Transforming Genevieve Ch. 10

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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 10
I awoke in a room still filled with darkness, alone in my bed. Glancing at my alarm clock it was 5:18 AM. An incredible feeling of fear instantly came over me when I realized my lover was no longer beside me. God what a fucking fool I was, I’d given myself to him completely less than 5 hours before. I’d reveled in the incredible sex we’d shared. I’d promised to be his mistress his concubine his secret discreet lover. He’d answered all my promises by quietly slipping from my bed to let me awake alone and feeling terribly used. Tears of pain welled up in my eyes. I buried my face in the pillow and began sobbing uncontrollably. My sobbing masked the sound of the bathroom door closing and I hardly noticed when he sat down on the edge of my bed.

His hand touched my shoulder causing me to jump. I instantly lifted my face from the pillow tears streaming down my face.

“Oh god Bill, I thought you’d left,” I sobbed.

“I just had to use the bathroom, I’m here Genevieve,” He said trying to comfort me.

“I was so scared,” I said now feeling rather silly.

As Bill slid back under the comforter and gathered me up in his arms he said, “Genevieve did you really believe after the incredible lovemaking we shared that I’d slip out of bed and secretly sneak from your flat?”

“No, it’s just that when I woke and you weren’t here beside me, I got scared,” I replied.

“I should have left the bathroom door ajar,” He said.

“It’s okay, I’m fine now let’s go back to sleep,” I said.

I cuddled in even closer to Bill and relaxed knowing that the next time I opened my eyes he would be right there beside me, warming my heart and soul just as his sexy body warmed my flesh now.

A tiny sliver of sunshine shown through a crack in my bedroom d****s when I opened my eyes again my lover was there beside me still sleeping comfortably. I thought about moving my hand to his cock and stroking him softly to not only arouse his senses but his beautiful cock too. I glanced at the alarm clock that read 8:23 AM.

Instead of the sense of touch, I opted to arouse him with the sense of smell. I quietly slipped out of his arms and from under the warm comforter without Bill moving a muscle apparently my discreet lover was a very sound sleeper.

I found my peppermint chemise at the foot of the bed and slipped into it. Sliding my lingerie drawer open quietly I found and slipped into the matching lounging pajama pants. I opened my bedroom door and slipped out, leaving the door ajar a few inches.

Once in the kitchen, I started a morning pot of coffee and set the table for two. I enjoy preparing meals and imagined I’d have ample opportunities in the future to cook for Bill. As I was slicing some fresh pineapple, I thought to myself, “Genevieve you may have the best of both worlds here. Setting up to play house as Bill’s secret mistress would have the benefit of sharing what I knew would be a sensual and passionately satisfying relationship. Along with the satisfaction of having a man around to pamper when I wanted to. But I’d be able to send him home to his sexually dull wife to deal with all the day-to-day mundane facts of life.”

My career always came first in my plans for the future. I never really wanted to do the mother thing like most women, and while I would have liked to have a man around, I could see myself being single forever.

My coffee pot made those funny gurgling sounds as it finished brewing. I put the sliced pineapple with a single strawberry in the middle for garnish between the settings I’d prepared for my sleepy lover.

I was walking toward my kitchen workspace when a voice behind me said, “Morning sexy.”

I turned to find Bill leaning against the doorway to my kitchen. He wore a huge smile and his silk boxers.

“Have you been watching me?” I asked.

Bill replied, “I enjoy watching a chef work on the presentation.”

“This is hardly much of a presentation,” I said holding my hand toward the single slice of pineapple decorated with a ripe red strawberry.

Bill’s smiled widened knowing he’d gotten me to say exactly what he wanted.

“I wasn’t talking about the food, I was talking about the sexy outfit the chef is wearing,” He said.

“What this old thing?” I said grinning seductively at him as I pulled the pant legs away from my hips.

Bill took the couple steps across my kitchen as I turned to face the counter acting as if I was hard at work preparing our breakfast. What I was really hard at work doing was seducing him. I wanted him to fuck me with his beautiful cock I wanted his glorious cock down my throat and deep in my pussy as soon as possible this morning.

I felt his hot breath on my shoulder just before his hands squeezed my ass through the satin fabric of my pajama pants. I leaned back against him enjoying having his hands play with my ass.

Bill slid his hands around and cupped my tits under the material of my chemise giving them the same playful squeeze he’d just given my ass cheeks.

His lips came to my ear, “I woke up horny as hell,” He whispered.

I pressed my satin covered ass back against his silk covered cock and moved slowly side to side feeling him grow between us.

“I can tell just how horny you are from how quick your cock is growing,” I said.

Bill moaned deeply as my hand slipped between us and circled his growing erection. He groaned when I turned and slowly started sliding my delicate fingers along the shaft.

“Wow, you are horny,” I said acknowledging just how quickly he’d gone from flaccid to rock hard solid.

My soft hand continued moving up and down his silk sheaved cock as I slowly bent at the knees trapped between my lover and the kitchen cabinets.

Bills eyes followed mine as I kissed his hairy chest, flicked my tongue at his nipples and belly button. His eyes followed mine as I moved down closer and closer to the waistband of his silk boxers. His eyes followed mine as I clenched that waistband with my teeth. His eyes followed mine as I slowly pushed him back stretching the waistband away from his bulging member. His eyes followed mine as his boxers slid down his thighs exposing every glorious pulsing inch of his beautiful manhood.

Bills eyes closed in unison with my lips as I captured the throbbing head of his cock.

My delicate fingertips teased the backs of his thighs as I moved my hands to his ass.

“Oh god Gen,” He whispered as my hands slowly pressed him forward driving his throbbing cock head toward my throat.

The back of my head pressed against the cabinet just as his cock head pressed against the tight narrow opening to my throat. I relaxed my muscles and pulled his ass toward me impaling my throat over his throbbing cock.

“Fuckin a woman!” He screamed as my nose nestled into his pubic hair and my lower lip against his scrotum.

Bill grasped the front edge of the counter and slowly began to withdraw his aching hard-on from my soft wet throat. I kept my hands clenched on his ass and as soon as I was able to suck in a huge breath of live preserving oxygen, I again pulled his ass forward driving his throbbing cock home again.

“Jesus fucking Christ Gen!” He squealed as my throat expanded then contracted almost involuntarily around his glorious erection.

I slid my hands around to his thighs and pressed him back, but instead of letting him slip from my throat I followed his cock with my mouth as he moved back giving me room to work my oral magic on his pulsing manhood.

Bill’s knuckles turned white grasping the counter for dear life as I bobbed my head back and forth rubbing his wide flaring corona over the narrowest part of my throat.

“God damn woman, you really do love sucking cock don’t you?” He squealed.

I couldn’t respond except to widen my eyes as if to smile with them as I pressed his beautiful throbbing fuck tool into the searing depth of my throat again.

I do love sucking cock I love the control I have over how deep I take it. I love the way it spears my throat stretching the flesh open as it slides in, I love feeling the corona of a man’s cock rubbing against the narrow opening at the back of my mouth. I love the way a man’s cock pulses and throbs as I fuck him with my mouth and throat. And yes, I love feeling a man explode in my throat mouth or on my lips emptying his cum sack into me orally.

Bill’s cock is the perfect size for me, long enough to reach deep into my throat, wide enough to stretch the flesh tight, and certainly hard enough to satisfy my oral cravings. Not only is he the perfect size, but also his thick cum tastes incredible.

He watched intently as I performed my oral magic on his throbbing manhood. Wide-eyed like a young boy seeing his first naked woman. Sucking cock arouses me intensely, my nipples become completely erect, and my pussy moistens in anticipation of being assaulted by the cock that is stretching my throat.

Bill would have been satisfied to ejaculate his morning sperm load deep in my throat, but I wanted him to fuck my tight pussy first. I wanted his head slamming against my cervix, his corona massaging my g-spot. I wanted his girth stretching my pussies’ lips wide open. I wanted to coat his glorious cock with my own sex juices before he came in my mouth.

Moving my head back I let him slip from my oral grasp. A thick string of saliva trailed from the tip of his cock to the tip of my tongue as I lifted his cock the string broke and fell along the bulging underside of his cock. His beautiful cock glistened from the coating of saliva I’d covered him with. The arteries pulsed with blood the flesh along his cock shaft was pulled taut and his glorious cock head had turned that deep blood red color. My lover’s cock was ready to assault the depths of my searing hot pussy.

“Do you want my pussy?” I asked.

“Oh god yes,” He moaned.

“Do you want this hot fucking pussy?” I asked again.

“God please Gen, let me fuck you,” he responded.

“Where do you want to fuck me?” I asked as I straightened up between the countertop and my beautiful man.

“Here and right fucking NOW!” He replied.

Bills strong hands turned me to face the counter he yanked my pajama pants off my heaving ass and pushed me forward bending me at the waist over the front edge of the kitchen counter.

“Yes Bill, fuck me NOW, take me fast and hard NOW!” I exclaimed.

I lifted my heels off the floor as his hands moved to cup my ass cheeks and spread my loins open to his invading cock.

In an instant the searing heat of his cock was inside me he thrust hard into me burying his manhood completely in my soaking wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck it’s so hot!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah give it to me! Fuck me good!” I squealed.

I began thrusting back to meet his rock-hard assault on my pussy. The head of his cock slammed again and again into my cervix. His glorious cock stretched the moist folds of fuck flesh deep inside me.

“Yeah, fuck that pussy fuck me good!” I screamed.

Bill reached for my shoulders and pulled me straight up. His hands grasped my tits through the satin fabric of my chemise. My nipples burned through the material into his palms. His strong hands gathered the material and with one mighty yank, my chemise was torn to shreds exposing my naked tits to his hands.

The sound of tearing fabric and his course voice saying, “I have to have your tits naked.” Excited me incredibility.

What remained of my peppermint green chemise hung loosely down my back a single strand of shoulder strap keeping it from falling to the floor.

Bills hands moved to my heaving naked tits and pressed hard into them. My nipples burned into his palms, instantly tingling under his rough handling of my tits.

“YES, YES YES!” I screamed over and over.

Bill thrust harder and harder inside my dripping wet pussy. His strong hands holding my body in place as he invaded me.

“Use me! Fuck me good,” I squealed.

Rings of ecstasy spread from my loins. Waves of incredible sexual pleasure pulsed through my body.

“I’m on fire, your cock is so fucking hard, so fucking big,” I exclaimed.

Bill’s body pressed against mine, coating my back with sweat. His hands pleasuring my tits as his cock pleasured my loins.

I gave in to the urge to climax, letting his incredible manhood drive me over the peak of sexual pleasure. My orgasm washed over us like a rogue wave of sensual ecstasy. My pussy convulsing, twitching and bathing his erect manhood with juices.

“Hmmmmmmm…” He moaned as I flooded with orgasmic fluids.

“Yes, cum all over my cock!” He exclaimed.

I did just what he asked, my pulsing pussy filled to overflowing with the juices his glorious cock elicited from me. The blinding passion of an incredible orgasm intensified with each thrust of his cock up into me.

“Hold me up!” I screamed as my knees went weak just as this beautiful orgasm peaked.

Bills bursa escort hands slid to my hips and then circled around in front to hold me tightly against him. His twitching thrusting cock continued its incredible onslaught into my numb loins.

Sensing that I could no longer stand, Bill turned me and bent my body over the kitchen table. I pushed everything in my way across to give me room to recline across the flat surface.

Oh god, Bill fuck me harder,” I screamed as the angle of his invasion changed.

His massive swollen cock pounded into my pussy over and over as he approached his own orgasm. His bulging head slammed over and over into my cervix. The rock-hard girth of his cock shaft stretched my swollen fuck flesh.

“Oh, fuck yes I’m gonna cum baby!” He screamed.

I wanted his cum, I wanted him to explode, “In my mouth, PLEASE cum in my mouth,” I begged.

Bill pulled out and stepped back as I spun around and knelt before his glorious cock. I flipped my hair behind my back and spread my lips to catch every last drop of his seed.

He stroked his cock several times squeezing hard on the shaft trying to delay his orgasm as long as possible.

I licked at the head, begging for his cum. “Give it to me, cum in my mouth let me taste your cum,” I pleaded.

A deep gut-wrenching groan escaped through tightly closed lips as Bill threw his head back and he released his death grip on the swollen shaft.

“Cummingggggggg,” He screamed.

His cock exploded releasing a torrid of cum. It shot against the back of my mouth a huge thick sweet tasting load of cum. Filling my mouth, coating my tongue.

“Oh god yes!” Bill screamed as his balls pumped my oral cavity full of hot sweet cum.

I tilted my head back and held his load inside. He stroked his cock depositing the last few drops of his thick juice on my tongue. I leaned forward taking his cock head in my mouth. Bathing him in the pool of thick cum I held there. His hips twitched involuntarily as my lips closed around his ultra-sensitive corona causing his cock to pop out of my mouth.

Before I could close my lips a stream of cum escaped and dripped off my chin landing between my tits coating the cleavage with his sperm. I leaned forward and pressed him into the cum pool again, deeper this time. My mouth overflowed and streams of his thick cum oozed at the corners of my mouth dribbling down onto my tits.

Bill moaned in complete ecstasy as I sucked his cock head trying to draw the last of his sweet tasting cum from him. As I sucked him, I slid my hands up and smeared his seed across my heaving orbs coating every inch with his warm cum.

“How fucking hot is that!” Bill exclaimed as he started recovering from the incredible climax of our breakfast fuck session.

I leaned back again and let him slip from my oral grasp and straightened up to capture his still rock-hard cock between my cum coated tits.

“Oh yeah!” Bill exclaimed as I humped him with my sticky cleavage.

I looked up at him and grinned before I opened my lips to show him a mouthful of his sweet seed. He watched intently as I swished the sticky deposit around inside my mouth. Another dribble escaped over my lip and oozed off my chin adding to the sticky coated tits I was pleasuring him with.

I finally swallowed the remaining cum letting it slide down my throat as I opened my lips again to show my lover I had swallowed his cum load.

“Baby you have the sweetest tasting cum,” I could finally exclaim. “You can shoot it in my mouth anytime you want,” I added seductively.

Bill smiled at me and said, “You are too fucking incredible!”

His strong hands reached down and swooped me up to a standing position. He pulled my body against his letting me rub my cum coated tits in his sweaty mat of thick chest hair.

“Too fucking incredible!” He said again as he lowered his mouth to mine licking my cum coated chin and lips with his tongue.

“Hmmmmmmmm… I love sharing this taste with you,” I said.

This kiss was the first of the day. I’d already tasted his cum and now I was sharing that incredible taste in our first passionate kiss of the day.

Breaking our kiss Bill looked deeply into my emerald eyes staring intently. I brought my hand to his cheek and lightly ran the back of my fingers along his jaw to his chin where I turned my hand over and cupped his other cheek gently in my palm.

Bill responded to my tender caress by pressing his cheek harder against my hand and bringing his hand to cover mine.

“You are so sexy Gen.” He said.

“Thank you I always want to be this sexy for you,” I replied.

He turned his face and kissed the palm of my delicate hand before sliding his hand to my shoulder.

Twisting the loosely hanging strap of my shredded chemise around one finger he said, “Sorry about your nightie Gen.”

He lifted the remaining strap and slipped it off my shoulder letting it slid down my arm and fall to the floor.

“I guess you’ll just have to take me lingerie shopping,” I said.

He laughed and replied. “I usually hate going shopping with….” Bill paused.

“With Tess?” I questioned.

“Well yes, but I shouldn’t bring her up.” He said.

I placed my hands on his hips and looked him straight in the eyes. Smiling I said, “She’s your wife, I expect her name to come up and I’m okay with that.”

“In fact, I may even ask you from time to time something about her. And I expect you to be honest with me about her too,” I added.

Bill smiled and said, “I hate shopping with her, and I always have to lie when I do.”

“I understand, better to keep the peace then be truthful about how she looks in something?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” he said adding, “But I’d love to go lingerie shopping with you, I’m sure I could be truthful with you.” His wide smile letting me know how much he’d enjoy that shopping trip.

“Well you owe me one peppermint green chemise,” I said. “The matching pants are still in one piece,” I added.

Bill’s cum was starting to dry on my tits I ran my fingers over my soft tits and said, “I need a shower, help yourself to coffee and I’ll be back in a flash.”

He smiled and replied, “Don’t take too long I want to spend as much time as possible with you today.”

I slipped around him and headed for the bathroom as he found a coffee mug and poured himself a cup.

Twisting my hair up into a bun I jumped into the warm shower water. I rinsed the residue of him from my chest and cleansed my pussy of our combined fluids, a quick shower just to freshen up for my discreet lover.

As I slid the shower curtain back, I found my lover standing in the room. He held his coffee cup up some and said, “Great coffee Gen.”

I smiled at him and replied, “Thank you is that all you came in here to tell me?” I asked.

“Actually, I was going to join you. But I see you are already finished. I’ll just take a quick shower myself,” Bill said.

“Good, I do love a clean smelling man,” I replied.

Stepping out of the tub I gave him a quick kiss as he passed me stepping in the tub.

“I’m going to get dressed,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll just be a minute or two,” He replied.

I dried myself and wrapped a towel tightly around my body. There were only two clean towels left in my linen closet and giggled when I thought to myself, I’m going to have to do laundry more often or buy some more towels.

“Here’s a clean towel,” I said just before I left the bathroom.

Since I wasn’t sure what my man had in mind for today, I decided to make up my bed before dressing. As I pulled the bedding back up over the pillows, I noticed his paper surprise bag on the nightstand.

Curious about its contents, which I’d expected him to reveal the night before, I gave in and took a peek. The bag contained two pair of shiny handcuffs. “Hmmm,” I thought, interesting surprise. It was then that I recalled our phone conversation last night. I did make a comment about restraints. I folded the bag closed just before Bill walked in from the bathroom. His fluffy white towel neatly wrapped around his waist.

“Deja vu,” I said.

“What?” Bill replied.

“I seem to remember that image of you from last night. Deja vu,” I said.

Bill looked down at himself and laughed when he realized what I meant.

“Would you like some breakfast?” Bill asked.

“I’d love something else to eat this morning,” I replied with a devilish grin on my lips letting him know I enjoyed the first course of his beautiful cock.

“Let me make you breakfast,” he said.

“You cook too?” I asked, still wearing that devilish grin on my lips.

“I sure do, learned to cook while I was in college, and it comes in handy when Tess is off on her frequent business trips,” he replied.

Bill flipped the towel off and slid on his jeans. He didn’t bother with a shirt leaving his hairy chest exposed.

“I’ll get started,” he said.

“Okay, I’ll join you in a couple minutes,” I replied.

Bill hurried off to the kitchen to begin preparing a proper breakfast for us both. I slid on a black lace thong and one of my oversized baggy old sweaters from my pre-transformation wardrobe. With my legs exposed that old sweater looked rather sexy. Pulling my hair tight along my scalp and into a ponytail accentuated my jawline and neck.

As I walked into the kitchen Bill was busy mixing ingredients for our breakfast. He turned to me and asked, “Do you have any turkey syrup,”

“I think so, check the cabinet above the frig,” I replied.

As Bill opened the top cabinet I asked, “Whatcha making babe?”

“Thought we’d have French toast,” he replied. “And this will make it taste much sweeter,” He added holding the bottle of heavy turkey syrup up for me to see.

Bill added a healthy spoon full of syrup to his mixing bowl and began whisking the ingredients. In no time he was frying up the best tasting French toast I’d ever had.
Three slices later I was stuffed. “That’s enough for me,” I said.

“Was it good?” He asked.

“Best ever,” I said, “And as sweet as the first course I had earlier too,” I added.

He grinned at me as he stood to clear the table. I could hardly believe my discreet lover came with the bonus of loving to cook too. Our affair kept getting better by the moment.

I took my tea along to the living room where I sat on the sofa waiting for Bill to join me. As he cleaned up in the kitchen, I asked him a question, “Hey baby you never showed we what was in your little surprise bag last night.”

“Oh that,” he said, “Well from our telephone conversation yesterday I got the silly idea that you wanted to be restrained again. So, I brought along a pair of handcuffs,” Bill added.

“Well we did experiment with restraints the first time we made love baby, and it sure turned me on,” I said.

“I don’t think it was a silly idea,” I added.

Bill had joined me on the sofa and I pulled my feet up onto his lap.

He said, “We’ll use them someday, but I wanted your hands free to play last night.”

“They would be fun props for a cop and robber role play,” I said adding, “I’ve often thought I’d make a good cop.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” he replied.

His hands expertly massaged my feet as we sat there enjoying our morning drinks. I was quickly becoming quite accustomed to his touch, and the idea of having a man as company in my home.

Bill took a sip of his coffee and then leaned forward placing the mug on the coffee table. He sat back and kind of turned toward me.

“Genevieve, I have a question for you,” he said.

“What’s that baby?” I asked.

“Well you know Tess never lets me give her oral sex,” he said.

“Yes?” I replied wondering where he was going with this question.

“Tell me, do I please you when I go down on you?” he asked.

“Yes of course you do,” I replied.

“Is there something you’d like me to do that I don’t do?” He asked.

I smiled at him and said, “Are you asking me to instruct you in the ways I love to be eaten?”

“Yes, I suppose I am,” Bill answered.

The idea of this man, this incredible lover who brought me to unbelievable heights of sexual ecstasy with his lovemaking, wanted me to teach him how I love receiving oral stimulation excited me completely. He actually wanted to become an even more incredible lover.

“I’d love to,” I said pausing mid-sentence to slowly spread my legs wide open to his gaze, “give you on the job training.”

His eyes went right to the triangle of black lace covering my pussy. My hand slid down to pull the thong aside exposing my moist pussy to his ever-increasing lustful stair.

Bill licked his lips and said, “I want you to tell me exactly what pleases you most.”

“I promise baby,” I said.

Bill moved to kneel between my spread legs.

“Wait a second Bill. This would be better if you could kneel in front of me on the floor.” I suggested.

I moved from the couch and stood in front of the big overstuffed chair at the end of the coffee table. Bill watched görükle escort bayan as I turned and stood perfectly still waiting for him to follow.

“First, I want you to kiss me passionately,” I said.

Bill’s arms circled my body and pulled me close to him. Our mouths met in a deep soul- searching kiss. His tongue probing and exploring deep inside my mouth, his lips capturing mine and sucking gently on their moist soft flesh.

I ran my fingernails through his hair as I moved my lips to his ear.

“A perfect kiss that’s the kind of kiss that makes my pussy wet,” I said.

“Now very slowly slid your hands under my sweater and cup my tits,” I continued.

Bill followed my instructions and moved his hands to the bottom hem of my oversized sweater. His soft fingers traced up my sides gathering the excess material on his forearms as he slowly moved toward my succulent tits. He let only his fingertips touch my skin, ten tiny points of contact that sent a chill along my spine. His fingers slid up until they reached the bottom of my tits then slowly slid out around and along the sides teasing the flesh where my tits joined my chest.

I closed my eyes and said, “That’s very nice, take your time. Take time to explore every inch of my breasts.”

His fingers, those ten digits of absolute pleasure circled over the top of my tits toward the warm cleavage between. Bill flatten his hands against the skin just above my tits and then slowly slid them down over the heaving orbs with his fingers sliding between and through their cleavage. My nipples hardened instantly as the warmth of his palms came in contact with the sensitive flesh of my areola.

“Hmmmmm. That’s very nice,” I whispered.

I moaned softly as Bill began gently cupping squeezing and caressing my tits. His hands, those soft delicate hands explored every inch, not just concentrating on the erect nipples, but pleasuring the entirety of my heaving breasts.

“Now slowly remove my sweater,” I said.

His hands gathered the soft fabric and slowly turned it inside out as he lifted it above my head. I stretched my arms up and let him pull it over my head. My long ponytail slid out of the sweater and fell behind me. Bill tossed the sweater aside and lightly placed his hands on my shoulders his fingertips extending over the top and his thumbs resting against my neck.

His passion filled searching eyes gazed into my pools of emerald lust waiting for my next command.

“Do my breasts please you?” I asked.

They’re perfect,” he replied. His eyes moved down to examine their soft fullness and erect nipples.

“When you kiss and lick them, they begin to tingle, and my pussy gets even wetter,” I said.

Bill slid his thumbs up along my neck and back along my jaw before he slowly slid his hands down again over the soft flesh. He hands cupped both as he lowered his lips and began kissing and licking every part of my heaving breasts.

I slid my fingers into his hair again and began guiding his mouth across the succulent entirety of each orb.

“Yes, that’s so nice they’re beginning to tingle,” I whispered.

I guided his mouth to one erect nipple. His tongue flicked at the hard flesh his lips suckled it gently at first then with increasing pressure.

“Oh, that feels incredible,” I said.

“You’re making my pussy very wet,” I added.

Bill happily continued kissing licking and suckling my tingling breasts waiting for my instruction to move down toward his ultimate goal. I finally lifted his head from my tits and turned his face up to look into his eyes.

“My pussy is so wet, it’s ready for you Bill,” I whispered.

I kept his head nestled between my delicate hands as he slowly kissed down over my belly finally reaching the triangle of lace covering my vulva.

His fingers hooked around the thin black straps riding over my hips and slowly peeled the fabric off my body and down my legs. As he slipped the thong off my feet he knelt before me and brought the lacy patch that had covered my slit to his nose.

He inhaled the scent of my moisture deeply before he whispered. “More lovely than the finest perfume Genevieve.”

I smiled at him happy that the scent of my pussy pleased his sense of smell.

Bill sat back on his haunches gazing at the smooth flesh of my cleanly shaven pussy waiting for my first instruction.

“I want you to keep your eyes on my pussy as I offer it to you,” I said.

My feet were together as I slowly sat down in the overstuffed chair. Keeping my body completely straight I settled into the soft cushion and placed my hands on top of my thighs.

Bill concentrated on the flesh along the tops of my thighs and the shaven pubic mound at their confluence.

I didn’t speak a word. Keeping my knees and feet tight together I slowly lifted my legs until the knees were at the level of the soft armrests of the chair blocking my view of Bills face.

I slowly let my knees spread apart. Bill’s eyes were fixed on my inner thighs as I spread myself open wider and wider to his lustful stare. Lifting my knees above the chair’s arms I d****d my legs over the edge and used my strong leg muscles to lift my hips up and slid my ass to the very edge of the seat. As I moved, I could feel the wet lips of my steamy pussy spread open exposing the pink folds of flesh inside. Bill’s eyes remained glued to the object of his oral desire.

I whispered, “This is your pussy baby, yours and yours alone. Call it a pussy, a slit, a fuck tunnel, call it a cunt if you like, but remember always, to call it yours.”

“Look how wet and swollen it is for you,” I said.

“Look how is convulses,” I whispered as I clenched my muscles causing the wet gash to squeeze tightly closed. Relaxing my muscles my pussy opened again. “Look how it opens for you begging for your touch, begging for you to lick, suck, bite, and fuck it,” I said.

Bill was studying my pussy, memorizing every delicate fold of wet flesh, every inch of hot tissue waiting for his oral onslaught. I slowly slid my hand down over my abdomen and using two fingers I pushed the swollen flesh surrounding my clitoris, its swollen nub of hardness popped out.

“Look at my clit, your clitoris yours and yours alone,” I repeated. “It to begs for your touch begs you to lick, suck and bite it.”

“These are my loins, yours and yours alone. Use them to pleasure yourself as you see fit. The pleasure they give you will please me,” I whispered.

My discreet lover, this incredible man I’d just pledged the whole of my sexual being to, leaned toward me, his passionate lustful eyes staring at my steaming hot womanhood.

As he placed one hand on each of my knees he whispered. “Teach me to please you, Genevieve, teach me what pleases you most.”

His words sent a shudder of pure ecstasy through my body causing me to moan deeply. Not only was he to be my discreet lover, but he also wanted to be the most incredible lover I’d ever experienced. He wanted to take the time to learn how to please his mistress, how to carry his discreet concubine to incredible heights of sexual pleasure.

I began his teaching by whispering, “Kiss my thighs softly.

His lips trembled as they neared my warm flesh, first making contact with the inside of one knee. I slid my delicate fingertips into his hair to guide his lips along the quivering flesh of my thighs.

“Oh god Bill that’s perfect,” I said in a low raspy voice.

His soft lips traced light kisses along the inside of one twitching thigh until he’d almost reached its confluence with my loins.

“Now the other one,” I said.

His mouth moved to the other thigh, starting again at my knee and slowly, incredibly slowly he traced ultra light kisses along the burning flesh of my thigh.

“Oh, that feels so nice,” I whispered

My pussy was soaking wet, dripping with juices elicited from deep within my loins by the incredible sensation of his lips against the quivering twitching burning flesh of my inner thighs. My entire body began to tingle in anticipation of the first moment his soft lips and wet tongue would make passionate sensuous contact with the lips of my pussy.

As his kisses descended my thigh and approached his ultimate oral goal, Bill lifted his lips from my flesh and looked up into my eyes.

“God Gen, you couldn’t look sexier,” he remarked.

“You couldn’t make me feel any sexier than I feel right now,” I replied.

He returned his lustful gaze to my loins studying the perfect bud my womanhood.

“Blow your hot breath on it,” I said.

Bill moved his mouth within a millimeter of my pulsing loins, rather than blowing through pursed lips he just opened his lips and exhaled deeply. His hot carbon dioxide sent ecstatic waves of pleasure spreading from my loins. My entire body shuddered and tingled from the close proximity of his soft warm lips and wet tongue.

“Oh my god, you’re driving me insane,” I whispered.

His hot breath was driving me insane I could only imagine what affect his lips and tongue would have once he closed the miniscule space separating my tingling loins from his lustful mouth.

I’d feel that effect in an instant as I whispered, “I want you to lick very lightly around the outer edge of my pussy.”

My lover exhaled one final time over my pulsing loins sending yet another spiraling wave of ecstasy through my body. My brain was sending a message to my hands to pull his mouth against me but the signals were short-circuited somewhere along the matrix of nerves. Unable to move a muscle I just had to wait for his incredible tease to end, and end it did mercifully as the tip of his tongue touched the tiny patch of flesh between my ass and the bottom of my pussy.

Bill slowly licked along the edges of my pussy between the swollen lip and the sensitive flesh where my thigh joins my body. He continued up alone the outer most edge to the apex of my dripping wet slit where my swollen pulsing clit awaited his oral pleasures.

“Oh, that feels so awesome,” I whispered.

His tongue licked above my clit avoiding direct contact and then slowly down the opposite side of my pussy. My fingers slowly moved through his hair but never directed his mouth. Bill’s tongue finally reached the starting point of the circle of pleasure he’d just traced around my pussy.

“God that feels so fucking incredible,” I whisper His tongue just flicking at the tiny patch of flesh at the very bottom of my dripping slit. I suspected he was waiting for my instruction.

“Baby please lick up between my pussy lips,” I pleaded.

Bill’s tongue moved upward and dipped in at the bottom of my swollen gash. I heard him moan as the taste of my pussy first spread across his tongue. Ever so slowly his tongue slid up licking at the pulsing lips on either side of the entrance to my steamy cunt. His mouth moved so slowly, his tongue savoring every incredible moment between the swollen flesh. Finally, he reached the pulsing nub at the very top. My hard clit exposed from beneath its wet sheave.

“Hmmmmmm…” I moaned as his tongue made first contact with it. “Run circles around it with the tip of your tongue,” I begged.

His tongue was magical, circling my clit, pressing into the fleshy sheave as he circled it and flicking at the erect hardness.

Swirls of absolute pleasure spread from that tiny sensitive spot outward through my pussy and loins, reaching my spine and then spearing upward into my brain. I was consumed with the intense pleasure his mouth was providing. Bill needed no instruction on how to please me orally, this incredible lover, my one and only lover is a god of oral pleasure.

I grasped his head and lifted his mouth from me. Looking down into his passionate eyes I said. “You need no instructions on how to please me, I am so fucking turned on by your oral stimulation all I can ask is that you don’t stop, God Bill please don’t stop!”

Bill took my erect clit between his lips and sucked it stretching it further out of the steamy sheave and flicked his tongue at it. I withered in absolute ecstasy moaning, groaning and squealing in pure sensual delight.

“Yes, eat me suck my sweet pussy!” I exclaimed.

He moved his mouth down to suck at my lips taking one and then the other between his soft lips and sucking on it, licking it, gently biting on the hot swollen flaps of flesh.

I squealed loudly feeling chards of sensuous pleasure shoot up my spine. My pussy, my clit, my entire pelvic mound tingled as he assaulted me with his absolute incredible mouth and tongue.

Bills hand slid up my inner thighs teasing, tickling and softly caressing the smooth flesh. As they reached the confluence of my legs his fingers spread my lips opening and exposing the dripping wet pink flesh just beyond. He moved his parted lips toward my wide-open pussy. His hot breath again sent a spiraling wave of ecstasy through my body. My lover’s gentle oral bursa escort bayan assault on my genitals had brought my entire body to a heightened state of arousal. Even the lightest touch, the gentlest lick or slightest bite sent ecstatic rapturous shards of pleasure pulsing through my veins.

“God Bill I’m going to lose control of all my senses,” I whispered.

As his fingertips spread my lips open, he slowly slipped his tongue between and into the quivering pink flesh of my pulsing wet pussy. Deeper and deeper he speared me with his tongue. Harder and harder his nose pressed into my clit. My hands took on minds of their own as they pressed his mouth tighter into me.

“YES, OH FUCKING GOD YES BABY!” I screamed as his oral invasion of my loins reached maximum penetration.

In an instant, my lover went from licking sucking and teasing the outer most regions of my loins to invading my pussy with his wonderful tongue. The sensual release of tension was incredible. I’d wanted to feel his tongue deep inside me since he first touched me and in a millisecond, he had given me what I wanted most.

My entire body reacted to his deep oral assault by starting to tingle, quiver, and spasm uncontrollably. My pussy flooded with juices. I wasn’t having an orgasm I was riding his glorious tongue to heights of sexual pleasure I’d never experienced before.

Bill began to tongue fuck me with every ounce of strength he could muster. Faster and faster he licked sucked kissed and biting on my pussy. If his tongue wasn’t buried deep inside me his lips were sucking my tingling clit. His mouth moved around my erogenous zone with the skill of an oral surgeon, tasting me, sucking me, licking at every moist fold of swollen flesh.

His assault on my pussy took its toll I began feeling the intense sensation of my approaching orgasm as his tongue licked at my deepest sensitive spot. This orgasm didn’t build slowly, no sooner had I realized it was approaching it slammed into me with blinding speed. My body racked with pleasure, every muscle from the tip of my toes to the top of my head tensed as the swirling waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over me.

“OH MY GOD BILL!” I screamed.

Bill instantly realized I was cuming. His mouth clamped down on my clit and he sucked the tiny rock with everything he had.

My pussy flooded orgasmic fluids squirted from me splashing against his chin. He lowered his mouth and drank the stream of juice I was shooting between his lips.

I screamed again, “OH FUCK BABY DON’T STOP!”

Bill didn’t stop, in fact, his tongue went right back to work lapping at me like a wild a****l that had just found his favorite watering hole. Diving inside my quivering fuck flesh with the intensity of a man possessed. Lactic acid built up in every muscle of my body burning at every fiber of my being like red hot pokers of pleasure.

Mercifully my orgasm began to subside, the swirling waves of oral pleasure subsided to ripples of pure delight. My pussy and clit still tingled intensely and every time his tongue touched me my loins quivered instinctively.

My oral god, this incredible man I had made my own, wasn’t satisfied with a single orgasm. He was slowly preparing me to climb the Everest of oral pleasures again. His tongue slid down, pressing against the bottom of my quivering slit he flicked his tongue at the tiny patch of sensitive flesh between my pussy and ass. He had returned to where he’d started his oral assault, back to the very spot that had started my body and soul to quivering under his incredible oral invasion of my body.

But instead of moving his mouth up, he slid it down. His tongue probed at my ass, licking no rimming my ass with his moist tongue. Once he was satisfied that my ass had been lubricated sufficiently, he pressed a finger against my sphincter.

“Yes, do it!” I squealed.

His finger slipped inside as my muscles relaxed to allow his probing digit. His pinky finger slid deep inside. Angling his hand upward three fingers slid between my swollen pussy lips and deep into my pulsing vaginal cavity. This left his thumb, which he used to rub across and around the throbbing hardness of my clit. His tongue and lips joined his thumb and he slowly began fucking me with his glorious digits and licking me with his incredible tongue.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck that hot pussy, I screamed.

His hand turned into a blur of movement as he drove his long digits into me over and over again.

“Yes, keep fucking my pussy till I cum again,” I begged.

I clawed at his scalp, digging my nails into his flesh as his hand, fingers, and tongue dragged me to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure once again. My entire being went totally numb as another orgasm crashed into me. I lost control of all senses, my vision blurred, my lungs unable to suck in live giving oxygen, my voice reduced to making inaudible sounds of complete ecstasy. My brain could only react to the intense pleasure my discreet lover was giving focused on memorizing for all time the sensation of another incredible orgasm.

This second orgasm reduced me to a quivering mass of flesh. My pussy and clit tingled intensely, my breasts heaved as I again started breathing, be it ever so shallowly. His incredible fingers still embedded inside me I slowly began to recover and lifted his face from my loins. Attempting to speak I could only say, “Oh baby!”

Bill slipped his pinky from my ass and withdrew two of the three fingers that had been pleasuring my pussy. Turning his hand palm up he wiggled his long middle finger inside the overflowing cup of my pussy. Orgasmic fluids escaped me and dribbled down staining the front of the chair.

This incredible oral sex god was allowing me to recover from his intense assault slowly keeping his middle finger embedded inside he occasionally twitched it causing a quivering reaction from deep in my loins.

I finally recovered enough to speak with an audible voice.

“That was absolutely incredible I couldn’t have imagined let alone instruct you on how to give me more pleasure,” I whispered.

Bill smiled before he said, “Years of fantasizing about eating pussy have trained me well not to mention watching it performed in countless porno movies.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum harder,” I said.

He grinned knowing that he had succeeded in giving me more pleasure then even his fantasies had imagined.

Bill sat back on his haunches once again but kept his arm outstretched and his probing middle finger buried inside my pussy. I could feel the fluids oozing from my slit running down across my ass soaking the chair even more. I could care less about the stain, knowing if it were permanent it would forever be a reminder of the first time my god had taken me to the Nirvana of oral sexual pleasures.

I slid my hand between my thighs and withdrew his finger from my steaming depths. His finger glistened with the fluids I’d secreted. I lifted his hand to my lips and sucked it inside tasting the salty remains of my orgasmic flood. He watched intently as I sucked and licked every drop from his gentle digit.

My discreet lover and I spent the remainder of the morning relaxing on my sofa. Talking about our lives, the incredible sex we’d shared last night and earlier this morning. Bill even opened up a little more about his sex life with Tess. I wanted to know how she pleased him if she, in fact, did please him sexually.

He explained that theirs was a marriage of convenience. Tess had earned her doctorate in elementary education and started a consulting business offering her expertise in curriculum planning to school districts countrywide. Her business required frequent business trips and when possible, Bill would accompany her on those trips. But as his career blossomed in English Lit, he accompanied her more infrequently. His life had become one of boring nights home alone and classes at Regis training future novelists on the fine art of writing publishable books. He had, in fact, had several novels published writing fictional accounts of 1900-century adventurers exploring the western wilderness. His novel Alaska Adventure had won critical acclaim but never reached the masses or earned him much money. Like so many novelists before he had dreamed of becoming the next Steven King but at this point in his life, he had resigned himself to being a college professor and writing an occasional novel.

“Tell me something?” I said.

What would you like to know Gen,” he replied?

I asked, “Have you ever written erotic stories?”

Bill smiled at me before he said, “You mean fuck novels?”

“Not at all, I mean tales of romance, stories of people meeting and making love,” I offered.

“I’d bet if you wrote an erotic novel set in say 1840 or so involving explorers out west it would be an instant bestseller,” I suggested.

“I never considered that Gen.” He said.

“Well, you know in today’s society sex sells. Introducing a romantic relationship into one of your adventure novels could really kick start your career as a novelist again,” I said.

“I haven’t written a word for over 3 years. I’m not sure I could get into the routine of sitting down and writing for 3 or 4 hours a night again,” he answered.

“Oh, come on now, writing is like riding a bicycle, once you learn you never forget,” I said.

“I’d be willing to help you with the erotic parts,” I offered.

Bill looked at me with an inquisitive look on his face. “Wait here,” I said.

I went into my bedroom and pulled out the binder that contained most of my erotic stories. Returning to the sofa I handed him my work.

“These are some of the stories I’ve written,” I said.

Bill took the binder and looked at me. “Genevieve you little devil I would never have thought you would write these kinds of things,” he said.

I grinned and said, “Before my sexual transformation these were basically my only form of sexual release.”

Bill opened the binder and looked over the title tabs extending from the pages.

“Wow, I’d love to read some of these,” he said.

“No one has ever read any of these stories,” I replied. “But if you want to take it with you, I’d be okay with that. As long as you promise to keep it in a safe place where Tess won’t find it,” I added.

“I promise Gen,” Bill said.

Bill moved his finger across the title tabs reading each one. He flipped the binder open to a story I’d written over a year ago. Its title, “Searching for satisfaction.”

The story he’d opened to was about a woman bored with her sex life and equally boring marriage. She began a search for satisfaction by experimenting with bi-sexual encounters and expanded on that by having a threesome with another woman and her husband. The erotic description of the woman’s escapades with two other lovers was extremely graphic and included oral, anal and of course vaginal intercourse.

Bill read a few pages, then looked at me smiling. “This is really hot stuff,” he said.

“Thank you, baby, I’d fantasized about a threesome for quite a long time before I wrote that one,” I replied.

“Yes, and you’ve fulfilled that fantasy already,” he said.

“Some fantasies are meant to be fulfilled more than once,” I commented with a sheepish grin on my lips.

I wanted him to know that a threesome was something I’d love to experience with him and another woman as soon as possible.

He returned to my story and began reading again. I watched his eyes and facial expressions as he read my story.

“This is very hot Gen,” He said beginning to read aloud.

“My close-up view of his cock sliding into her from between her thighs was incredible. I tilted my head back and extended my tongue to lick at her clit and pussy letting his cock slide along my tongue as he fucked her deeply.”

Bill said, “God that’s a perfect description of part of my threesome fantasy.”

“IS IT,” I replied. “And tell me does your fantasy include moving from pussy to mouth since that’s what the man in my story does?” I asked him.

“Yes, just the way you describe here, and much like the way you throated me when we had our master-slave role play that first night we were together,” Bill replied.

“I remember that I love how it felt when you were fucking my throat that night,” I said.

Bill asked, “Do you know a woman who might be interested in a threesome with you and me?”

“I think I do Bill,” I said. I was thinking of Marsha of course. “Would you like me to approach her?” I asked.

“Maybe you could feel her out, see if she might be interested but honestly, for now, you and I have so many fantasies to act out. That one can wait for a little while,” Bill said.

I smiled at him knowing he would jump at the chance to fuck two beautiful women, but was happy he only wanted to be fucking me for now. The idea of having a ménage à trios with Marsha and my discreet lover excited me, and I was certain it would excite Marsha also. I’d have to stop by her store and talk to her about the possibility. If she were interested, I’d set it up for the next time Tess would be out of town and surprise Bill with it.

To Be Continued….

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