The Trip: Chapter Four

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The Trip: Chapter Four
The next day Joe told me to take it easy as I had a busy night ahead of me, so we lazed around the cabin, I cooked breakfast and lunch for Joe and Chris and spent the day tidying up and making sure the place was as good as it could be, I snuggled up with Chris on the sofa all afternoon as we watched bad movies and took the mickey out of them, it was the closest it had come to being a holiday since we had arrived.

I cooked the guys a couple of steaks for dinner and as I started the washing up, Joe walked up behind me

“I’ve laid your outfit on the bed for you. This evening is important to me so I want you to behave” Joe said

“I won’t let you down master” I replied

I finished the dishes and made my way into the bedroom, there on the bed was red PVC skater dress and a pair of matching fetish boots with a 6” heel and 2” platform.

“No underwear tonight” Joe called from the living room “you won’t be needing any”

“Yes master”

“And make sure you apply plenty of lubricant”

I put my makeup on in the mirror, going for a heavy black and red dominatrix look; I tied my hair back in a ponytail and added a pair of silver hoop earrings. I slid my way into the dress, the bodice was incredibly tight, I slipped the breast forms in front of me and zipped it up, it made my figure look amazing. I nearly went ass over tit when I tried to stand up in the boots and it took me a moment to get used to them, I took out a douche and used it to squirt a good amount of lubricant up my ass, I didn’t know what I was in store for tonight and didn’t want to take any chances

I made my way back into the living room, Chris and Joe were loading a pair of cameras and a couple of tripods into the car, I looked out at the snowy driveway outside the cabin.

“Erm, Master, I don’t think I can make it to the car in these heels” I said

Chris laughed as he walked over to me, he me threw me over his shoulder in one quick move and carried me over to the car, Joe locked the front door and we drove off, Joe filled me in on the details on the way, he told me that tonight he had rented out my services and I was to be the private entertainment for a party hosted by Kate, the lady from the previous night.

“You do as you’re told and make a good impression and you will be rewarded, however if you do anything wrong or fail to perform to the best of your abilities and you will be punished” Joe warned

We arrived at the bar at about 11pm, Joe told me to get out of the car; He walked me in as I tottered on my heels in the snow, whilst Chris got the video cameras from the car. Kate was waiting to greet us

“She’s here, now we can the party started” she exclaimed

The bar was a standard dive pit, a wide room with a couple of pool tables there was a stage at one end which I guessed was for local bands to play, a long bar that stretched down one side with tables, chairs and a few pinball machines dotted about, there were about 40 guys in total most of them sat at the tables drinking.

“Don’t worry, tonight’s invite only,” Kate whispered to me

Not that it made me feel any better, I still didn’t know anybody, except for Joe and Chris. Kate walked me over to the bar fastened a ball gag to my mouth, a pair of handcuffs to my wrists and a leash around my neck, she walked me over to the stage.

Kate pulled on a rope and the curtains opened, the stage was filled with dildos, some were fixed to boards, others were just lying on the stage, there were items of furniture, restraints, whips, chains and other electronic equipment that I didn’t even want to think about.

I looked around and to my dismay, it seemed that everyone’s attention had turned towards me. At the back of the room I could see Joe and Chris setting up the cameras.

“Let’s see the tranny fuck herself!” a voice rang out.

Kate got up on the stage in front of me the lights dimmed and a spotlight shone down illuminating her.

“Ladies and Gentleman, for your pleasure this evening, I present to you one of the finest little sluts I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing, please put you hands together, for the wonderful, delectable, Kara”

A round of applause rang out as I slowly made my way onto the stage; I looked out on the sea of strangers that sat drinking before me

Joe and Chris looked at me as I shrunk in the spotlight. Knowing I had no choice, I hung my head, my mind racing with thoughts of what I was supposed to do.

Nervously, I started to shuffle forward to some of the dildos lying around, trying to see which ones looked manageable. Finally, I found one that was about 6 inches long, and about an inch in diameter. I knelt down, my dress riding up around my waist exposing my lower half and reached through my legs to insert the dildo into my ass.

My hands felt delicate as I eased it in with a small whimper. Slowly, I started to fuck bahis siteleri myself with it, moving it around until I found a spot where it actually started to feel good. I started to moan in pleasure and my hips started to writhe. My eyes were half-closed and I didn’t see Chris approaching the stage.

“I know you can do better than that,” he said

Chris handed me a larger dildo. It had to have been about the same length, but it was wider, probably 2-3 inches around. I slid the first one out and slid the second one in. My moan was louder as the feelings were more intense this time. I started to surrender to the pleasure.

The minutes passed as I knelt there in the spotlight fucking my ass with the dildo, I could hear comments from the audience, but tried to drown them out, I started not to care. I did, however, attend to Joe’s voice when he shouted

“Use the one on the wall.”

I pulled out the dildo I had been fucking myself with and got on my hands and knees facing away from the dildo that was sticking, almost obscenely, out from the wall. Slowly, I eased myself back onto it; this one was a lot bigger. I tried to build up a steady slow rhythm and then build up the speed faster and faster. The change in positions brought different sensations, different feelings, and sent me to a new level. I rocked faster and faster. But the crowd wasn’t satisfied.

“Give her the destroyer” A voice rang out

I opened my eyes to look around and could see through the haze of the spotlight all the people watching me, I moved myself forwards hearing a small pop as my friend on the wall exited my rear. I turned to see Joe heading towards me. I wondered what he was planning to do.

“You’re going to need both hands for that one,” he said

He removed the handcuffs from my wrists and removed the ball gag from my mouth.

“The crowd wants to hear you.” He added

I reached up to the rack and took down ‘the destroyer’ It was huge; it looked more like a missile than a dildo. It was about 40” long and at its thickest point about 20” wide, “the destroyer” was written down in white letters.

I positioned myself on my knees over the huge dildo and aimed it at my ass. I started to force myself down onto it, trying to hold it steady with both hands, but was only moderately successful. I tried again and again, until I was panting from the exertion and pressure. I’d never felt that stretched before and it was taking awhile to get comfortable.

“Master, please help me.” I whimpered

The words came out of my mouth before I could realize what was happening. Joe smiled at me and came over. ??

“Get on your hands and knees bitch,” Joe instructed.

Chris joined Joe on the stage and took hold of the dildo; he started to push it in while Joe dribbled more lubricant down my ass crack. Slowly, inch-by-inch, it went in almost to its widest point. I was gasping and moaning and mewing, and the crowd was eating it up. Chris stayed behind me and started to fuck me with the dildo. My eyes closed.

The pressure was intense, I had never had anything even close to that size in my ass before and the crowd was appreciating the show. My mouth opened as my breathing got ragged. Joe started stroking me in time with the pushes of the dildo.

My body was convulsing and my legs were shaking and I was so gone by that point that I didn’t know what I was doing. Until my cock quivered and I spurted jet after jet of cum onto the floor in front of me. I collapsed onto the floor to rousing applause from the crowd. Oh my God, I thought to myself as I started regaining control of my senses. What did I just do? What just happened?

I opened my eyes to see Chris and Joe standing there smiling down at me; I continued to lie there trying to catch my breath.

“You’ve had your fun, now its time we had ours” Joe said

He took me by the leash and walked me over to a piece of furniture, it was black vinyl and jutted straight up from the stage, Joe bent me over it and Chris fastened my arms as Joe spread my legs and pushed them into the restraints on the other side, Joe lifted the hem of my dress high up my back my buttocks sticking up in the air behind me.

Kate got back up on stage; she was carrying a cane over her shoulder. And what looked like a piece of ginger in her other hand, she walked up behind me and as Joe spread my cheeks I felt Kate push the ginger deep inside my gaping hole, a burning sensation spread through my ass almost immediately.

I moaned loudly which made some people in the crowd laugh, Joe and Chris left the stage as Kate wound back and bought the cane down across my cheeks, the thwack rang out like a gunshot and the pain was off the charts, I tried to wriggle my ass but that just made the burning sensation inside me worse.

“That’s the thing about ginger, the more they struggle, the worse it gets” Kate exclaimed

The perabet güvenilir mi crowd laughed again as I felt the tears well in my eyes, Kate delivered another four blows, pausing between each one as my screams rang out.

“What’s say we get a volunteer from the audience”

I shifted my head and through the tears I could see a sea of hands go up, Kate selected somebody from the crowd and as they approached the stage, Kate put down the cane and handed them a whip. Kate walked in front of me and refastened the gag in my mouth.

“Can’t have you screaming too loud” she said.

Again my ass ignited as the tails of the whip made contact, even with the gag my moan was loud and the tears were streaming down my face pooling on the stage beneath me. The crowd was cheering and clapping at my predicament, counting along as each stroke landed on my ass.

After 30 lashes Kate relieved the gentleman and he took his seat back in the audience, she removed the gag and walked behind me, she put her fingers inside me and removed the piece of ginger.

“Please, it burns” I cried

She walked to the bar and returned with a handful of ice cubes, one by one she slipped them between my cheeks and up into my ass, the cold relief numbed the burning sensation as the ice melted and dribbled down my thighs. Kate undid the restraints from around my legs and removed the piece of furniture from beneath me.

I felt her rubbing fresh lubricant between my cheeks, her fingers gliding easily into my hole, before long she had her entire hand inside me.

“I think we need another couple of volunteers” she exclaimed

Two men stepped up onto the stage, Kate instructed one of them to remove his jeans and lay on the floor beneath me, he did as instructed, lowering his underwear to unleash his cock, which jutted straight up between my legs.

Kate adjusted the chains that bound my hands and slowly lowered me down, my legs were like jelly and on my heels I was unable to take my own weight I slowly dropped onto his prone cock.

“Looks like she’s got room for one more” Kate said

The other gentleman took this as his cue, and knelt down behind me, I felt his dick at my hole and before long he had penetrated me as well.

“How about a couple more up top” Kate exclaimed

Two more gentlemen got up on stage and made their way in front of me they dropped their trousers and positioned their cocks in front of my face. Greedily I engulfed one of them between my lips, and sucked for all I was worth, switching from one cock to the other, as I rocked forwards to take them in my mouth my body shifted, riding the two cocks that were seated deep in my ass.

The crowd was again cheering along, as I did my best to service four guys at once, it didn’t take too long before I managed to suck the two guys to completion, as they both finished by splashing their hot cum across my face, Seconds later I heard a couple of familiar sounding grunts and the two guys in my ass, bucked and filled me with their sticky loads.

As the crowd applauded and the gentleman made their way back to the audience, I hung swinging from my chains, my legs still unable to support me, cum dribbling off my face, a cool breeze filled my gaping ass as the cum dribbled out pooling on the floor beneath me.

Kate removed the chains from my wrists and I slumped to the floor on the stage.

“All performers must leave the stage as they found it,” she said

I looked at her confused as she gestured to the pool of cum and tears on the stage in front of me, I scrabbled to me knees and licked up the salty mess.

“There’s a good girl,” she said

Kate took my leash and half walked, half dragged me from the stage over to the bar, she instructed me to lie belly down across the bar and I complied. She handcuffed me to the bar rail and turned back to the audience.

“Now if you want it hear it is, lets make sure everybody gets a taste”

I couldn’t help feeling a little excited when the next sensation I felt was tongue hit my sensitive ass. I felt an assortment of hands feeling my ass and legs. I started to become aroused with the thought of what was happening to me. My own cock was swelling with excitement and I started to moan, Kate leant down and whispered in my ear

“Do you like what we are doing bitch.”

It scared me but the truth is I was enjoying it, It wasn’t a choice but I just couldn’t help myself, I didn’t want to be some cum hungry slut, getting her holes filled in a bar, I didn’t want any of this.

She turned back to the guys

“Don’t forget she’s got more than one hole”

She held the bar flap open to let a few of the guys around in front of me.

“Please, no more” I whimpered

One of the guys walked behind the bar and unzipped his pants and told me to shut up and suck his cock. In a moment of defiance I looked him straight in the tipobet eye and told him to go fuck himself. I started to scream for someone to help me, but he grabbed my hair and started to force his semi-erect cock into my mouth. ??

I felt a finger probing my ass hole. I felt a rough finger working its way in and I let out a small yelp, as the guy in front of me manhandled his way into my mouth. His cock was getting big as he slipped it between my lips and began to fuck my mouth.

I was being fondled by a bunch of guys and it was getting me horny. In front of me the guy’s cock was swelling in my mouth and I could tell that he was going to cum. He suggested to the other guys to line up and have their cocks sucked by me and when I got them hard they could take turns on my ass. He then pulled out and let the next guy in line stick his cock in my mouth.

The guys behind me were taking turns licking and fingering my ass. The licking stopped and I felt someone grab my ass and worked the head of their hard cock inside of my gaping hole. He stuck his cock deep inside me and I began to moan with pleasure. I was being serviced by all of theses guys all at one time. The guys would rotate, I would suck on their cocks to get them hard so they could go the other side of the bar and take there turn mounting my ass.

I began to feel my little cock tensing up, as I was about to cum. I started to moan loader as I felt his cock swelling in my tight hole. I was reaching climax. I felt the pressure building up as I felt a wet tongue run over my ass hole. My cock erupted in a wave of cum. The excitement was too much for the guy behind me and his cock swelled and let loose inside my pulsing asshole. My ass was so wet and I felt somebody else immediately penetrate my gaping hole.

I was in heaven. My own cock was twitching back to life as the guys took their turns in my holes.
The last guy on the line walked up to me and his cock was huge. He must have had a good 13 inches. He grabbed my hair and said,

“Here you go bitch. Let’s see if you can handle this.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could to accommodate his huge member. I could barely fit his head into my mouth. I sucked on his head as the guys one by one finished up in my asshole. They all sat around the bar and watched as I sucked on this guy’s huge cock.

As he became more excited, his cock swelled up to a point I could no longer fit it in my mouth. He told the guys at the bar to watch as he was going to make this bitch scream. He them went around the bar behind me as they all waited for him to fuck me.

I felt his huge cock as it penetrated my ass. Even though I was already gaping back there, his cock spread my hole wide open as he entered me causing me to scream. He pounded his member deep inside of me. The guys started cheering him on telling him to fuck me hard.
A couple of guys decided they hadn’t had enough and came back around the bar to play with their cocks until they squirted their cum in my mouth as I was being fucked from behind. The feeling of his cock was incredible and my ass exploded on his 13-inch rod as he slid his head in and out of my hole.

I felt him shoot his cum across my cheeks as the guys in front of me were showering me with their cum.

After everyone had finished, they uncuffed my hands and helped my exhausted body into the bathroom. I looked myself over in the mirror, I was dripping with cum and the welts on my ass were swollen and red raw.

One of the guys came in with a glass and as I wiped the cum off me, he instructed me to put it in the glass, I dutifully did as I was told letting it drip between my fingers as it slid into the tumbler, by the time I was finished it was nearly half full, he took it back out to the bar as Chris came in with a bag of fresh clothes and my make up bag.

“Get yourself cleaned up” he exclaimed

I washed myself off in the sink and changed into the new dress that Chris had given me, I fixed my hair and make-up in the mirror. After making myself presentable I walked back into the bar to a huge round of applause.

Chris and Joe had already packed the cameras away in the car, and were stood around the bar with the rest of the guys having a drink with Kate.

“Here’s one for the road” Kate said

She took a bottle of Vodka from the shelf and poured a shot into the tumbler of cum on the bar. I grabbed the glass and gulped down the silky ropes of cum that were contained within.

“She’s absolutely perfect, you guys should definitely stick aound” Kate said to Joe and Chris.

“who knows what the future holds” Joe replied

Chris took my arm and led me away to the car as I saw Kate hand Joe a small package wrapped in brown paper, I slumped over the back seat of the car exhausted.

“What’s say we give her a day off and have a lazy day around the cabin tomorrow, just the three of us” Joe said

“I’d like too, but you know she starts work tomorrow” Chris replied

The words failed to fully penetrate my head as I dozed on the seat on the way back to the cabin, I was tired, sore and wondering what Chris could possibly mean.

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