The Tub Ch. 05

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As Candy and Ben calm down, Nikki walks over.

“That was the hottest fuck I’ve never been a part of,” Nikki says.

Candy glances up, still lost in her post-climatic splendor, pulls Nikki’s face to hers, and french kisses her.

“How long have you been standing there?” Candy smiles.

“Long enough to cum twice,” Nikki laughs as she gives her slick fingers to Ben.

Ben licks her juices from her fingers, then both Candy and Nikki join him, the three of them licking and sucking on her fingers, then ending in a hot three way kiss. Candy feels Ben stirring inside her pussy again and rotates her hips, grinding against him.

“Mmmmmmmm, somebody feels like he’s ready to go again,” Candy smiles.

“You two go shower up while I pour this wine you never got to,” Nikki says as she grabs the bottle and goes into the house.

Candy gives Ben a quick hot kiss and reluctantly removes herself from Ben’s pole and then climbs out of the hot tub.

“Hey Nikki why don’t you blend us up margaritas while you’re at it…we’ll be out in a jiff,” Candy says as she pulls Ben into the bathroom.

Ben and Candy start soaping each other up in the shower, Ben’s hands running up and down her back, massaging her shoulders, then moving down her sides to her hips, then reaching around to her stomach and moving up to her breasts, cupping them and rubbing his thumbs against her hard nipples.

“Oh my God Ben you better stop or we won’t have anything left for Nikki,” she says, feeling his cock throb against her ass in anticipation.

They come into the living room casino siteleri where Nikki is waiting for them completely naked, wine glasses in hand and a hot porno movie playing on the TV. They sit around drinking, laughing, and getting hotter by the moment as the action on screen heats up. The bottle of wine is empty and the pitcher of margaritas is half gone, all three of them feeling no pain, Ben in heaven as he sits between the two girls, each with a hand in his lap lightly stroking his cock.

Both Candy and Nikki get on their knees in front of Ben and begin licking his hard, throbbing cock. Their tongues touch and they begin french kissing each other with Ben’s cock between them, each of them moving a hand between the other’s legs, and starting rubbing each other’s pussies. Moaning into each other’s mouths as they kiss, Ben suggests they move into the bedroom.

“Not just yet, Benny-boy,” Nikki says as she sits on the couch and opens her legs for Candy. “You get to sit back and watch for awhile.”

Candy moves between Nikki’s legs and begins kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. Nikki moans, “Suck my pussy, lover,” and Candy immediately obliges. Candy’s hands move up Nikki’s stomach to her breasts, squeezing them gently as she begins to lick Nikki’s wet pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Nikki moans, “that’s it, baby, you sure know how to suck my pussy.”

Candy begins to lick in long, slow strokes, bringing Nikki to the edge several times and stopping just short, teasing her endlessly. While all this is going on, Ben is going completely mental, wanting to fuck each slot oyna of them so bad right now, but knowing if he can hold out just a little while longer that it will all be worth it. His cock is throbbing painfully, oozing precum, but he resists the urge to touch it, realizing if he does, he’ll cum hard all over Candy and Nikki. This visual almost makes him do it, too, but he sits back, closes his eyes, thinks about a naked Oprah Winfrey for a minute until the urges pass, and gets his second wind and enjoys the rest of the show playing out in front of him. At this point, Nikki’s hands are in Candy’s hair, gyrating her hips in rhythm with Candy’s tongue, now grinding against her clit. Candy has two fingers inside Nikki, moving them in and out, rubbing against her g-spot as she sucks and licks Nikki’s aching, throbbing clit.

This time as Nikki reaches climax, Candy doesn’t hold back, but shoves a third finger inside Nikki’s pussy and fucks her harder and faster while sucking on her clit. Nikki screams in pleasure, gripping Candy’s head and bucking her hips up and down, fucking Candy’s face as she cums hard, her entire body shaking. While Nikki comes down from her climax, Candy slides up her body and shares a hot tongue filled kiss with her, Nikki moaning against her lips.

“Oh my God Candy you are the best pussy eater I’ve ever met, no offense to poor Ben over here.”

“Oh my, Nikki,” says Candy, “I think we need to take care of him now.”

They get up and lead Ben into the bedroom, where they use silk scarves to tie his hands and feet to the bedposts and wrap another around canlı casino siteleri his head to cover his eyes. Candy climbs onto the bed and straddles his face, her pussy just out of the reach of his tongue, teasing him for just a moment before allowing him to lick and suck her already hot and wet pussy. She holds onto the head board as she rides his face, spreading her sweet juices on his lips as he shoves his tongue into her hot wet hole. He sucks on her clit as she cums hard, her trembling causing her clit to rub against his rough skin, making her cum again. Meanwhile, Nikki is straddling Ben’s hips, his cock in her hand, as she slides the head between her wet pussy lips. She rubs the head of his cock against her clit until she cums, then holds it at her hole and lets the head enter her. As Nikki plunges all the way down onto him, he moans loud against Candy’s pussy, pushing her over the edge yet again. She screams as she cums again, Nikki cumming at the same time as her pussy grips and contracts around Ben’s cock.

Then Nikki begins riding Ben’s hard cock, slowly at first, then as the pleasure explodes into lust, she fucks him harder and faster, slamming herself onto his cock. Candy moves off of Ben’s face, turns around, and straddles his stomach as she gives Nikki a long hot deep tongue filled kiss, moving with her as she fucks Ben’s cock. Candy reaches between Nikki’s legs and rubs her clit while rubbing hers at the same time, both of them cumming in unison. Candy pulls the blindfold from Ben’s eyes and legs him watch as she moves to the side and begins licking and sucking on Nikki’s hard nipples. That did it for Ben and he explodes in orgasm, the feeling of his hot cum shooting up into her driving her to yet another orgasm. All three of them collapse in complete exhaustion and drift off with smiles on their faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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