The Soldier’s Wife

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She’d waited the whole month, following his instructions to the letter…well, not exactly to the letter. He’d told her not to touch them—any of them. Marissa hadn’t been deliberately disobedient; she just couldn’t help it…really. The curiosity was slow torture, too much to bear. Nightly for the last week she’d taken the first package down from the cupboard and held it—wondering.

She missed him so much.

More than she thought she would—more than she ever thought possible. It was a shock to Marissa to find that missing could physically hurt. Like a stone wedged in your chest it cut, a painful reminder felt with each breath. Every day without him was interminable, endlessly long and empty. They’d all warned her it would be like this—the other soldiers’ wives. She’d smiled and nodded, but secretly she’d mocked, thinking them pathetic and weak. Marissa was different to them, above their foolish grief. She had a career, a life—she didn’t need a man to feel complete. Not like them. She’d thought herself immune, because of her work, her friends and her family. She believed the time without him would fly.

But it didn’t.

Eleven more months until he was home—until he was safe. Eleven more months of wondering, worrying and waiting.


It hurt.

She had no idea it would hurt so much.

Adam had known—before he left he told her he had a surprise. He took her into the bedroom and she’d watched as he placed the boxes high up in the bedroom cupboard. Back then when she’d still thought herself invincible, she’d laughed at him—at his silly boxes. Lying on the bed she’d been more interested in ogling his tight butt than his parcels as he stretched up to the shelf.

When he’d finished packing them away he’d turned to her and said, “On the first day of every month you open one.” His storm grey eyes had locked on her and he pointed a finger. “Only one Marissa. Do you understand?”

She understood.

Twelve brown paper covered boxes. Labeled in his thick dark handwriting with the date they were to be opened. All different sizes. The first was twice the size of a shoe box. It didn’t smell like anything and when she’d gotten it down before and given it a shake there was no rattle.

Today she didn’t have to shake it, sniff and wonder. Today it could be opened. The paper tore easily, splitting open along the line it had been taped. She pulled the flaps open. No wonder it hadn’t rattled. It was packed full of bubble wrap.

Shifting aside the protective wrap she saw an envelope.


Seeing those words in his precise even print was almost like hearing his voice.

Commanding her.

A shiver snaked up her spine.

His instructions were detailed. Bullet points set out in an ordered military time line, as if it was a mission he was commanding. She couldn’t start tonight. She went to bed, for the first time since he left she had something to look forward to.

* * * *

It had been hard to get through the day. At work she’d been distracted, so fuzzy with anticipation that her boss sent her home early. In the extra time she pampered herself. As if she was getting ready casino oyna for a date. Even taking the time to shave her pussy, something she’d neglected since he’d been gone—without him she saw no reason. In the warm scented water of the bath tub she let her fingers play upon the smooth freshly shaved skin, imagining for a moment they were his. Parting the lips she dipped into the wet honey he loved to lick from his fingers. Slick fingers flicked her clit until it swelled plump and taut, but didn’t she come. Knowing he’d want her to wait she pulled her fingers away before she could complete the building orgasm.

At exactly seven o’clock she read the instructions through one more time. She knew what she had to do. Heart thumping, belly heavy with nervous anticipation, she entered the bedroom. Everything was as he directed, bathed in soft yellow light from the bedside lamps and scented candles. It was time to check the camera. She looked through the eyepiece and saw the bed. The black satin sheets rippled in the candlelight like liquid ink. She wondered what her pale skin would look like on that black canvas. She had no doubt Adam had chosen the sheets with that in mind. He preferred her pale, slathering her in sun cream to protect her skin whenever they hit the beach. While she desperately wanted to be brown he loved her marble pale, loving the contrast of his dark skin against hers.

Marissa checked the light one more time. He’d told her to add another lamp if it was too dark. She didn’t need to she decided, there was enough. Enough light to see her, to record what she would do. She pressed the button that would start the camera and moved to the bedside table where she’d placed the digital recorder and pressed play.


His voice filled the room. Rolling over her skin like simmering liquid, pooling in throbbing heat between her legs.

“Up on your knees in the middle of the bed.”

She followed his instructions as if he’d whispered them in her ear. As if he was there to punish her if she faltered.

“I didn’t hear you Marissa.”

She turned to address the digital recorder, “Sorry, Adam.”

“Look at the camera Marissa. Say everything directly to the camera as if I’m there. Watching you.”

She turned to face the camera, looking straight at the blinking red light above the lens.

“You’ll answer my every instruction. You’ll do as you are told and you’ll look at the camera and say yes sir. Won’t you Marissa?”

“Yes sir.” The words came out thick, like winter cold syrup.

He chuckled, the sound a familiar wicked caress that filled her with longing.

“Spread your legs. Up on your knees and spread your legs.”

“Yes sir.”

“Hands on your breasts.”

She cupped the lace covered mounds. The bra he’d chosen for her to wear was gossamer thin black lace. So sheer her nipples were easily visible, straining at the fabric like fat ripe berries.

“Hold them up for me. Feel their soft weight like I do when I touch you. Flick your thumbs across your nipples.”

“Yes sir.” She moaned as sensation shot from her nipples to her pussy. Her clit swelled in response and pulsed against the sheer canlı casino fabric of her panties. She rocked her hips to increase the feeling.

“Pinch them now. Hard. Harder.”

She cried out as the delicious pain rocked through her body.

“Cry out for me if it feels good. I want to hear you moan. Pull out your tits for me. Hold them close. Show them to me baby.”

She popped the mounds out of their sheer cups and squeezed them together, leaning forward. Presenting her tits to the camera.

“Wet your thumb. Suck it into your mouth baby, like it’s my cock. Suck it deep.”

Marissa brought her thumb to her mouth, running her tongue across the head exactly the way she liked to tease his cock. Licking around the end, she visibly flicked the tip before she sucked it in, hard and deep. She groaned, thinking about his cum slick cock and how much she wanted to taste him.

“Bring that wet thumb down to your nipple. Flick the tip as if it’s my tongue.”

“Yes Sir.” Her eyes fell closed. She let it take her, the fantasy. It was his tongue. It was his tongue on her nipple and it felt so good.

“I bet you look so good baby. Wet nipples, pink and hard. Good enough to eat. I want to see. Dip your fingers in your pussy and show me. Show me how wet you are.”

She slid her palm down her stomach, keeping the other hand cupping her breast and thumbing her nipple.

“Are you all shaved for me baby? All soft and smooth the way I love it?. Feel it on your fingertips.”

Good. So good. His words. The sensation of her fingers teasing between the lips of her wet pussy sent shivers of pleasure up her spine. Edging between the sticky folds she teased the nerve rich entrance of her vagina. Round and around she flicked her fingers, never dipping in as deep as she wanted, teasing herself.

“Show me. Show me those wet fingers.”

She pulled out her two glistening fingers and held them up to the camera.

“They look so good baby. So good. Taste them. Taste them for me.”

She smiled. Played for the camera, played for him. Long slow licks up her fingers, she tasted herself. Her sweet musky scent filled the room. Lapping at her fingers she moaned, knowing what the sound would do to him.

“You taste good. Don’t you Marissa? That sweet cunt. I love it. Show it to me now. Take of those panties and spread your legs. Come close so I can see it.”

Marissa pulled off her panties and lay flat on the bed, her knees spread wide. Propped up on her elbows she kept her eyes on the lens, all the time imagining Adam’s dark grey eyes.

“Wider. Spread those pretty pussy lips for me baby. Show me.”

She opened up her knees as far as they would go and spread her labia with two fingers. With her legs wide and her cunt open and exposed she felt more alive than she had in the last month.

“Look at that fat little clit. Poking out of those shaved lips. I love your smooth pussy. I love to lick it. Suck on that clit until your sweet juices explode in my mouth.”

She flushed at his dirty words. A burning blush that prickled across her skin.

“I love to drink you up. Smell you on my skin.”

The room seemed kaçak casino too small, the air too warm. Heat folded in on her, enclosing tight around her body.

“You want to come. Don’t you baby? You want to come so bad.”

She nodded at the camera and swallowed hard.

“Will I let you? Will I let you come on those pretty fingers of yours? Maybe I’ll keep you desperate. Make you wait until I get home.”

She let out a groan that came out almost like an animal wail. The room filled with his teasing laugh.

“No baby. I won’t do that to you. I’ll let you come. In fact I insist you do it twice. First it’s going to be fast. Just your fingers on your clit. Bring them down now. Pinch that little clit for me. Cry out. It’s good. Isn’t it? You love it. Love it. Don’t you?”

“Love it. Love it… Adam.” She cried out as the muscles of her cunt spasmed with each pinch.

“Feels good, but you won’t come that way. Dip a finger in your pussy. Keep those legs spread wide. Wet that finger and then slick it on your little clit.”

He knew her so well. Knew how she liked to play with herself. One of the first times they’d ever made love he’d made her show him. He’d spread her legs wide and watched as she brought herself off, his face so close she could feel his breath on her wet cunt.

“You’re close aren’t you?”

So close. She was so close. The heat built, her muscles tensed and she reveled in the burning need.

“I love to watch you make yourself come. I’m going to love seeing this. Your sweet little pussy spread wide for me. Little slut you love it.”

She gasped. How she loved those words.

Little Slut. Mmmmmmm

He knew it. All her dirty little secrets and just when to bring them out to play.

“Little slut, spread wide. Love to be watched. Don’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Is it just me watching? Maybe we all are. All of us watching you little slut. Watching you make yourself come. They’re watching you. Horny men. All their eyes locked on your cunt.”

It sent her over, broke her—the thought of him watching, of him showing her to the other men. Waves of delicious heat spread through her, spasms gripped her pussy tight and she came, crying out his name as she did.


“Did you come baby? I knew you would as soon I told you that you were being watched. Little Slut. This is just for me though baby, I’m not sharing you. This is for me when I get home. I’m going to watch you. We’re going to watch you. Watch you come over and over, and then I’m going to fuck you Little Slut. Over and over until you can’t walk.”

At his words the need built, she wanted to come again.

“Think of me baby. I’ve got my cock in my hand. I’m thinking about you. Doing what I say. I’m going to come now. Thinking about you. Get your vibrator baby. Fuck yourself. Fuck yourself. Come with me.”

She could hear his hand on his cock. The telling sound of skin sliding across skin. Hard and fast. She fucked herself as his groans filled the room. Filled herself with the hard pink silicone of her vibrator until the walls of her pussy pulsed. As she heard him cry out his orgasm she too came.

Lying on the bed, spent and satisfied the last thing she heard him say was, “Talk to you next month baby. I love you.”

“Love you too,” she said with a smile.

Next month couldn’t come fast enough.

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