Scent of Cherries

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She couldn’t believe it. He had given her one of his shirts! It was a graphic tee with a big Storm Trooper popping out against the grey fabric. The Empire Strikes Back was printed in purple next to the image. She loved it not only because Star Wars was her favorite series, but because he had given it to her. She always felt a twinge of attraction to this boy. She was unsure why, though. He was balding at twenty-three, a bit on the chubby side. It must have been his personality. He was sweet and funny and genuine. He brought out the nerd in her, which she loved. But she could never be with him. Just for the fact that she him more as a brother figure; it would be to weird.

But that didn’t stop her from bringing the fabric of the shirt to her face and gently inhaling his scent. She never really paid attention to the way he smelled before. The shirt smelled sweet, sort of like cherries. She did recognize the scent though, from when they would hug. She inhaled the sweet scent again and felt a twitch in between her legs.

She had been horny since she had gotten out of the shower nearly six hours casino oyna before. She had even masturbated, but that had only made things worse. So she sighed and got dressed and then went over to the guys house. He sat playing video games and she watched while she did miscellaneous things on her laptop. When it was time for her to leave he gave her the shirt. He claimed it was to small for him, and she said it would fit her perfectly.

And now the scent of his shirt was driving her pussy wild. She tugged off the top she had been wearing and replaced it with his. The smell enveloped her as she pulled it over her head, causing another twitch from below. She smoothed her hands up and down her torso, fondling her breasts and tugging at her nipples. Her breathing got heavier and her pussy got wetter. She let herself glide one hand down her stomach and under the waist band of her lace underwear. She couldn’t believe how wet she was! Her finger circled around her clit and then moved up and down her slit. She teased herself until didn’t want to take it anymore. She slid a finger in her slick entrance. She slot oyna let out a quiet moan and moved her middle finger back and forth inside her. Her other hand had found its way pass the lace and was now rubbing her hard clit. A light layer of sweat had formed on her skin as her arms and fingers increased and decreased their movement.

At one point the fingers inside her began to cramp. She pulled them out and licked them clean, savoring her sweet juices. She reached over to the side of her bed where she kept her “personal” items: condoms, lube, and her trusted purple vibrator. It was a simple one, with five settings, plus a little nub sticking out for clitoral stimulation. She usually didn’t dare use it when someone was home, but she needed it tonight.

She grabbed a soft towel from her clothes hamper and placed it under herself. Then she grabbed the bottle of lube. This lube was her favorite. It had a cool to warm formula which always made her insides tingle, and it smelled like mint. She squeezed the minty gel onto the vibrator and rubbed it around with her finger. She turned the toy canlı casino siteleri on the lowest setting and moved around her begging entrance, slowly pushing it in. She had to bite her lip to suppress the moan that the new sensation and fullness caused. She moved the toy in and out, she switched to the third speed at one point. But she needed more. Her body was writhing and she knew she was close, but she needed something else.

That’s when the lubed up finger slid past her pussy and down to her ass. Nervousness struck her. She was never this horny, never this desperate for pleasure. But she poked at her asshole. Using the lube and her own juices, she got the tip of her middle finger in comfortably. She moved it in short, slow strokes. That was exactly what she needed. She turned the vibrator up to the last setting and started simultaneously pumping her two holes. The triple stimulation was what she needed. She nuzzled her nose under the shirt that smelled like cherries. The shirt that had began all of this. The shirt that was going to be what she breathed in when she came. She let her last moan escape and her insides clenched against the toy and her finger. She switched the vibrator off and slowly removed it and the finger from her ass. She whimpered from the emptiness.

She smiled down at her new favorite shirt.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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