We Look After An Old Gay Guy For Our Inheritance.

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We Look After An Old Gay Guy For Our Inheritance.
This is a story of how my wife and I inherited a bungalow by doing odd jobs and looking after an old Gay Guy named Bill to keep him from moving into a home …only thing was the ODD JOBS  started to become sexual favours FROM ME.

We recently moved into our bungalow that we inherited from an elderly gentleman who i had done odd jobs for for the last few years of his life, at times this was a real chore but it was to save him from going into a retirement home and the deal was if we kept him out of a gods waiting room he would leave it to us as he had no living relatives to leave it to.

It was around 5 years ago that we befriended the gentleman Named Bill as he was struggling to maintain his garden and i said i help him cut his grass and prune back the bushes, i didn’t ask for anything in return he insisted on giving me £20 a time so who was i to argue and i suppose it would have cost him a lot more to get a gardener in.

After a while i got talking to him and he told me i was lucky to have such a pretty wife, i replied ” yes i am” then he told me that we made a handsome couple and she was lucky to have a good looking guy like me and that his partner was also a very handsome man as well, well i didn’t know where to look but at least i didn’t look disgusted, i was a bit shocked as he was quite athletic but slim for his age and in his day could have had the pick of the girls.

He asked did i mind doing odd jobs for an old gay guy, i told him its 2019, i say live and let live, he smiled at my answer then i asked him how long had he been on his own, he told me his partner died of heart disease around 5 years ago after having to move into a hospice as he couldnt look after him anymore and it was only a matter of time before a massive heart attack would kill him …and it did, he said he still misses him, not only the company, but the sex as well, as it was his cock that was the only decent thing that still worked on his aged body of 75 years.

I recoiled a bit and he saw that in my manner, so he instantly changed the direction of the conversation, he asked me if i’d mind doing a bit of decorating for him as his front room was in dire need of it and he didn’t trust himself going up and down a ladder, i told him I’d ask the mrs, but shouldn’t be a problem, he then told me to bring the wife over with me later as he had a proposition to put to us.

That evening he told us that he couldn’t bear going into a retirement home like his partner did and that if we looked after him til he died he’d leave us his property which should set us up for life, letting us retire very early in our working lives.

I was really shocked and I looked at my wife and her smile lit up the room as she had a very hard menial job working in a supermarket and was looking at retiring no earlier than 65+years old, i was a bit luckier having an I.T job but again 65+ was probably going to be my retirement age as well, we were only just in our 40’s so were thinking even if the old fella lived another 10 years we’d be set up for life, so his proposition was a no brainer, we left his house walking on cloud nine.

He did everything above board, he got a solicitor to draw up papers and a will that made us his beneficiaries, he even specified that if he lived more than 10 years we would get the money from his estate that at the moment was going to charity.

And so we kept our end of the bargain, my wife did his shopping, and housework and i did maintenance, gardening and decorating, sometimes fitting the time in was hard going but we saw it as a great investment opportunity, and he was a really nice guy,
We both got to know him quite well and Bill revelled in telling us stories of being a closeted frightened young gay guy when at the time you could be imprisoned bet siteleri for it.

My mrs would laugh them off as “oh! how naughty”, and ” ill have to watch you with my husband” I must admit i quite enjoyed the stories myself, the clandestine meets in hotel rooms making sure you’re not seen by staff entering or leaving as they’d call the police, the meets in the parks late at night, obviously if me and him were alone he’d be more graphic, being that i have been totally hetrosexual all my life i was quite shocked sometimes, and sometimes dare i say it i was quite aroused.

I passed it off on my part as curiosity, and as the world was changing with the internet having every subject on the web sites from Anal-Zoophilia a whole world away from a 60p copy of Razzle off of the top shelf, i’d seen the odd bi video two men and a woman online, even watching a cuckold video of a woman forcing her husband to suck another guys cock but my focus was usually always on the woman.

Then one day i went round when he said he’d noticed a smell coming from his sink and thought the trap must be blocked up as i let myself in with my key he was sat in his chair by the window and not looking his usual jovial self and was looking through a photo album.

When i asked him what he was looking at he showed me pics of him and his partner at the beach in their swimming trunks, and this was the days of speedo style trunks… WOW! my mouthed nearly hit the floor the old guy sat in front of me must have snuck an anaconda into his trunks because he was seriously packing out those speedos,
Jesus! I couldnt help but stare at this monster of a cock busting out of his trunks and i don’t even think he was fully hard, he was fondly reminiscing their love, to me still man + man doesn’t =love but he truly showed emotion for this man so who am i to question them.

I went to make him a cup of tea more so to compose myself and then sat down and had a chat with him, and he seemed to cheer up a little, then he asked did i like the photos they’ re classy arent they, we were good looking guys eh! not the old decrepit specimen you see now, to cheer him up, i said ” i dont know i wouldn’t mind looking like you at 75, especially if” … and i nearly said if i was packing a monster cock like that, but i managed to stop myself, he looked puzzled as i stopped mid sentence and at the way i started blushing, which really was a dead giveaway,
he laughed and replied ” you were going to say such a big cock werent you”, yes your right it is big but its no good if you’ve got no one to share it with.

There was an awkward silence i drained my cup and I stammered l-l-look id better get on with the sink and moved towards my tool bag picked it up and went into the kitchen, i must admit it left me feeling uneasy and i was flustered and kept making silly mistakes while i was working, it was as if something else was on my mind, and that thing was i couldnt get the thought of his massive cock out of my head, I’ve never ever looked at a man in a sexual way, well o.k you can say like most men you can see what the mrs sees in Robbie Williams, George clooney, David Beckham etc, they are good looking fellas, but thats natural…isn’t it?

Now im 7″ and quite thick but his cock allowing for a bit of age shrinkage he had to be 11″, in the pics it was like a babies arm in the those trunks, i actually found myself licking my lips, thinking what it would be like to touch it, hold it in my hand, and wank it, not the best time to not be concentrating on what I was doing ,
I was thinking about his cock while working away under the sink and as i lay down i felt my cock start to strain against my shorts, the last thing i wanted at that present time, at least i knew he was in the front room looking through his photographs.

Then at that güvenilir casino very moment my cock was fully erect I had a bit of trouble with a bit of pipe that over the years had become welded by waste, i clamped my spanner around and it slipped and fell landing on my forehead “Fucking hell” i shouted, forgetting that my cock was still in an aroused state.

Out of nowhere the old guy appeared from the front room “Are you o.k” …there was an awkward silence as he must have noticed my hard cock, he laughed ” blimey What are you doing under there to get yourself in that state”, “nothing” i replied embarrassed ” the spanner slipped and hit me in the head its nothing, you can go back in the front room”…he asked “can i help you” …”NO! I’m o.k” … ” are you sure” with a hint of mischieviousness in his voice ” yes, i was just thinking of what the mrs did to me last night and got aroused”,
It was the total opposite of what i said but the situation was getting heavy, and i didnt really want the Bkll getting the wrong idea.

Look he said you’ve got a nasty bump and it needs seeing to, and just as i was wondering how could he see my head from there, i felt a presence near me and a hand rub up my thigh next to my groin area, he stopped there, and started massaging up and down my thighs with both hands, it felt so good, i stayed silent.
“if you want me to stop just say,” i said nothing, i amazed myself at my lack of resistance, the tension in the room was fantastic, he eventually broke the silence by stating the obvious ” do you know if i didnt know better i would say that you looked at those photos with me and became aroused at the sight of my big hard cock and was actually thin king about it while you were under the sink and it gave you an erection, again i said nothing.

I crawled out from under the sink and lay on the floor just staring, not telling him what he wanted to hear, he knew the answer already, i felt as if i was paralysed to the spot waiting for his next move, his hand then glanced across the front of my shorts along my cock and balls, it was as if electricity had passed through me, i then watched as he took my zipper in hand and i felt it start to be opened he then looked me straight in the eye and then his manly hand reach inside my briefs and gently pull my cock and balls through my fly hole.

He left it out of my shorts waiting for an invitation, he just asked “o.k” i nodded a yes and he took my cock in hand and massaged it with his fingers wrapping his hand around it and pulled the foreskin down to half mast not exposing my cock head totally, this was a tease, i really wanted him to pull it right back to the base but he kept doing what he was doing he then took my balls in the other hand and kneaded them like dough,
I’d never had a man handle my cock but it felt much firmer than my wifes hands, she has a gentle smooth motion, which is good, but this was a whole new experience and i knew i wouldn’t take long before i shot my load.

He asked me was it good and was i enjoying what he was doing, i said yes, he then asked would i like to see his cock, i nodded but i told him i only want to look at it, he wasted no time and dropped his shorts, it just fell out and he knew my eyes would pop out of my head and they did, he was kneeling and his cock was almost touching the floor he quickly went back to giving me the handjob of a lifetime, would you like me to play as well, show you it working, again i nodded spellbound by the sight of his magnificent cock, it was like a porno stars a good 11 inches and thick and veiny with a great big purple head women would kill to have a go with this monster cock and the joke was he was gay.

He carried on wanking me, sadly no longer able to play with my balls but my disappointment was replaced by the georgeous internet casino sight of him wanking his massive cock back and forth, he knew how to tease as he was wanking me with the same motions slowly back to the base and then moving the foreskin up and over the hood quickly then repeating.

He told me that he’d like me to cum on his hand and then he’ll use my cum to wank himself to a finish, i told him i wasn’t far off cumming and that i wanted to see him cum as well , this encouraged him and he increased his speed and grip on my cock it was as if it was in a vice, i then looked at him in pure ecstasy as my cum left my balls in a torrent and the first shot came out reaching about two feet high then falling and landing on my leg it was followed by another 3 good ropey cum shots that coverered his hand.

I panted, shuddered and writhed, that was fantastic it was definitely a male orgasm not just an ejaculation, it doesn’t happen often, i haven’t cum as much or as hard since i was a teenager, it really took my breath away,
I then realised i had taken my eyes off of his cock and quickly returned them to watch my creamy cum being wanked along his shaft, as i watched he reached over to my leg and scooped up the big cum shot that had landed there earlier with his fingers and placed it in his mouth, licking his fingers afterwards.

Oh my god! that looked so horny the taste of my semen must have sent him over the edge, he told me he was going to cum, i so desperately wanted to help him but had lost a bit of my urge and was starting to question what had gone on, guilt i suppose on my part of having my first out of marraige sexual or homo sexual experience and also enjoying it a lot more than i thought i would.

He asked would i like to touch his cock i shook my head I still wanted to see him cum but i didn’t want to go any further, a step to far at that moment in time, he looked disappointed but carried on wanking, by now all my cum had soaked into his hand he still savoured the cum he had in his mouth something my wife never did, it was either a quick swallow or a chicken out wank onto her cheeks.

He then knelt up wanked and then pulled on his balls a little, he started to moan and groan and within seconds of his master strokes he let fly and he shot his load over the floor, it was quite impressive for his years a nice big white puddle of jizm over the floor.

After he recovered he took his shorts and mopped his cum up, he then stood up his cock still impressively swinging about, i was starting to realise that maybe this will bring trouble with the inheritance on the bungalow and that now i was under the spell of his big cock and he could probably bribe me to do things i dont really want to, and i knew that i’d have to comply or lose the bungalow .

After a few minutes i was feeling really guilty about what had happened and didnt know if id have to come clean to the wife, i dont know if she’d understand after all it was only a handjob and i didn’t touch him but all the same it could cause trouble.

I told Bill i needed to compose myself before i went home so was going for a drive to clear my head, he nodded and thanked me as that was the first sexual contact he’d had since his partner died he just needed to have some closeness with someone and that dont worry it doesn’t change a thing about the inheritance and if i dont ever want to do anything like that again it was o.k.he was almost apologising, this made me feel a bit better.

I took my leave and went for that drive, taking an hour to compose myself before going home, i bought the wife some flowers on the way home, and when i gave them to her she asked “oh! Yeah! What have you been up to” i laughed and thought you really don’t want to know and in bed that night with a heavy heart i thought about telling her but in the end decided it was best not to.


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