorcycle, I introduced him to Abby, gave him the plate of burgers, and told him the grill was heating up. We finished the potato salad and fixings for the burgers, grabbed some beers and joined Nick. Somewhere in dinner and after, the conversation became more risqué and open. Nick finally suggested, Abby agreed, and I was soon moving Harley into position to display my newfound skill at mating a dog. It all happened so fast, but was so intoxicating. I found that I really wanted to display for Abby how much her assistance had helped us and she was so eager to see it. She said her days of sexual freedom and experimentation might be over, but it would bring fond memories to relive.

I took Nick hand and led him to the side. “I think all this is bringing back feeling she hasn’t felt in a very long time. She might be accepting of being seduced if you are willing.” He smiled at me and smacked my ass.

I spread out the blanket on the family room floor as Nick got her a glass of wine. They settled on the couch as I put Harley on his side. I was naked now and I position my ass to be pointed at them. I wiggled it from side to side as I approached Harley cock, just let them know I was teasing them, too.

When I shifted position and Harley leapt onto my back, my hand going between my legs and my opening with a sigh as he quickly penetrated me, I heard Abby comment, “She’s beautiful, Nick. I haven’t met anyone like her in … a long time.”

They were quiet and I glanced up and saw them kissing. But, Harley was demanding and with a smile that Abby might find some satisfaction, I turned my attention to Harley and let whatever happened between them happen.

* * * * *

“You’re beautiful, too. Abby, you became instantly special to us; and your help with Harley has been freeing for Sam.” With that he put a couple finger under her chin and turned her face to his. He looked into her eyes, and seeing no resistance he leaned in for a tentative kiss on the lips. When he pulled back, she slowly opened her eyes and gazed into his, then turned to Sam with Harley.


“We talked about the possibility. Actually, she mentioned the possibility to me. She would want it.”

She turned to him and they kissed, again. This time the kiss was more intense and longer. When they broke the kiss, she buried her head in his shoulder and shuddered. “Nick, I … it has been so long …” He put a finger to her lips, drew her into him and smothered her with kisses. Her arms went around his neck and they kissed for minutes. When, finally, they broke, she looked deeply into his eyes and smiled. She was searching for signs of teasing or sympathy, but there was none. He showed only interest in her, her as a woman with his partner now being mated by their dog.

They kissed again, this time his hand went to her blouse and worked the top buttons loose. She tensed and clutched at him. He held her, kissing her shoulder and neck, whispering into her ear, “Only if you want to, Abby. We know it has been quite a while, but we can do this and I think you want to do this, to experience this, again. This is for you, Abby.” He pulled partially aware to look her in the eyes, “I have a lovely, sexy woman in my Sam. This isn’t for me; Sam is plenty for me. But, I do want to do this for you.”

She shuddered in his arms and she sighed out one word, “Yes.”

He returned his mouth to hers, their tongues finally coming into play. His fingers opening more buttons until he pulled the blouse from her shorts and unbuttoned the rest. He spread open her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders. She leaned forward so he could push the garment off her shoulders and down her arms. She turned to him with a smile and tugged his pullover shirt out of his khakis, up his body, and over his head. When they kissed, again, he pulled her into him and worked on the three clasps of her bra. Removing it, he pulled her into him, her bare breasts pressing into his bare chest. Both had hands roaming over the other’s back and sides.

They heard a cry from the floor in front of them and glance to Sam and Harley indicated that she had taken the knot. Sam was oblivious to anything else happening around her. Her eyes were shut loosely with her head raised with her mouth open, release quiet sighs, gasps, and moans as the dog continued to pump into her with the knot now restricting his movements. Abby remembered the feeling well, though, and recognized the signs.

But, on the couch, Nick moved both of his hands to the snap of her shorts. He undid the snap and opened the zipper. He moved to kneel on the floor in front her, holding the waist of her shorts and looking up into her eyes. He glanced down to her breasts and noted the sagging that nature brings with age, but was also quite impressed with her body. He raised his eyes to hers, still holding the waist of her shorts.

“Still okay, Abby?” She didn’t respond directly, simply raised her butt off the couch. As he pulled the shorts, he also snagged the top of her panties and brought both down her legs at the same time. Her pubic hair was sparse but natural. Intermixed with brown were hairs of grey, belying the auburn color of her head.

He ran his hands up her thighs while holding her gaze. His hands went up and down her thighs over the top, then moved to the inside at her knees and with consistent pressure, slid his hands slowly up the inside, causing her to consciously or u*********sly open her legs. He moved his hands repeatedly from her knees up to her vee, each time touching closer and closer to her vagina. Any questions he might still have had about her were eliminated when she put her head back against the couch and slid her butt to the edge of the seat. He stroked alongside her lips, not yet touching her lips or pussy directly. He looked up at her and her eyes were closed, her mouth open, and her upper body arching out from the couch, her body supported by her butt and head.

He kissed her knees, one and then the other, then inches up, then more inches, slowly working his way up her thighs, kissing on top, then the insides. As he got to within inches of her pussy, she was gasping in anticipation, expectation, and desire. He put her legs on his shoulders and pulled her toward him so her shoulders were on the seat cushions and her hips slightly raised to him. He looked into her face and her eyes were glued to his, her mouth soundlessly open, her breath catching in her throat as his kisses touched to the side of her pussy. He used his thumbs to pull the lips apart and pushed his tongue into her, then licking in a long swipe up her pussy to flic her clit. She convulsed, her hands going to his head, not pushing him away, but holding his face against her pussy. She was already cumming, so he sucked hard on her exposed clit and she cried out, even getting the attention of Sam who was now coming down from her own orgasm and waiting to be released by Harley’s knot. She smiled as she looked up at her lover-son bring her new friend to orgasm.

Abby’s hands went to her face, breathing hard and gasping. “Oh … my … god, Nick! I’m sorry I came so fast … I …”

Nick kissed her stomach, working his way up her body, each breast and nipple, before smothering her with kisses on the mouth, nose, and eyes. “Hmmm … you’re apologizing for cumming? Having an orgasm fast just means you get more orgasms.”

“Oh my god …” but she was laughing. She grabbed his face and smothered him with kisses in return. Just then, another pair of hands were on her and Nick was arching away from her while remaining in kissing. A mouth was now on her left nipple, sucking pleasantly. Abby and Nick looked to the side at a smiling Samantha.

* * * * *

“I’m going to jump in the shower quick and clean out, just in case one of you might like to lick my pussy, too.” I kissed Nick on the cheek, “I will meet you two in bed.”

* * CHAPTER TEN: THE GOLF COURSE will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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