The Chair Ch. 09

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It had been three weeks since he and the redhead had taken physiological readings of Nicki, both in and out of The Chair. He had spent the intervening time analyzing the data taken and making some modifications to the software. He had used the data he had recorded with Nicki to “teach” the computer when the subject was about to orgasm. When he called the redhead and told her, she was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to come over and try out the modifications.

She arrived shortly looking exquisite, wearing black pumps with 2-inch heels, a sleeveless black form fitting top, and tight beige form fitting slacks that proudly displayed the shape of her legs and ass. The slacks would have exhibited her visible panty line, if she’d been wearing any. As he started the video camera, she quickly stripped out of her clothes.

Once she was naked, he helped her lie down on The Chair. It was now in its flat table orientation. Before securing her limbs, he wanted to connect the medical sensors to her body. As he attached the electrodes to each part of her body, he also took great pleasure in softly caressing her smooth skin before attaching each sensor. As he reached around her chest to fasten the elastic belt that would measure her respiration, her nipple forced its way between his accommodating lips. As much as he wanted to continue sucking her nipple, he knew that they must get on with the testing. After attaching the last sensor, he then cuffed her extremities to The Chair as he had now done many times before.

After attaching the nipple cups to her breasts, he started the computer program. He had modified this program to repeatedly bring her just to the brink of orgasm and then back off. Only after he entered a special key sequence would the program allow her to cum, putting an end to her torment. Of course he did not tell her that this was what he intended.

As the motors located in the base beneath her began to hum, her legs were forced apart. At the same time, her arms were stretched out tightly from each side. The nipple cups increased their intensity one level as the primary thrusting unit raised up between her widely spread legs. This time it had been fitted with the vibrator with nubs that spiral around the surface. As it neared her pussy, it began to spray her lips with lubricant to ease its entry. As this directed his attention to her pussy, he noticed that she had shaven more than usual. She had shaved the outside edges of her red triangle, now leaving her with only a strip up the middle. Suddenly the primary unit stopped as the nipple cups also decreased in intensity.

As he examined the computer screen he saw what had happened. The computer had detected a sharp increase in her arousal level and had “backed off” to prevent her from cumming. As her arousal began to subside, The Chair returned to action. The primary unit now plunged deep into her waiting pussy. The forceful entry had again caused a spike in her readings. As they stabilized again, the vibrator within the primary unit began vibrating at a low intensity level.

She told him that there must be something wrong, since twice The Chair had stopped before she came. He told her it was functioning perfectly. It only took a moment before she realized what he intended. “You BASTARD! Wait until I get you in here.”

A smile casino siteleri came to his face when she said that. You see he actually looked forward to the experience. He had always enjoyed being on the brink of orgasm. Not that he doesn’t enjoy it when he cums, but afterwards he’s always been left with a let down feeling like “Is that all there is?”

The nubs on the vibrator then began slowly spiraling around the surface. Her readings on the computer screen climbed rapidly. Apparently she really enjoyed this stimulus. Then a more rhythmic nipple sucking began, driving her even nearer to her sexual plateau. She thought this might be the time that he let her cum, but she was wrong. The stimuli again stopped until she had relaxed (if you could call it being relaxed).

The Chair resumed her torture again with the nubs spiraling and the rhythmic nipple sucking. Then the vibrator in her pussy began a slow repetitive rhythmic thrusting. From her readings he could tell she also liked this. Of course by this time he didn’t need the computer readings to tell him how excited she was. Just by watching her helplessly writhe around on The Chair he could almost feel how aroused she was. He was fully aroused just from watching her.

As he saw her readings nearing their peak, he decided to ease her torment this time. So he keyed in the special key sequence and this time when she was certain that The Chair was going to stop again, she came. Being unexpected, it felt more intense than usual.

As she recovered from this monster orgasm, she realized that The Chair hadn’t stopped, following her climax as it usually did. Instead it was continuing with its slow rhythmic thrusting as the nubs slowly revolved around the vibrator and her nipples were still being rhythmically sucked. Within three minutes she was nearing climax again. She didn’t know now whether or not she would be allowed to cum this time. The not knowing was almost as arousing as the sucking at her nipples. Suddenly she came again. This orgasm was another monster, the same as her previous one.

This time she noticed right away that The Chair had not stopped its actions. Within several more minutes of the same stimuli, she was again about to cum. Again she was allowed to. Her third orgasm within 10 minutes was just as large and forceful as the first two had been. This time The Chair did stop. The vibrator withdrew from her pussy, literally dripping with her cum. As he watched her readings slowly decline, he could see her body trembling as she continued experiencing the aftershocks of her last orgasm. Finally when her readings had returned to normal levels, he went to her side and removed the sensors, nipple cups, and bindings.

As he helped her off The Chair and over to the bed, he felt her petite body dripping with sweat. Once he had laid her on the bed, she told him how incredible that experience had been. Even though she had just had three orgasms within 15 minutes, her sexual appetite was still not satiated. She rolled him onto his back and climbed on top of him. Having been bound in The Chair for the past half-hour, she now wanted to be in control.

As she bent down and roughly kissed his mouth, she unbuttoned his shirt that was now damp with her sweat. She pulled the shirt from between their bodies and threw it onto the floor. slot oyna She slid down his body so she could take each of his nipples into her mouth. As she flicked his nipple with her tongue, she could feel his dick throbbing underneath her. She then bit his nipple, just hard enough to let him know that she was in control. Of course she knew that he liked this from previous experience. Even if she hadn’t known before, the way his dick grew and throbbed beneath her would have been a dead giveaway. After she bit his other nipple just for good measure, she then told him that because of what he had submitted her to in The Chair, she wasn’t going to let him cum.

As she slid her way down to his crotch, she reached up with both of her hands and roughly twisted both of his nipples. She then unfastened his pants and slid them and his underwear off his legs, tossing them to the floor on top of his shirt.

She then slid back up his body until her pussy was just straddling his hard dick, which was lying on his stomach pointing toward his head. She began rubbing her pussy back and forth on his cock, not yet ready to take it inside of her. As she slid back and forth rubbing his cock, he felt his orgasm coming on. Suddenly she reached behind her and pressed firmly between his balls and asshole until the feeling stopped. She had kept her previous threat and not let him cum.

She then took his still hard cock and slowly inched her pussy down over it until he was completely inside her warm moist prison. She then began flexing her vaginal muscles until he was near cumming again. Again she reached back and stopped him from ejaculating. As his dick throbbed inside of her she had her fourth orgasm, flooding his loins with her cum.

His dick was still hard inside of her and bigger than ever, if that was possible, as she began thrusting up and down on him. He wondered if she would ever let him cum. While she rode his cock he reached up and played with her boobs. She reached down and began playing with her clit, until she spurred herself on to her fifth orgasm. Watching the ecstatic expression on her face as she came triggered his orgasm. This time she did not stop him. She collapsed on top of him as they came together.

Once they had recovered their strength, they separated and made their way to the bathroom. He began filling the Jacuzzi with warm water and bubbles while she lit several lavender scented candles to set the mood. The candlelight cast a soft, warm glow on the redhead’s alabaster body. While the tub continued to fill, he retrieved a chilled bottle of champagne and two glasses from the kitchen. When the tub was filled, he held her hand and arm as he helped her step into the tub. He then got in behind her. As she laid her back against his chest he opened the champagne and poured them each a glass. They then made a toast to The Chair and all the pleasure and money it would hopefully bring them.

He then began gently washing her back. As he worked his hands around in front of her and washed her breasts with the soap-covered washcloth, he began kissing the side of her neck. When he kissed her sensitive spot on the nape of her neck, it sent a chill through her. She turned her head until her mouth met his and she kissed him deeply, passionately. He continued washing her, gently moving his hand down to lightly canlı casino siteleri caress her abdomen. Suddenly she lunged back in the tub, pressing her ass tightly against his rapidly growing cock. While he had been washing her he had turned on the Jacuzzi jets with his other hand. It just so happened that one of the jets had been directed right at her pussy and the sudden unexpected sensation had caused her to jump. As they laughed about it, he continued to wash her front from behind with his arms wrapped around her.

As he washed her right leg, she stretched it out and raised it straight up out of the water until her knee was almost beside her ear. Her work as a dancer had kept her quite flexible. He slowly worked his hands up and down her leg as he took great care to wash every square inch of her flesh. With her leg raised up like this, she was automatically pressed back against his hard dick even more than before. As she was in this position, her pussy was also now more exposed to the direct force of one of the jets. He felt her body stiffen against him as she came from the stimulation of the water jet. He lowered her right leg and they both had some more champagne as she recovered.

He then repeated the same washing technique on her left leg. This time the jet was not aligned properly so she did not have another orgasm. When he finished with her left leg and returned it to the water, he again reached his arms around both sides of her. He then began running the washcloth down toward her pussy. After a few gentle strokes with the cloth, he “accidentally” dropped it in the tub. As there were far too many bubbles to see it, he began feeling around for it. While his hands were helplessly searching the tub, they would occasionally rub against her pussy. He noticed that in the water, the freshly shaved edges of her former triangle felt incredibly smooth and sexy. As he plunged two fingers into her pussy, he told her that he would leave no stone unturned in his search for the washcloth. He continued searching her pussy until she came, her muscles contracting tightly against his fingers.

She then turned around in the tub so that she was now facing him. She had her legs folded at the knees and she was straddling his thighs with hers. He ran his hands lightly down her back, pausing at her “secret” spot near her waist. As he ran his fingers lightly back and forth, he could feel a shiver run through her body. His hands then continued down to her ass where he continued to bathe her. As he began to work one and then two fingers into her asshole, he explained he was still searching for the elusive washcloth. As he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her ass, she reached down and began slowly stroking his erection under the water. As she neared her orgasm, she increased the pace at which she was stroking him. He came only a few seconds before a corresponding orgasm rolled through her body.

Following a thorough rinsing and drying, they adjourned to the bed where they laid in each other’s arms discussing her experience today in The Chair. She explained that she had loved both being tantalized by not being allowed to cum and also the unrelenting stimulation forcing her to cum over and over again without stopping. They wondered out loud how many continuous orgasms someone could physically experience. They also wondered how long someone could go without cumming. They agreed that they would have to find out the answers to both of those questions at a later date. They then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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