The Family Business – Chapter 11

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The Family Business – Chapter 11
The mornings film was a lezzie pick that only had Jo and Pam in it. It started with the two of them dressed in jeans, tee-short and suede over the knee boots. They started by kissing and playing with each other then Pam got Jo into her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Then Pam picked up a pair of scissors and cut a hole above Jo’s projecting left nipple. The nipple projected through the hole. Pam sucked on the exposed nipple before doing the same to the right breast.

It was then Jo’s turn to do the same to Pam. After a bit of kissing and sucking the holes were enlarged and the two sets breasts were rubbed together as they snogged enthusiastically. Close ups were taken of the breast flattening against each other.

Then rather than take their tops off both cut their tops off and moved to the jeans. Now as it happened, they were jeggings and quite weak. They didn’t last long as a small hole was cut in the crutch of first Jo’s and then Pam’s. Tongues were flickered in to the exposed pussy’s the hole were ripped bigger and the girls got into a sixty-nine and gave each other pussy a thorough going over.

Lastly the crutch was cut away on their bums Pam put on a strap on and shoved in a but plug before changing her mind and buggering Jo doggy style.

Ruth looking on at the entire sequence summed it up.

“I though I was kinky and then I met you two. Who on earth thought up this one because I bet it wasn’t Chris?”

Lyn put up her hand looking a bit shame faced. “Me miss, I did it and I tried a dry run on Jess last night she seamed to enjoy it. Mind you so did I when Clinton did me at the same time.”

Whilst all this was going on Nina was having a chat with her mother’s cousin Anne about the previous days little disaster when she had revealed to her mother about her father’s infidelity.

“I love you dearly Nina but you can really be a little cow on occasions. Telling your mother that, was pretty cruel and the fact that it’s almost certainly true, makes it worse. Also, what about poor Beth, she wouldn’t say boo to a goose, so you can bet that your dear sweet father at the very least pressured her into it. Try and ring your mother and see if she will let you apologise.”

Nina tried to get through to her mother but she didn’t pick up so tried Gigi who did.

“Are you satisfied? Mum’s really upset.”

“I was trying to give an apology to her I know it was wrong but she is so infuriatingly proper and always right. I lost my rag and wanted to prick her bubble of complacency.”

“Did you just say that or do you have evidence.”

“I’m my parents’ c***d in that. Of course, I have some evidence.”

“OK stay their Mum knew you would ring me and wanted to know.”

Jane came to the computer and looked at her wayward daughter who apologised quite profusely and surprisingly was honestly contrite.

“If you really want to apologise, tell me what you know about what the bastard has been up to.” So, Nina told her mother the whole story of what she had seen and the checks she had done.

“Bugger, with little Beth as well. What the betting he pushed her into it. Ii does explain why she always so nervous around me I just thought she was very timid.”

“You can be a little intimidating as well Mum. I am really sorry I don’t know whether I should have told you but I do know that it shouldn’t have been like that.”

“Alright darling you might be a whore and a bitch but I do love you. Also, Anne was telling the truth I was a little tart when I was young so I am probably to blame. Life was so much more fun then. Do you enjoy those films?”

“Yes Mum, I do we are all friends and its not like porn would normally be. Its fun, kinky but fun.”

“I see tell me about them.”


“A tiny bit of revenge on my part.”

“Do you seriously want me to tell you about the porn films I am taking part in?”

“Yes, I do.” There was a huskiness to her mother’s voice. Nina had to tell her mother about all the lesbian and orgy pictures she had already had a part in. Nina was shocked and a little disturbed that it was making her mother horny.

“What a naughty girl you have been. I have got to go I think that I need to have a long chat with a certain secretary whilst your father chasing that stupid white ball around.” Nina smiled to herself her mother always had a contempt for golf as a game, preferring squash and badminton herself.

Nina was a little shell-shocked not only had her mother used the word bugger but she had just been teased. Worst of all her mother seemed to get excited about it. Also, whilst she had been sure that Anne had been telling the truth about her mother to have an admission it was true was well, at the very least, a surprise.

Going outside to look for Anne, Nina wandered passed another scene being shot where Lyn, Jess and Clinton were repeating their experiment with chain buggery. Then Angela appeared with a kaçak iddaa strap on and went at Clinton’s arse followed by Pete in hers and Gwen in his.

“Do you know I don’t think that one is going to be a success unless we have a comedy channel.”

It was all coming or should that be cumin together. The replacement web site was being tested out first by the islands inhabitants and then by a selected group of their long-term subscribers who were rewarded by a preview of the new content. The web site was generally approved of and the content got enthusiastic responses particularly the paint ones.

Also, they had managed to get a good price om some of their older content which was being touched up with the new technology available. Jess noticed that her mum had been fibbing about how long she had been appearing in films. One with a copyright date of 2009 showed Ruth, smaller boobs and what she suspected was a wig but her mother without doubt.

Ruth was being pursued by two different men and allowed herself first to be caught by one and then by the other before there was a final scene of her satisfying both, climaxing with a double penetration. Boy was Ruth enjoying herself. Jess challenged her mother.

“I had forgotten about that it was my first film when we were still using external actors. You father was away on a business trip so Chris and I sneaked that one in. We got other women to do a voice over and sold it externally. Even if your father came across it, he couldn’t be certain though it would have been fun if he suspected. They were such nice boys they wouldn’t have ratted on me and anyway like anyone who had prolonged dealings with him they hated his guts. That was the first time I actually enjoyed anal, your father was too rough and uncaring. Story of our marriage, come to think of it.”

“Talking of voice overs. I am half French and Anne was bought up there, as was Nina. The whole family speak French perfectly as long as you don’t mind an Occitan accent. How about we dub some of the films into French. It would increase our market quite a lot.” Said Keith.

“In the same vein the three of us speak pretty good Spanish, not Castilian of course, certainly good enough for this kind of thing.” added Clinton.

Jess like the idea of having a multi lingual version available because whilst a lot of films didn’t need translation since they went to the trouble of having a plot they would help. It was interesting that Anne family had lived in France it would explain why they were less uptight than so many English.

The next film they did was going to be another kinky boot one since they were popular with the clientele. The opening scene was shot in the dining room of the plantation house with an elegant dinner party with formally dressed people. The men in formal dinner attire the ladies on long dresses and evening gloves above their elbows. At the head of the table were Chris and Ruth as gracious hosts. The camera however concentrated on the youngest member of the party played by Fliss. Fliss was in a demure dress under which was a corset that held her not large bust in somewhat. The other women were showing a lot of cleavage but not Fliss.

The wine was flowing and the food delicious, A normal dinner party conversation was going on. The meal finished the ladies retired to the drawing room leaving the men alone. This is when you started to het a hint of something out of the ordinary. Justine sitting on the sofa crossed her legs and a booted foot could just be seen. Angela and Gwen were sitting on a sofa chatting but close head to head. Anne went over to help Ruth distribute drinks, her dress had a slit up the side going right up to her thigh. As she moved you could see she was wearing very high back leather boots.

The two on the sofa were playing footsy that showed that they too were not wearing evening shoes but boots. Fliss crossed her legs so that her dress rode up a little to shoe high heeled shoes. However various shots showed that all the other ladies were booted. Gwen and Angela were getting friendly and kissing.

At this point the men re-joined them and sat with their partners. It became clear that Gwen and Angela were two lone women. They were not the only ones being amorous as Jess was being stroked across her bare shoulders by Clinton. Justine sat on Kendall’s lap showing more of her white boots.

Siobhan’s was dressed in emerald green dress that had zip from the top to top. Simon was her dinner partner and he put his arms around he and drew her into an arm chair and then started to work her zip upwards. As more and more of the zip was undone revealing tight fitting dark brown boots that were very tightly fitted. They were well over her knees. The zip went up further until he could put his hand in her fanny. Two things were revealed she did not wear panties and the boots were nearly up to kaçak bahis her crutch.

The shot went back to Fliss looking a bit alarmed by this point. One of Jess’s boobs had been pulled out and was being fondled, the hem of her dress had been pulled up to reveal the bottom of wine red boots. Over on another sofa Lyn was sitting on Vic’s lap and he was removing the top of her dress. Angela and Gwen had also got their tops off and were playing with each other’s boobs.

Fliss was sitting on a formal chair with her dinner partner Luke standing behind her with his arms around her affectionately but also preventing her getting up. Siobhan’s zip was travelling ever upwards with her dress open up to her tummy. Gwen had now got Angela out of her dress and was well on the way to losing hers. They were both without underwear but had on high heeled black thigh length boots.

The only lady other than Fliss fully dressed was Ruth who was looking on with equanimity standing in a grey sheaf dress and long grey velvet gloves. The without a word she walked to the middle of the room, slid the dress of her shoulder so it fell to the floor. Ruth was wearing grey velvet boots that matched the gloves. Fliss looked on with a mixture of horror and interest but Ruth just stood there.

Siobhan by now had had her zip undone all they way and her dress had fallen off. Jess’s dress was also gone leaving her in high heeled black leather boots and black silk gloves. The rest of the ladies were the same thigh length boots in varying hues and gloves above their elbows with not a sign of underwear that is other than Fliss.

Gwen and Siobhan got up and moved over to her and gently caressed her head and shoulders before Siobhan kissed Fliss. Fliss responded with pleasure to this. Luke moved his hands so he was cupping he breasts. The two woman and man slowly undressed her the dress first then the corset and lastly her sweet little lace panties. In the meantime, Angela had come up with a box which was opened to reveal white leather gloves that were run up Fliss’s arms and over her elbows and very tall white leather boots. All the time she was being kissed and caressed.

Now dressed as the others Fliss joined in the orgy that ensued, her hair freed from its elaborate style it flowed across her tanned shoulders. Everyone was making love to somebody but Fliss had more attention than the others put together before coming to her orgasm that was very real.

‘Cut’ said Alf who was directing. “That was lovely, very artistic seduction. Fliss dearie you almost make me want to join in. Only almost though.”

The other girls who hadn’t take in the scene didn’t want to be left out. Jo, Pam and Barbara were wearing her PVC boots and gloves from the earlier film. Only Nina was without kinky footwear and frankly looking miffed. Ruth saw her expression.

“Your size six aren’t you.”

“Yes, but my feet are wide.”

“Don’t worry come with me.” A couple of minutes later they reappeared with Nina now wearing black suede boots and gloves. The only women not present was Hanai but she soon appeared with a trolley containing the makings of coffee whilst dressed in red PVC boots and gloves.

Jess looked on and sighed. “I think we should cancel any early morning filming I think its going to be another late night. This proved prophetic Lyn and Nina stalked her and Clinton came up behind and cupped her breast to hold her in place whilst the other two descended on her. Pam and Jo were fucking as were Fliss and Barbara then the switched over again. The lads were taking it in turns to fuck Angela, Gwen and Siobhan. You get the idea no-one was left out and a fun and steamy time was had by all.

The next morning Jess extracted herself from Lyn and Clinton. At least this time I don’t have a hangover she thought. Where was Nina though she was normally the last one up, the answer was downstairs at one of the computers. The gloves had come off and a top on but she was still naked from the waste down except for her boots. Mind you Jess was worse having not bothering with the top as well as the bottom.

Jess wandered over to see what had got her young lover up so early well eight thirty. Nina was using a mike so Jess didn’t realise that she was talking to someone on a skype call as she went up behind. It was only when a giggle came out of the speakers that she realised that she was displaying her all to Nina’s younger sister in England.

“Oh, bugger now she seen all you have got. Come on you might as well say hello. Gigi won’t mind she not Mum.”
“Hello Gigi.” Jess remembered then the reason for the early rising. It was Gigi’s eighteenth birthday today. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you, can I have some boobs like yours for a present.” Said the giggling newly adult girl.

“I don’t think your mother would approve, it’s going to be bad enough when Nina and Anne have theirs done.”

“When güvenilir bahis is that.”

“Well the genetic tests should be back any day, at which point Siobhan has promised to do them the same day. “
Nina sat back and looked serious.

“If Gigi wanted to come and join us would you agree.”

“If it was only Gigi then yes of course, the more tarts the better it seems. But it would be so cruel on you mother.”
“I know why is that our fun has to be at her expense. I know I am harsh on her but I do love her. Also, if things were bad for her being a c***dish idiot, I have made it worse. I know that my father is playing around and now Mum has good reason to think so too she will prove it. Mu mother should have been a detective not a solicitor.”

The basic test came back the following Monday with the all clear for any risk factors. Within a couple of hours Nina and Anne had joined the double ‘d’ club. This did mean that all the men had to fuck them to see their breasts wobble. The rest of the girls felt left out so soon there was a lot of wobbling going on.

Kinky boots seemed to have become the new fashion for them. A trip to the adult store in Nassau made sure that every woman on the island had at least two pairs if not more plus hot-pants, miniskirts, trouser and such like. The owner did not seem to know what had hit when a group of kinky blonds descended and their ring leader an Irish red head. Siobhan spent by far the most money of all of them. It was a good day’s trade for the shop.

Jess also managed to persuade the owner to stock all their DVD’s with the promise of a special display stand and a big sign. ‘Made in the Bahamas’.

Back on the island Jess was surprised to receive a call from an unusual source. It was Jane, Nina’s mother. Jess would have thought that she was the last person that lady would want to talk too and answered with some trepidation.
Jess need not have been worried that the call was going to be unpleasant though it was very surprising. Regardless she agreed to all that Jane was asking and rang off smiling to herself.

A week later filming was of a very silly piece of the busty blond girls wearing there PVC clothes whilst frolicking in the swimming pool. Most ridiculous of all was Ruth in a full-length PVC dress just walking off the edge into the pool. Fliss Sue and Pam in hot pants and crop top followed, also PVC of course. Next were Jo, Barbara and Nina wearing mini skirts and crop top. To finish it off Barbara and Gwen in PVC legging and corset. Every one of them also was wearing boots and gloves.

Even Chris imagination and Alf’s love of artistry could not raise the tone of the piece. Of course, the clothes came off other than the boots and gloves and the very wet and shiny girls touched suck, fondled and nibbled every bit of anatomy on offer.

What it lacked in artistry it made up for in terms of speed and simplicity, they were finished by noon. With the girls still sopping wet they ate outside. Jess had slipped off pre-warned.

“Anne, Nina your both wanted on skype, it’s you mother Nina. Hurry she says its important.”

“Oh shit.” Was Nina’s only reaction. Anne’s face showed she agree with this summation.

They got inside mystified and more than a little apprehensive. Jess threw them tops and Nina had to be reminded to lose the gloves though she threatened to keep them on to see her mother’s reaction.

“Good morning or is afternoon. Oh bother, this is difficult. Nina could you sit down and Anne could you cuddle her please I have some serious news. I am going to divorce you father and give up soliciting. Sorry being a solicitor.”
Nina was shocked but also fascinated as her mother didn’t really seem upset if anything the opposite There was a slight smile on her face and there was that dodgy joke.

“Can I enquire the reason, would your idiot daughter’s revelations be a factor?” asked Anne

“She does seem to have inherited the family tact reminiscent of a rampaging rhino. Anyway, I confronted him with everything and he admitted it. I did a deal with him. The bastard can divorce me from abandonment instead of me divorcing him for adultery but in exchange I get half the value of the house, he buys me out of the partnership and he signs an agreement never to discuss me, his daughters or any other member of our family in public. So, he cannot complain about you two porn stars to the tabloids or anyone else.”

“Heavens Mum where are you going to live and what are you going to do if you aren’t going to be a solicitor anymore.”
“Oh, that’s simple Gigi and I are going to come out and join you lot. As you pointed out to such effect, I am a natural tart and I want to go back to enjoying life. Also, perhaps I can find someone who for once would fuck me so that I enjoy it. Oh, and we will have another little surprise, but you will have to wait until we get here for that. Now before I go could you two show me your lovely new tits.”

In shock they did exactly that. Jane was grinning broadly by this stage whilst Nina was quiet and nearly in a state of shock. The thought of her mother appearing in a porno was too much.

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