The Hot Wife Part 2.

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The Hot Wife Part 2.
Lara and Dale had recently reunited after not seeing each other for years, they had now hung out several times and their conversations were growing more and more playful with each “date”

Lara had found herself caught off guard by how interested she was in Dale, how different he seemed and how he was still the same person in some ways but somehow better, it turned her on, and while they hadn’t slept together, they had made out passionately while both drunk at the end of the night and she had been more horny than usual, spending almost every night in bed using her new vibrator until she fell asleep.

Dale had been working up to this, his dates with Lara had been going good and he found her to also be a different person than the one he had in his mind, she was friendlier and more playful than he remembered and seemed to be following his lead in a way that he had never experienced when they were together before. He had taken a chance inviting her over on a Friday night and had felt his cock stiffen when she responded. He was going to make his move, she had been eating out of the palm of his hand and now was his opportunity. Dale hired a cleaning service for his Condo and made sure he was going to wow Lara when she showed up. He had ordered food in and was dressed nicely when Lara buzzed in saying she was downstairs.

Lara had worn a pair of yoga pants with warm up socks and a sweatshirt, even when she was dressed casually illegal bahis she looked great, her dark hair tied in a tight ponytail and her thong hiding any lines in her tight leggings that made her curves stand out. She admired Dales place but teased him that she expected it to be bigger.

“but that is always the case with you isnt it?” she smiled at him.

“you’re not nice”, he laughed as he showed her the rest of the large condominium, pouring her a glass of red wine as they got to the kitchen.

the night wore on as the two of them stoked the sexual tension more and more, Dale was at the limits of what he could stand when he decided to go in to kiss Lara on the mouth, she turned her head at the last second, leaving her neck exposed to Dale and not pulling away, telling him with her body language to continue kissing her there which he did. Dale kissed Lara’s soft neck and licked it trying his hardest to melt her Icy front and get what he wanted. She felt his hands wandering across her body, feeling her legs and her torso while Dale kissed her and she liked it. His hands felt strong yet Lara knew he would never do anything without her permission,. just as it had always been. she was in charge of him.

Lara felt across Dales muscular body while he ran his hands across her, her hand brushing against his crotch and feeling his cock, tight against his jeans.

“oh my god, are you hard?” she laughed at him, holding her hand tipobet over her mouth pretending he shouldn’t be turned on yet and making him feel shame that he did

“im so hard Lara” Dale said, looking back at her

“so…. show me then” Lara said playfully

“its right here, pull it out” Dale said, trying to be sexy

“no, i said show me, show me your cock Dale”

Dale immediately began to undo his pants, pulling them down to his ankles and then pulling his cock and balls through the hole in his boxers, standing straight out he watched Lara look down at it.

“did it get bigger or something? i remember it being smaller” she smiled, knowing it looked exactly the same but for some reason wanting to toy with Dale.

“maybe, you’ve got me so hard this is crazy Lara”

“stroke it for me, show me how crazy it is”

“come on, now its your turn to stroke it” dale said as he leaned in kissing Lara on the lips now, feeling her hand wrap around his cock and squeeze it tight. this felt so amazing.

Lara let go of his cock and looked him in the eyes”

“come on I want to see you stroke your big cock”

Dale leaned back and looked Lara straight in the eyes, grabbing his hard cock and stroking it for her like she asked, he was so turned on he lost track of how long he was jerking off for, her eyes darting between his cock and his eyes, a playful smile across her face while she encouraged him, Dale shot his cum on the sofa and Lara’s legs before tipobet giriş he knew it and she started to laugh.

“haha wow, i hope thats not it” she smiled and stood up, leading Dale to his bedroom where she undressed and laid on the bed with her legs apart, Dale stared at her beautiful pussy and big heavy breasts then up at her while she motioned for him.

“time to see if you’ve gotten better at this”

Dale climbed on to the bed and immediately buried his face in her pussy, her pubic hair getting matted with his saliva as he closed his eyes and took a deep breathe through his nose. he let out a loud moan as he plunged his tongue into her hot pussy, lapping at her clit like it was his last meal. Lara bit her lip and moaned as she played with her tits and had her pussy eaten, Dale made her cum in short order and continued until Lara was certain she couldnt cum anymore.

Dale raised up and kissed her and she kissed him back, she felt the head of his hard cock slip in her sloppy wet pussy and she kissed his neck as he slid inside of her. Dale had his cock buried deep inside Lara, as far as he could go and yet she had barely made a peep, he had pulled out his best moves and was more turned on than he had ever been and she held her legs apart,taking his cock in her pussy and digging her nails in to his arms.

Lara pushed Dale away from her ad grabbed his cock after it left her pussy, stroking it until he cam on her stomach. They spent several hours in bed, talking more about sex and their likes, Dale seemed open minded and more kinky than she remembered and this gave Lara’s mind a lot to think about.

how could she use this to her benefit….

to be continued.

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