The concert “public sex”

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The concert “public sex”
By Dina Petro

My friend and I went to the concert for this new hit album, this concert I have never been in before, but it looks like it was designed for interactions between the singers and the audiences and crowd, first it was so crowded, lights dimmed to minimum & flashing most of the time.
There were seats and large empty space between the stage and the first raw of seats, I never knew why till the concert started, where everybody was standing up dancing with the band, cheering, screaming and shouting.
where it was crowded, we were like in the second raw but as everybody got up so did we, we got pushed ahead step by step till we were between the crowd, I could see nothing around me not even my friend, can’t use the phone to call her or so, then I decided to continue watching till the first break comes.
It was unbelievable how close people were to each other, hands hitting on my shoulders, back, front, many elbows and knees but no harm made at all, so I kind of got heated and indulged with the crowed singing and dancing, my dress was made of very light material, a little loose on my body with low cut top, no bra, but I had a g-string panties on.
It wasn’t long till I felt the guy behind me pumping back and forth into me, when I turned around he was a big tall guy but looked nice, as I looked him in the eye he smiled apologizing for pumping into me, I waved ok with a smile to him as we could not hear each other except signal language, or you have to speak into the ear of another.
A few minutes later I felt him closer to my back as if he was so close to my ass where I felt I was almost in his lap, I made no moves this time till I heard him speaking into my ear saying “I hope you don’t mind, I have no other choice, I was pushed by others behind me”.
I gave him an ok signal, smiling, but shouted in his ear to protect me and not to let others pump into me and hurt me, he gave me the thumbs up sign, looks like that was a yes for what he seemed to have on his dirty mind. It wasn’t long when I felt a clear hard on rubbing my ass, where the soft material of my dress, the G-string panties made him feel my soft body and may be turned him on, I totally ignored it first, then I felt him rubbing it into my body on purpose, I did nothing either, a moment later I was pushed aside by someone, I almost fell down when he wrapped his arms around me holding me steady in my place, I held to his arms, turned my face to him and thanked him, but he kept his arms around me, I did not mind it as a protection mean, besides it felt good too.
I felt his hand rubbing my body around my belly where it felt good in the crowd, I admit it was a turn on for me, so I made no signs of rejecting or accepting it, then he was rubbing harder going higher till I felt his hand on my tit being braless helped him feel my tit which felt good to me so I let him do it too. He pushed his hand over the top touching my bare and already hard nipples, pinching them between his fingers while dancing around moving me with him, I looked around to people closer to us, they were all busy, dancing and shouting, we did not seem to be noticed by others around us.
It was too dark for anybody to notice, besides I could see no face of anybody I know or who would know me, especially when his hands went lower this time and lifted my dress up going under it, till he was rubbing my bare belly going up to my tits from under the dress this time, which felt better as nobody could see or notice, even if the lights blur during flashing.
As he was rubbing my tits, pinching canlı kaçak bahis my nipples, I felt him getting much closer to my body where I could feel every inch of his hard cock rubbing against my bare ass now, then he kept his left hand on my tits, lowered the right one to my tommy on its way to my pussy, he touched my pussy over my already wet panties. I guess the dampness on my pussy betrayed me and acted like an invitation for him to go on with what he started of very brave and risky game, among the crowd around us, then he moved my panties aside, started rubbing my pussy in circles, touching my super hard clit, then I felt his finger going in between my already swollen and spread pussy lips, sinking inside my soaking pussy which accommodated his invading finger easily.
I think I have surprised myself by taking no actions or objections to what he was doing what so ever, which was a clear hint of invitation for him to continue, I guess I was enjoying it as much, may be that was why I overlooked it purposely, but I knew it was wrong, especially in that very crowded public place. I tried to look down on myself, just to see how I looked during his nasty and pleasuring games, mainly I was concerned about other people around me, but luckily, the dress was fluffy enough to cover every action he was making, and nobody could see anything. I decided to go ahead with it, without objecting or complaining, or doing any signs to stop him, on the contrary I wanted him to go on as I was so horny and turned on by his brave moves, besides he was a super good looking, and very handsome big guy of my type.
I said to myself why not? Let us see where is he heading and how far could he go in this situation, when he moved my panties aside, I felt what looked like a huge, thick and long snake touching my bare ass, he must have unzipped his pants and got it out, and I felt the cockhead forcing itself in between my ass cheeks, down to my crack seeking my pussy entrance. I thought that was too much and maybe he was overdoing it, I turned around, looked at him with a dropping lower jaw, fully surprised, he smiled, lowering his head over my face, as he was much taller than me, brought his mouth closer to my ear saying “it is ok honey, nobody is noticing just stay the way you are” I guess he assumed I wanted it as much as he did, but maybe I was concerned about the people around us.
I grinned, shook my head saying “no, stop it please” but this seemed to be too late, I felt his cockhead was already rubbing my wet pussy lips, trying to get in, which was honestly, making me leaking wet and fully turned on, I was hoping he would not listen to my objections, in fact, if I knew he would get away with it, I would not try to stop him, I guess I was more than ready to be fucked out there in public, being a naughty girl, I would go for it, no matter.
He kept looking me in the eyes with a very sexy smile, seemed like he listened to me, but shocked me again, he pulled his cock back, away from my pussy, then he pulled my panties down letting them fall to the ground, where he picked them up, after I had willingly stepped out of them; handed them to me with a very naughty, cute smile, I returned the smile, took my panties and I placed them in my purse, I was standing there in the middle of this crowed, panty less with a dripping wet pussy.
As of a sudden, I felt his dick again, it was being rubbed to my bare ass now, holding it in hand he was rubbing it to each and every inch of my ass cheeks before he pushed it back again towards my pussy from the casino oyna back, it seemed like an expected action for me, I wasn’t surprised that much, I should have been smart enough, he took my panties off to have an easy, free access to my cunt. That action felt great in fact, very pleasurable for me, it electrified my whole body, building fire of hell in between my legs, over my pussy in specific, in fact that last action was very much welcomed by me, I even went further by bending over as much as the space allowed, lifting my ass up higher pushing it towards his crotch.
I guess there was no need for any dictionary, to translate the naughty move I made to its actual, and only meaning, which was “fuck me” true till that moment I have not seen his cock yet, but I felt it almost everywhere over my private assets, it felt big, long and thick, it must have been if he wanted to fuck me while standing up behind me(face to Back) in general, small and short cocks would not stand any chance of doing it, the bending over I tried making, was so little due to the crowded area, I would say no matter how much I have tried I was still standing up almost straight, besides, even if I had the space, bending over so much would make us very noticeable by others, doing it would be very wrong and makes us noticeable and discoverable very fast.
The feel of his dick going between my legs under my pussy lips, moving slowly up and down on my slit, rubbing my hard clit then touching my cunt hole as it got lubed with my pussy juices, then he pulled back lifted it up and rubbed it to my asshole, which felt great too, his hand and fingers where moving all over same time. Then I felt his dick sneaking into my pussy again, the wet pussy, the willingness, the way he turned me on, all together made it so easy for his dick to go easily in me as he pushed it, it felt like at least ten inches long or so, not very thick.
Not that I mind big cocks or can’t handle them, but although he was standing up so am I, I felt it going so deep in my pussy, then he stopped as I felt his balls touching me, I looked around me, nobody was noticing, just like nothing was happening, so crowded everybody was touching everybody and so dark, then I closed my eyes thinking how crazy it was and I could not believe it was happening right there.
I was standing there, among hundreds of people if not thousands, with all of these loud noises, loud music and I was being literally deep fucked , then I said to myself what the heck, like they say “if the **** is so close, why not spread your legs and enjoy it”, so I was enjoying it. He started pulling out of me and in again, fucking me but in slow motion then speeding up the fuck process, like I have said earlier, I am a naughty woman who likes doing strange things, scary and risky as well, I was really enjoying it at that time, moving back and forth with his movements, trying to do my best bending forward as much as I could find space, to give him the chance to go deeper in my pussy and he sure did.
I almost felt him splitting my pussy into two halves, fucking me so hard with his huge cock in the most crowded area of town, he was building his fucking speed up and higher every time, till I felt my pussy lips gripped his cock so tight holding on to it, I was already having an orgasm. My whole body shivered and I was so intense, he felt I was, he moved faster for me to cum, then he stopped moving, and was standing still for a moment till my pussy relaxed and let loose of his cock to normal, I was holding his arms which were around my waist canlı casino siteleri while he was fucking me.
He moved again in and out of me a couple of times before he stopped, and pulled his dick out of me, I felt him holding it with his hand and pointing it’s head up higher towards my asshole, I shivered a bit when he turned my face around facing him sideways, held it closer looked me in the eyes and whispered in my ear “it is big, can you take it in the ass?”. I smiled, relaxed and nodded, as if saying to him, yes I can, then he pushed it further but so careful and so slow, I felt his dickhead so thick, but it was fully lubed, already wet and slippery from my pussy juices, till I felt it popping in to my asshole, he stopped moving, it was like an inch or so deep in me, I held his hand and pushed it as a signal of “OK” for him to go on, then he pushed further and further till I felt it so deep in my ass, it was all the way in me, he stopped for me to relax, giving my asshole a chance to adopt to its girth and length, I took a deep breath but it felt ok in me.
Needless to mention, it was not the first time I got fucked in the ass, I happen to be an anal sex lover, well experienced in that department, besides, it would be much easier for him to be fucking my ass, rather than my pussy, especially in that hard position, so he decided to try it, and his decision was both a success and welcomed by me. I felt a little pain when it was going in, but it all vanished so fast and I started feeling the pleasure that goes with him fucking my ass, especially when he started pulling it out then in again, slowly and carefully, soon enough, he was fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow, I forgot all about the crowd around us, and the noises, enjoying every single inch of that lovely cock in my ass. He started speeding up the process, pushing in pulling out so fast with lots of pressure I knew he was Cuming as I felt his cock head swelling in my ass and getting warmer.
He was about to stop as he was ready to cum but I gave him a sign to continue and cum inside my ass, then I felt the warm thick cream pumping out of his cock into my hot willing hole. he stood still, with no movements for a couple of minutes, then pulled his cock out of me, I felt his head over my shoulder kissed me on the cheek and he walked away, disappeared in the crowd, till I could no longer see him.
I really enjoyed the rest of the party, till it was over, then I met up with my lost friend, we drove home as I was telling her the full details of my story, first she could not believe me, I had to prove to her that I was truly fucked so I placed my finger in my ass, brought it up full of thick cock cream which was still stuffed in my ass.
She was laughing hysterically, calling me a slut, but she was more of a slut than I was, she held my finger, smelled it, then licked it all up feeling sorry she lost me, wished she was there with me to enjoy it as well. I was telling her the full details, she was looking me passionately in the eyes, while her hand was under her dress rubbing her hard clit and wet pussy, as of a sudden she said “you are a bitch, next time I will hang on to your pussy so when a cock goes in there, I feel it and enjoy it with you” we both laughed so loud.
I parked the car at her house driveway, waiting for her to get off so I can continue home, but she pulled my hand asking me to go with her inside, giving me a smile with a grin on her face saying” we have to check on that pussy of yours to see what happened to it after that huge cock fucked it in the crowed” she must have liked the taste of it off my finger so she wanted to lick it dry. But that was a complete different story that has to be detailed somewhere else.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

[email protected]

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