Tales of a Hustler–All Good Things–PT 1

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Tales of a Hustler–All Good Things–PT 1
Tales of a Hustler—All Good Things—PT 1

If you are a big Star trek freak, like me, and especially Voyager, You should remember in the 7th season of the 5 Borg c***dren Voyager rescued from a disabled Borg Cube. Among them were the twins—Azan and Rebi—played by the real world Wetherill twins, Cody and Kurt, whom by the way were hot as fuck. It was them that I selected one of our twins names for my stories. (Yes all the stories are based at least ‘loosely’ on real events—with of course all the names and actual locations changed, to protect the innocent. (IF you want to call anyone in my stories innocent, lol))

SO—towards the end of the 7th season, the twins real parents were found, and the day came that they departed the ship. Leaving Voyager was a very melancholy moment for both the twins, and the crew of the ship, as each had grown accustomed to the other.

So was the scene on this day at the ‘House of Dillon’. It seems that Cole had called, and talked to his dad back in Houston a few times, on what basically came down to homesickness. After discussing the matter with his twin, Cody, the boys agreed it was time to go home. It had been nearly four years since they ran away, and had no contact with their parents since then. I was amazed that they managed to stay ‘off the grid’ that long without having been found. Together, they had saved up about $15, 000, and were hoping to start some kind of business . The twins never gave an explanation to anyone for their reason for running away—but after talking to their dad, we figured it was from the fear that their parents had figured out they were gay. ‘Cept what they never considered was that they figured that out way before the twins were 15, lol. Mr. Cooper was excited that the boys had won Silver Gloves, saying he never pictured them as fighters—especially each other—they were always very close.

Anyway—like I said it was a very sad moment for everyone, but a life on the streets should be short lived—as it would never lead to anything real. As we all said good-buys—and yes with lots of tears, promises were made to ‘keep in touch’ , and ‘come and visit’ But of course the reality of life meant that never happened. The twins didn’t even return the next year to attend the Silver Gloves tournament. We never saw them again.

The loss completely wrecked me—Im pretty sure more than the rest, since I had known them the longest. I loved them like my lil bro Dustin. After about a week of moping around, I headed down to Jerry’s grill late on Saturday night. I ordered a Reuben, and a beer. Having finished up, I just plopped my feet up on top of the table, crossing them at the ankles. Another beer in one hand, and a smoke in the other. I rather it had been a joint—maybe later, I just couldn’t get over the twins, and now Tommy too had left and gone home.

After a while this really ‘slick’ looking str8 boi walks by, and pauses at my table.
(‘slick’ is what us jocks back in high school used to call dudes that wore khakis and polo shirts) “Damm homie—you got some feet” ! He exclaimed . I shot him a look, and a slight grin, and just responded “ya—13’s”. I kicked a chair back, and motioned for him to sit down. I waved at Jerry, holding up two fingers. As my hand was in the air—the dude went on with “and fuck what some hands too” I just looked at him and grinned–”Ya, I can palm a b-ball” As Jerry came and sat the beers on the table, he said to me “don’t get too fucked up Matt—I know ur still hurting” Kenny (he finally told me) just asked “what’s happened dawg—loose ur best friend”? I stared at him for a moment, thinking his question was a bit arrogant. But I just answered “Ya—I guess you could say that. Two actually—they were twins” “Wow bro—that’s fucked up. I though you looked a bit down in the dumps. You know—looking at those big ass feet, and hands, I bet you got something else pretty big too, huh”?

I laughed to myself on the inside—this guy is green, he got a lot to learn. I just went for it “yup—11 inches” “Ahh no fuckin way yo—that’s fuckin enormous” ! “Ya—Since about 15 I figured I was part black, lol. I guess now you wanna see it—and then tell me what an awesome cocksucker you are, just so you can get it in ur mouth”?

Kenny blushed, and taking a suck of his beer responded “well ya, that was the plan—guess it shows huh”? I flashed him a grin and said “Ya—it’s ok, I got the biggest dick in the neighborhood—they’re ain’t many that can take it all. So—you wanna get high”? “Well fuck ya man—and see if I can take that dick”? “Ya dawg—we can go back to my place—it’s just 2 blocks.” Kenny agreed, and as we got up from the table, I left a five, and then we headed out the door.

As we stepped out into the warm Texas night, a squad car with two cops pulled up curbside. They stepped out, and I turned around, placing my hands behind me, and leaned over the hood of the car. I glanced over at Kenny, just to see the horror on his face. I think for a minute he was about to bolt. Officer Kerry walked up and “roughed” me up a bit, then I stood up and gave him a hug. “Staying out of trouble punk”? “Ya—this week for sure” “Ya, sorry to hear about the twins—they were really clean cut—well, except for the selling their asses on the street part”. Officer Kerry and his partner flashed a grin, as I knew the comment was meant to be affectionate. Actually—of all the bois that had come and gone from the ‘block’, the twins were probably the only ones to casino siteleri have never been arrested ! Officer Kerry asked what we were up to tonight, I flashed a smile and said “ahh, jut takin new meat here back to the crib—see if he can handle this 11” Kenny almost froze from embarrassment. The cops just laughed, shaking their heads, and went on into the grill.

So Kenny and me walk on over to the crib. We go in, and Dustin and Hunter are both there. Tommy had left just days after the twins—similar deal, parents finally talked him into coming home. Hunter was prolly going to get a job up at the lake, doing maintenance and grounds keeping at the campgrounds. They told him he could have one of the rental cabins to stay in, for free. I pulled off my tank top, and kicked off my kicks with the ‘toe to heel’ method, lol. Kenny gasped again at seeing my hard cut 8 pac. I grinned at him again—they were fuckin impressive. As we sat down on the couch, there was already a bag of dope on the coffee table, I guessed was lil bro’s. I proceeded to roll up a couple, as Dustin brought us each a beer. He took a seat across from us in one of the overstuffed chairs. I knew what he was doing—he was goning to ‘fuck’ with us, as he often did when I brought a trick home. I lit up and took a good long suck off the joint, then passed it off to Kenny. As the smoke hit my brain, I instantly started to get boned up—it always happened. I never got ‘used’ to dope, it hit me just as hard after years of smoking, as it did the first time I got some. Dustin, staring Kenny right in the face, started rubbing on his crotch, to tease his dick into thickening up as well. After a couple more hits and passes, I jumped up and handed off the roach to Dustin. Sitting back down, I fired up the second one, and went right to it. I guess I was out to get fucked up since I was home now. Dustin had his legs extended in front of him, crossed at the ankles, and by now was just about completely boned up himself. He already had his shirt off when we came in, and finally breaking the silence smiled at Kenny and offered “take ur shirt off dawg—don’t be shy”. Kenny, looking a bit nervous, stood up and did as Dustin suggested. He quickly did a ‘sniff check’, to which Dustin said “don’t worry dawg—we all stink around here”

Finally in a teasing way myself, I grin at Dustin and tell him “go to your room lil bro”
Dustin stood up with now a full blow boner, and saluted, saying ‘yes sir, daddy’ I just laughed as he headed for the rec room instead, and started clanking some weights.

So now Kenny and me are pretty relaxed and buzzed, and I stretch out on the couch and pop the buttons on my 501’s. I drop my right leg off the side of the couch and shoot a smile at Kenny and just say “go for it, dawg” He didn’t hesitate as he sat beside me on the couch and hauled out my massive slab of meat. Being ‘commando’ made it easy to get out. Even hanging soft inside my jeans, it still was 8”

Kenny wasted no time and just bent over and swallowed my cock all the way to the pubes. Pretty impressive—as even soft was still a good piece of meat. He went up and down my thick shaft, maintaining a good grip with his lips. It only took a few moments to bone me up to it’s full 11”. Occasionally he would pause at the top, and run his tongue into my piss slit. Every time he did that my cock would throb and it felt sooo fuckin good. Finally after about 15 minutes he came up, and asked if I was gonna bust. I looked up at him and just said “whenever you ready dawg—it’s gonna be a mouthfull” With that he just went back down on my throbbing jock cock, and again swallowed it to the pubes. He took his other hand and wrapped his thumb and forefinger around the top of my low hanging nut sack—then pulling down on it with a tight squeeze, caused them to swell till they turned blue.

He got me, and I started panting. “Oh fuck dude, oh fuck” Dustin came up the hallway and headed for the kitchen. But on his way back he paused, and was standing right over my head at the end of the couch watching Kenny suck down his big bro’s dick. Just about the time Kenny plowed my cock down to the back of his throat, lil bro bent over and shoved his bushy rip pit right into my nose, and at the same time slapped down on my belly, making it sting. I just let out a rebel yell—and started convulsing. Shot after shot of my hot thick jock junk went flying down kenny’s throat like a rocket. Each shot made my abs pop up like I never seen them do. I grabbed him on both sides of his head, and fucked his throat hard as I could. I hadn’t cum in nearly a week, and I just kept shooting. Dustin told me later that he counted 12 times that my abs tightened up. As I finished up flooding Kenny’s throat, and he came up to suck my jizz off the head of my dick, lil bro headed back to the rec room, giggling along the way.

I guess Kenny got what he wanted, cause he jumped up from the couch and just said “gotta go dawgs—thanx for the nut” He hadn’t even opened his own fly to pull on his dick. It was simply suck, swallow, leave, lol. Prolly got that ‘guilt trip’ that often hits str8 bois after they sucked a dick, cause they were high or drunk, or both, lol.

I jumped up from the couch and went for another beer from the kitchen. Returning to the couch, I sat down and lit up another joint. I just took a couple of pulls, and then put it out, and returned to my relaxed state laying on the couch, watching Lost in Space. I so wanted to fuck Will Robinson, lol. canlı casino After a few minutes, I noticed out of the corner of my eye Dustin standing in the doorway of the hall, with his forearms out to each side of the doorway, exposing his bushy pits. He was so funky I could smell him across the room. Damm, if I wasn’t getting boned up again. I just turned my head back to the TV without saying anything. In a few more minutes, I see that he is still there. Finally, I mutter “whut”. Dustin simply responds with “nuttin”.

So about 15 minutes later, lil fuck is still standing there in the doorway. “what’s up lil bro” “Just lay there and don’t move—don’t move a muscle, ok”? I respond with “aight dawg”
After a couple of minutes, Dustin returns to the doorway with the polaroid, and snaps a couple of shots. He walks over to the coffee table, fanning the pics, and lays them and the camera down. Then taking a seat on the table, resting his elbows on his knees, and looking me str8 in the eye, “Do you really know just how fuckin perfect you are”? I flash a grin at my lil bro and just say “whut”? “I mean, when I was standing over there looking at you, all sprawled out on ur back on the couch, my dick gets hard in half a minute. I get flashbacks from when I was a little fuck, and you were playing football. Those bushy stinkin pits, down to that hard as fuck chest,with those squared out pecs, and then—those awesome fuckin abs—all 8 of them, cut out of fuckin granite. And every time you flex, or reach over for your beer, they pop up like balloons. You know from the side they look about 1/2” thick. That’s a lot of deep for some abs. But then you follow on down ur super thick happy trail, jet fuck black—so black, like ur pits, it’s shiny, and then arrive at that mound hiding behind 5 little buttons—and it’s as big as a baseball.

I grin at lil bro, and reach up to run my fingertips across the top of his mohawk. He had used ‘glue’ on it, and it was spiked up about 4 inches, and hard as our now stiff cocks I turned on my side, and pushed back into the back of the couch. Gently pulling on his arm, I bring him in to lay beside me on the couch. My dick to his ass, him wearing just a skimpy pr of boxer shorts. I raise my right arm up, and cup it behind my head, and continue to play with his hair with my left hand. “Yo you stink bro” Dustin muttered in a low soft voice”

I grinned and responded to him, “it’s that why ur dick is hard as a rock now”? Dustin chuckled a bit and said “fuck dawg—I been hard since I was standing in that doorway. I just smiled to myself again, and then dropped my left arm down from his hair, to his left nipple. Gently circling his tit, with ever so soft a touch, made him shudder a bit, like when someone touches the tip of ur dick with their tongue. I pause momentarily, and then push his left arm up behind his head, and buried my face into his pits. He was ripe, and it’s stink filled my nose, and then my brain. It was as good as dope, and enhanced my already buzz.

“Matthew” “Ya, lil bro” “Would you make love to me—I mean not just a fuckin, but make love to me, like long and slow”? I paused for a minute, then gently patted him on the butt, and pushing, causing him to stand up from the couch. I jumped up myself, then headed to the bathroom to take a piss. Walking back to the living room, Dustin is still standing there, beside the coffee table. I walk over to him , and put my arm across his shoulders. He loved that shit–ever since he was 13. . With Hunter having gone out earlier, I didn’t bother to even close the door. I laid Dustin down, gently on his back. Shucking my 501’s, I then laid on top of him, but supported my weight by my knees and elbows.

I began by gently kissing his nose, and then down to his chin, skipping the lips. Then proceeding down to his right tit, ever so gently circled it with my tongue. Dustin lets out a low deep groan, and I switch to his left tit, to do the same. Another deep groan, coming up from his guts, I guess. After puberty he had developed quite a deep voice that was just sexy as fuck. Sometimes I would just ask him a bunch of questions about worthless shit—just to make him talk. If it was late, and he had been smoking a lot—especially dope, it would get real raspy—and it just rocked my world.

As I moved down to his happy trail, still inhaling his musky pits, I began to run my tongue up and down it. As he flexed his belly in response, and causing his abs to pop up, just like he described mine, and brought up both hands, and slowly pulled down his boxers. I went for his balls first—big low hangers, just like his big bro. Not quite as hairy, but still a nice bush. I sucked in each ball, going back and forth, until I see the fuck juice now oozing from his piss slit. Still sucking on his balls, and taking in the aroma from his ass crack, I reach for his cock with my right hand, and gently start circling his dick head with my thumb. Then proceeding from his piss slit to down the back side of his dick, spreading a trail of his thick cock snot, Dustin again lets out a low deep groan, and I move up to engulf his swollen cockhead into my mouth. Slowly plunging down his thickness, and throbbing veins, until I buried his whole 9” in the back of my throat. Dustin lets out yet another low groan, and pushes his head into the pillow, and arcing his back, throwing his dick up past my tonsils, and I could feel his mushroom head swell even more. “Oh fuck Matthew, oh fuck, oh fuck” Feeling that lil bro kaçak casino might nut off to quickly, I came off his dick, and noticed a rubber band on the nitestand from the mornings paper. I reach for it, and doubling it up, made an opening about the size of a quarter. Stretching it wide, I gently run my hand down Dustin’s dick, and let it go at the base of his shaft. The sudden pressure of the band caused his veins to pop out even more, and his big mushroom head now swelled out like a dog’s . Slowly moving back, I grab both ankles, and twisting, gently roll him over to his belly. Now flat out, with his arms up above his head, I part his hairy ass cheeks, and drive my tongue straight to his hole. His hole was super hairy, just like mine, and it swirled around like water would going down a drain. I drove my tongue straight into his drain, and pushed as hard as I could to gain entry to his sweet hairy hole. He was greasy, and ripe. His taste was very strong—in fact, just down right nasty. I doubt he had taken a shower all week.

But at that moment, I didn’t care. I continued to run my tongue into his dirty hole, and Dustin started moaning and groaning again, and pushing his ass back into my face, as if helping me to drive my tongue deeper into his slimy hole. His funk was making my dick hard as fuck, so much that it began to ache. I came off of Dustin’s hole, and replaced my tongue with two fingers—quite long themselves. I ran them into lil bro’s ass all the way in, then jabbed into his guts a couple of times. Dustin spread his legs now, and started muttering again–”oh fuck, oh fuck”. I pulled my fingers out, and upon looking see that indeed lil bros ass is dirty as fuck—he’s still full. Reaching over to the nitestand, I grab the slicky juice, and quickly slick up my dick. At this point neither of us is going to last long.

As I place my swollen cockhead at the entry of his hole, and reach up and grab him by the back of his mohawk, and pull his head backwards, and bringing my other hand around, and push my dirty fingers into his mouth. Dustin starts sucking my fingers until all the ass slime and juice was completely cleaned. I just grin, thinking what a pig. With one hard yank of his hair, I plunge my cock into the depths of his guts, bottoming out with it’s full 11” . Slowly pulling back, and then burying again, Dustin started bucking back, and groaning again. “Oh fuck, Matthew, oh fuck, oh I can’t stand it bro—FUCK ME—FUCK MY SHIT” I grab Dustin by the waist, then pulling back, slammed my massive cock into my lil bro’s guts. I knew he wouldn’t last all the way with that ‘making love’ shit, lol. Without a pause, I pull back, and then slam him again, as if I was trying to split him open. Dustin lets out a Rebel yell, and then screams “harder bro—harder—tear my shit up bro—fuck me up”!

I knew he could handle it, so I pull back again, and then slam his ass as fast and hard as I could. Fucking him so hard, I almost lost my breath. Finally, I felt my thighs tremble, and my abs tighten up—and then everything went black. Nut after nut after nut of my hot, thick jock junk began to fill my lil bro’s ass. Still fucking him as deep and hard as I could, I continued to nut, so now that it was ozzing back out of his hole. It seemed minutes before I finally unloaded, and yanked my cock from lil bro’s ass. Quickly rolling over on my back, and spreading my legs wide, I just lay there, exhausted. In just a moment, lil bro rolled over as well, and instantly went down on my now half soft dick. He sucked up my jizz, and his ass slime off my dick like it was his last meal. That dick was dirty as fuck, but he sucked it clean anyway. I just lay there, relishing in the wonderful feel of my lil bros mouth. Still on my dick head, it occurred what he now wanted. With just a grin, I relaxed by stomach, and tickling the hairs of my balls, unloaded my steaming hot jock piss down lil bros throat. I didn’t hold back, and let it run full flow, as my lil bro quickly gulped down my piss like it was a beer. It was only then I noticed that he had managed to hold off all this time, and was now beating the living fuck out of his massively swollen 9” cock. His eruption was eminent, and he laid back flat on his back. It only took about a minute, then suddenly Dustin arches his back up off the bed, and pushes his ass into the air with his feet, throws his head back into the pillow, and letting out a final scream, busted. The first rope went clean over his head, and hit the wall behind him. And then the second, and third. Holy fuck, the boi is cummin like a fuckin horse ! Shot after shot of thick rope continued to blast from lil bro’s piss slit, leaving a trail from his head all the way down to his pubes. He finally came back down flat on the bed. He began to shudder, like you would if you suddenly stepped out into the bitter cold.

Finally spent, Dustin just lay there, with his arms out to his sides, flat on his back. Without a word, he then cut loose his own stream of piss. First splashing up to his face, he opened his mouth to catch what he could, then leaving the same stream down his chest and belly, until the final puddle saturated his pubes, and my bed, lol.

We lay there a moment in silence, then I finally reach over to the nitestand, and light us both a smoke. We each took a couple of drags, then turning my head to face him, simply said “that what you wanted”? Dustin turned and looked at me, and just nodded his head up and down. Dustin finally rolls over, and places his head on my chest. His body still covered in his cum and piss, was now sticky, and leaving it’s remnants on my belly. With his face right on my chest, and not looking at me, he finally speaks; “Matthew” “Ya, lil bro” “Can we go home”?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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