Zoë’s Prospects Ch. 01

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Sliding my bathroom door open slowly, I look around and make sure no one’s nearby. I want this to be private. I step in all sneaky-like, and close the door behind me, locking it. I’m not sure why I’m so keen on being inconspicuous; it’s not like anyone will hear me. My boyfriend’s out at work, so I don’t fear him walking in and hearing me. The water will be running, as I tease myself, as I please myself. As I do whatever I want to myself. Just thinking about it, I can feel my panties soaking up moisture from my cunt. My ability to make myself horny has always amazed me, and surely made me happy.

Already anxious to get into the shower, I cross my arms and grab my shirt, pulling it over my head in one fluid motion. I open my shower door, and turn the water on so it’ll have time to warm up before I step in. There’s nothing worse than a cold shower to ruin this type of mood. I take out my hair, and slip out of my pants. Standing before the mirror with just undergarments on, I reach a hand up to my shoulder and tease myself a bit, running my fingers down my soft neck and across my becoming breasts. I’m already itching to cum, and my cunt sure is letting me know. I’ve been known to be a woman that gets pretty wet, and I’m living up to my reputation, even alone. I can feel my panties becoming uncomfortable, so I slip them off and toss them with my other clothes. Now all that’s left is my bra, and it’s not on for much longer.

I’m now naked in front of the mirror, and almost can’t stand it. It’s a full-length mirror, so I can see all of myself. My long, cherry-red hair tickles my breasts, masking only portions from my view. I’m proud of my shape, a full hourglass. My stomach’s been described to me as tight, with my belly button piercing drawing attention to it. My eyesight trailing down my body, I recognise my muscular dancer’s legs, descending from my full hips. I appreciate the beauty of a woman’s body – even my own. Feeling sexy today, I turn sideways, stepping one foot out. This gives me a nice view of my ass, which I know is pretty large, but with a nice, firm feel. My eyes trail to between my thighs, where I can see my arousal emitting from my shaven pussy. I reach down and feel around to confirm: I’m nearly dripping wet. My juices have leaked onto my inner thighs. I’m just that wet.

My brown eyes search for the shower in the mirror, and I can see the steam rising out of it. Feeling the heat, I grab my mascara bottle, open the door and let myself inside. It takes a moment to be able to breathe in the hot, damp air, but I manage. I pick up the nozzle, and let the water pour all over me, warming me up. Such a familiar feeling, my pussy reacts, knowing what it’ll get in a few minutes. I can feel it calling to me, craving my attention. But for now, I’ll ignore it. I need to get clean before I make myself feel so dirty. The water pours down me, making me wet, in more than one way. I clean myself doing my normal showering duties, before teasing myself with the water once more, and sitting carefully on the shower floor.

Making sure my body’s still dripping with the scalding water, casino siteleri I sit up and slowly spread my legs. I like to tease myself, as I’ve found in the past. It drives me insane, and it’s a test for my willpower to avoid going straight for the orgasm. But right now I want to cum so bad. All I’ve been doing for the past hour is reading erotica, but my boyfriend has been at work, unable to come help me out. So here I am, sitting in my shower, running my hand up and down my thigh, thinking of everything I want to do to myself. I let the showerhead fall between my legs with my other hand, and put it on the softer of its two settings. I’ll let it just spray and hit my cunt, not focusing on any particulars yet. Still running my hand over my thigh, I move it down, coming closer to my swollen cunt lips each time. I want to cum more and more each second that passes, the earlier erotica getting to me.

I had found a great story about a simple truth or dare game that turned frantically sexual, and it did it’s job well. The way the author described the girls’ cries as they came – it was just too much to handle. They had their turns eating each other out, while a man fucked each, both in the pussy and the ass. I was almost writhing in my chair as I read it, before I decided to dart off to the shower. God, I need to cum so bad.

While thinking back to the story I had read, I hadn’t realised that I was now making a figure eight with teasing finger around my clit and cunthole. The water is still hitting the surface of my vagina, which makes my subconscious mind aware of where I’m heading with my actions. I am now horny out of my mind, and more than ready to make myself cum. Hard.

I glance over at the mascara bottle next to me, and smile. It has such a nice shape, and fits so perfectly inside me. The end is rounded so it won’t hurt, and it’s a perfect length and width, just a little smaller than my boyfriends. If it was any bigger I wouldn’t be able to use it. But I can’t wait to shove it into my cunt so hard that I scream out in pleasure. For now though, I let the water hit my pussy. Every time I move my hand just a bit, a stream of water crosses over my clit and sends a piercing sensation of ecstasy rippling through me. Eventually I steady my hand so that my clit’s always coming into contact with the steaming hot water, and it feels so good. My eyes are now closed, and all I can imagine is my boyfriend’s rock-hard cock thrusting in and out of me. Pounding into me, again and again. He knows how much I love it when he fucks me hard, and he uses that knowledge to his advantage.

Wanting more than my clit to feel pleasure, I take my mascara bottle in my free hand, and move it closer and closer to my cunthole, teasing myself. The water’s still hitting my clit, and it’s making my mind spin. I want to cum so bad. I need to cum so bad. Finally I can’t take teasing myself anymore, and I slowly let the mascara bottle enter me. It feels so good as my pussy lips wrap around it, grabbing it as it makes its way further and further inside me. It’s already sending me close to orgasm, as I’ve teased slot oyna myself so much, and the water’s still connecting with my clit, making it feel so nice. Pushing the mascara bottle as deep into me as I can, I give a little shudder and slowly draw it back out. Fuck, the motion feels so good inside me, and it’s so effortless. My natural lubrication works with the water and lets me pump the bottle in and out of me with ease.

I draw it in and out of my pussy hole, feeling both it and my clit growing with pleasure. Eyes still closed, I let the ecstasy run through me, and feel my orgasm build. In and out, in and out. My tongue is toying frantically with my lip ring, something I do when I’m about to cum. I quicken my pace with the bottle, shoving it into me faster. It feels so fucking good, pumping into me as the water hits my clit. Rolling my head back, I feel myself starting to cum. God it feels so good. Thrusting the bottle into me harder now, I start to lose control. It’s difficult to keep the showerhead steady as I cum, shaking all over. The orgasm rips through me so hard, I can’t fucking take it. Finally I moan, bite my lower lip and let go of the mascara bottle, letting my juices flow out of me. God, that was so intense.

But I want more. I open my eyes slowly, and look down at the water hitting my pussy. My naked lips are swollen with the pleasure, and I can see my erect clit reddening as the water continues to strike it. I just came, and I want to cum again, and again and again. I’m so fucking horny, and the water feels so good. My boyfriend likes to call me a cumslut while we’re fucking, because he knows how much I like to cum. And how I do like to cum… I want to cum again.

So I turn the showerhead to the harder of the two settings now, and immediately have to move it so that it doesn’t come in direct contact with my clit; it’s just too intense a feeling. So I let the water hit right below my clit, where my boyfriend likes to tease me with his tongue. Fuck, it feels so good. My eyes close again, I start playing with my lip ring subconsciously, and my free hand finds its way to my pussy. With it, I tease my cunthole a little, just barely touching it. This adds just the extra pleasure that I need to be able to stand the harder setting directly on my clit. As I let the water move up onto my reddened clit feeling is so extreme. Fuck! It feels so nice as it pounds against me. I let my finger slip inside me, which is nothing compared to the mascara bottle, but it’s still enough. My stomach muscles clench tight trying to keep myself still as the orgasm explodes through me. Oh my god, I can barely handle the way my clit feels.

I shake a little as I cum, and feel my pussy tighten around my finger tight. Fuck. Feeling a little aftershock, I control my breathing and realise that I was biting my lip again. It’s a small wonder my lip hasn’t started bleeding before; I’ve bitten it so hard because of my orgasms. Fuck, I love to cum. The water’s still pounding on my clit, and I’m giving small little convulsions as it hits just the right spots. Of course, I’m ready to cum again, but canlı casino siteleri I want it to be even more intense. I can’t help but breathe hard as I stare at my throbbing cunt. It’s so fucking sexy to see it pulsating with how hard I’ve just cum. Fuck, and I’m going to cum so much harder.

It already feels so good. The constant pummeling of my clit sends ecstasy through my body, and I roll my head back, barely able to put myself through it. I shift my body weight, trying to get a little more comfortable. Not wanting to stop the pleasure coming to my clit, I start rubbing it with my finger as I let the water pour over my body for a moment. I hadn’t realised that I was getting cold, and the hot water pouring over me feels so good. I feel so sexy when I’m wet, and it turns me on to feel the water all over me, dripping down my body. But my finger doesn’t do as good a job as the showerhead does, so I return to it. It hits my clit hard, hard enough to send me to climax soon even if I do nothing else. But I’m worth more, worth a better cum. I hold the showerhead in my right hand as steadily as I can while I shift my weight. I need to cum so hard, and it needs to be soon.

My left hand makes its way around to my ass, and I try to restrain myself from pushing my finger in right away, which I know would make me orgasm. Instead, I let the water hit right below my puffy clit, and bite my lip in anticipation of this orgasm. Shit, I want it so bad. My index finger finds its way to my asshole, teasing just the entrance as the water stimulates me still. Even that is enough to drive me wild. My ass is so sensitive; I can barely stand not to be cumming now, rolling my eyes in my head. Slowly I urge my finger inside my ass, just to the first knuckle, and bite my lip hard. Fuck, it’s already so intense. The water’s battering my clit again, sending me into ecstasy, and I’m going to cum so fucking soon. God, I shove my finger in to the next knuckle, and wiggle it around a bit. God. Fuck! I’m starting to cum. I wriggle my finger inside my ass furiously, needing this release. Fuck… It’s so… Oh my god. I feel the orgasm concentrating on my pulsating clit, but my finger in my tight ass just makes it explode. I can’t control my body writhing as the climax plows through me, and I could swear there’s a hole in my lip where I’m biting it so hard.

Finally, after what seems like forever, my orgasm subsides, and already another is building up. Fuck, no. I immediately change the setting on the showerhead to the softer, and carefully take my finger out of my ass. Even doing that causes me to squirm. Fuck… That was so ridiculous. I let the water drizzle over me as I control my breathing and let the walls stop spinning so slightly. It takes me a minute or two, but eventually I come back to the real world. First I wash myself off, and then carefully stand. With one last rinse of water before I turn it off, grab my makeshift dildo and get out of the shower. I’m exhausted from my orgasms, and meagerly but away my makeup bottle and wrap a towel around me. As I open the bathroom door my heart skips a beat. Fuck! Why does he have to scare me like that? My boyfriend’s standing right there, undressed and seemingly ready to join me in the shower. He’s obviously aroused, but too late. Damn. Ah well, I guess my fun could’ve just been a warm up.

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