Watching My Wife With A Young Guy

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Watching My Wife With A Young Guy
My wife Bridget and I have been married now for over 20 years and in that time had a fairly normal and quiet existence. The c***dren are now 22 and 20 years old and both recently left home, leaving us with lots of time on our hands together. For many years I have fantasized about watching her have sex with another guy, and more recently this has developed into watching her have sex with a younger guy, she is now over 50 of course. I have raised this subject with her in the past (usually after copious amounts of alcohol) but she has shown no enthusiasm for the idea.

However, recently this situation seemed to change when she read a story in a magazine relating that wealthy businessmen were paying male escorts to have sex with their wives to satisfy them. When she talked about the story it was strange in that she actually said ” hiring male escorts to fuck their wives….”, very unlike my wife to use the “f” word in such a context. I thought nothing more about this until a few weeks later when the subject of sexual fantasies came up. She revealed that she rather fancied the idea of a young guy coming around to fuck her. Indeed, it seems that the male escort fantasy was something she had been fantasizing about during our oral sex sessions.

This was a real turn on for me and I set about trying to organise something, However, it is surprisingly difficult to actually get someone to fuck your wife. Male escort agencies charge a lot of money and it seemed to me that this was something that we didn’t really need to pay for. I contacted a few internet swingers sites and put in an ad, something to the effect of “mature wife wants sex with younger guy while husband watches…”. I included a picture with the ad showing her slim, still firm body. We were inundated with replies, but it soon became apparent that most of these guys don’t actually pay the website subscription, which means that their contact details are not revealed. Together with other factors, like they were too far away, or too old, or too young or too fat etc, the number of suitable guys was pretty low (around zero in fact). Another fact also became apparent; seeing a photo of the prospective guy was quite important to both of us, but the only part of the anatomy that seemed to be on display in any photos received was cock. Very functional of course, but when you ask for a picture of someone, you have to question the true personality of a person who sends you a picture of himself having a wank.

In the end we did find a suitable person through the internet, a young lad named James. James lived around 100 miles away, a bit far, but ok, and was a youthful 22 years old. This seemed acceptable to my 51 year old wife and she took to the idea enthusiastically. After a few discussions and photo-swapping sessions with James we came to agree on a plan of action. A hotel was booked for a Saturday night about half way between our two homes and we arranged to meet James in a pub nearby at 7.00 pm. We didn’t want James to stay all night, but to perform for about 2 hours and then go. We had talked about the male escort fantasy and James agreed to this arrangement, with me paying him a nominal fee as he left.

As the day arrived the anticipation was exciting and we had sex every night of the approaching week. bursa escort On the day itself we drove to the hotel and arrived quite early, around 4.30 pm. Bridget had a shower and changed into a smart sexy outfit of tight skirt and blouse, with high heels and suspenders. She must have spent a whole hour applying make-up.

We walked to the pub, still a little early. A quick scan told us that James had not arrived so we ordered a glass of wine each and waited. We had time for another round and then James appeared, we recognized him from his photo. I introduced us and we shook hands. It flashed through my mind how bizarre it was him shaking hands with Linda since in half an hour he would be fucking her brains out.

We talked about the arrangement and decided that Bridget and I would go to the bedroom first, then he would join us in ten minutes or so. We had another drink and set off. When we got to the room I kissed Bridget hard on the lips and moved my hand under her skirt to her pussy. She moaned as I pushed my finger into her pussy; I couldn’t believe how wet she was down there. She had now drank three glasses of wine and I knew from experience that this was enough to make her randy as hell.

Shortly there was a knock on the door and I let him into the room. Linda was sitting on the bed with a sheepish grin on her face. “She’s all yours”, I said. James took off his jacket and shoes and sat on the bed next to her. He told her how sexy she looked then put his arm around her. They kissed passionately and James moved his hands across her thighs and breasts. He pushed her back so they were lying down and continued to rub her body. She moaned when he undid the top two buttons of her blouse and started kissing her neck and cleavage.

After a little while, Linda sat up, smiling and fully unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Immediately after this she undid and removed her bra, so her breasts swung free. James muttered his approval and firstly placed one hand on each breast and massaged them slightly. He then bent forward, licking her nipples, moving from one breast to the other. Bridget had her eyes closed and moaned with pleasure occasionally. Finally she pushed James away and had obviously decided it was time to get his kit off. She started unbuttoning his shirt which James then completely removed. She rubbed her hands across his young firm body, obviously taking delight in its form.

Next Bridget moved down to his cock, and she began massaging James through his trousers. They kissed again as her hand moved up and down across his cock. I could see its hardness through his clothing and he was moaning softly. James asked Bridget if they should get undressed and they both stood up and removed their clothes. James took off his trousers and pants and his cock sprang forward. It must have been 9 inches long and thick. At the same time Bridget took off her skirt and thong, but left on her suspenders. They moved together again, kissing and Bridget hand moved to his cock, slowly wanking him up and down. It was a truly erotic sight to see her fingers wrapped around his long, erect shaft. James hand moved to Bridgets pussy and she moaned. After only a few seconds of this she said ” Can you do it now? I want a fuck now”. She was dying for it, desperate for his cock.

James fumbled for his condom görükle escort bayan as Bridget opened her legs and laid back on the bed. She was rubbing her clit at this point. I moved across to her and again pushed my finger into her pussy; I have never known her to feel so wet. By now James had his condom on and knelt between her. She put her arms on his shoulders as he positioned himself, he moved his hand to his dick as he guided it into her cunt; both of them moaned. James started thrusting, gradually getting a good rhythm. My wife was gasping as James was fucking her hard. I walked around the bed and watched them I stooped down by their feet and I could see James balls banging against her as he fucked her pussy. Bridget was getting more and more animated and panting louder and louder. Between gasps she was uttering some words, obviously in ecstasy. I heard her say “fantastic”, “you’re so big” and she repeated “fuck me, fuck me” a few times As she came she arched her back and looked at James, at this point being unable to speak, being racked by one orgasm after another. James was grinning whilst he continued to plunge his cock into her pussy. The first wave passed and she relaxed again, rubbing his hair and kissing his neck. She said “I love you fucking me”.

James suggested they change position and Bridget nodded. James removed his cock, holding the condom in place. Linda turned around and knelt on all fours. James cock was still rock hard as he knelt behind her and entered her from behind. My wife gasped as he started thrusting again. He had his hands on her bum as he got into a rhythm and I could now clearly see his cock moving in and out of her cunt. She began to orgasm again as James thrust his hard cock into her and I could see the spasms going through her, James just kept thrusting.

Finally she had had enough and she said “Do you want to come?”. James seemed to think this was a good idea and started to thrust his cock harder into her cunt. She began to breathe harder as I watched his face show signs of satisfaction. Finally he gasped as he filled his condom. The fuck was completed taking about 40 minutes in all.

James took his dick out of her pussy and adjourned to the toilet. Linda was messing with tissues. She was smiling and had clearly enjoyed being fucked by this young guy. She looked at me and said “Did you enjoy that?”, I said that I did and poured another glass of wine.

James returned to the room and the next ten minutes were spent exchanging banter and niceties. James flattered my wife with nice comments about her body and how she was a better fuck than the younger girls he knew. Soon he began to get aroused again and started to kiss Bridgets neck.

I decided to get involved at this point. It had never really been my intention to double fuck her, but by now I was very turned on and my dick was bursting for some relief. James was sitting on Bridgets left so I undressed and sat down on her other side. I began to massage her breasts and kiss her neck and shoulders. This sudden attention of two men seemed to have a real affect on her and she began moaning with pleasure. We were taking turns to kiss her lips and breasts as she moved her hands to our groin areas, stroking a dick with each hand. She took each dick in her hands and began wanking us, bursa escort bayan her hands moving up and down in synchrony.

One of the things that we had discussed previously was how I wanted to see her suck the other guys cock, and this seemed the right time to do just that. I said to her ” Do you fancy giving us both a blow job now”. She smiled and got off the bed onto her knees, leaving James and I sitting side by side on the bed. She leant forward and took James cock in her hand, opened her mouth and slid it over his cock. She looked stunning as she began to move her head up and down. James threw his head back and closed his eyes in pleasure, I could see her cheek bulge as he pushed his cock in at the end of each stroke. I took her hand and put it on my swollen member, so she was now wanking me whilst giving James his blowjob. Shortly after she changed position, taking my dick in her mouth as she massaged James dick. James suggested that she took both in her mouth together, so we stood up and poked our pricks in her face. She just about managed to get both in, which looked amazingly erotic.

Bridget was getting really aroused again and after a while she knelt back and said “Is someone going to fuck me now?” I positioned her on the bed on all fours and entered her from behind. She felt so wet and inviting having just fucked someone else. James stood in front of her and pushed his prick in her mouth. I started thrusting methodically, stroking and gripping her arse as I did so. My wife was producing muffled moans as her mouth was full of James cock. I was trying hard not to cum too soon, so arousing was the view in front of me. I could see his cock going in and out of her mouth and he was pushing harder and harder. She came very quickly and had to move her mouth from his cock when she orgasmed.

She came two or three times before she said to James “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” I could tell that she really wanted her mouth full of his sperm. James didn’t need to be asked twice and after a minute or so he had his orgasm. He gasped as he pumped his cum into her 51 year old mouth. She moaned, clearly enjoying the experience. James seemed to be cumming for a long time, then took his limp prick from her mouth. I was still fucking her hard at this point but had to come. I took my cock from her cunt and turned her on her back. She knew what I wanted and let the cum in her mouth dribble down her chin and neck, some went down her breasts and over her stomach. I knelt astride her and she took my cock in her hand. Almost immediately I came, showering her neck and breasts with semen. It was probably the most erotic thing I had ever seen to see her face and torso covered in a mixture of cum from myself and another guy.

We got ourselves cleaned up and Bridget took a shower. I looked at my watch and it was 9.25. “What now?” I asked and James looked at Bridget. Any chance of another? he asked. Bridget, now standing completely naked, smiled and James then proceeded to fuck her again. She came a couple of times before James let out a moan as he shot his load.

We all got dressed and we thanked James for his services. As agreed I passed him a ten pound note as part of the fantasy. We talked about the possibility of doing this again sometime. James then said his goodbyes and left the room. It was 10.15. After he had gone the atmosphere was strange, I couldn’t really believe what had happened. We went back to the bar and talked about the session we had just had. Bridget was definitely up for doing it again. MOORE

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