Tonya and her Toy Ch. 02

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Tonya wondered how it would feel to have his hands kneading the round plump rear that she could now see in the mirror. He’d had such a gentle but electric touch when he’d held her in his arms.

She rubbed her arms across her shoulders and ran a hand across her bottom giving it a slight squeeze. And when she did she could feel the wetness that had grown from the warmth between her legs. She felt goose flesh breakout across her body as if she’d stuck her finger in an electric socket and she was painfully aware of her fully erect nipples. So hard and standing at attention that they actually seemed to be a bit on fire. She lifted her fingers to one of them and gave it a halfhearted squeeze. But it was enough to make her gasp out loud a bit.

She could see the reflection of the panty drawer taunting her from behind in the mirror. Willing her to open it and delve into its hidden contents. As if drawn by some spell she went to it and retrieved the unused Secret Santa gift. Jenna illegal bahis had been so thoughtful as to give it to her already filled with a supply of fresh batteries.

She turned it on in her hand and felt it begin to vibrate against her knuckles first on low and then to high. She was amazed at its power then she found another button and she watched the little pearls within the pink shaft begin to rotate and roll over one another and she watched as the head began to gyrate around and around in a circle. All the while the bunny ears still standing stiff with anticipation and humming for her flesh.

Just this once she thought. It would be worth not having given into sex on the first date with “Mr. Dashing” she thought as she slumped into the pillow on her bed.

Tonya slid the toy across the black lace of her thong slid it along the slit of herself. Feeling the warmth ooze from between her folds and the electricity of his touch all over again. She fell back into the pillows illegal bahis siteleri and soft chenille blankets. As they cradled her she closed her eyes and let her fantasies fly. She saw and felt his mouth on hers again. She saw his rugged, sexy good looks and felt the hard chest beneath his shirt on her palms. She imagined him here with her, imagined what he would look like naked and lying in her sheets.

She slid the thong to the side, finally allowing the toy full contact with her smoothly shaven lips. She imagined him eating her, his tongue teasing her clit inside and out as she allowed the bunny ears to do just that. She let them crawl up under the hood and massage her at her most raw and vulnerable spot. She turned the toy over upside down and inserted just the ears inside her warm wet pussy. Pressing upwards against the back of her clit with it as she licked a finger and massaged it from the top with the other hand. It felt amazing.

She couldn’t believe canlı bahis siteleri that anything could make her so excited so quickly. As she began to gasp a little with pleasure, she pulled the toy out and sucked it into her mouth tasting her own juicy cream. Then she turned it to high and inserted the cock deep inside her cunt as she imagined “Mr. Dashing” giving her the pounding of a lifetime with a thick long cock. She grabbed for her breast as she felt her body start to squirm beneath the toy and sucked her long rock-hard nipple deep into her mouth she sucked and licked, nibbled and teased as she imagine he would when she finally allowed him to crawl between her thighs.

Her body began to jolt and she felt the hot, wet, creamy sweetness run from the toy’s base and between her fingers. She smiled in delight as she licked the sticky cream clean and decided that she would never again doubt the power of the mind and a battery-operated appliance. Men may come and go…but Tonya’s new toy was here to stay.

And the next time she felt the urge she wouldn’t be afraid to get out the porn and explore what it had to offer as well. Her friend Jenna would never know just how grateful Tonya was for the new worlds she’d opened to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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