summer of 2018

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summer of 2018
Its been forever since Ive been here!!!  So many things to tell! Lets see, I started chatting with a guy in April of 2018! So a year ago, I started talking to the man of my dreams! Hes so sweet, and so fucking hot!!

Where to start? With the day we met of course! June 16th, 2018. He messaged me on a local dating site, I know lol But hey, I live in a small town, not lots of options so I figured I would give the site 1 last try…….. And then, he messaged me <3 We chatted back and forth for a couple of months. And then he asked me to come over for date, dinner. We went to his place. It was great! He made me dinner and we chatted through the evening, night. I admit it now, I was the aggressor 😉  surprised? haha Probably not! We were sitting on his bed, and I kissed him. He didn't say no, so I kept going. I ran my hand down his chest. Down to his pants, I gently started to rub his cock through his pants. I took off my top as he took off his pants. I see he was more than willing to keep our night going, and I hadn't had sex in so long! He lay on top of me as he gently started to kiss my breasts, slowly moving my bra, he started to lick and nibble my nipples. Its on now!! I wrapped my hand around his hard cock, stroking him slowly. Im putty in his hands while he sucks my nipples. I love how my pussy tingled when he sucked one nipple a little harder, a little further into his mouth. As he swirled his tongue around it, as I moaned loudly.  My hips started moving without even thinking. He moved his mouth to my other breast, güvenilir bahis as he slid his hand into my pants, gently rubbing my pussy through my panties. I couldn’t help moan louder as he pressed his fingers harder against my swelling clit.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I slid my pants off. He took off his underwear, god I love how hard his cock gets!!

He smiled as he lay between my legs, slipping his fingers into my panties.  He started sucking my nipple again as he pushed his fingers between my lips and started to rub my clit gently. I moaned loudly as he slid a finger inside my pussy. He lifted his head and kissed my hard. “fuck youre tight!” he growled. I giggled as he moved down, his face between my legs. I could feel his breath on my pussy as he moved my panties to the side, his warm tongue sliding from bottom to top.  I was ready to explode!! it has been far too long since a man has licked my pussy and I was in heaven! He started licking harder, his hands slipping under my thighs, hips, his hands grabbing me as he pushed his face, his tongue, deeper into my pussy. I felt his tongue enter me as he moaned, tasting my juices. My hands holding his head, grabbing his hair. He sucked my clit so hard my hips jumped. He held me hard as he pushed his tongue deeper again.

He laughed a little as he crawled up from between my legs. I could feel his hard cock touching my pussy as he leaned down to kiss me. I grabbed his face, I was hungry for his mouth! I could taste my pussy on his lips! I fuckin love how I taste!!!! perabet We kissed as he slid his cock inside me. I gasped as he pushed deeper.

Whispering ‘fuck me please’ as I lifted my hips up to him. He groaned as his cock slid in and out of my now soaking wet pussy. I grabbed his ass as he fucked me harder, as he slammed his cock harder and deeper. Is it bad I want to be fucked, not made love to!?

He loves it! And fucked me even harder! I cant explain how amazing it feels as a cock pounds my pussy.

He slowed down, pulled his cock slightly out of my pussy. For a min he fucked me with the tip, when I begged him to fuck me, he slammed his cock in as far as I could handle! I gasped as he fucked me hard and deep again. Hes mean, he slowed down again, tip for a min. I think he loves to hear me beg 😉  So I did…. over and over until I couldn’t handle it. For the first time in my life, I was going to cum from being fucked!!!!  Dear god!!!

“please…… don’t stop!!!!” I grabbed his as harder, lifting my hips higher, I needed him to fuck me so hard! And he did! I came all over his cock, and he loved it. I kept fucking me until he came! I love hearing a man moan my name as he cums!!!!! 

We were both completely worn out. We fell asleep for a bit.

I woke up first. I was horny again! So…. I tested him. He said he loves being woken up in different ways, sooooooo……..

I slid down the bed a bit, started to rub his inner thighs. I kissed his belly as I started to gently touch his cock. It was apparently very quickly, perabet giriş that he was responding the way I hoped… 😉

I leaned over and licked the tip of his cock. I wanted to get him as hard as he was when he was inside me. I gently sucked the tip as i fondled his balls. He moved a little, moaned in his sleep. Perfect!!!

I licked his cock more, swirled my tongue around the head, sliding my tongue down the underside to his balls and back up. I quickly sucked the tip into my mouth. He groaned deeply, his one hand automatically grabbed my hair. mmmmmmm……. good man!

I slid my mouth slowly down his cock, stopping only when I couldn’t take any more. He groaned “oh fuck”! he gasped. “yesssss…..” he whispered as I started sliding my mouth up and down his cock, sucking hard. I moved faster, squeezing him with my mouth, listening for cues.

He started to move his hips, slowly started to fuck my mouth as he held my head. His cock hitting the back of my throat as his moans got louder and deeper. “fuck baby!” he gasped as I felt his balls tighten in my hand. Any second now! He started fucking my throat faster, harder, I could hear in his groans that he was ready to explode!

Suddenly I felt his whole body tense, mmmmmm here it comes… that warm cum filling my mouth!  I sucked and swallowed as he groaned loudly. His hands holding my head, his body shaking. I giggle as I suck the last drop of cum from his cock. He moves his hand to stop me from sucking more. I lick him a few more times, just to hear him gasp, just to make him jump. He pulls me up to him, wraps his arms around me holding me tight. He kisses my cheek. “Tell me this isn’t our only date”. he whispers into my ear. I giggle and kiss his chest. “I hope not” I respond.  And we fall asleep as he holds me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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