The Family Affair Chapter 6

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The Family Affair Chapter 6
As with the rest of the story. All characters are adults in this storyline and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies.

The family affair
Chapter 6
Their submission begins

** Amanda escorted the girl secretly into her apartment over the garage. Soon the girls were standing and admiring themselves. Their tits hanging out of the black half shelf bra. They can feel the but plug against the black thong panties. Their legs encased in black stockings and being held up by their garters. Lastly, they tied each other’s shoes. Their nipples got hard when the AC clicked on. Amanda told them to place the cloaks on and pull the hoods up when you enter the house. Yes, ma’am, they replied. Amanda said you will receive a text. Quickly go downstairs and wait by the back door for one of us to escort you in. The girls stood patiently waiting for what seemed like forever. Danielle’s phone buzzed. It was the text.**

** Mike Debbie and Amanda all got out of the shower. As the two women dressed they told Mike they had some special gifts for him. What is it he asked? Once the two ladies were dressed they opened up their boxes on the dresser top and placed their steel collars and steel rings around their wrists and ankles. Debbie pulled out one of the drawers and laid her foot on it. And Amanda grabbed her but plug and inserted it for her. Debbie did the same for Amanda. Again Mike asked what are they? Now that we are dressed. I can show you the first one. First one Mike asked.**

** Debbie and Amanda went into the closet and güvenilir bahis came out with some boxes. They knelt before their Master and handed him the first box. He opened the box to see a loose silk shirt and a pair of silk briefs with garter belts attached. The briefs had a cock sleeve in them. Underneath that were silk black stockings. May we Master? Debbie reached and picked up the briefs and Amanda picked up the shirt. Amanda placed the shirt on him and helped him to his feet. Debbie then held the briefs down for him to step into. She pulled them up all the way and then inserted his hard cock into the sleeve. She asked her Master. Please will you set back down?**

** With them kneeling at his feet. Each lady took one of the stockings and placed it on him and then asked him to stand. They attached the garter belts to the stocking tops. They then asked him to set again. They handed him one more box. It was a pair of men’s dress shoes converted to a six-inch high heel. They each placed a shoe on him. He said he loves the feel of the silk on his body. He went to the mirror to see himself and turning around to admire himself. My slaves, you have done well and I am very pleased with all this silk. The girls replied thank you, Master. Sir, We have two more Sir. May we? Yes you may.**

** Debbie stood up and walked quickly to the closet. Soon she came out with a strap on and it was tightly attached. She walked to the foot of the bed and stood. Mike walked over to examine the new dildo. Sir this is a prostate dildo. It will hit your prostate with every perabet thrust. An evil grin came across his face and he said I can’t wait to try it. Is that it? He asked? No, we have two more gifts for you Master. With that, Debbie picked up her phone and texted Danielle. May I please go get your last two gifts Debbie said. Yes, you may. Thank you, Master. Bowing down she turned and quickly left the room. Mike went to set in his chair and Amanda knelt beside him. Waiting for Debbie to get back.**

**Debbie quickly went to the back door. She let her two daughters in. As she picked up a bag off the washer. The girl saw their mother with a strap on with an unusual dildo. Mom pulled out a black silk ribbon and tied it tightly around Danielle’s neck. Then turning to Brianne. You should’ve been in all white instead of black. But I will take the punishment for that. She placed a white ribbon tightly around Brianna’s neck and then placed a folded large white linen handkerchief into the waistband of her garter belt. The black silk ribbon means you’re not a virgin and the white one means you are. The linen cloth will become apparent later on. Do you understand? Yes, ma’am, they replied quietly. Now pull up your hoods girls. Unless you want to back out. This is your last chance. The two girls pulled their hoods up and followed their mother. **

**When you are told to. Remove your cloaks and let them hit the floor. Then immediately get on your knees with your forehead heads on the floor and your arms outstretched in front of you and holding your leather perabet giriş collar in both hands. Yes, ma’am, they replied quietly. They followed their mother quietly into the bedroom. We have found you two new slaves Master. He smiled and said you have done very well my slaves. I am well pleased. He walked to the girl standing by the bed. He walked around them inspecting them best he could with the cloaks on. **

**The girl’s heads were all the way down and the hoods hid who they were. Their perfume smelt somewhat familiar. He then asked do you wish to be considered for one of my collars? Both girls did as they were instructed to do. To hide who they were. They both bowed and held it. He turned and smiled at his slaves. Then walked to his chair. Sitting down, he ordered his slaves to bring them before him. Debbie and Amanda went and retrieved the two new slaves and place them about 4 feet from in front of him. Then themselves kneeling beside the two new slaves. He thought this was odd but he said nothing. Presents yourselves now! He ordered. The two girls bowed again and then dropped their cloaks and immediately to their knees.**

**Debbie and Amanda stifled a grin as they saw the reaction of their Master at seeing his daughters kneeling before him. With a bit of shock and embarrassment. He looked at Debbie and said explain this!! She explained everything and when she was done. He looked back and forth at his slaves and daughters. Slaves are you positive? Yes, my Master, they answered. They enjoyed what you did to them? Yes, Master, she replied. Debbie nodded at Mike and smiled and mouthed yes it’s okay. Recover he ordered to his two new slaves. They immediately set back on their heels and placed their hands on their thighs palms up. He looked at his wife again and she nodded.**


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