Shave and a Show

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It was a late morning and I knew I didn’t have to be in at work until late. I had woke up horny as could be too. I’m not sure what it was that morning; whether it was just me dreaming of being in the midst of some torrid orgy. Either way I knew I had to get my day rolling. I staggered into the shower with the hope of shaking the cobwebs and getting motivated for the day.

I stripped down and stepped into the tub as the hot water ran across my body. As I lathered up, I still couldn’t help but still frisky. I poured some more shower gel onto my hand and slowly rubbed it across my body. I couldn’t help but stroke my still semi-hardened cock. The lather ran underneath my balls and I could feel my breath getting shorter as I rubbed myself. I was enjoying myself in the steam and feeling my manhood rise within my hands. My cock head was starting to bob and I massaged my balls.

I noticed how fuzzy I had become and craved that smooth shaven feel again. I turned to let the water rinse the soap off as I reached across to find the shaving gel. I filled my palm with the thick white foam and applied it to my engorged self. The shaving gel felt so much thicker and richer than the shower gel; it had the feel of a warm slickened pussy in my hands. It felt maddeningly close to the feel of an old girlfriend’s snug pussy. It felt so good I made sure I worked that lather up and down the length of my cock several times. I could feel myself swelling up as I ran my grip to & fro. As one hand stroked mightily, my other was cupping my swelling balls and massaging. I eventually loosened my grip and proceeded to find my razor. I carefully whisked the shaving cream off of my heavy balls, groin and near my shaft. It felt wonderful being so smooth again! I rinsed what little soap and shaving cream was left off of me and marveled at the look of my shaven cock & balls. I was still hard and my cock swayed as I stepped out of the shower.

I couldn’t believe how horny I still was and how gorgeous my cock felt as it was swollen and hung heavy from my groin. I pulled my towel from the rack and dried off. The terry cloth brushed up against my swollen purple tip and it felt wonderful. I was so sensitive and it sent a surge through me. For kicks I hung my towel across my length and let the weight of the wet towel tug against my erect cock. My cock bobbed in eager response. I had to have a release soon. My mind was racing and my cock was pulsing.


I casino oyna walked out of the steamy bathroom with my erect cock bobbing underneath my towel. The weight of the towel made my cock that much more rigid and firm. I could feel my blood rushing & surging through the length of my meaty shaft. My smoothly shaven balls tingled with anticipation in the cool fresh air. My mind was racing, not as to when I was going to get off but how. I knew I was swollen with my thick cum and I had to have a release soon. I reached back into the bathroom cabinet and reached for the baby oil. The feel of that slick lubricant always made me hornier. I walked into my bedroom with that bottle and my cock jutting forth leading the way..

I removed my towel and my cock sprung forth skyward. I could practically feel my juices swirling around within me. My shaft throbbed and its veins engorged pulsed along my shaft. My cock was just begging for that eruption soon to come! I laid down on my bed sheets and saw my cock sway freely. I quickly opened the bottle of baby oil and poured some out onto the palm of my outstretched hand. My mind was racing recalling erotic adventures of the past & fantasies I have yet to fulfill. I had envisioned many escapades with previous girlfriends, lovers & other escapades I’ve had over the years. Oh how naughty some of them were! I had also passed through my mind some of the fantastic things & wonderful creatures I have seen online and in porn. All of this imagery just made my long shaft feel that much thicker and firmer. The oil in my cupped hand made its way to my swaying balls. My skin tingled as the slippery liquid made contact with the skin of my balls. I massaged the oil in deeply and felt my balls move within its sack. Mmmm… my marbles slid around within the grip of my hand and pulsed with excitement. I tipped my head back and groaned at how good it felt. My balls were smooth and oh-so sensitive to the touch. My breathing had become shallow as I slowly worked the oil into myself. My cock was now raging for attention as well.

I cup some more oil into the palm of my hand and slowly & methodically run it along the length of my cock. I hold the bottle over my aching cock and dribble the cold slippery stream onto the tip and watch the oil descend for what seems like forever down the shaft of my cock. My freshly shaven cock shivers and is still raging to explode. My ass tightens & tenses as this slot oyna slippery oil hits my smooth cock skin. I instinctually grasp at my cock and slowly move the oil along. The dim light in the room hits my length and I’m excited to see how shiny my cock looks. My rhythm slowly builds as I oil my cock up. The heat generated is maddening. It so reminds me of previous lovers and their warm and snug orifices- whether it was their delectably snug pussies or their pert tight asses. I can practically hear their moaning in my head as I stroke myself so much closer to that release that I’ve been craving.

In my mind’s eye I can practically see my pointed purple helmet entering her snug hole. She’s practically been wetted down by my spearing tongue or my pre-cum. My breathing quickens as I see this image in my head. I look down and see that my hand is now a blur across my dick. Oh what a glorious feeling is coming over my body… Mmmmm! With my free hand I reach down it’s so reminiscent of a wonderful licking that I had gotten several times from a girlfriend who was so very adept with a tongue! All of these images flood my mind and I’m aroused like no other. My body tenses and flexes as this wave of sensuality rips across my frame. I buck & groan as I stroke myself. My piston like grip releases and tightens as I vary my stroke urging and prolonging those sweet sensations surging within me. My cock is in exquisite heaven and I’m loving every moment my hot oiled hands can provide me…


I was there in an orgasmic frenzy, stroking my grip tightening and loosening as my hand rose & descended upon its length. My breathing had gotten shallow as I was bathed in this glorious feeling. I could feel my legs tensing up and my ass clenching as I could feel that inevitable feeling rising within me.

And then out of the dim light beyond the doorway, I saw her standing there eyeing me. She obviously enjoyed the show I was putting on. I had no idea how long she had been standing there looking at me as I was in my self-induced bliss. As shocked as I was to have someone so quietly sneak in on me, I at no point let go of my stiff cock. I slowed my pace down a bit but I was in too heightened a state at this point. She smiled at me- not saying a word. Thinking this obviously met with her approval, I tipped my head back and resumed my pace. I saw that she was walking over to me now… looking at my shiny meaty shaft and also making canlı casino siteleri eye contact with me. She was obviously enjoying the show that I was putting on and knowing that I was so aroused.

She sat next to me and reached across to grab the bottle of baby oil. She deftly opened it and dribbled a few more cool drops on the tip of my cock. I slackened my grip as to accept the slippery liquid on my cock. Ooooooo… a new sensation rippling down my shaft. I was loving it! I was eyeing her now as she was being my cock tease. My one hand still tugging at my balls and my dominant hand slowly methodically giving myself that forbidden pleasure. I grunted and tipped my head back as I knew I was performing for her now. It was no longer about me pleasing myself any more. Not a word was said but I knew that she wanted to see me have an orgasm… one way or another.

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She knew she had me at a disadvantage. I was already sprawled out on the bed stroking away on my thickened cock. The baby oil that she had dribbled upon my shaft just heightened the sensation. I couldn’t take my eye off of her. She opened her blouse to reveal two of the most gorgeous breasts I had seen in awhile. Even in the dim light I could make out their voluptuous shape. Their nipples were jutting out in full glory for me to see. This just made the cum within my freshly shaven balls quiver that much more and swirl around in anticipation. I didn’t want to stop performing for her. My hand was slowly & rhythmically going up & down my hard shaft and my other hand was meticulously massaging my swollen balls. If I wasn’t erect before, I was most definitely now. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she slowly decided to disrobe before me.

She was silent. I could feel as though she was checking me out as I played methodically on my cock. She slithered out of her pants elegantly to show me her beautiful naked form. If I didn’t know better, she was the one putting on the show for me as opposed me putting on a show for her. Whatever the reason, it seemed mutually gratifying so far. I’d release my massaging touch to reach out to her thigh and yet she backed off. She didn’t want me to touch yet and that drove me wild. She gingerly put my hand back on my groin and as she did so, she ran her delicate fingers across her smooth tummy. She traced the smooth shaven lips of her slit to show me that she was as bald as I was. I was practically gulping air at this point ogling her and feeling my own arousal taking flight.

My mind was a blur as I awaited where this was going to go next. My body was set to explode and I was all hers for the viewing and taking.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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