Von Grossendicken Manor chapter one

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Von Grossendicken Manor chapter one
The lawyer had told Robert Dickens that although named a manor, the sitting ground of his european relatives was more akin to a castle. He certainly was of a mind to agree, as he ran the bell of the massive door. The taxi had left him with his luggage after a three hours ride in Germany’s mountains, in a secluded valley only accessible from three way point, that the driver had called The Pussy, The Mouth, and The Asshole.
The door finally opened to show an old portly man, in a classic black butler livery.
-Mr Dickens, sir? We were waiting for you, herr Schmidt is already here, he told frau Von Grossendicken that you were coming. My name is Gunther, I’ve been servicing your family for 35 years.
-Pleased to meet you Gunther, I’m sure we’ll get along fine, I don’t intend to do a single change to your situation. I wasn’t even aware of the money my grandfather’s family had until a week ago, when Mr Schmidt came to see me and I learned that I had been named heir due to the peculiar family traditions, which I didn’t knew about.
-Yes sir, it is known in these parts that the lord of the Grossendicken castle has to be the male member of the family with the biggest member, if you permit the pun. But please, follow me to canlı bahis şirketleri the room were the other persons are waiting.

He followed him, into the hall which was filled with paintings of his illustrious ancestors. In all the paintings, he could see that each man was naked, and that minus three or four, their dicks were smaller than his.
After climbing up a lavishly varnished stairs, they entered a vast room where a bunch of peaple were talking and drinking, passing the time.

-Frau Von Grossendicken, I present you your guest, herr Robert Dickens.
-Pleased to meet you, the old woman said icily. She was past 60 years old, with blonde hair which seemed common in the family. Before we go any further and do the presentations, herr Schmidt, I believe I am still the head of the family while the will isn’t carried on, yes?
-Yes frau, said the old lawyer, while looking apologetically to Dickens.
-Then I say we do the presentation the old family way. To all, undress! That includes the personnel and you too Schmidt, although you’ve been here before and knows our way……

Dickens looked at Schmidt, who shrugged and began to undress, as were the other members of the group. He could see that the majority of the people were integrally canlı kaçak iddaa tanned, as if they eschew clothes altogether in summer. Frau Grossdicken skin was golden and wrinkled, wit a large bush hiding her pussy. Two other women, that looked similarly but in their beginning fourties were approaching her. All three had siliconed boobs, but not very big.
-Your cousins, my two daughters Morgana and Sabrina. One was more tanned than the other,, more brown than golden, with short hair. Her pussy had a single hairy strip, while the long-haired one was completely bald.
He could see that all eyes had been drawn to him, as he undressed.
-Mein Gott!
-Is it real?

His dick was revealed to all, a massive cock hanging pass his knees, and with a girth to match it. His ballsack was bigger than many woman’s purses.
-Now I understand mother’s precautions with Gunther…
Dickens turned and checked on the old man, found himself stairing at an odd bulging cock, with balls filled as if they would burst. The domestic eyes shied away, as if the thing wasn’t something he was proud of.
-Frau had me injected repeatedly with silicone, to enlarge my cock. And saline in my balls. Although it is large, it’s lost some sensibility and the head won’t come out canlı kaçak bahis of the massive foreskin. May I present Olga? He designated an old fat woman in her sixties, with massive natural tits and a big black bush that was still visible despite her massive rippled butt. She is the cook, and her niece, Susi. That one was built like a brick shithouse, with stylish short dark hair and a medium bush. Her eyebrows were make up, not something Robert liked but the size of her boobs and ass erased his taste. She is the maid.

-Well cousin Robert, seems like you appreciate the domestics. The speaker was a thin young man in his twenties, coming up with a girl of similar age and shape. If it wasn’t for his long thin dick and hanging balls, the longer hair on her and the long nipples on her small breasts, they were identical. So, Robert thought, I meet the twins, the c***dren of Sabrina. Another man was with them, a tall young man, blonde as his cousins. This must be the son of Morgana, whose father was a basketball player, Schmidt had told him. The twins father were anybody’s guest.

-To all, as we are all naked, we shall proceed, said Schmidt. To Robert’s surprise, the small man had nipple rings. As you all know, Robert must fuck anyone who will not concede the title, until they do, even though his cock is truly enourmous. All those who dispute his challenge, raise your hand.

All the family member save for the tall young man raised their hand.

-Well, said Schmidt, the week-end will be a thing to remember……

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