True Blue

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‘She’s screaming at night, while I’m falling apart She dies every time she dreams of me You can’t understand what happens in here It’s the way that she looks when its all inside her Slave Flesh is a toy that was meant to be broken by me She makes me feel like a god when she screams’ – MSD

The anticipation of the phone ringing is almost unbearable. I’ve already peeled off all my clothing. I lay on back on the king size bed and reach over to the nightstand. From the drawer I withdraw a thick 6” zebra striped dong and place it beside me on the bed. It is really much too big for me, but it was the smallest I could find at the porn store. I spread my legs a little and run the tip of my finger back and forth over myself. I wish the phone would ring now. What is taking him so long? Thoughts run across my mind. Trying to put a face behind the voice. Umm…his voice is intoxicating, deep with that thick Italian American New York accent that drives me so crazy. I’m already breathing hard thinking of his voice. I wonder if his skin is smooth, is he tan? Or does he have the traditional olive colored skin? His eyes and hair must be dark. I hate men with a lot of body hair, but I would make an exception for him.


At last the phone rings. I pick it up on the first ring and conjure up my most sensual hello.

“Whacha doin?” He asks, as if he doesn’t know. My eye lids half close as some unexplainable feeling pulses its way through my body. My nipples instantly harden at the sound of his voice.

“Waiting for you.” I breathe into the receiver. With my free hand I dip a fingertip into my moist desire, amazed at how wet I already am.

“Ya didn’t start without me did ya?” I can hear the sexual lust dripping off the end of every word he speaks.

“Of course not. God, you sound so sexy.” I mumbled as the primal lust overtakes me as well. My mind begins to form a picture of him, of the way I want casino oyna him to look. My true blue Italian. I see him with nice big arms, a wide chest and a husky frame.

“Yeah? You make me so hard. I wanna fuck you so bad.” His breath is heavy on the phone. “But, first I’m gonna fuck you with my voice. You’d like that wouldn’t ya?”

My shameless moan is his answer. My skin is set on fire now.

“You better not be doin’ anthin’ yet. No touching for you…yet.” He begins a slow tormenting of me.





“Go take the dog for a walk.”

He says my favorite words letting his New York accent get thicker as they roll off his tongue. I intake a quick breath as I feel the wetness dripping onto my thighs. I wonder for a split second why I get so hot from an accent.

“M I making you wet yet? Can you feel my tongue running up and down your lips? I bet you taste wonderful.” He says. I know without him saying so; he is stroking himself.

“Iwantyou.” My words slur together as my arousal peaks. “Please just fuck me. I want you fucking me hard.”

“Umm…so hard my balls slap against your ass, doll? I’m gonna fuck you with all 8 thick inches of it. Your gonna scream.”

Fire works explode in my head. I groan into the phone. He hears my desire and knows I cannot keep from touching myself for too much longer.

“Slid one finger in for me…slowly.” His breathing is labored and I image what he looks like masturbating. The thought of his hand pumping up and down the thick Italian cock fuels my fire hotter. I do as he commands. I spread my legs wide and watching from the mirror across the room, I slip one finger into myself.

“Is it nice an’ wet baby? God, you know what you do to me?”

“God, yes I’m wet. Please, I want to use my toy.” I beg.

“Go ahead.” He groans loudly into the phone. I know it turns him on slot oyna when he makes me wet.

“Can you feel my lips wrapping around your dick? I want to taste you.” I grab the dong and carefully place it between my slippery pussy lips.

“Aaahhh…pre-cum is dripping off my cock now. You see what you do to me? You make me so hard. You gonna lick this off my dick?” I pushed the head of the big dong into me. Moaning loudly against the receiver.

“Oh, you know I will. I’ll suck it right out of your dick. I want you to cum all over my face and big D cup tits.” I push the dong deeper into me, wincing at the slight tightness.

“You’ll be sitting on my face while your sucking it. My tongue will be buried deep inside your pussy.” He was moaning now between his words. I knew he wanted to cum soon. He was always able to wait for me to cum first though.

“You gonna fuck my tits too? I want your fucking cum all over them.” I was teasing him, adding to his lust. I pictured him with a powerful cock, thrusting it between both his hands.

He grunted into the phone. “I’m thinking of fucking you from behind while your bent over your bed. Giving you all of my 8 inches. “

With that I shoved the rest of the dong into me, crying out at the pain.

“Ya better be fuckn’ yaself hard with that thing.” He said, his accent was full force now.

“Its too big for me.” I cried as I felt the fake rubbery balls pressing against my soft ass cheeks. I pulled an inch or so out and then slid it back in. Doing this over and over, taking a few more inches out each time.

“Harder. Do it harder for me.” I could barely grasp his words; his accent and desire were slurring together.

“Your gonna make me fucking cum!” I practically screamed into the phone. “ I want you to fuck me till I scream!” My desire was at its highest point.

“Scream then baby, just fucking scream for me. Fuck yaself canlı casino siteleri harder for me.”

The dong was easily sliding its way in and out of my tight pussy now. My hand was sticky and wet with my fluids. I imaged him bending me over my bed and taking my ass.

“Would you fuck my ass?” I voiced my wicked thought.

“God, yes, I’d fuck your ass.” I was going to send him over the edge.

“I’ve never had anyone do it before. I want you to; I want to feel your dick inside my ass. “

He let loose a primal animalistic growl. “I’mgonnacum soon baby. Can I cum in your tight little ass.”

“God, yes. Take my ass, fucking make it yours.” I was horrendously fucking myself with the dong now. “Ahhh…I’m going to cum…now. I want to scream.”

“Scream, doll, scream for me while I fuck your ass.” His words were a blur into my ear.

“NOW, I’m CUMMING now!” I screamed, the room echoing with my unconcealed screaming. I shoved the dong as deep as I could get it as my little pussy contracted around it. I left it inside me as my hand feverishly massaged my clit. My body exploded from a clitoris and vaginal orgasm.

He let himself go. “So am I, baby. I’m about to cum…cum in your ass. My hands are gripping your hips and your pushing back against my dick.” He paused and I continued to rub my clit, cumming a second time. “It’s coming up my dick. Here, here it comes. NOW!” For several seconds he growled and groaned like a wild animal. Hearing him cum sent me into yet another orgasm. “Oh, god, I’m cumming. Oh, it’s all over my stomach. Ya see what ya do to me, doll?”

We both breathe deeply, trying to recuperate from our orgasms.

I was the first to recover. “God, that was so good, thanks. We have to fuck in real life sometime. I have to go clean up now. Talk to you on Lit.” We said our goodbye and hung up the phone. I slowly pull the dong out of my dripping cunt and stagger to the bathroom to bathe. On the way, helplessly tripping over the poor affection starved cats who were shut out of the bedroom.

I hope you enjoy this story. Readers please feel free to give me feedback, it is always great to hear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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