Your Touch Pt. 01

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Leaning back I lift a soapy leg to push the water off, satisfied with its level in my bath. I ease the leg back into the warm water. Letting the silky suds envelop it once more in their caressing embrace. With eyes closed I breathe deeply of the steam. Letting the subtle aroma of jasmine seduce my senses.

Through the open window above I can hear the sounds of my neighbors seeping through. The dogs barking at nothing and everything. Families sitting down to the evening’s meal, chatting amongst themselves on patio based dining rooms. A car with a shoddy muffler making its way down the block. And always the ever present gangs of birds and their ongoing fence wars.

My own house is comparatively silent to the world outside. The chimes down stairs playing their random melody whenever the wind happens by are the only other sign of life in the empty dwelling. The house creaks and moans as old houses will, ever reminding its occupant of its age and needs. Defining silence is the most noticeable side effect of your absence.

I move my body gently in the water, relishing the feel of buoyancy. The water is warm, not hot, as is the prescribed temperature for the impregnated. Now in the latter stage of expectancy, I find my wiggle room within the tub increasingly limited. Never the less my comfort is not compromised, and the benefits far outweigh the lack of space.

Gently I scoop the warm liquid over the un-submerged parts of my body. Starting at my neck, I let the warm suds run down my chest and onto my engorged floating breasts. I repeat the attentions here before moving on. Making sure that every part of each breast is fully caressed in the soothing liquid.

Moving down, yet up at the same time, my hands draw the water over the peak of my tattooed Hara. Cresting well above the waters line, it moves gently with my breathing and the combined heart beats pulsing within.

I move my hands with gentle intention over the sacred center of my body. Feeling the rapid movements in response to my touch, I can’t help but feel a pang of sorrow. Thinking of how much you have missed out on this year and still so much more to come. My thoughts drift to you, always to you these days, all concentration on my massage lost.

Desperately I try to remember our last day together. Always when I revisit that day it’s a blur of soul wrenching hurt mixed with the tasks of everyday life. The clearest of the memories are of you inhaling fries from Charley’s, and when I snuck a video of you in the shower and the girlish cry you let loose upon seeing my smirking face over the curtain rod.

I know we spent the morning in bed, taking our time to face the day. I know you took a few hours checking over your entire luggage again, making sure everything was in order. I know we exchanged in our usual banter; saying things to each other that outsiders would perceive as casino siteleri below the belt pride wounding insults. But to us it’s all a show of our deepest affections. I know you had me one last time on the couch while we watched our final movie together.

All these things I know happened during our last day, and more, yet I cannot vividly remember any of it.

Pretending the wetness running down my face is nothing more than sweat from the heat of my bath, I try to once again focus on soothing my body.

I sit up slightly to reach my legs and begin to rub the length of them. I bring one leg full out of the water, and stretch it out straight over my body. Water and suds dripping and sliding down the length of it, and plopping back to join the main body below. I still have my flexibility at least, if not the figure to go with it.

Grabbing my toes I pull them towards me, easing my calf and hamstrings into a gentle stretch. The other hand snakes up the back of my leg, making sure every inch is gently massaged. I take my time with each leg. They deserve the attentions after all; bearing the weight of my full body is no easy task these days.

With each leg fully relaxed I bring my knees up to lay back in the water, letting them fall gently against the sides of the bath tub. Once again my attention turns to my chest, and ample breasts floating nearby. I’ve always been a well endowed woman, with a strong lean frame to accompany it, trailing down to an equally endowed pair of cheeks. Another memory flashes now before my mind…

Catching my reflection in a passing window, I remarked in a despaired tone how large my ass looked. Still holding my hand you stopped and looked as well, with your tall and lanky body towering over my average stature in the reflection. I can still see clearly your perverted grin, as you leaned close to my ear and said, “It’s not big, it’s a perfect handful” and as if to emphasize your observation, you firmly gripped the whole of one cheek in your large strong hand.

My awareness comes back to the bath, and I find a knowing grin on my face. My womanly assets compliment the size of your body perfectly. Wishing my own hands were yours, I take up a floating breast in each one. The soapy water helping my fingers to slip over the supple skin with ease, I start to caress them firmly.

Instantly my nipples shrivel and harden, turning into little peaks atop the mounds of my breasts. Closing my eyes once more, I continue to rub and pull at my breasts, pinching lightly at each hardened nipple. My knees fall further apart as my hips begin to rock gently in anticipation.

It’s your hands I now feel on my body.

Long minuets pass as I feel you caressing my breasts. You flick your wicked tongue ever so lightly across the very tip of my erect nipples. Knowing how I want you to take the whole of them in your slot oyna mouth and suckle till I’m weak with ecstasy. But you don’t, you hold back, knowing that I will only be aroused all the more.

After what seems like eons of torment you suddenly encase my aching nipple with your warm lips, teeth nipping gently as you continue to work your tongue over the sensitive skin.

Mouth occupied, I feel your strong hand glide over my midsection. You’re taking your time as you move closer to my hip, lingering in the spot just before my groin. My one tickle trigger and only you know of its existence. I giggle and gasp involuntarily, and bite my lip to keep from screaming too loudly so soon. You move your lips and tongue to mine in order to silence me; you don’t want me making so much noise just yet.

Bringing my arms around your broad shoulders I try to grasp at your stubble of hair and pull you closer to me. I can feel you hand still lingering on my groin, teasing the inside of my thighs. Lightly you brush your finger tips across the lips of my freshly shaved snatch. Instantly my body is on fire, lusting for more of your touch. Continuing to embrace my lips, your fingers seek out my scream buttons.

Your fingers rub across every part of my silken snatch. You’re taking your time in finding all the right spots. You know exactly where they are, but still make me wait. Moaning through your kiss, I rock my hips towards your body, in hopes you might take pity and give me what my body lusts for.

Moving to kiss my neck you deftly slip your middle and ring fingers into the unsuspecting throbbing hole of my pussy. I gasp heavily, and you moan knowingly, a hint of amusement in the sound.

I can feel the cold metal of the band on your ring finger as they move around inside me. Your thumb sneaks its way to my aching clit, and begins to circle it lightly. All the while your fingers are exploring the depths of my snatch. Searching for my scream button and longing to stroke it.

I pull your head and lips away from my neck and bring them back to mine. Our tongues meet and bring throaty moans with them. My mind is lost to the sensations wrought by your skilled knowing fingers. You know my limits, and sense by the depth of my groans for you and rocking of my hips that I am soon yours.

Just as my quivering snatch beings to close around your fingers in preparation of the soon coming rush of ecstasy, you take them away from me! I nearly pout in protest but then I feel you quickly push your index finger into the forgotten cavern behind. Your thumb keeping its station on my now bursting clit, your index finger eases its way into that place of utmost pleasure.

Instantly my throat lets forth the screams you have been working so diligently for. My body quivers violently with the shocks of pleasure you have brought upon it. You hold me firmly with your body, canlı casino siteleri preventing me from thrashing too violently and dislodging your hands hold on my spent pussy. You kiss my pulsing breasts lightly, making your way up my neck and once more to my lips as the waves of pleasure subside.

Grinning like a fool, I open my eyes to stare at the empty air in front of me. Yet again I am left with the lingering touch of your phantom presence. I let forth a heavy sigh. I know full well it was all fantasy and that you were never really here in the bath with me. Yet I can still feel your lips lingering on mine. Once again the pangs of sorrow sweep through my being.

Grabbing the sides of the bath tub I lift my body free of the now icy water. I reach for the towel and begin to dry my silken skin. Lastly I wipe away the slick juices your phantom worked so diligently to produce.

Looking up I catch my reflection in the mirror. Altered as my body has become over the past months, I know you would still only see the sexy woman you met so many years ago.

Finished with my drying I hang the towel back in its place, and drain the water. I brush my teeth, turn off the light and walk through to our bedroom. Our bed waits in there, taunting me with your absence.

I settle on your side, pulling the robe you left behind over my still nude body. Turning the TV on I leave it tuned to which ever movie channel happens to be currently playing. Its soft glow and gentle hum will keep me company during the night. I pull my book off the night stand and make to continue my reading.

Still aroused, I decide against submerging my mind into a fictional realm just yet. I pick up my iPhone, and begin writing you an email. An email you had best not try to read at work.

The image of your erect cock showing blatantly through your uniform engulfs my mind. Even with the length of your jacket, the material is no match at hiding your arousal. My mind swims with longing as it wraps around the image.

I start my email off with accounts of my day, leading up to our encounter in the bath. I feel a moment of remorse as I press send. Blindsiding you with descriptions of my naughty behavior in the bath is wrong, and will haunt you all day. But I know how much you love to read about my self appreciation time; and the vivid descriptions of what I would do to you in return.

I know you will need a long bathroom break once you have finished reading my email. Long months still lay ahead before I can properly return the favor. So for now I’ll have to settle with a written thank you.

Telling you in the email of what I would do to your body has left my pussy dripping once again. My need for your cock consuming my being I begin to tingle with desire.

Placing my book back on the night stand, I grab the camera in its stead. Switching the controls to video, I get up and put it in place on top of the TV, and zoom in the lens. Settling back into our bed, I pick up the dildo you made just for me, molded from your own cock, and begin your thank you video.

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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