Visions of You Ch. 01

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I thought about you today, probably at least a hundred times. Every one of those times, I felt the eager desires akin to butterflies in the stomach, only these were accompanied by an arousal in my loins and a few achy twitches of my sleeping cock.

I remember the last time we talked, a few days ago. The conversation, while having some superfluous chit-chat in it, quickly rotated around to sex. It usually does with conversations I am involved in. The distance between us, while being quite a successful barrier for our physical bodies, was only an amplifier for our sexual tension and energy.

The more we talked about what positions we felt were fun and the more we talked about our inhibitions (or lack thereof), the more turned on we got. You would tell me how horny you were, which stiffened my already aching and neglected cock. I would tell you what I would like to do to you if we were to ever finally get together, which generated an ache and wetness in your pussy.

Since we were both online, I email you a short story I wrote about the last time I was thinking of you, giving words to my desire. You read it as we talked and I could tell it was getting you more and more aroused. Your nipples reached out, wanting to be touched, caressed, and kissed.

While we were talking, I walked over and closed the blinds (thankful that my roommate casino oyna was out of the state) and then resumed my seat at the desk, before resuming our conversation, however, I had removed my pants. My cock was swollen and aching with a desire to be held in your hands, to be slowly slid inside you.

You told me you thought my story was awesome. I started stroking my cock and instantly the head swelled. We talked more, each statement describing the nuances of the different sexual positions we found appealing. The more we talked, the more I stroked. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to be inside you, desperately. The more we talked about sex and having it with each other, the more I wanted you to feel my cock swell inside of you and explode into orgasm.

I nearly pushed myself over the edge when I described to you how I wanted to see you ride me, breasts heaving as I rocked you, forcefully, back and forth on my hardened cock which was deep inside you, filling you. That description took me so potently that I could almost feel the weight of your body on my lap and taste the sweat we were creating.

At that you told my how “your pussy was throbbing” and how “you really wanted to be fucked”. Oh how I wanted to oblige you. I was close to coming and wanted to tell you, but I didn’t. I was masturbating in secret while we talked, but I really wanted slot oyna you to know. Instead, I continued our painfully arousing conversation, stroking my cock and envisioning some of the things I wanted to do with you.

Then, with the force of a raging bull, a vision hits me, overwhelms me and nearly topples me over in my chair. I am stroking faster when I see you, in my mind, taking me by my hand to your room. I stop you and pull you back to me, grinding you against me and kissing you with a passion so intense it would seem that if it wasn’t released in that kiss, our bodies would explode.

We are on the stairs, groping and kissing and feeling each other, panting, barely able to control ourselves, yet unable to contain our desire. I reach up with my right hand and slide it behind your neck and intertwine my fingers through your hair. My left hand is sliding inside your shirt, under your bra and massaging your breast, my fingers pinching your nipple.

At the same time you are grabbing, through my shirt, the firm muscles of my chest with your right hand, palm rubbing the material against my nipple, and your left hand has moved to rub my hard cock through my jeans, moaning as you grip its girth through the denim.

In one forceful motion I grip your hair and pull your head back, kissing your neck, nibbling with my teeth and teasing canlı casino siteleri you with fast movements from the tip of my tongue. At the same time, I slide my left hand down inside your jeans, under your panties and run a finger along your slit, spreading your wetness over your clit and making you moan in pleasure and your knees buckle with desire.

I press against you, holding you against the wall with the force of my body, rubbing my chest against yours, keeping your head back and your sensitive neck exposed to my biting kisses and tantalizing tongue flicks.

You cry out in passion at the onslaught of sensation. Arousal brought about by a strong hand, something you’ve told me you enjoyed. You try to say my name, you try to kiss me, but I thwart every attempt at communication (other than the expression of sexual joy) with either a kiss, a bite, a stroke or insertion of a finger on or in you pussy.

Soon you are lost in sexual bliss, grinding yourself against my hand, gripping my cock through my jeans, wanting to feel it “in the flesh”, but too consumed by the oncoming rush of orgasm to try and free it from its denim barrier.

With one last violent thrust of your hips and a lip-biting whimper, your orgasm cascades over the wall of your inhibition, sweeping you along with the current of a desire fulfilled.

My fantasy transitions into a harsh reality as my cock erupts all over my lap and I moan in exquisite and orgasmic joy, only to realize that I am once again alone in my apartment, distant from you, unable to share this experience with you… until now.

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