Sexual Institution Ch. 03

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~Everyone in the following is over the age of 18~

~I thank HMauthor very much for the amazing edits and all of the suggestions given! Very good editor, that one.~

Maddie decided to stop by her dorm room to drop off her books and belongings before going to the cafeteria to receive her punishment. The room she shared with the fiery Natalie was situated on the fourth floor, which was also considered the freshmen floor due to all of the rooms belonging to new comers to the institution. All the rooms except for one on every floor from the fourth up to the seventh floor belonged to students. That one room on each floor was used by the teacher in charge of keeping order on the floor. The teacher in charge of the freshmen floor was Mr. Carter, who happened to teach all of the BDSM related courses at the institution and therefore quickly became one of Maddie’s favorites.

During school hours the dorms were open but rarely used. As she clicked her heels down the sparse white halls, her mind raced with the possibilities of what could happen during her punishment. She knew that the judge who handled her and Bailey’s cases, Erik Fluhr, had a reputation for twisted and public punishments. He had stated, after listening to their sides of the story that the mandatory punishment for wet panties during a random uniform check called for humiliation of some sort. The actual humiliation part had to be decided by the judge, Erik, himself.

Unlocking her dorm door, she entered the cramped room. On first entering Maddie and Natalie’s dorm room, one could clearly see the separate sides of the room as if a thick line had been drawn down the very center. On the side nearest the door, a single bed contained an overabundance of pillows and red silk blankets that were mainly bunched into a ball at the foot. Next to the bed, an extremely cluttered nightstand stood with two of the drawers hanging precariously open exposing more clutter. At the foot of the bed, right where the door opened, a large pile of clothes haphazardly grew with each passing day. The wall on this side of the room could barely be seen between the numerous large posters and miscellaneous pictures tacked all over it. A white dresser separated the two nightstands, behind which the only window in the room was present. The other nightstand, Maddie’s, was cleared of everything except a table lamp and a book. The bed was neatly tucked in with a cotton-candy pink comforter and matching pillows. Above the bed, a large corkboard held organized images depicting many memories from Maddie’s home. At the end of her bed, Maddie kept a hamper that she cleaned out regularly. The door to the small closet the two girls shared was across from Maddie’s bed, on the same wall that shared the entrance. Between these two doors, a large, cluttered and sparsely used desk took up all the extra space.

Maddie dropped her books onto this same desk and turned towards her bed to start stripping. Out in the hall, the teacher of the floor had begun his rounds checking for any mischief in the halls. Walking quietly so as to surprise to any misbehaving students, Mr. Carter came upon the open doorway leading to Natalie and Maddie’s room. Before he could say anything to alert the girl of his pretense, she had already dropped her uniform. Mr. Carter watched almost embarrassed, but equally intrigued, as the young woman undressed. As her back was to him, he admired the width of her hips and the roundness of her young ass. The dark crack contrasted with the paleness of her skin, and led up to a little y-shaped dimple on her back. As she turned to face him, he was surprised to see how firm her large tits were. They held their place up high on her chest, with small dark nipples in almost the direct center of the round globes. Her stomach was mostly flat, but looked very soft and appealing with a cute bit of baby-fat to it. He could not see much of her creamy slit, but her smooth mound was enough for his pants to start constricting his member.

Her cheeks blushed dark red when she realized someone had been watching her undress, and the affect it had on her sensual face made her appear innocent and adorable. Adjusting his glasses, Mr. Carter shook himself out of his daze and began to apologize for his intrusion.

“I was just walking around the floor to see if anyone was participating in any illegal activity, and I noticed your door open. I’m very sorry for my interruption.” He tilted his head slightly and bowed out of the room.

She didn’t say anything, her cheeks refusing to shed their bright red glow. Slowly, she approached the door and peeked around the corner to find Mr. Carter shuffling away very quickly. She waited for him to round the corner before she exited her room, adjusted her composure, and started the long nude walk down casino oyna to the cafeteria.

When she reached the floor containing the main offices and cafeteria, an official in black confronted her. He handed Maddie a white thong and instructed her to put it on. Once she had done so, he produced a pair of handcuffs and roughly cuffed her wrists behind her back. The official led Maddie to the very center of the cafeteria, to where a table had been set up with a white tablecloth. Bailey, wearing nothing but a matching white thong, was already kneeling on her knees atop the table with her wrists cuffed behind her back.

The official instructed Maddie to copy Bailey’s position. She did so, ignoring the crowd of people that had formed around the table in the center of the room. Suddenly, the famous Erik Fluhr stepped through the ring of people and came in front of the two women. He carried a whip in his hand.

“Ladies.” He nodded to them individually. “This is a very simple punishment, I think. Five men will cum on each of your panties, soaking them. And then, the other girl will lick them clean. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” Both girls nodded submissively.

“Since you were last to show, you will go first, my dear.” He looked directly at Maddie, a sick smile contorting his face. “Men.” He gestured behind him, seeming to produce five naked men out of the crowd immediately.

Bailey was pushed down onto her back with her ass hanging over the edge of the table; her knees were pushed against her chest so that the entire fabric of the thong could be seen. Each of the men came quickly, probably having been prepping themselves for this exact occurrence before it started. By the time Bailey’s body was turned to face Maddie, there was thick cum covering Bailey’s entire mound and some of her tummy.

Without much time to prepare, a hand shoved Maddie’s entire face against Bailey’s crotch, hard. Pulling away, she rapidly licked the cum that had transferred to her lips. Without the use of her hands, it was hard to keep her body properly upright while she licked the girl’s panties. She had to continuously bob her head while her tongue probed around the fabric. Her constant licking had the thin fabric heavily sticking to Bailey’s slit. Without warning, Maddie’s body was pulled back away from Bailey’s and flung onto her back into the same position Bailey had been.

Five new men came from amongst the crowd to stand in front of her. With her knees against her chest, she could feel the fabric rubbing tightly against her cunt and ass. Just the first man’s cum alone started seeping through the fabric, making her lips feel wet. When all five men had finished coming on her, she too was turned to face Bailey. When Bailey’s tongue first pressed against her cunt, Maddie jumped, causing some snickers to erupt through the crowd around them.

“You’re a sensitive one, aren’t you?” Erik laughed. “If you have to climax, you better ask!”

Maddie cursed her sensitive clit, and silently begged Bailey not to lick near it too hard. But it seemed that Bailey was making an effort to press extra hard with her tongue, even wiggling it around a few times. Maddie tried to hold her body still, but it was too hard with the other girl’s face pressed against her cunt. Looking down, she became relieved when she saw that most of the cum had been cleaned off. With only a few licks left Maddie was able to keep her climax under control, but her clit was burning with desire from being teased so well.

“You girls have completed your punishment successfully. Make sure you are never caught with wet panties during a random uniform check again. Understood?” Erik asked them while an official unlocked their cuffs. They both nodded, stretching and rubbing their free wrists. “You both acted so well, I didn’t even get to use this.” He pouted, lifting up the whip. “Oh well, some other time.”

Maddie peeled off the soaking panties and left them on the table before hopping off. She kept her head down while she passed through the crowd, knowing that everyone would have their eyes on her. She didn’t say anything to anyone as she forced her way through the whispering folk, her cheeks burning. The walk to and from her dorm without clothes was definitely an entirely different kind of punishment in itself.

Although she felt a wave of hunger gurgle deep in her stomach, she decided not to waste time in the cafeteria by purchasing food. Instead, she rushed back to her dorm room where the safety of her clothes lay. In her next class, she would see her friend Natalie, whom always had food. Maddie thought she could easily snag a granola bar of some sort from her. She focused on this thought as she hurriedly jogged up the stairs, causing her breasts to bounce profoundly.

Maddie dressed slot oyna quickly and hurried off to her Intro to Masturbation class with the always-intoxicated Mr. Gray. The thirty-something teacher had been rumored to keep a stash of alcohol in a cabinet under his desk. The fact that he always had a solid black water bottle on his person did not help distinguish this rumor.

Maddie found her seat by her best friend and roommate Natalie. Natalie embraced her mess of vibrant red curls, always letting them free and wild, never trying to tame them with a straightener or a hair tie. She also embraced her naturally freckled face and wide-set faded green eyes, and never attempted to cover them with makeup of any sort. Natalie happened to be one of the very few girls at the institution that openly enjoyed food; most of the students that attended the institution became overly jealous of each others figures and went on ridiculous diets to maintain said figures, but not Natalie. Natalie never seemed to get jealous of anyone, always happy and confident with herself as an individual. She was vastly proud of how her looks set her apart from everyone else, and that sort of confidence defined Natalie perfectly. She was bold, flirty and extremely hilarious with a strong handle on her sexual prowess.

“Hey,” Maddie whispered as she slid into her seat beside the redhead. “Do you have something I could munch on? I didn’t get lunch today.”

“Of course I do.” Natalie smiled, leaning over to pick up her purse before digging around and producing a fruity protein bar. “Speaking of which, you looked damn fine at lunch today,.”

“You really think so? I was so embarrassed,” Maddie whispered back, hunching down in her seat at the memory.

“When you started to enjoy what she was doing to you, oooh that was hot. I can only imagine how that made Erik feel, knowing that someone ENJOYED their punishment!” The redhead giggled.

“Oh my gosh, I was so afraid she was going to make me climax!” Maddie covered her mouth while she laughed along with her friend.

“I wish you had, that would have really shown him.” Natalie remarked as the bell for the beginning of class sounded.

Mr. Gray rose from his seat at his desk, took a long slug from his water bottle and sighed as he looked on at his students. “Today we’ll continue discussing vibrators, and today’s vibrator is the magic wand!” The teacher jumped onto his desk and stood with his arms outstretched.

“Now, the first thing you need to know about the magic wand vibrator is that it is not an internal vibrator. That means, it is mainly for clitoral contact. Although, I’ve known guys to use it on their dick.” He laughed and galloped from his to a student’s desk in the front row. “In fact, I’ve used it on MY dick.” Mr. Gray crouched his body down so that he was more level with the student sitting in the seat he stood on before jumping off of the desk entirely.

“The cool thing about a non-internal vibrator is that it can be sold at the school store, and that means, if you like it, you can get one for yourself! I think it costs like 10 slips or something like that. The funny thing about this baby is that it was originally marketed as a massager. However, word got around that it was an even better sex toy… and well, anyway, before the end of class today, I want each of you to try out this vibrator.

He began walking between the rows of desks. “We’ll be focusing on two ways to use it; with a cushion and without. Can anyone guess what a cushion is?”

Natalie’s hand jumped into the air immediately. A sultry look overtook her adorable face as she looked directly at Mr. Gray. When he called on her, she shifted in her chair to face him straight on, in doing so, she spread her legs just enough for her bright pink thong to be seen. “If my memory serves me correctly, a cushion, or a love seat, is a piece of foam that holds the magic wand up so that you can use it hands-free.” She licked her lips invitingly. “And I can tell you from personal experience, that it works really well. And it’s 13 strips at the school store… I mean slips. Oopsie. And the cushion is an extra 5.”

“Ahhh… yes.” Mr. Gray’s eyes were transfixed on the woman speaking, his mouth open in a horny stupor. “Uhm, correct. Yes. That’s exactly what it is. Thank you Ms. Natalie.”

Natalie flashed Maddie a look that caused them both to erupt into giggles. Mr. Gray shot them a look of warning as he pulled a box out from behind his desk. “I only have three magic wands and two cushions, so we’ll all have to take turns.” He began pulling the items out of the box. “Ms. Natalie, since you are so well experienced with this device, why don’t you demonstrate it to the class.”

“Gladly, sir.” Natalie stood from her seat and strutted slowly to the front canlı casino siteleri of the class. She picked up a black foam cushion and held it towards the class. “This hole here is for the wand, as you can probably guess. Depending on how thick the wand is, you might have to work a bit to shove it into this tight little hole.” She made a big show of twisting and stroking the wand to get it to go into the hole of the foam. “The buttons are located here, and they turn it on and control the speed, as one might have already figured. I like it turned up all the way. Now, Mr. Gray, should we be using this with or without panties?” Natalie threw an inquiring look at the teacher who stood off to the side, obviously hiding a boner.

“Uhhh… that’s entirely up to you, I suppose. I want you all to enjoy this experience, so whatever is more comfortable for you.” He looked around at the class with a forced smile.

“Well, in that case…” Natalie placed the cushion on his desk. Turning her back to the teacher she pushed the band of her skirt over her waist and followed it all the way to the floor before stepping out of it. She then did the same with her thong.

Natalie kept a neatly trimmed landing strip present on the mound of her cunt, mainly because she wanted everyone to know that her hair was completely natural. She had a fairly average body, with medium size breasts, a flat stomach and the tiniest gap between her thighs.

Naked from the waist down, she worked on clearing off the teacher’s desk. When there was a large spot cleared in the center, she positioned the cushion in the center of it, and climbed onto the desk. “I know we haven’t covered the Sybian yet…” She threw a hopeful glance at Mr. Gray “… and I can’t wait until we do because it is my favorite toy. But this is used in pretty much the same manner.” With that, she mounted the cushion. “You place the head of the wand against your clit, and turn it on. And then you can use your body to control the pressure.”

Natalie began rocking her body against the contraption, never taking her eyes off of Mr. Gray. She let a little moan escape her lips, clenching her thighs against the foam, and seemed to knock Mr. Gray out of his trance. “Alright, thank you Ms. Natalie. Let’s give everyone a turn now.”

Mr. Gray started a line for each of the three magic wand vibrators, and took charge of the one without the cushion. For this one, he would have the woman lay on her back on the floor with her legs spread, and then he would press the wand to their clit himself. Natalie dragged Maddie into this line, having never put her skirt or thong back on.

Maddie knew that her roommate was not exaggerating when she bragged about her experience with sex toys. She knew just how many of the things Natalie kept stashed underneath her bed, and she had watched first hand as she used them multiple times a day. Natalie had even made Maddie try a few of the toys, and had been the ultimate reason that Maddie decided to sign up for the Intro to Masturbation course.

When Maddie’s turn came, she lay down in front of Mr. Gray and hiked her short skirt up over her hips.

“You have to take off your panties.” Natalie crouched down beside her.

“No I don’t, he said that was completely up to us.” Maddie shook her head of auburn hair.

“And I’m telling you that you have to remove your panties.” Natalie tucked her fingers into the band of the girl’s black cotton panties and pulled them off in a single sweep. “It’ll feel better. Don’t be ashamed of your sexy pink cunt, honey. It’s beautiful.”

Mr. Gray helped spread Maddie’s legs, admiring just how pink the folds between the woman’s lips really were. He then placed the head of the wand that was already vibrating against her clit and smiled when it made her start to squirm immediately.

“She’s really sensitive,” Natalie explained to Mr. Gray.

“Oh my gosh that feels soooo goooood,” Maddie cried out, allowing the feelings that the wand created deep inside her pelvis to take over. Her body began to quake and shiver with pleasure, and moans escaped through her thick lips.

Natalie took the wand from Mr. Gray without warning, and turned the vibration level down until it was almost non-existent. Immediately, Maddie cried out and her face contorted with desire. Her hips started rocking against the device, searching for more pleasure.

“Alright, that’s enough. Next person.” Mr. Gray snatched the wand from Natalie and removed it from Maddie’s clit entirely.

Gasping for breath, she stood and replaced her panties. “I liked that a lot. I think I might purchase one,” Maddie remarked to her friend while she watched the redhead take her place.

Natalie grabbed her ankles and folded her body in half in front of Mr. Gray. “We’ll stop by the school store on our way to fifth period. Now, don’t go easy on me sir.” She winked at her teacher as he pressed the head of the wand against her clit. “I love it when a man knows how to please me with toys.”

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