The Picture Ch. 04

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Alice was distracted at work finding herself drifting throughout the day. Her daydreams alternated between what she and James did the first night and what she hoped would happen between them tonight. Her mind would drift from her memories of watching him stroking his cock, to how she felt having him watch as she masturbated for him. She recalled how much she wanted him to reach out, to touch her and take her, but she still was amazed how invigorating it was to simply let herself go while he watched.

Strangely, while the two of them barely touched each other, besides a few kisses, they shared something more intimate than she had ever shared before. Even with guys she had gone to bed with dozens of times she had never felt as exposed or as intimate as with James. She peeked into her purse at the cum stained Polaroid and wondered if he did the same with his.

Of course she also let her mind wander on what she wanted to do with him on tonight’s date. She pictured taking him in her mouth, tasting and swallowing his cum, but then it would change to where he pulled her clothes off and desperately shoved his cock into her wet, waiting pussy. Crossing her legs, she could feel she was already very wet just daydreaming about it all. She knew she would have to change her panties before going out with him.

The day dragged on and Alice continued getting herself all hot and bothered, in fact she had herself worked up so much one time she considered rushing into the bathroom for a quick little diddle, but just as she stood casino oyna up her secretary barged in with some problem. It took her a few minutes but, Alice was able to regain her composure enough to solve the problem with out any disasters.

Fortunately, as distracted as she was, Alice was able to make it through the rest of the work day without any real problems. Finally she found herself packed up and riding on the bus home. Once home, she quickly walked to her apartment and changed, making sure she put on a new, dry pair of panties.

When James showed up, she was tempted to talk him out of going to dinner, but went along with him. Once again he was very charming, respectful, and all in all, a delightful dinner companion. After dinner he asked if she wanted to go to a movie, but she suggested perhaps they should head over to her apartment.

In less than 45 minutes, Alice found herself nervously unlocking her door and inviting James into her apartment for the second time in two days. Just like the day before, they embraced in a slow, languid kiss after which Alice quickly slipped into her bedroom and changed into her slinky gown, without panties once again. After the night before, she wasn’t sure what she would find James doing in the living room as she emerged from her bedroom.

Surprisingly, he was simply standing, fully clothed, leaning against the couch. As Alice approached him, he reached out, took her in his arms and began kissing her again. While kissing her on the mouth and face, he carefully unbuttoned slot oyna her gown and slowly worked it off of her. Now she was completely naked and he was fully clothed.

He gently guided her to the couch, where he sat down and gently pulled her onto his lap. As she sat, he basically guided her so she ended up sitting on his lap with her back to him. He immediately reached around her, wrapped one arm around her waist while the other hand began lightly touching her breasts. She could feel his cock harden against her ass, but he didn’t press it against her, he simply ran his hands over her breasts.

He continued this for some time, all the while Alice’s breathing got faster and faster as he got her worked up. His hands were magnificent, touching her lightly in places and more firmly in others. After a while every movement he made and every place that he touched seemed to tingle in electricity. By the time his hand slowly worked down her stomach, through the tight curls of her pubic hair and between her legs she was about to come.

James’ fingertips opened her lips so delicately it felt like his tongue and when his fingers dipped into her wet pussy she gasped loudly and arched her back. Damn, she was so close to coming and he had just slipped a finger into her. Alice felt his wet fingers meander up her slit, curving along her soft lips and finally reaching her clit. When he gently held it between his thumb and fingertip she came for the first time, moaning loudly and arching her back.

By this time she wanted canlı casino siteleri to fuck him or suck him or just feel him take her completely but all she could do was remain melted in his arms as he continued with his fingers. They slipped inside her just when she ached for him to enter her, he teased her clit just before she begged him to and he ran the palm of his hand over her entire pussy just when she though she could bear it no more. Finally he reached down and pushed three fingers into her pussy while he ran his fingers over her clit with the other hand and continued until she cried out, “Oh yes James, yes, yes,” and began coming.

Her pussy pulsated over his fingers as he eased up on her sensitive clit as Alice turned her head up and kissed him, sucking his tongue into her mouth. She breathed hard, continuing to moan and move her hips as she kept coming and coming. After what seemed an eternity she finally collapsed back into his arms fighting to catch her breath.

James left his fingers inside her until her orgasm subsided and then he slowly slipped out of her. After a few minutes Alice became aware of his hard cock against her ass. She turned herself slipping out of his grasp to kneel on the floor before him as she grabbed at his belt. She wanted to please him, take him in her mouth and suck him hard, yet while she fumbled with his pants he grabbed her hands and whispered, “Alice, slow down, there’s no rush.”

She fell back onto the floor and took a deep breath. He was right of course, but no other guy she had ever been with ever did that, ever asked her to slow down. Remaining on the floor she looked up at him, wondering what was going to happen next. She had a feeling whatever it was, it would be fantastic.

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